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“Oh my gosh, what do we do now?” I asked all of them with panic as Laksh’s dad stormed out the door infront of me.

That was soo not good.

“I am going to call Aman and ask why is my dad here, and till then why don’t you guys come back to us?” Sanskaar ordered as he nudged Laksh who still had his mouth hung open.

“On our way,” Swara told him as she shut off the face time and turned back to me.

I was flinching with shock, why did life have to go crazy when it just started to get fun. No fair!

“This is terrible, we need to let their dad know, but the problem is our names. He will probably hate us for the media attention at our kidnap,” Swara blurted out with a heavy sigh as she settled back on the cushion.

Way to go for all the worry, I thought as I saw my darling sister closing her eyes and on the verge of sleep. Really, was this a time to sleep?

“Swara, we can’t really change the fact that he was blamed or the fact that we are in love with his sons. Let’s just face it, it is going to be extremely tough,” I said to her as I shook her by the shoulders to wake her up.

“Wait a minute, we didn’t even tell dad yet!” she screamed as she got up and paced around the room.

I widened my eyes in realization and slapped my head, “I knew we were missing something, he is so going to kill us,”

“Come then, how about we go home like now and tell dad all this before he comes to know this via media,” I told her as I dragged her to the exit of the door while the customer around us gave her weird looks.

“As if that is possible,” Swara sarcastically said while I gasped as I saw the news on the TV at the counter.

I heard Swara say something like I am going to faint while I face palmed myself for the embarrassment, “BREAKING NEWS, Swara Godadia and Sanskaar Maheswari spotted in Goa at late in the night having a great time. The 2 big business tycoons of India are enjoying, what is their relationship status? Keep watching HTV to know,”

Swara was leaning against the exit door with her face flushed pale while the other people in the store were moving their eyes from the TV to her, like they were watching a tennis match. Awkward.

“Holy shit, Sagar, send me the jet to Goa right now and block HTV news in our house,” Swara pulled out her phone instantly and dialed Sagar’s number while I put on a tight smile.

Why can’t people just stick to their damn business and leave me and my sister alone, but no they had to come closer and investigate if she was Swara Gadodia or not, I wanted to yell at them saying, ‘yes that is her, now go back to what you were doing, creepos’ but of course I didn’t.

“No time for questions, just do it,” I heard her yell at Sagar as she dragged me out of the shop while I continued to throw death glares at those annoying people.

“We need to leave now,” Swara instantly said as we came back to the hotel to see the boys pacing around like somebody was going to be killed in the next minute.

“What do we do now?” laksh asked me with concern and sighed heavily.

“We called our jet, we are going to fly to Kolkata to talk to our parents while you fly to Delhi to talk to yours,” I briefed them the plan while Swara threw all the dresses and jewelry we bought here into a bag.

“Why the hurry?” Laksh asked me shocked and looking at me suspiciously.

We are not that dumb you know.

“The news is on media, we need to hurry up and tell them about us before they think we are doing something wrong or media announces this the wrong way,” Swara told him as she threw him her phone with the news playing loudly.

“Damn they are fast,” Sanskaar commented as he typed away on his phone like there was no tomorrow.

Maybe he was going to be killed tomorrow…ohhh..that makes so much more sense. Wait, that makes no sense at all, screw my brain.

“Very and more than we ever expected to,” Swara said with a sad sigh as she snatched back her phone hastily as it started to ring while I was just standing at the corner of the room with weird thoughts in my brain.

“Hello, coming,” she plainly said with no emotion.

“Ragini, let’s go, the jet is here,” she said as she moved back to the bag she packed for like 2 minutes.

Laksh moved forward to me and gave me a quick peck on my forehead affectionately as he said, “Call us as soon as you reach there, we will be Delhi by car,”

“Possessive much,” I said to him with a smirk.

“Can’t take any more risk,” he replied dryly.

“Keep your cheesy lines to yourself, Romeo,”

“That was not even cheesy, Juliet,”

“The name is Ragini,”

“Laksh,” he said back with a wide grin while I rolled my eyes.

“Whateves, we will talk later,” Swara interrupted and dragged me out of the room with me yelling bye to Sanskaar throughout the hallway.

