SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 56 Part 1)


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My heart literally stopped to beat when we heard footsteps approach the door and Laksh said in a panicky voice, “There is someone at the door,”

“Really, genius?” I sarcastically said as I rolled my eyes while he stood with a frown. I sighed and instructed while I ran towards the door, “Go hide somewhere,”

It took him like 20 seconds to fit under the couch while I took a breath in and opened the door to see my dad standing there with a bright smile on his face. Did he like my reasons? “Uhh…hi,”

He gave me a glare before he moved away from the front and introduced Laksh’s dad who was standing there with pride, Ragini, this is Laksh’s dad,”

A warm smile blew up my face as I bent down to touch his feet as I mumbled hesitantly, “Hello Uncle,”

“Nice to meet you dear,” he said back gently as he placed a hand over my head.

“Same here,”

As I said that and dad began to talk to him I heard Swara bark with irritation while I closed my eyes, what was wrong with this girl? “Ragini, Ragini, where the hell are you?”

“Here,”I called out as I saw Laksh’s dad look at with surprise. Presenting my stupid family.

“Why are you here, I was- Hello,” she said as she her eyes widened with shock and she looked down with embarrassment.

“Finally, great to see you here Swara,” Laksh’s dad said back in a warm greeting while Swara shot him a tight smile.

She touched his feet with a smile on confusion while he turned to my father to say, “You indeed do have great daughters, Shekhar,”

“I am sure your sons are no less,” my dad said with pride while Swara nudged me as to what was going on.

A strange kind of fear enveloped me as I heard him bring an emotional topic up, “Dear, I just wanted to make one thing clear that is the whole kidnap thing was planned by Zain too.I had no involvement in it, I am sorry on behalf of him. Sanskaar told me about the whole kidnap thing and I regret bringing you guys into all this trouble,”

“Uncle, it’s completely fine, no worries at all. We have no hard feelings against anyone,” I felt my throat dry and my face radiate with happiness. So he was accepting us? Seeing my position, Swara said for the both of us while I nodded with support.

“You both are gems I tell you,” he said to us with delight while my dad chuckled at us hysterically. Gems and us? We are more like Germs, ready to cause trouble.

Right then I saw our mom wave her hand and ask to come back, “Excuse us,”

We walked up to her while she said hastily, “Go to your rooms and stay there till I call you back,”

“Why?” Swara asked her a question as she pushed us both into our room.

“No, I didn’t ask you to ask me questions,” she said back sarcastically. Now you see where our sarcasm and counter arguments come from? Total genes I tell you.

“And yeah, Swara, go wear something nice,” she ordered us in a demanding voice as though she had a lot to do.

“But this is nice,” Swara whined as our mom turned around.

“Swara,” she yelled back sternly and giving her the go-or-I-will-kill-you look while Swara groaned.

“Going,” she replied as she dragged me with her while I was lost in my world of thoughts.

“Why are you soo worried?” she asked me as she went through her closet to find clothing.

“Laksh is hiding in there, we are soo doomed if we get caught,” I blurted out with concern as I paced around the room with worry.

“What is he doing in there anyways?”

“God knows, what happened with Sanskaar?’ I snickered with a wink.

“Stop dreaming, nothing much happened. I asked him to propose me, that’s all,”

“Oh hooo, already in marriage are we?”

“No shit, sherlock,” she mocked me back while I laughed at her blushing state.

“Let’s go get you dressed,” I said as I pulled her into the bathroom to get her ready.

I hate my life, I officially do. Everyone is outside talking about something while for some odd reason I am clamped in my room, wearing a huge gown as if it is my engagement. Trust me, even if it was, I wouldn’t have bothered to wear something so magnificent and royal like the one I was wearing now. I was wearing a light blue laced gown with the borders and the chest part designed with gems, it was a pretty flowy gown like thing. Get it already I am sick of explaining.

I sighed as I heard a few ruffles from behind my room, okay, so there were people in the house too? Wait, why wasn’t I allowed to go out again? No idea.

