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“Swara, lookup,” Ragini snapped at me for the millionth time while I growled.

She was for some odd reason, no actually for some stupid reason deciding to put makeup on me. Like ME, not that I hate makeup but I am freaking sick and my darling sister decides to cover my tired face with makeup to make it glow. Her words, not mine.

“I hate you,” I mumbled irritated as I continued to look up at the ceiling while I heard the brothers laugh on my phone.

We were sitting in a makeup shop which sold accessories and makeup, Ragini insisted that we come here and she seemed like she knew the staff well. Wierd. We were presently sitting on the patio’s near the window with the brothers face timing me, Ragini snapping at me and of course me being me decided to irritate her even more with whining my head off. I know, we love each other soooo much!

“Ditto babes,” she mumbled as she carefully applied the makeup on me.

The one thing I don’t understand about my sister is her perfection with makeup, I mean who expects a girl who is clearly not the ideal girl, racing queen and an arrogant devil to like makeup. Talk about weird.

I looked down at her and sighed which made her snap at me hotly, “Swara, which part of look up, don’t you understand?”

“Why am I doing this again?” I asked her with annoyance while I let out a heavy, displeased sigh. This was the definition of boredom, god please save me!

“Because we are going home and we need to make you look fine,” she said back as she stuck the mascara cap on her teeth and put on some more.

“I do look fine,”I insisted persistently. Man, she was stubborn, no wonder this girl was my sister.

I heard Sasnkaar chuckle at barge in to support Ragini, “Totally, with black weights under your eyes, cherry on your nose and-”

“Okay, okay, I get it,” I failed my arms in defeat while all the other smirked. Sometimes I don’t even understand if I am Ragini’s sibling or Sanskaar, they both seem to get along more than I do with him.

As I let out another sigh, they all cracked up into fits of laughter, by all I mean the Maheswari brothers, “Quit laughing,” I scowled with anger.

That earned me a glare from Ragini and I snorted at them with mock anger, “Why are you even watching this?”

“Because we want to watch Swara, the girl who completely hates make up get ducked in make up,” Sanskaar said enthusiastically like he was watching some oscars. Why did I have to fall in love with him? We didn’t even last a minute without taunting each other.

Ragini shaked her head in disapproval and called out to a worker, “Susan, can I get another mascara?”

Susan smiled at her and threw her one of Ragini’s fav brands, okayy. Was Ragini here before? Seems like they knew her pretty well,

“Why this store though?” I asked her in confusion while Laksh scoffed.

“Umm..cause we own this store,” she stuttered hesitantly as she avoided my gaze and looked at the celing as if she was examining a master piece.

I didn’t catch her words for a second, “Ohh-wait WHAT?” I yelled with shock.

Yep, blunt shock to be more precise, I owned the damn company and I didn’t know that this shop was ours, how come I didn’t know.

“Swara, stop talking and smudging stuff,” Ragini retorted with anger, distracting my attention.

Not so fast young lady, I am so not leaving this topic without a proper explanation.

“No, this is ours? How come I don’t know about this,” I seethed with anger flashing through my eyes and I swear you could feel the steam off my ears if not for my hair. Hair, did I ever mention I love you?

“I bought this place with a deal,” she whispered back while my eyes widened with awe. I looked at the boys through my phone who seemed dumbstruck too.

“You did what?” I asked her astonished.

You are telling me that the Ragini who run away from the word business making the most stupid excuse in the world like acidity, stomach pain, etc made a deal to buy this store. Tell me this a month ago and I would probably LMAO.

“When I was here, I saw this place and thought it would make a good profit, I mean , the place is good right in the centre, Goa is a busy place and the owner was making a deal with it anyways,” she said in a quiet tone while I grin made it’s way to my face and pride beamed in my eyes.

“How come I don’t know about this?” I asked her with fake hurt voice.

“I didn’t want you to know that I did pay attention in business classes and put me to work, I am fine in my world of racing thank you,” she remarked with a sheepish grin.

We all rolled our eyes and I commented goofily, “You sound like a detective in those adventure movies,”

“Who watches those stupid movies?” she shot back with a smirk while I glared at her with disbelief. She knew I watched them.

“I totally feel you, dear” Sanskaar muttered and Ragini smiled at her gratefully. See, when I say they are together I mean it.

“Are you guys kidding me?” I asked him with disbelief.

