SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 57) (Last Episode)


Heyy guys!!
I AM SOO SORRY FOR THE DELAY, I had a few events I was organizing lined up last week which is why I couldn’t update!
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“Swara, what the hell is your problem? Let me sleep for god’s sake, I am sure it is not that hard for you to let me sleep for another 3 hours,” I snapped brutally at Swara who was nudging me violently as if there was no tomorrow.

Swara scowled at me with annoyance, “Ragini, go get ready. You will cause us a loss and I am not going to get you married to Laksh then,”

That got me to instantly jerk up and ask her while I rubbed my eyes, “Why am I doing this again?”

“Papa told you too, so now go and put on a nice dress,” she ordered in her usual authoritative tone while I sighed with dismay.

I almost choked when I heard papa tell me that I needed to go finalize this deal at 7 in the night. First of all, why me? Second, who the hell has a deal at 7? And then I am extremely tired today and nobody is letting me nap.

Did I tell you that me, food and sleep are all best friends? Well, we are!

“Okay, okay. You can go back to talking to Sanskaar now,” I snickered at her as I woke up from my lavish waterbed and yawed profusely.

“I was not doing that,”she responded shyly with a small brush on her cheek. This girl changed the minute she got engaged, I swear.

“Oh please, ever since you guys guys got engaged, all of you have been doing is talking to him right?” I decided to tease her some more while I walked to my closet to pick out a dress.

“We are moving to London after the wedding,” she screamed with information as I walked into the washroom to change into a knee length, blue laced dress with sleeveless hands.

“What? Why?” I asked back in shock as I walked out of the washroom and curled my hair.

Swara sighed as she took long strides to our big jewellery closet and pulled out matching tops and a necklace, “Apparently, Sanskaar is tired of India so he wants us to move,”

“I wonder when Laksh will propose me so I can come with you,” I let out a dreamy haze as I gave her a quick hug.

Look, the thing is that no matter how much ever we tease each other, hate each other at the end of the day is it us against the world.

“Poor guy doesn’t know that you have a ‘yes’ on the tip of your tongue right?” Swara took the chance to mock me while I added my make up on.

“I do, honestly I am ready to say a yes the minute he proposes me,” I honestly blurted out as I quickly put on the necklace, snatching it off her hand.

“Yeah sure,” she sarcastically said and added while I gave her a sheepish smile, “You didn’t even say I love you to him but you will agree to marry him,”

I chuckled at her scowl which made her walk outside the room, “Where are you going?”

“Unlike you, I have a company to run,” she taunted with a wink and left the room with a wave on her shoulder.

“Sisters,” I heard dadi say in a disgruntled tone as she shook her head and walked towards me.

She gave me a disapproved look with my dress but ignored me as she shoved a spoon of curd into my throat, “Ragini, here eat this,”

YUCK! Was the only thing my tastebuds were screaming while I swallowed it down hastily.

“What’s the need for all this? The company is not going to collapse if I don’t agree to the deal,” I asked her with disbelief as I saw her take out a thali from the back and do my aarti.

“Don’t say such inauspicious things. What will happen to my ladoo if you say no?” she asked me with concern in her melodramatic voice as she began to do my aarti.

Okay, I am soo confused, “Amn’t I your ladoo? What will happen to me if I say no?”

“Your sister got married, but what about you? Huh? Who will marry you?” she ranted out all her worries while I looked at her as if she has grown 2 heads.

“Ma, stop all this. Ragini is everything ready?” Papa asked me as he escorted me outside while Dadi kept worrying about me to Ma who was shaking her head.

“I am only going to make a deal right?” I asked them nonchalantly and perplexed as I looked at their tense faces.

“Yeah but remember it is very important, so think about wisely before saying yes or no. I always supported you in every decision and will continue to do so whatever your answer will be,” Papa gently said as he patted my head.

Of course they have to support me right? I mean they can’t really do anything if I don’t get the deal finalized and isn’t the contract already signed. All I am going to do is take the papers and negotiate with the conditions then why am I saying a yes or no again?

I gave him a quick nod and a smile as I walked away to the car waiting for me.

“My ladoo is so grown up, enough of all this, we need to get the arrangements done for celebration,” I heard Dadi exclaim and rush of into the house.

From when did my family start to celebrate finalizing deals? I am so lost.

“Go,” I told the driver as I sagged back into the comfy seats and pull out my phone to divert my attention.

“Good luck, enjoy your time!” I got a message from Swara with a huge smiley face at the end.

