SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Intro)


I know ANOTHER ff, but I promise this one will be very different than the others, both in story, characters and setting.
This story will be set in London, UK.
The important changes to the characters are that Swara and Ragini are living alone in London, they both are extremely independent like their mom, who is pillar for their business.
Other than that, both of them are very modern, daring, popular and extremely mischievous when it comes to pranks.

Sanlak will be twins too, their characteristics are mostly the same, but might be projected a little different than the real version.They too will be visiting London for education.
I won’t reveal too much, you will know various shades of the characters as the story proceeds.
It has always been like sanlak being all pranky, and flirty…..but in mine the girls too are not any less.

After all, why should boys have all the fun 😉



A sports bike is seen, driving through the wild fields adjacent to a magnificent villa located near the outskirts of the main city. The bike races through the rugged, empty roads and finally halts at it’s destination- The big villa. The bike dashes into the gates, which on time are opened by the guards to avoid any destructions.
The biker dressed fully in black, takes out the helmet, the thick long locks of the girl fall on her shoulder. She keeps the helmet aside on the bike, and makes a sprint to the stable behind the villa.

From a distance, another girl, riding on a brown horse, curbs back, startling the horse in shock.

“Ragiinnniiiii……slow down,” the girl on the horse shouts back. Instead of listening, Ragini runs faster to her sister, finally slamming into the horse.

“Swara, you know, I don’t listen to anyone, so why bother telling me the same thing again and again,” Ragini responded, gasping for breath.

Swara sighed listening to her words, put back her bangs and hops off from the horse.

“You’ll never change, will you??” she asked in a disbelieving tone. Ragini noded in a negative and replied, “Scarlett, darling, how are you??” patting the horse as her sister put it back in the stable.

“Swara, I don’t see what love you find in these non speaking animals,” Ragini teased her as Swara gave a quick hug to Scarlett before leaving the stable.

“What about the love you see in non-living objects like bikes??” Swara taunted Ragini back, making both of them break into a giggle.

“Did you finish it??” Swara asked Ragini in excitement, as they headed back to the villa.

“Yep! here is the plan,” Ragini said handing her the paper.

“Awesome!!!! Now let’s see how the newcomers in the university escape from my trap,” Swara grinned mischievously.

“Swara, you are not at all the innocent as you look,” Ragini blurted out in a laugh.

“After all I am Swara Gododia,” she replied back.

They both hurried back into the villa, and placed themselves in front of the laptop.

“How are you my shona and ladoo?” they heard their mom ask them, bringing a sense of comfort in both of their faces.

“Amazing like always,” Ragini assured her mom happily.

“Hmmm…are you both set for university tomorrow, or busy riding horses and bikes,” their mom demanded, raising her eyebrow with curiosity

“How did she know?” Swara mumbled to Ragini, who instantly replied with a pretending smile to show their mother they are not tensed or shocked,

“I am NOT a mother, how will I know?”

“No, mom why will do all these things, the day before university. We prepared all our stuff,” Swara innocently answered.

“Well, I need to prepare for a business meeting, I need to go. Listen to me both of you, take good care of yourselves and your sister. Call dadi before you go the University. Okay?”
their mom said.

“Okay, bye mom, we miss you and dad,” Ragini said faking like she is crying.

“and dadi and dadu,” Swara added

“And don’t worry, nobody will dare to mess with the G sisters,” Ragini said in a smile.

“What will happen with both of you,” their mom replied with a sigh before logging out from skype.

Both the girls showed a sign of relief on their faces, relaxing in their living room, near the fireplace.

“Thank God! Dadi was not there, else she would have taken a lecture for riding today,” Swara said, followed by a deep suffering sigh.

“I can’t wait till tomorrow, let’s see how many people fall in our master trap” Ragini said smiling evilly.

Next: Sanlak Intro

So guys, how is it??? Should I continue or not???
It will definitely be longer once the story starts!
Also, the million dollar question, how do you want the pairs to be???