“Woah, woah, calm down,” I said to her as we finally got seated in our private, mini and comfy jet.

“Sorry, I am just scared,” she whispered as we buckled up for take off while I put my legs on the king size bed I was sitting on.

“Me too,” I told her when she settled herself in a comfortable position as soon as the jet hit the sky.

“Do you want me to call Sanskaar so that he can give you a hug,” I snickered at her while she watched the clouds outside rise and fall.

I saw a small tint of blush appear on her cheek before she scowled, “Swara and romance, don’t go together buddy,”

“But SwaSan do,”

“Swa what?” she asked me with surprise and more of a shock.

Right, she doesn’t really read books, does she? “I am shipping you both,”

“Ragini, we are not in a book or a movie for you to ship our names,”

“Yes, you both are important characters in my modern tale of love,” I boasted with pride as I blew a flying kiss at her.

“Oh, so now you are going to become an author?” she asked me with her eyebrow raised boredly.

“Maybe, maybe not, that is for you to figure out,” I riddled out it in a puzzle which she looked at be boggled.

“You know what, be whatever you want as long as I have nothing to do with you,” she commented as she gave up on my master riddle. hahaha!

“Meanie,” I threw at her.



“Sassy,” she commented as I did my famous snap move and thus the war on words started.

With every minute passing, my stomach turned into a tighter knot than before, how am I going to face papa with this news?

“What mischief did he get into?” Ma asked her with royal pleasure as she pulled Laksh’s ear livingly. We came here half an hour ago and Ma insisted with freshen up before we talk to dad, but she was probably suspicious seeing out extreme nervousness and eager nature.

“Nothing ma, just some business talk,” I assured her as she let go of Laksh’s ear who in turn growled hard.

She left with a sharp nod and left us, standing nervously waiting in front of our dad’s study.

“How come you are the one playing with guns and people think I am mischievous,” Laksh growled at me with fake anger as he rubbed his red ear.

I shrugged at him and motioned him to go first, “Okay, so go in and tell dad the truth,”

“Why me? You are the older one,” he cried out with fear.

Yep, him and dad never really got along as he was too busy trying to do something stupid while dad was always perfect.

“You are the one who fell in love first,” I said to him in a pleading voice.

“So? Now we both are, so you go first,”

“But you are the troublemaker, he will be less harsh on you,”

“Exactly, if you tell him, he would probably forgive as he thinks you are perfect, so he will grant you the first thing you asked,”

“You are more experienced in these issues than I am,”

“But you are more mature,”

“Fine, let’s go together,” I negotiated with him.

“On the count of 3,” he said and I nodded with displeasure.


We barge into the door with extreme confidence like 2 soldiers ready for battle but as soon as we see the angry look on our dad’s face, all our confidence blows off like a baloon…phussh

“Dad, we need to talk,” I said to him in a low, confident voice while Laksh clung to me as if I was his only saviour in this wide world.

“I know, take a seat,” he curtly said and I gulped down before sitting down in front of his desk.

“So tell me what is wrong,” he asked us with anger radiating wildly through his eyes. Not good. Although his body posture was maintained well and cooly leaned onto his chair at the back of his black desk, I knew that he was roaring like a tiger, who just lost his meal.

“Umm..so you see..Laksh here is…uhh..in love,” I started to say nervously as I gulped down when he cut me off,

“Again?” he asked me while Laksh smiled at him confused. Laksh faced me and gave me what-the-hell-are-you-saying look while I stared at him to play along. Brothers, couldn’t he just for once listen to me?

“This is true love this time,” Laksh said with a dreamy haze and a wide grin.

“You say that every time,” our dad mumbled harshly while Laksh groaned.

“But it is been 2 years since I did,” Laksh cried out with offense while I hit the back of his head with irritation, this was NOT part of the plan.

“Shut up idiot,”

I laughed nervously at my dad who was looking at us as if we were psycho’s and blurted out at one go, “What we meant to say is we both are in love with the Gadodia sisters,”

I watched as my dad’s face paled a little and his gaze narrowed slightly before he spoke up sternly with anger fuming in his words, “Are you guys telling me some joke because I am not laughing,”

Laksh laughed bitterly with fear and panicky covered up, “Yeah, this is a joke, right bro?”