As I was thinking that, I heard my door bang and Ragini reveal herself as she said frantically and excited,“Swara, let’s go,”

She was wearing a simple violet party dress while I was decked in this gown. Don’t get me wrong, I like gowns and all but like this is unfair. “How come you get to wear that while I have to stick to this?”

“You hate dresses too? Are you okay?” she asked me sarcastically as she placed a hand on my forehead to check my temperature.

“I don’t hate dresses, it is just that it is unfair,” I told her as I walked towards the door with her.

“Okay, whiny queen, let’s go,”

“Are there more people in the house?”

“Come and see,” was her reply while I frowned.

I had no idea as to what she said as I saw people standing on two sides of the hall cheering for me. They left a path in the middle with rose petals all over for me to walk, I noticed all my relatives standing in one corner while strangers mingled in there too. “What the hell? What is going on?”

Confusion took over me while Ragini shrugged at me and led me down the hall to the living room, “Oh my god!”

There was a huge stage in the middle of my living room. Why? Still no clue but all I could see was a huge heart shaped flowers in the centre while the backside was decorated with light blue and white decor. On the centre was a silver swing on the heart with Sanskaar sitting. That was honestly really….romantic. And for the first time I really liked it. Sanskaar had a rich smile on his face while he looked dashing in the tuxedo. His eyes locked mine and the shivers stopped while I calmed myself down without breaking eye contact.

Ragini nudged me by my shoulder and chuckled as she led me up the stage. His family walked beside him while mine came with me. I saw my mom and dad glare at me with pride, I turned around and ffaced the front of the stage to see about a thousand people standing infront of me. I felt an uneasy shiver pass down my spine, I was getting engaged wasn’t I? Oh boy, this was going to be funny.

Sanskaar took my hand and announced, “I am not going to stand here and rant a bunch of romantic lines to impress you as the reason you are here is because you are already smitten by my charms, so I am not going to waste time proving that,”

This earned several chuckles from the audience while I gleamed with happiness. My heart was dancing and my eyes were shining , I waited for this for so freaking long.

He moved a little past me and stared at my parents while he looked at me at the same time, “Coming to the actual point. Swara, you have seen all shades of me, from the worst to the best. I salute you for bearing me throughout, without any judgment without any hesitation. It took us a while to realize but we did, uncle we have been through alot in the past 2 years. We have seen a lot of changes and complications in the way but at the end we stand here fit and healthy. We started as 2 but at the end we are here together. Will you give me the honor to get married to your daughter and make her mine?”

I smiled as the words went out of his mouth. He was truly the best, he didn’t over exaggerate everything, instead it was plain and simple as I like. He even took care of my parents, this was unique and clever, just like us!

My dad looked taken aback before he chuckled and placed my hand in his, “She is all yours, my son,”

A zap of electricity passed through us while Sanskaar let out a shaky laugh as he pulled out a ring. It was no ordinary ring,it was a heart shaped diamond ring with sapphire and emerald stones filling either half. Sapphire was my birthstone and I am guessing Emerald was his.

As he began to push the ring down my ring finger I countered, “Where did my answer go?”

I saw everyone turn surprised by my encounter and a few even gasped at my smirk while Sanskaar remained cool and replied casually, “Your smile says it all,”

Without a second thought, he pushed the ring down my finger, the whole audience broke into applause while thousands of overwhelming emotions swept through me. He was really the best I could get. I smiled at him as I clashed into him, sliding my arms around his neck while he pulled me closer by my waist and I said breathlessly as I inhaled his manly scent, “I love you,”

He chuckled and I heard awww by the entire room while I scowled at him, still in the embrace,“What happened to all the ‘you made me the happiest man on the world and all go’?”

“Way too cliche for us,” he mocked with a wink while I pulled away and grinned at him.

“Aww…how cute,” Ragini commented, breaking our moment as she placed her hand over my shoulder.

“You will be next,” Laksh taunted her from behind Sanskaar while Ragini blushed.

“I am warning you right now, I am not so simple as Swara so these kind of proposals won’t work for me,” she warned him with a smirk while I rolled my eyes.

