SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 18)

Here is the continuation of the flashback !!!
She swirled around the living room with her long hair flying all around and excitedly screamed “You will have to wait for me, even if you don’t want to.”

Ragini smirked as she walked out of the hotel lobby, making her way to the parking lot. He should be there, still fixing it, she thought as she plastered an unknown expression on her face and acted as if she didn’t know he was there.

He was working his way, trying to fix the parts of the tire not to fall off. Idiot, didn’t he know that they need screws.

“Why are you still here?” she asked innocently with a pleasant smile on her lips. He glanced up with furrowed eyebrows and bored eyes, staring at her in disbelief.

He shook his head and continued to do something with the tire.

“Do you need any help?” she said, rubbing his failure on to him, as the tire kept on falling onto the ground.

“No,” he curtly brushed her off with arrogant and rude eyes throwing daggers at her.

“Come on! I know how to fix it,” she told him with extreme assurity.

“Yeah, sure,” he said with sarcasm dropping dead in his words

“No really….I am a magician. I can do anything,” she exaggerated her pride, “Let’s make another deal then.”

“Un huh?” he said as his head lifted with interest and his hands crossed tightly on his torso.

“If I fix it, then you need to forgive me and let me ride the bike,”

His face turned a little pale hearing the word of forgiveness, but he did accept the deal by nodding and signalling her to work on the bike.

“Awesome!” she chirped excitedly, placing her sling bag on the bike which was slantly rested. She kneeled down to come in a level to the bike and felt his heated stare on her while she was examining the bike.

If he stopped staring at her, like he was watching a movie, maybe she could actually pull the screws from her pocket and fix the mess.

“Oh hello, turn around plus magicians don’t reveal their tricks,” she stated with a wink while he sighed and turned around.

She quickly removed the screws from her pocket and tightened them with the screw diver. Within the next 2 minutes, she finished assembling them and stood them with immense satisfaction.

“All done,” she declared shortly declared to his amused face.

“What..how…when?” he asked with shock while her master smirk made it’s way to her mouth.

“So you forgive me?”

“Why not. You don’t necessary need to know what I truly believe anyways,” he replied with the same arrogant voice.

Her breath hitched in her throat, he didn’t forgive her yet? That was not part of the deal AT ALL.

“What do yyyou mean?” she stuttered.

“Forgiveness needs to be achieved and is given from the heart. I can say that I forgive you with my mouth, but do I think I actually mean it?” he asked with a sarcastic laugh.

“Evil much,” she mumbled at him, seeing her plan fail.

“Serves you right for taking my screws out,” he bluntly stated.

“Wait what? How did you know that?” she asked back appalled

“You think I am an idiot to try to fix when you can clearly see that the screws are missing?” he mocked at her. Wait, so he knew?

“You were doing that, though,” she defended herself.

“No, I was doing that when you came. I was sitting here playing on my phone. Why bother to do the work when you will come to fix it,” he concluded with his signature smile and raised eyebrow.

Ragini felt her face turn pale, with no blood running through her veins anymore. How could he turn the table in her game? She mentally face palmed herself for doing such things. He was way smarter than he ever expected to be. She stood there with a stiffened body and widened eyes.

“Beat you at your game eh?”

“Nothing like that. I still get to ride the bike before you,” she said persuading, more herself than him.

“Not much of a success,” he taunted her as she removed the stand from below and hopped on the bike.

“Actually, it is. Ever sat behind a girl?” she mocked back at him with a pleasant smile, salting his ego a little bit. Always worked on guys.

“From when did you start becoming a girl,” he mocked back at her as he sat on the bike behind her.

She sighed and turned the keys to start the bike, “That was the worst comeback ever.”

“Keep defending yourself,” he whispered near her ear. His lips slightly brushed her earlobe as he said, causing weird tingles all over her body. Why was this happening every time she is near him? She stared back at him through the mirror and dashed the bike in rapid speed to cool her exploding mind up.

He sat back, watching at her uneasiness and smiled. Ragini decided to ignore his taunts and concentrated on the road instead, she didn’t want to lose her cool just yet.

Laksh slyly moved his hands, sliding across her waist, stiffening her to the core, her heart beat limping in her throat, while her breathing turned hacked.

“What the hell are you doing? The driving is on me, I can just make you fall,” she yelled at him with the wind gusting across her face due to her high speed. This lead her into a place with tress all surrounding them. They were all pitch green, tall trees, calming the atmosphere a little bit. The peace of the woods was finally back! She doesn’t feel homesick anymore…sighs.

“Just checking if I have any effect on you,” he mumbled as he removed his hands off her waist and turned her head so that she would concentrate on the driving.

“What?” she asked him irritated with his meaningless words.

“You’ll get to know later,” he told her.

“Have you by any chance ran away from the asylum?”

“Why? Have you?”

“Of course not. I am not the people who do crazy things and then say meaningless stuff,”

“Dude, watch out. I don’t want to die,” Laksh yelled in her ear as they almost collided into another bike before them.

“You are making me. Shut up for a while, will you.” she said, slowing down the speed a little bit. When people make her angry, she looses her concentration and drives with extreme speed.

“Laksh, why is the biker coming near us?” Ragini asked tensely as she noticed the black bike to jerk with them any minute now.

“LAKSH” Ragini screamed on top of her lungs as she drove to the left, keeping away from them. They were driving to get some food, there were no one in the lane except them and the black bike.

“You were the one who told me to shut up,” Laksh whinned at her.

“This is not the time for jokes. Tell him to move,” she ordered him, trying to avoid the biker who was determined to crash into them. She couldn’t even pull up anywhere or stop in the middle of the road. She is already driving without a proper license, what will she do if she gets caught?

“Dude, she is a crazy and mental girl. She seems beautiful and heart throbbing but when you get to know her, you will realize she is just a patient who needs immediate treatment.” he mocked at the driver.

Ragini elbowed him in the stomach and hissed “I am serious, this is not a joke. He is going to crash into us.”

“Like that’s possible,” Laksh sarcastically said. Right at that minute, the biker speeded up his bike and dashed through the road.

The speed and wind resulted in Ragini losing control of the bike and falling off. Laksh embraced her body against his when her chest slammed into his, keeping his hands over her shoulders when they fell sideways onto the bed of grass. LUCKILY!

The bike felt on top of Laksh’s hand, injuring his palm and wrist. The blood streaming onto his body as Ragini lifted the bike off them.

Ragini jerked out of the flashback when she heard Laksh’s voice, “I will talk to bhai and see if we can go to them.”

He avoided eye contact with her while she stood there with cold blood running through her stream. Guilt for not listening to her and risking both of their lives were clearly seen in his eyes. What if anything happened to them?



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