SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 6)


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Swara descended to the level below following the waiter who had the wine she wanted. She called out to him, and he turned around and approached her.

She looked around the crowd of the people who were busy dancing their night, a boy danced backwards, and backwards, slamming right through the waiter. The wine drink in the waiter’s hand spilled on the black velvet dress of Swara.

“How dare you?” she yelled at the waiter eyeing her with fear

“I’m sorry ma’am, that boy pushed be and..” he hesitantly apoligised.

“Ughhhh….where is the washroom,” Swara asked back frustrated. She shouldn’t have come here in the first place.

Swara cursed that person under her breath, promising herself to kill the person who encountered her, spilling the wine on her beautiful dress.

The waiter said there was a washroom in the 3rd level, but which room. There were a number of rooms in front of her, Swara took a deep breath in and opened the door of the first room, marching into the washroom without noticing the room itself.

She blindly walked into the washroom, throwing some water on the stain, rubbing it gently against the her hand to get it off.

After several tries, the stain was finally off, pleasingly with her effort, she made her way out the washroom. As she looked at the room itself, she was SHELL SHOCKED.

Shoot! She literally walked into the room of that idiot Sanskaar without even noticing about it, it definitely was his as there were a big S on the wall behind the bed.

“Stupid waiter,” she mumbled in a soft voice, as she examined the room.

There were multiple photos placed on the dark blue walls of the room, a photo, more like a family photo was placed at the side of the huge cupboard in the middle of the side wall.

She walked a few steps to look at it, when the door opened, Swara’s stomach went taut. She gulped hard as she turned around to see Sanskaar’ mouth hung open, throwing daggers at her through the intense stare of his eyes.

“Umhhh….your waiter spilled wine on my dress, I was here to wash it,” she said in a low voice with angry eyes.

“Trouble, trouble, trouble is your best friend, isn’t it?” he said in hoarse voice as he turned the lock on the knob, bolting the door.

Swara muscles started to tighten as he started to move up to her, awaiting an answer for his question, but she didn’t bother to give her, as the only priority for her was to escape from the devil’s room.

She looked back at the pair of eyes which were triumphed in digging holes through hers.

She quickly averted her eyes and shadowed her face to leave the place. Before she could, her left bicep was in his grip, pulling her loosely hung arm to his side.

His heavy breath fell on her shoulders while his eyes turned cold when she struggled to escape his clutch, all while staring into his eyes.

“Oh, how about a sorry and I can release you,” he snorted said at her, feeling sad for her helplessness.

Alas, he didn’t know that Swara was not a person who gave up or say sorry to anyone she didn’t want to.

Swara chuckled, and tried even harder to release her grip, making him clutch her even harder than needed. Swara could feel her tender skin burning with pain, now her eyes flashed with seethful anger.

“Darling, you need a lot of physical strength to escape from me,” he mockingly said.

“First don’t call me that, I have a name and it’s Swara, so like every other person on earth, call me Swara,”

“Okay then, Swara, say sorry,” he said grinning while emphasizing on her name.

“And coming to the physical strength part. Physical strength is only need for people who lose hope to live life.” she replied boldly, as she saw the confusion in his eyes as to what she was saying.

Swara didn’t bother and continued, “Needed with people who are dependent on others, needed by those people who don’t know how to enjoy life,”

Sanskaar nodded with a scowl and said in a low husky voice by her right ear, “And do you need it?”

“It is also needed by people you can’t use their brain to do things, and need an external force to help them achieve things,” she curtly blurted out, indicating to his grip on her.

His face leeched off the anger and loosened his grip on her hand. Swara smirked at this and used the opportunity to completely release from his clutch.

He looked at her astonished by her sharp words as she said, “You asked whether I need it or not, I just proved that I don’t.”

Saying that, she walked up to the door, unlocked it and left Sanskaar extremely appalled by her guts and her poisoned words which were slowly having an effect on him.

Pls take some time to tell me how the episode went! How is Swara’s attitude?

I have added the story on Wattpad, which I will update quicker than tellyupdates does!!! The story name is the same: Swaragini- Modern Tale of Love.

Credit to: Mandy

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