SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 9)


Within minutes, Swaragini were walking through the woods with the trolley to find the perfect spot to set their tent up. There were huge trees on either sides, which moved to the tunes of the wind.

They heard the owls howl and the leaves beneath crumble by their step. It was fully dark except a few streaks from the moonlight above, penetrating their eye with the much needed light to move across the woods. The darkness from above shadowed their gaze across the forest, the beauty of the dark could only be told by the queens of woods!

The woods were just a few miles away from their villa, they were here quite often to ride during the day, but never at the night. This was the first attempt they were making to do something out of the world without a proper planning, will it work…well never know what destiny has in store for you!!!

“Here, I think this is the spot that is perfect,” Ragini sang her words to Swara.

Swara smiled and threw the trolley open to find their huge camping tent. The tent itself had 3 different rooms, with around 8 people to sleep in the bedroom, which is why it took them quite a while to find a spot big enough to fit the tent. The tent was blue and purple, the favourite colors of Swaragini. Their parents had to look through the entire world to find a suitable camping tent for them.

In the span of the next 10 minutes, Swaragini arranged the tent, setting it up and crawling into the
bedroom area of the tent. Ragini yawned deeply and said as she laid on her back, ‘What are we going to do now?”

“Truth or dare?” Swara asked Ragini to play their favourite game.

“How about truth and truth?” Ragini said again as the warmth of the tent drew the sleepiness back into their eyes.

“Tired huh?”


“So, tell me what in the party made so tired that you couldn’t hear me wake up?”

“Welll, you know that Lucky guy right?”


“Yes, so the argument we had, then the struggle of escaping his forced dance, the whole idea itself makes me tired,” Ragini mumbled with a tight yawn escaping her voice.

“He forced YOU to dance, woah….I need to congratulate him for his daring move,”

“I know right, no one has ever dared to do that, and there is one guy who has no clue who I am and pulls me to the floor,”

“I can totally picture that, you stamping on his foot, hitting him in the stomach, haha…”

“Very funny, by the way where were you?”

“Long story don’t bother to ask,”

“Well, it is 4 o’clock, both of us are not going to fall asleep anytime soon, we also have nothing better to do, so why don’t you go ahead and tell me. I have the patience to bear through this,”


“While I left to get the a drink, the stupid waiter accidentally dropped wine on my dress. So, I went upstairs to get it cleaned,” and thus Swara narrated Ragini the whole tale of what happened between her and Sanskaar.

Ragini laughed sarcastically by the end of the long story and taunted back, “So I was not the only who was pulled,”

“But you know what, we both killed them by our sharp tongues, hope that now they learn their lesson and not bother us,”

“Swara, what is that noise?” Ragini said, as she pointed towards the outside of the tent. A whush sound of the leaves filled their ears, the sound didn’t appear for a while

“I can’t hear anything,”

“Listennn,” Another sound attacked their ears, they heard marching sounds, like an army heading towards them. The sound went on for a while, and completely disappeared.

“There is something out there,” Swara whispered softly, as she turned she dimmed the light in the tent. As she did so, a dull blackish grey appearance fell on the inside walls of the tent.

They seemed to shift size by the passing second, making Swara go restless to identify the figure. The dim yellow candle light spread it’s heated rays across the room, spreading intense heat vibes to the girls.

“Maybe it’s a ghost,” Swara excitedly said, as she nudged Ragini, shaking her to alert her of this wonder event.

“Don’t be silly Swara, it might be an owl,” Ragini said as she looked carefully at the dark shadow infront of her.

She took her finger and traced her hand above the shadow to indicate wings that might exist. Swara looked at her doing so, she shook her head in disbelief.

“Or maybe a vampire, remember in the movie we saw yesterday?” Swara childishly said, as she jumped up and down the tent avidly without moving the tent too much.

“Sure…Vampire. Really Swara?” Ragini mocked at her hyper sister, ready to meet a complete non-exist magical creature.

“OMG! It’s a witch, totally is,” she remarked, as Ragini slapped her forehead at her sister’s childish behaviour.

Like Ragini did before, Swara too traced around the shadow to indicate a broom in the middle of the image.

“Come let’s go say hello to them,” Swara said as she dragged the lazy and sleepy Ragini out of the tent.

Ragini moaned irritated, she saw the look of eagerness and curiosity in her sister’s eyes, making her sleepy haze vanish for the time being.

She gently blew the candle light and said, “Just for the chance to ride on her magic broom.”

Swara rolled her eyes, her sister would do anything for riding. She held Ragini’s upper left arm and kept her closer to her body so that both the sisters could see the witch at the same time.

Ragini lazily dragged her feet on the ground, making the sound of crumbling leaves. Swara’s body was restless with the curiosity to see who it was, they were travelling in front of their cave, right into the path that she had just arrived.

The moonlight too started to settle down, which made Swara hurry up not to miss the witch before she left for the day. Ragini mumbled something of sleeping under her breath, but Swara completely ignored everything and skipped happily through the woods.

As they got closer, they heard the noise even clearer, her sister who was sleepy a few seconds ago started to keenly pay attention. The noise of whisper travelled across their ears, and the mulching of leaves.

“Maybe the witch is making her magic potion with the leaves and chanting her spell. This is the PERFECT time,” Swara muttered under her breath, as her eyes sparkled with happiness.

Ragini too started to pay attention as she gradually made their way out of the woods.
Swara’s stomach was very nervous and anxiousness started to creep into her body as she took a sharp turn to face the person.

“Really? You??” Swara angrily screamed at the guards who were standing there in front of the forest with the guns pointed at Swaragini before they took it off as they saw them.

The shadows of the people were just their security guards, Swara’s happiness, eagerness, curiosity and everything began to shatter as she released Ragini hand.

“We are ordered to be with you at all times,” the guards sternly said, as they eyed the girls in their night pj’s, Swara upset with the turn of the events and Ragini shaking her head at Swara’s childish behaviour.

“ughhh…whatever,” Swara muttered under her breath, as she turned around to head back to the tent.

Ragini’s sleep had to wait again, as she laughed a little at her wierdo sister. Ragini raced to her sister, placing a comfortable hand around her, pulling her into a side hug to make her happy again.

These were the little times when she was able to see the old, chirpy Swara again. Most of the time now, she is either angry or stern with her words. The thoughts of their childhood and the incident scarred them, for life.

“When will they ever leave us alone?” Swara asked her with wonder in her eyes as she looked at Ragini who was setting the hair that escaped her messy bun back.

“Maybe never,” she replied back with the fact that was true.

Next: The Unexpected Meeting (With who? 😉 )

I hope I am not boring you all with the slow story….I think I mentioned enough about the bond and shades, now I will pick up the pace.
Try to guess who they will meet in the next update!

Credit to: Mandy

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