Okay, now I am extremely lost, am I supposed to enjoy finalizing a deal? I mean what is there to enjoy, all I do is take the contract, negotiate, bid them goodbye and come home. Where is the enjoyment part again?

Right as I was thinking that, the car halted into an abrupt stop which made me flinch. I placed my phone in my wallet and turned around to face my surroundings. All I could see was a dark park with faint images of bushes which freaked me out.

“Are you sure this is where we have to meet?” I asked the driver as I took a step out of the car, the sudden chill of breeze hit me in the face, causing shivers down my spine.

“The address is this ma’am,” he informed me as he showed me the address and the GPS.

“Okay, then, wait here till I go and check whether it is the right place or not,” I instructed him with worry as I walked a few steps into the park.

My heels clinged to the rugged floor and made a clingy sound while my breathing turned uneven with fear. Time to turn around, my brain told me as I bit my lips with nervousness and turned out halfway when I heard a voice which left me breathless, “2 years 8 months and 3 days ago, I met this laid back girl, wearing shorts and a tank top. Angelic face, perfect curves and a mischievous glint swirling in her eyes. The 2 hours I spent with her were not enough for me to know who she was,”

A grin blew out my face as I heard those words ring in my ears, it was Laksh and the girl was of course me. At that right moment, a light lit up before me revealing a stage with a path infront of me leading it to me.My foot involuntarily lunged forward to the stage which was well set up stage with my car which we burnt into the fisrt time we met them.

“Oh my god! This is amazing,” I shrieked like a teenager when I saw a bunch of sticky notes all over the car to remind us of the prank I pulled on him.

As I giggled, I heard Laksh speak again in a dreamy voice, “Little did I know that a few hours later, I will meet the same girl in my exclusive party. There I figured out her arrogance, her dramatic postures, her devil nature, her magnetic pull that kept me drawn towards her throughout this whole time,”

I chuckled at his words and another stage lit a few steps forward which made me run towards it. “Wow,” I exclaimed with extreme joy as I saw a cardboard type set up that represents the dance set up we had our first dance in his house.

He began again which got me excited and alerted as I heard him announce, “Hmm..after a few more hours, I met her again in her cute pajamas, chirping away in the dark forest. That’s when I figured her love for bikes, her craziness when drunk, her attraction towards me and finally her inner beauty and extreme madness towards stunts,”

“This is crazy,” I blurted out with extreme shock as I walked forwards to reveal a pair of scuba glasses, wine and surfing board to remind us what we did the other day at the beach.

I grinned at how the memories were freshly in our minds and the fact that he was taking the time to revive all these once in a lifetime memories. My heart began to beat a little faster and zap with electricity as eagerness filled my veins.

“In the next week I spent with her in France, this teenage attraction started to find it’s root of love. The player in me faded away and replaced with a fun, teasing and carefree teenager boy. Something about her made my day every morning and night and as destiny marks, we even bounded our fate with each other, ” he said everything in perfect dreamy voice.

I stood there stunned as another stage lit up a few steps away which was a mimic of the“Padlock bridge,”

This guy was AWESOME, he took the time to create the perfect mimic of a bridge and locks all over, the true symbol of our love.

“Spilling secrets was never as fun as with her, a normal date was never as amazing as with her, a normal stride in the walk was never as peaceful as with her hand in mine, a lame pickup line was never as funny as with her, my life was never more meaningful as with her,” he said to me which made me go all aww at his sweets words.

I swear if I get diabetes, it will be because of him! “Oh my god!” I shrieked as the next stage revealed a pictures of all our trips and all our time in a huge collage.

This time I actually walked onto the stage and caressed my hand over the pictures which caused me to burst out giggling jovially.

“They say that you never realize what something is worth until it is taken away from you, but in reality, I had always known her worth but I never thought I could have lost her until the day she left everything behind without thinking twice. For the first time in my entire life, I felt the oxygen in my lungs strangling me, the pain in me tightening, I loved her so much that it hurt,” as the words rang in my ears, tears filled my eyes and my knees went weak again.

The hurt and pain of love began to cloud me through me, letting all this emotions in me swirl and I am guessing it happened the same with Laksh when the next stage revealed rain as in tears.

He let me sink in before he continued, “Finally, after 2 years, the blood in my started to circulate again, the hope in me started to build up again, the happiness started to flow in me again, the sun started to lurk my soul again, life started to make sense again as I fell for her all over again,”

“Laksh,” I whispered lovingly as I saw the perfect model of the pineapple fountain where we met after 2 years which made me gasp with shock at his extreme effort.