Credit to: Mandy

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  1. Dont ask about pairs u decide wat is good for story

    1. Actually I like both the pairs swasan and sanlak……that’s where the problem resides!!

  2. I wanted swasan as pair …plzzz

    1. I’ll try!! Keep reading!!!

  3. Swaragini both are awesome

    1. Thanks Hayati!!!

  4. Well I know I have no right to say this but rather than asking others the pair for you fanfiction, you choose. Let it be original from your heart, whoever pair you like so that you enjoy writing it 😀 I’m a die hard Swalak fan, so if I write a ff anytime, it’ll always be for them because if the readers choose for me to write swasan instead, it won’t be from my heart. So write whatever you choose 🙂 Best of luck for you ff 😀

    1. Thanks a lot for saying all this to me☺ The problem is that I like both…..swasan and swalak!! So I am confused, so I decided to let you guys choose. But I promise…..doesn’t matter which pair, both will be from my heart!


    1. Thanks trishika!!! Il upload the next tomorrow!!!

  6. SWASAN SWASAN SWASAN SWASAN else i wont read yr ff you write amaking dr

    1. I’ll try!!

  7. Superb plz continue it

    1. Thanks!!

  8. The plot is sooooo amazng….lukng forward to read ur story…..coming to pairs..i thnk it shud be swalak…as there are soo manyy swasan ffs….

    1. Thanks!!!! I’ll see about the pairs!

  9. Wow nice starting. If u like swasan pls make them as pairs . I am requesting u not forcing u.

    1. Thanks!!! I’ll try to make it swasan!!

  10. nice. .
    pls make it swasan and raglak

    1. Thanks!!I’ll try!!

  11. Awesome nd amazing. Superbb. Very interesting. New location..different story. Seriously I’m having more expectations now.
    I wish swasan. It’s because mind got fixed with it. I was also once swalak fan. But now tey are bhabhi-devar. It may luk awkward. U think nd pair. Good start

    1. Thanks a lot Tara!!! I hope I live up to your expectations!!!
      I really liked swalak tooo….but after you mentioned it , it might be awkward to pair them up. You just cleared a part of my confusion!!

      Thanks again!!

  12. i only read swasan ff so pls make it swasan dear.

    1. I’ll try!!!

  13. hey..i am completely agree with tara’s comment..plz make it swasan raglak..they are the best..but u must chose ur favorite pairs..it will make u express urn feeling from urn heart..all the best..

    1. Thanks!! I feel the same!

  14. this story is amazing dear continue it and plz make swasan pair…….

    1. Thanks!! I’ll try!!

  15. we want swasan and raglak but do cute and go romantic secnce bte them

    1. I’ll let you know the pairs within a few days

  16. Swasan plzz nd ur story is diff I like it swaragini rockzzz

    1. Thanks!!!

  17. Plzzzzz continue as a fan of swasan I absolutely want them but u decide as per ur story and I also want swaragini bond plzzzzzz and update next part soon

    1. Thanks!! There will def. be a bond between swaragini, i’ll let you know the pairs within a few days.

  18. u re rigth why should boys have all the fun
    plz updates nxt part soon

    1. Thanks!! Will update soon

  19. i want swasan and raglak

    1. I’ll let you the pairs as soon as possible!

  20. I think you should match the character’s pair with their personality or you could follow your heart nobody is gonna force you but if you are confused you select the pair which has become extinct(swalak) sorry if I am forcing you

    1. No no, no need to be sorry at all!!! There is nothing wrong in expressing your feelings.

  21. Please make it ragsan pls ur writing skills is awesome.my favourite ff is Ragini ek nayi suruwat and second favourite is ur ff so please make it ragsan I know u also choosing majority I mean raglak …??

    1. Thanks A LOT for liking my story!!!
      See…I have no problem will ragsan, but the thing is that I feel while writing, it’s gonna sound weird when I go with swalak…..now they are devar-bhabhi, it just feels weird.
      I hope you understand!
      Once I get time after a month or so, I will start writing another ff for ragsan…for all the ragsan and swalak fans

  22. Plz make it swasan n raglak…swasan or swalak saath me doni acche lgte h par ragsan nhi

    1. What ur saying is truee too!! Let me think with which pairs I am comfortable writing with…..

  23. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU, who took time to read through my story!!!!
    Thanks a lot for all your encouragement, and suggestions!
    Meet you all with the next part on Jan 4th, 2016………..hope you guys will like it!

    1. plz do swalak ..
      most of them are of raglak and swasan

      1. As most of them are swasan and raglak, our mind’s are fixed with the pairings.
        I’ll see what I can do with the pairings, so everyone will be happy!!!

  24. plzz plzz its a request..

    i get bored of reading swasan and raglak ff

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