I gave him a death glare and mumbled, “Laksh,”

Laksh sighed heavily and stood up in a flash of a second, he clasped his hands together and pleaded with innocence, “This is not a joke, we are serious. We didn’t know when it happened and why with them, but we really like them as in love them as we are planning to only marry them,”

I watched as he completed the confession with pleading eyes and shaky voice while my dad was haggardly piercing through our eyes. If glares could kill, by this time Laksh would have been flirting with angels.

This was soo bad as my dad continued to glare at us with silence while the atmosphere in the room started to rise into tension, I just hoped the girls had better luck than us.

“Great, we are finally here,” Ragini mumbled with a shaky laugh as a shiver passed through my spine with extreme electricity prickling through my skin.

‘Great, Swara, just great, way to embarrass yourself.

After being the girl who hated the fairy tales, you are here to say to them that you are in love. Wow.’ my brain mentally taunted me while I groaned at the sight of the door infront of us. You see, we were standing in front of our papa’s room door fidgeting over the fact whether we should ring the knock or not.

“Go in,” I ordered Ragini in a low whisper so that the guards could not sense our nervousness. The last thing I want was these guards to inform dad we were here.

“We are on this together,” Ragini shot back, emphasizing on we while I grit my teeth with panic.

I took in a deep breath and sarcastically chanted, “Yep, we are not afraid of anything, we are the Gadodia sisters, not afraid of anything,”

“Swara,” Ragini snapped at me to stop my chant of assurance while I frowned at her.

“This is harder than telling him I for suspended for skipping class or I yelled at the teacher,” I said sadly with a smile remembering all the mischief I got into. Boy, was I bad!

“Why did we even fall in love?’ Ragini muttered as she paced around the front step a little as she played with her fingers to cook a plan as to what to tell our papa.

“I have a plan,” I declared profusely which excitement.

“Which is?” she asked me with enthusiasm, indicating me to keep going while I jumped up and down excitedly.

“How about we turn around, go back to our room, call Sanskaar and Laksh tell them that we don’t like them, come to dad and say that the news was all fake and live happily ever after,” I told her my masterplan while her face turned into a deeper frown with every passing minute.

“How about we take a screwdriver and check how many screws are off your brain?” Ragini sweetly mocked at me while I crossed my arms over my chest with anger.

“Fine, then you go tell him,” I challenged her while she grinned at me sarcastically.

“Uhh, yeah, I am Ragini, I can do anything,” she boasted as she opened the door slightly and peaked in.

Okay, she was actually doing it! LIKE ACTUALLY DOING IT, OMG! I am so going to freak out if something happens wrong. Wow, she sticks to her words pretty well.

Ragini entered his room while I quietly tiptoed in like I always did when I got in trouble and Ragini voiced out, “Papa, we uhh..”

We saw his eyes snap at us, they were bloodshot red, anger eating up every corner of his body as he seethed with disgust,“Is this true?”

He pointed to the TV which had SWARA written on it in bold letters, shit didn’t I ask Sagar to block everything. Damn that man, he was go going to get killed by me after I finish this.

“Yeah,” I trailed out as I stared at the floor ashamed as I expected him to scream at me or yell at me.

“When?” he surprised me by cooly saying while I snapped my head up and faced Ragini who had her mouth hung open.

“We realized it a week ago,” I responded, hiding the whole London drama and the Goa drama. It was too much to handle all in day, let me give him a break too.I know I am so thoughtful!

“Why?’ he asked us in a brittle demanding voice as his anger started to melt down while I stood there dumbfounded. Why what? Why is happened a week ago? I am soo confused.

“Huh?” I managed to say all lost as to what was going on while Ragini shaked her head at me with disbelief.

“Why them?” papa drawled out clearly while I said ohh, understanding what he was saying. Ohh.

“Uhh..well..they are..umm..” I stuttered to come up with an explanation for his question while my brain began to wonder why did I like him?

God, was this not love? Might not be, then why did I just tell me dad about this? I am soo screwed, I needed to get the rubbish out of my confused head as soon as possible.

As I cursed myself I heard my papa sigh and sternly say as he walked past us, “How about I leave you two alone and both of you come up with details as to why them,”

Ragini shook me with disbelief and disappointed while I questioned her confused, “What?”