Tears were openly spilling out my eyes as a grin exploded on my face as I heard him say, “The minute I started to think everything was going fine and I met win her back again, she was taken away from me once more, throwing hurdles of the past along my way, bringing back the dark past forward again,”

“Oh my!” I exclaimed as the next stage revealed Laksh himself with a mike in his hands.

I stood frozen at my face as my eyes locked with the intense emotions building in his eyes as he walked towards me. He was wearing black jeans, a navy blue shirt with a black tie and his hair in a handsome mess.

He smiled at me nervously as he took long strides towards me and bent on his knees, taking out a velvet box as he said, “After passing through so many up and downs, after waiting for so many years for this moment, after fighting destiny for this, after uniting with each other again and again, after falling for each other again, Ragini, will you marry me?”

I gasped in shock as tears continued to pour out of my eyes, for the first time I felt speechless, my knees went numb and I tried to process that information while his eyes sparkled with excitement. Now I realize why Dadi was so worried and what Papa was saying.

Should I say yes to enter my perfect life with my perfect one?

“After passing through so many up and downs, after waiting for so many years for this moment, after fighting destiny for this, after uniting with each other again and again, after falling for each other again, Ragini, will you marry me?” I asked her nervously as I stretched the diamond ring in front of her which had R+L in a heart.

It took me a lot of time to arrange the lights, the stages and get Sanskaar to play along while Swara was a great help!

I could see the tears stream down her face with her eyes searching my soul for honesty before she asked me dubiously, “Do I have a choice?”

I noded at her and mocked, “Of course you do, if you say yes than I will insert this ring in your finger. If by any odd chance you say no, then I will ask you why, let you go and come tomorrow while you are asleep to put the ring on,”

She chuckled at my words which made my face lit up and questioned again, “Doesn’t sound much of a choice to me. What if I say I need more time?”

“Then I will be at your place in an hour,” I teased as I winked at her which made her throw her head back and laugh.

“Will you keep taking me on dates?” she asked me with seriousness while I smiled at her cuteness.

“Totally,” I assured her as I wanted to yell, this position hurts.

“Not come between me and my food?” she asked me with I-will-kill-you look which made me nod instantly.

“I thought you would say me and Sanskaar, but okay,” I agreed hesitantly while she shook her head with disbelief.

“Never tell me that I am annoying,”

“Hard to say yes to that, but anything for you,”

“Let me go wherever and whenever I want,”

“As long as I am with you, hell yeah,”

“Keep loving ONLY me for the rest of your life?” she asked me in a mere whisper and her eyes gleaming with fear.

“That’s a tough choice, let me see,” I decided to tease her a little which made her shriek in horror.

“Laksh,” she warned me with her face leeched pale.

“Yes,” I told her with a bright smile.

“Then yes,” she said gently as she stretched her hand which made me hastily put the ring on her finger.

Her eyes twinkled with joy, her face was radiating happiness while I could tell her soul was beaming with pleasure. And so was mine.

She gave me one of her adorable smile as she looked at the ring while I stood up and pulled her in for a bone crushing hug, spinning her around in that process, “You have no idea how happy I am right now,”

“Not more than me,” I heard her whisper as she snuggled into my neck and pulled away snapping, “Why are you wearing this for a proposal?”

“To show you my s*xy side,” I teased as I kissed her cheek while she flushed bright red under my touch.

“I hate you,”he muttered annoyingly with an adorable face while I pinched her cheek and said with rich pleasure, “I know you love me,”

“When did I ever say that?” she asked me with her eyebrow raised and mouth twitched into a smirk.

“Of course you did like…once,” I shot back with a smirk and extreme uncertainty running through me.

“Un huh and when is that?” she cross questioned as she crossed her arms across her chest and smirked evilly.

“On the day after we found out Zain? When I saved you? At the beach?” I listed out various places but she shook her head at all of them.

My face fell and anger took over me as I screamed at her with irritation, “You devil, you never said I love you to me, say it now,”

“Nope, never, never, ever, ever,” she sang as she ran across the park with me chasing her wildly.

“Yes, yes, now,” I demanded with annoyance. She never said those magical words to me, can you believe that? I am so freaking pissed right now.

“No, no, never,”

“Say it or I will call Swara and tell her that you were the one who ruined her business deal last friday,” I threatened her slyly.

“You wouldn’t,” she retorted with horror.