“I am neither a money saver like Sanskaar, so chill,” Laksh mocked which made Sanskaar smack him in the head.

“Don’t say that, he is my bro,” Ragini came to his defense while Sanskaar high fived her.

“And he is mine,” I went out for Laksh who gave me a thumbs up and stuck his tongue out at Ragini. Babies, both of them were babies.

“He is my bro,” he mimicked her and asked back sternly, “Who am I then?’

“I don’t know, a love worn Romeo?” she sneered which made him rage with flame. Oh oh.

“Ragini,” he screamed and chased her around the hall while both my and Sanskaar broke into laughter.

Sanskaar wrapped an arm around my waist which made those tingles come back again before he asked me gently, “Did the proposal pass?”

I grinned at him before placing my shoulder on his head as I watched our families mingle and jovially assured, “With flying colors,”

And that was it, it was meant to be……just perfect.
“Are you kidding me?” I heard Swara squeak at me. It was our usual evening talks after we came back from work. A whole month passed by and she was officially my fiancee. The girl who I thought would be the death of me is now my future bride. Ironic eh? Blame fate not me.

“Nope, I am shifting to London and you are coming with me,” I broke the news to her while I put the phone on loudspeaker to not turn my ears deaf.

And as expected I heard a loud screech before Swara snapping, “But I love your family though, why can’t we stay here? It has been over 2 years since we left London,”

“Exactly, that is where I found you and I want to return to that place, away from all this Zain thing, and stuff, I can’t handle India anymore,” I told her frustratedly while she groaned. We still fight like tom and jerry and show no care to understand each other no matter what. Even though we both have ego which are as big as the universe, we still stick beside each other. We are definitely not those lovey dovey type but neither are we the hating type, so we are all good.

“Sanskaar,” she pleaded and I could feel that puppy eyes but it was my time to groan.

“Don’t play the guilt card on me, I am booking the tickets, we are out of here in the next month,” I declared while I heard her curse me. She will never change, she was worse than laksh at times.

“Really, did you have to disappear jeans?” I heard Laksh yell from the bathroom. Oops, spoke too soon.

“Laksh what happened?” Swara asked him as I saw him walk out with a blue shirt, red vest and boxers. His face was irritated and he was clearly looking like a 5 year old finding chocolate.

Did I mention that in one month Swara and Laksh have grown into actual soul brother and sister and so did me and Ragini. We seem to bond well with our siblings than each other.

“The day I really needed my jeans, they had to disappear to annoy me. Don’t just stand there help me,” he told Swara and then scowled at me.

I snorted out sarcastically, “I am sorry, I am not a magician to bring the jeans in front of you,”

“Fine, then atleast help me find them,” he whined at me with begging eyes.

“Sanskaar, go help the poor kid, we will talk about this later,” Swara told me and hung up.

“Why so fussy?” I lazily asked him as I skimmed through our closet for the jeans he wants.

“Did you forget? I am proposing Ragini today,” he told me as he ran a hand through his hair nervously.

Oh, I remember the tension I was in that day but it all vanished after I saw Swara staring at me lovingly. Might sound cliche but I know what I was saying the minute she was beside me, it felt as if I got my energy back, my life back.

“Oh right! All the arrangements done?” I checked with him as I handed him the pair of jeans. He was planning since a week and got me to ask Ragini what she wanted indirectly.

“Yep, I got Vinay and Nikhil to do all, the arrangements,” he scoffed with a smirk while I rolled my eyes.

“I was wondering if you did anything and I see you didn’t,” I told him and then advised, “Cool, good luck brother,”

“I don’t need it, she is bound to say a yes to me,” he snorted out as he walked into the changeroom with his pants while I rolled my eyes.

This was going to be fun but as far as for me, my life is all set with the angel of my dreams, Swara.
Who liked Sanskaar’s proposal? Simple and quick?? Laksh’s will be the complete opposite so let’s give them the limelight next. it will be long and romantic! COMMENT as to what you want them to have!!

Credit to: Mandy

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