She looked at me with her eyebrow raised while I took the minute to topple on the bed as she asked me with seriousness, “So, Swara, why Sanskaar?”

I looked at her amused before sarcastically stating, “Are you seriously asking me this? I thought we were going to flunk this right here,”

“I would if it was not the matter of your life. So why him?” she asked me, giving me the glare ma gives when she is serious. Okay, now I had 2 moms, how great!

I sighed at her, she was my sister after all, why not just give in and tell her the truth, “I never ever believed in love or anything related to that. I started to talk to Sanskaar, be with him as I saw this great connection in him that I didn’t with any other boy, although most of our conversations are taunts and teases, we still care for each other. I only gave him a chance because he is just like you, mocking me but in the end loving me like I was the most prized possession. It was when he was broken the other day, I realized that the moment he was broken, a part in me ripped open, it was like he had the key to my soul and no matter how hard I tried I needed him to lock it for me. I really didn’t need anyone except you, but now that I realized that you have your ‘someone’, I needed to find someone who would be the perfect replacement for you and I think the only person who could that is him. He drives me crazy and all but at the end of the day, I think he is the only one who could treasure me as you did,”

I could see a few tears well up in her eyes as I said those words which made her rush up to me and warmly hug me as she stated jovially, “Oh my, Swara, when did you grow this old?”

I chuckled at her and commented slyly as I took the embrace, “That should be dadi or mom’s line, see I told you, you were old,”

“He drives you crazy eh?” she asked me as she smacked my arm with teasing eyes.

“Is that the only line you liked after my whole lecture?” I asked her with disbelief, I spent freaking 5 minutes ranting out stuff and that is what she picks up.

“I liked the line with ‘he has the key to my soul and the only person who can unlock it for me’,” I heard a husky voice from the window, which made me freeze in my spot. Please don’t be him, please don’t be him.

I turned around my head slightly to face the huge windows to spot HIM, standing there, leaning against the cupboard with a smirk as I asked hastily, “What are you doing here?”

“What do you think?’ he cross questioned as he moved up to be while I averted my gaze as a blush took over me.

“I am going to leave you both here,” Ragini decided to say as she winked at Sanskaar and left. LEFT, she was such a bad sister. After giving her a whole speech on how much I love her, this is what I get. I am so teaching my children better than that.

“So, what are you doing here?” I asked Sanskaar as he pulled me and grabbed me onto my waist while I grinned widely.

“Hey, it is not like everyday where Swara Gadodia compliments me, right? Don’t want to miss that opportunity, do I?” He said to be huskily as he rubbed his hand over my cheek which was basically crimson red by now. Why was Swara blushing again? No idea.

“Shut up, and besides I only compliment people who are not full of themselves,” I shot back fiercely while he sighed dramatically.

“I am hurt,” he whined fakely as he took off his hand from my cheek and put it on his heart while I rolled my eyes.

“And my mission is fulfilled,” I innocently retorted with pride and a wink while he groaned at me.

“What are we going to do with ourselves?” he asked as he pressed our foreheads together as his hands dug into my skin.

“Get married would be the next best option,” I trailed out slowly while he grinned at me with a mischievous glint.

“Are you proposing me,Swara?” he asked me with fake shock as he leaned back and stared at me.

“Nah, that is for you to do. I can’t be the man all the time, you know,” I denied instantly and winked at him with a chuckle while he pulled me back into his chest.

“Oh really, what kind of proposal do you want Ms.Swara Gadodia,” he asked me while I pretended to think for a while.

I grabbed his collar and lunged him towards me, so that we were eye to eye before saying evilly, “That is for me to know and you to figure out,”

“Wow, they are soo cute,” I heard Ragini mumbled as she skipped out of the room and into this living room where I was hiding.

God, she looked like a small 5 year old as she squealed when the maid gave her the juice glass, “Here is the juice,”

She sat on the couch like a princess and took the glass with etiquette, so much for mood swings, “Thanks, where are all the others?,”

“Well Sir, he said you can voice out your opinion and send it to him if it was comfortable for you,” the maid said to her in disbelief as she handed her the phone and left the room without a second glance.