“Try me,” I dared her as I called out, “Swara,”

‘Yeah, what’s up?” she came into view in the next 5 minutes with Sanskaar while Ragini’s face leeched away all the color.

“Okay, okay, I love you from the bottom of my heart and will love you till I grow old,” she finally confessed with genuine emotions which lurked my soul with happiness.

“What about when you grow old?” I questioned as I indicated Swara.

“I will love you then too,” she blurted out as she jumped towards me for a hug, while I chuckled at her.

Relief washed over me as I hugged her, after going through so much pain, this happiness and joy on her face was worth it. This was how it was supposed to be, out perfect life and I couldn’t wish for anything else.


A wide smile blew out my face as I looked at Ragini and Laksh hugging each other while I leaned back into Sanskaar’s chest and enthusiastically said, “awww…aren’t they cute?”

Sanskaar made an uncomfortable moment and mumbled, “I think I’m going to go sick,”

I smacked his arm and replied sternly, “Shut up, don’t be rude,”

“Anything you say darling,” he huskily muttered in my ear as he gave me a quick kiss.

“Can we please stay in India?” I asked him with pleading eyes and innocent face while I heard Ragini and Laksh go all cocky.

“Nope but we can take them to London,” he answered my request which made me frown stubbornly.

“You think we all will survive without getting in jail?” I asked him with seriousness in my voice while he shrugged it off playfully.

“I think we’ll live,” he stated casually as we strolled around the park with memories of the past flowing into me as I looked at the stages Laksh made for Ragini.

Was I jealous? Not at all, I am happy with a simple and quick proposal that Sanskaar gave me than bearing through all the pain to stand through a longer one. Sanskaar tightened his grip on my waist as I glanced at our engagement rings.

“I love you,” I lovingly said as I leaned onto him a little more.

“That was random but I love you too,” he whispered back with the same care and affection while we strolled around the park.

This was the life I never thought I would get, never thought I would fall in love with anyone and here I am walking with the love of my life. I never wished for a perfect life but now all I want was Sanskaar to remain with me for the rest of eternity.

OMG! That was IT GUYS!! HOW WAS LAKSH’S PROPOSAL??????? Did you guys like his idea??

I am almost in tears right now, I loved writing this and enjoyed my time with all you guys and your amazing comments. THANKS A LOT for bearing through my torture of irregular updates, complete story and extreme support. I WANT TO THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR THIS!!

Before I go, I want to tell you guys that I started to write this as a b’day present for one of my friend who is a crazy fan of Swaragini and loves me a lot. This is for you! I hope you enjoyed it!!

Secondly, Ruhani, you wanted to know about me right? Well I am honestly, a very crazy (I think you can see that) girl who is OBSESSED with chocolates, I also like hang with friends and cousins, and am extremely outgoing and loud. Painting is my passion and listening to music, my most basic hobby! Can anyone live without music??
I want to travel around the world….although I have seen most of it (no, not only in movies, big time traveler here 😉 ) try skydiving, paragliding ,bungee jumping and all other stunts I could drag myself to do!!! I write stories, to share my wonderful ideas with you 😉 , I definitely enjoy writing them….Of course I am not a professional writer but I do take the time to put in my best effort!! I love cars, hence Ragini’s love for cars 😉 and am a big foodie, not as much as Ragini but I can give her tough competition. What about you??

So that’s about me! I WANT ALL OF YOU READING THIS TO TAKE A MINUTE TO TELL ME THE BEST PART IN THE STORY AND ONE SMALL REQUEST FROM ME….CAN YOU ALL DO ME A FAVOUR (Ruhani, esp you yaar) and read my other STORY, Bond of! I WILL REALLY MISS ALL OF YOU, so just drop by and talk to me over there so that you don’t forget me!!

I hope you all had the same amount of fun as I had! AND DO COMMENT for a last goodbye, I don’t think I am going to write another Swaragini ff in the near future but you never know and do talk to me in the BOND OF if possible! WILL MISS YOU GUYS and sorry for the sudden ending.

BYE!!! Loads of love and best wishes! TC!

Credit to: Mandy

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    1. aww…that so sweet! Mee tooo…will miss all of you soo much!! If possible, do read my other ff so that we can chat there too! Here is the link : http://www.tellyupdates.com/the-bond-of-intro/
      Loads of love, tc!

