SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 7)


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The following update will be a small one, I will most probably upload another one, a continuation of this one. This one just talks about the bond of Swaragini and gets you thinking about their shades and characters
The darkness was enraging by the minute to surround the figure which was lit by the candle light. A fidgeting sound hauled the place as the figure tossed from side to side, earning for the much needed comfort.

The candle light shivered from time to time as the strong wind hit the heating ray from the open window in the corner of the room. A sweat dripped on her forehead, and the candle light gloomed, making the figure stir up in consternation.

Swara clutched on to the blanket by every passing breath, gasping for breath. Her body had turned cold and numb.

She looked around as the shaft of twilight immersed in the entire room, a streak of moonlight hit her window, flinging it open by the aid of the way.

She looked as the streak penetrated the room with the moonlight, not just any streak, but a streak of hope. It looked as the darkness faded away as the moonlight took it’s place, comforting her as her grip on the blanket moved to her stomach, which was moaning in fear.

She let out a faint gasp and looked sideways to face Ragini who was sound asleep. She had the dream again. The same nightmare of the incident kept haunting her nights, again and again. Why? she thought as her legs broke into a swift run, stopping when they were padded by a soft layer of thin carpet.

A scent of strong vanilla hit her nostrils, as she glided into the living room, lifting her delicate eyes to main door of the villa.

Her fingers touched the brittle door, sending a shiver across her spine to alert of her actions. Turn back?

She gently exerted a soft force on the door, bulging it open without make the door squel. The fresh, free air outside the villa relieved her body from the strangulated clawing in her neck crushed down to freedom.

She skipped a few steps, landing herself in the first stairs in front of the villa. The cool breeze sent another quick chill across her frail skin, growing goosebumps on either sides.

She was quite staggered that Ragini didn’t show up yet, she was always the one who comforted Swara this time of the night, assuring her to be by her side, infact she almost always rose up as soon as Swara did.

Raginiiiii……….Swara thought as her brain started to drown her brain with the tender face of her sister, long eyelashes with dark eyeliner, sharp nose, a wide grin and the comfort of her touch soothed her mind from the nightmare.

The tiredness probably took over he body, making her sleep the night through without any hitches.

People always thought that they both were best friends, but as their parents mostly left them both at home for work, they both depended on each other to get through the days, making them grow a solid bond between them.

That bond first was given the name of sisterhood, then soulmates, and now best friends.

Swara looked up at the stars twinkling at her. They reminded her of their sleepless nights, their lonely days, their harsh incident of childhood. But all those only made them stronger, more independent and more daring.

Those were the times when they realized that their mom was right, everyone needs to live independently in life, they need to take care of themselves, especially girls. They need to keep their emotions aside for a while, think practically and take risks, which Swara and Ragini have been doing from then on.

Swara used to wonder if she and Ragini would ever get another chance to forget their past and move on in their life, and they did…..London. It was nearly impossible to convince their family about their safety and security,but they did it.

Only to find out after a week that they landed in London, that their parents decided to send a caretaker and a group of guards to assure their security.

Now she wonders if they both will ever get to be able to get rid of all their troubles, all their ego and live a happy life. Was this even written in their destiny??

Next: Ray of Comfort

Quite a short one, but I promise to upload another one today or 2 tmr! How did it go tho? I just wanted to show the reason of Swargini’s arrogance and bold behavior! PLEASE take a minute to share your views with me…I am eager to know how my writing is and how the ff is going on in general. Your comments are very precious to me for improvement!!!

Aditi…not sure if you checked the reply I gave you for wattpad. It is just a huge online ff site where millions of people around the world post stories of different genres. Due to request of my friends and some people from tu, I decided to add Swaragini in there too…
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Credit to: Mandy

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