“He is the best,” I heard Ragini mumble as she took a sip of the juice before starting her recording.

I sighed, what recording?

“Papa, I know you are mad at me for keeping this for you. But let me tell you that I had no intention of hurting you, I didn’t know all this had happened, but when I did, it was too late, I was already in his heart. You always told me that a prince would come and take me in his horse, what if I told you that my prince has finally come and taken me in his car with shiny glasses. You always told me that I had to find this person who would know me inside out, what if I told you I found that person who knows exactly what my next move will be. You always told me that a perfect life partner is someone who stays in the dark with you and sticks to you, what if I told you I found a person who saved me by risking his. Papa, I never knew when this little girl of yours fell in love, but papa I waited for him for 2 years. I started to have a crush on him when I was with him in London, then my feeling got stronger and now I love everything about him, his cheesy lines, his affection, his stupid jokes, he is exactly as Swara. We promised to stick by each other’s sides throughout our lives but you know what papa, she gave me another person who I can run to without any fear if she is not with me. He is perfect, papa, made just for me,” Ragini said in a gentle, vulnerable state as she gripped on to the phone with her eyes welling with tears.

Laksh smiled inwardly, man he never knew she liked him so much. He took her off in the car with shiny glasses, really?

He slyly walked up to her, making sure not to make any noise while she was busy typing away on her phone, grinning like there was no tomorrow which made him wonder, “Why are you smiling like you won some Oscar?”

Her grin widened, she didn’t look up but lovingly stated, “I just realized that I am in love with Laksh,”

My heart fluttered and a sigh of relief left past my face as I muttered, “Finally, you realized,”

She froze for a quick second before raising her face and widening her eyes and shrieking, “Wait what, Laksh? What are you doing here?”

I groaned at her and snickered as I plopped on the seat next to hers, “Strolling around, trying to find some grass, have you seen any?”

“Shut up, are you even supposed to be here?” she smacked my arm in response while I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my chest, inhaling her scent. Lavinder.

“Well, yes and no,” I stated as she looked at me confused, her hazel orbs capturing mine as I leaned in a bit closer.

‘What?” she asked be breathlessly as I saw her breathing tun hack and face blush.

“My dad is waiting outside so I should be in this house but technically just strolling in the garden area,” I said as I touched her nose gently and sat back in my position while she groaned at me before asking,

“What did your dad say?”

I laughed at what happened after we told him that, “We thought he was angry, but as soon as we explained him everything he burst out laughing while me and bro we extremely confused. After that he told us that he was angry that we did something so boring like this, talk to him about it and then he kept on narrating us on how he bought my mom home directly and told his parents that he was going to get married to her in a week. He went on ranting about his brave behaviour and what cowards we were. I am still confused that his behaviour but I think he is fine with all this,”

“Wow,” she said with extreme shock and commented, “Your dad seems extremely cool,”

I could see her turn a little scared as she figured out that she was going to meet my dad soon, so I comforted her, “Oh he totally is and I have a feeling he will get along with you probably fine,”

“Sure,” she sarcastically said as she leaned her head on my shoulder.

‘What about yours?” I asked her as I started to play with hair and make patterns in them for fun.

“I just sent him the message, I have no clue what his decision will be,” she mumbled to me as we both intertwined our hands.

“Ragini , come here,” we heard the door knob turn which made us stare in shock. The living room didn’t even have a proper window to escape, in fact I came here through the hallway which the door led to. I can hide but he will find me.

Ragini pushed me and mouthed ‘hide’ while I clenched my jaw, shit, where was I going to hide as I heard the door creak open. Oh my gosh, I am soo dead now.
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I know most of you are asking me to continue but here is the thing, my finals are just around the corner so I need to get my prep done. After that, in my uni my volunteer semester works, which means I will be working in a company most of the day, A LOT of stuff coming up so I am going to have completely no time to keep this going. I already think I dragged this too much so I will have to end it! I am ending my other ff too in a few days, which will leave me with only 1ff which I started recently which will also be kept on hold! Do check that out, it is called the The Bond of..?

But so sorry, I will have to end this ff SOON! I will miss all of you guys soo much!!

Credit to: Mandy

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