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      Swaragini ff…will see, I have exams coming up and then my work semester will start…so much to do but I will try my best for sure! I am glad you liked the story in general!! Same pinch then!!
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    1. Longest comment for sure…even for me! I was like woahhhh….sSooo big!! I was waiting for your comment from y’day and was about to yell at you for not commenting earlier but I guess this super long comment will make up for!!!

      Sorry yaar….I needed to end it as soon as possible as my exams are comimg up and me being me didnt do any preplanning yet. Thank YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!! Honestly, you were my NUMBER 1 reader and supporter throughout the ff, there were times where I would just write this ff for you!!

      I know right….Ragini is hard to convince which is why I had to come up with extraordinary date….I am so glad you liked it!! This date was the hardest to thimk of as I used up all my ideas on the other ones so I thought why not my dream date?? Epilogue….yeah many r asking so I think I will end it there! Will write one but will take a while!!

      Hahah…you are adventurous too! Yay! I hate animals in general so I feel yout disgust!!hey I like cartooons too….I mean who doesn’t right?! Hard to make studies ur hobbies I know but u shud get studying!! Milk?? What do you see in milk?

      http://www.tellyupdates.com/the-bond-of-intro/ is the link to the intro of bond. Read it and let me know what you think. It is only 18 chaps as of now and there are CRAZY cousins in here too so I can assure that u will relate to the story.
      Here is the link to all the chapters : http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=Bond+of

      I hope you will like it!! Yeah…same! You are one of the closest I have here and I dont want to loose u either!! GOOD LUCK for all your exams….loads of love, hugs and tc!!

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      3. oh wow!!! That’s amazing….I loved wonderland in Toronto when I went!! hahaa…can imagine your state! My legs were almost about to break apart after I went on this ride which was spinning continously in all directions possible for 5 whole minutes. But I still liked it…so 😉 That still doesn’t convince me that milk is nice, I don’t hate milk but don’t like it either -_- Anyways, no bond is not based on any show, it is completely off my imagination!! I am so glad you liked it! I already gave you the links to the episode’s on the comment above! haha..true, we are totally bff’s! Aug 4…OMG! Mine is on Sept 4!!! A month apart, totally I will!! Just remind me a week before so that i don’t forget 😉 Also tell me what do you want it about as in adventure, love, sad story, emotional, as it is an OS…… Thanks!! Loads of love, tc!

      4. Bond of..? Is awesome yr i loved it… I haven’t cmpltd reading it… U totally rocked it babe I couldn’t comment there as the comment column is missing idk where it went ?… Her cuzns rocks.. They r amazing not mre than sana n her first love popcorn.. Her craving 4 popcorn is funny lol.! N aarav’s care n possessiveness 4 sana is so cute.. He is not that bad after knowing his past… N their wedding it’s the most amazing n hilarious wedding I hAv ever heard of lyk totally ? I don’t knw hw u cme up with such ideas.. U r such an amazing writer that u can take it up as a profession…

        Wow ur B’dAy is on September 4 that’s amazing c we are meant to be close buddies that’s y v hav so many things in common lol.! N hw old r u? I will b 19 this Aug.

      5. Awww….thats so sweet! I am glad you are liking it! Writing as profession? Idk about that…I am not tht good. Just write something for timepass. Maybe realizing that u will write another one page long comment the comment npx ran away???? haha…yeah, the wedding was one hilarious one for sure.
        I am going to hit 18 in sep!!

      6. Oh sry but I can’t help?? well see ya at bond of.? So u r younger to Me by an yr..

    2. Totally am! Yeah…I just update another chapter today…so hurry up!! 😉 😉

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    1. awww….that’s so sweet! Thanks a lot for all your support throughout the story! Means so much to me that I changed your view and I am glad you fell in love with Laksh’s character. ahahha…I agree that they both are extremely crazy in my ff, but after all it is written by me!! I am not going to write another swaragini ff as of now, so do check my other ff The Bond Of..? in the mean time! Loads of love, tc!

  25. HII!!
    I really really wanted to write a epilogue but I dont have time at all. By the time I have some time I think it will be way too late and have no meaning at all. I am extremely sorry for that! I hope you guys enjoyed this journey as much as I did, means a lot to me that most of you took the time to comment here! Do keep in touch with my other story..The Bond Of..? Loads of love to you all and best wishes!

    1. It’s ok mandy… I told u na it’s perfectly alright… Concentrate on ur studies mre… I will catch up with u at bond of 4 sure ?… N thnq once again for this wonderful fiction… It had a great tym reading it n was always waiting for it just to see the way they taunt each other… Loads of hugs n kisses… Luv u

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