SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 8)


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Ragini tossed her body around the other side of the bed, she expected to her Swara growl at her for coming to her side. Her half awakened mind waited for a minute to hear a response, when she heard none she rose up in anxiety.

Her sleepy gaze froze wide, and her limes turned numb as she was examining the room which was drenched in rays of candle lights, which seemed like they were in constant battle with the darkness.

She rubbed her blurred eyes, letting out a lethargic yawn and turned her vision to the other half of the bed.

Swara? Nightmare again? Oh no, she might be feeling lonely, she cursed herself as she zoomed her view to other side of the bed. The normal, sleepy figure she expected was missing, making her draw the blankets off her and exit the room.
“Hmmm,” Ragini said as she handed the hot chocolate mug to her sister, who was sitting in the front of the villa, clutching her arms for protections, lost in the world of thoughts.

Swara lifted her head, and looked back, taking the mug from Ragini’s hand, “hey thanks!”

“Now tell me why didn’t you wake me up?” Ragini questioned her with concern while she took a seat next to her. The cool breeze surrounding her body sent multiple shivers through her body.

“I thought to try to see if I sooth my mind by myself,” Swara said innocently, as she took a sip of the hot chocolate.

Ragini examined her face for a few minutes and replied in a low whisper,”Lie,”

Swara sighed irked, and said, “Ragini, why did you get the gift to figure out when people are lying or not.”

Ragini smiled, and Swara was right, Ragini was a master in figuring out whether the people were lying, she can instantly scan through her face to search for guilt or any sudden reflex after lying like Swara does, she bites the inside of her right cheek every time she lies.

“Oh come on, even you can understand emotions very well,” Ragini admitted making Swara’s face spread in a warm smile.

Her sister was very good at understanding the hidden emotions people don’t express, maybe because she has so many buried inside her, she understand everyone who has similar emotions.

“Okay okay, I can tell you were tired from the party, so I tried to calm myself,” Swara accepted her actions and put a genuine look on her face.

“And did it work?” Ragini enquired as she took a few sips from the hot chocolate.

The flavor from chocolate exploded in her tongue, warming her body from the cool breeze. Ragini examined the face of her sister, getting better from the paleness which she had before Ragini came. She should have woken up and payed attention, poor Swara, she was probably waiting for the hand of comfort and Ragini was sleeping happily in the bed.

“Not really,” she honestly admitted

“Unhuh, you could have just woke me up,” Ragini voiced out patiently.

“Well, but I need to try to do it by myself too, you are not going to stick around with me all my life right?” Swara shot back at her, shrugging at her sadly.

“Swara, how many times do I need to tell you, I will glue myself to you and come around wherever you go,” Ragini teasingly winked her eye and said.

Swara let out a chuckle and smiled widely, “Promise,”

“Pinky promise,” Ragini said as she touched her little finger to Swara’s to keep her promise for life.

“Darlings, all the arrangements are done, you can leave anytime you want,” their caretaker, Dolly kaki said humbly as she glanced at the big suitcase that was packed and kept in the front of the villa.

“Thanks kaki,” Ragini thanked her and gave her the empty mugs and took the giant trolley with her to the steps.

“Leave, where?” Swara seeked

“I was thinking that it is already 3 o’clock, we will not fall asleep, so why don’t we go camping?” Ragini said with tons of enthusiasm as she glared at the woods by their villa.

“Camping?” Swara grinned as enthusiasm filled her body.

“Right in the woods, and ya I promise the woods are so dark and scary that even nightmares won’t dare to bother you,” Ragini teased as she told the guards to put the trolley in the car.

“Let’s go then,” Swara said as she took Ragini’s car and pulled her to the car.

Next: Camping

Another small update for you……..I want to clear that I give both the girls the same importance, which is why I decided to write in 2 parts, Swara’s was the one in the morning and this is Ragini’s. I’ll give you guys a super long update tmr about Camping!!!!

Credit to: Mandy

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