“Those are the best,” Laksh commented as he put his phone down.

“Not at all,” Ragini argued firmly sticking to her ground.

“Says the girl who lives on the racing tracks,” Laksh sneered while I chuckled at his comeback, Ragini flushed with embarrassment.

“High five bro,” I said to him as I aimed at virtual five at him.

Laksh grinned and started to say, “We are besties and you are”

“Oldies,” I concluded while both of them dropped their jaws and raged with anger.

“You are awesome bro,” I said to Laksh who was laughing at our siblings who were ready to murder us.

“I always wanted a sister like you, cool and un-annoying,” Laksh said back with a wide grin.

“And I a more ‘younger’ sister,” I scoffed at Ragini who was ready to pounce on me.

“Shut up Swara,” she scowled as she smacked my arm.

“ And besides you are our twins so it means you are oldies as us” Sanskaar came back with a reply, finally.

“Finally, they admit they are old,” I smartly twisted his words, nobody beats me with words. And thus, Swara wins again!

“How dare you?” Ragini raged at me furiously.

“See not my fault dadi’s oldness rubbed on you more than it should,” I commented snearly with a smug smile.

She smirked a dark smirk at me and said back thinking, “I was thinking of getting a dress, high heels, eyeliner, some jewelry,”

Holy crap, she was not going to duck me with that. On usual days I would have probably been like whatever, but now that I am sick and 100% tired as hell, no way I am going to get into all that and when Ragini thinks of something she makes it happen. “I mean I am sorry and we don’t need to do anything like that,”

“This is the way you roll Sanskaar, tips for your happy married life,” she said to Sanskaar with a wink while I groaned at her.

“Are you sure my life will have the word happy in it after getting married to her?” Sanskaar decided to throw in his master taunts to inflate more annoyance in me. Just great, what will happen to me once we all get married?

“I am right here you know,” I alerted them.

“That’s why we are talking about you,” Ragini snickered with a wink at them while I passed her a few death glares. Man, honestly, why can’t glares kill?

“So rude,” I said with fake hurt voice.

“Bro, leave her alone,” Laksh stepped up for me as he hit Sanskaar in the arm.

Now, officialy Laksh is in the top of my most fav people in the world. Scratch out Ragini.

“Sometimes I feel that you should be my brother instead of this make up queen right here,” I dreamily blurted.

“Look, I don’t want mom and dad to see you like this,” she said to me in a serious, concerned voice.

“Ah sure,” I sarcastically said as I rolled my eyes.

“By the way, what did you guys even do to get you this sick?” Ragini asked me with a mischievous glint as she got back to my pretty face.

Sanskaar scratched his neck when I said, “This idiot decided to throw water all over me,”

Ragini’s eyed lit up instantly as she sparked, “Really, you totally deserved it then?”

“Ragini, your treat, on me,” Sanskaar chided with her while I groaned.

“Your treat on me,” I mimicked him, “ are you going to get her ice cream or are you going to throw that all over her face?”

“That wasn’t even funny,” Sanskaar said to me with his eyebrow’s raised.

That didn’t even make any sense but I was too angry to care, “Well, it wasn’t meant to,”

“Aww..somebody is jealous, that her to be husband is not giving her attention, right Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari?” she teased while I could my cheeks turning pink, which I immediately covered up.

I am so not letting her see my blush, to tease me to death, no thank you!

“Shut up and I think somebody is too bored of her future husband so she is switching sides, right Ragini Laksh Maheshwari,” I mocked back at her as I threw my tongue out at her which she sent back at me.

“Wow, we don’t even need people to tease us, you both are enough to tease the shit out of each other,” Sanskaar commented with a sly smirk while I rolled my eyes at him.

“Isn’t that why we are in love with them?” Laksh said and Ragini chuckled.

“Hello, I need to see the owner please,” I heard an awfully familiar voice from behind me but I was too busy staring expressionless at Sanskaar.

“Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari, one more taunt and I swear you are so going to die,” I yelled at him, enough for the whole store to hear me out but of course me being me, didn’t care a shit.

“Is this what I get for loving you, m’lady,” he scoffed as he bowed down and acted like he was wiping out fake tears.

“Aww…how sweet,” Ragini said back with a meekly smile, of course she liked anything stupid like that, but that was no good to get me in.

“Wait, not sweeter than me right?” Laksh jumped in, feeling offended.

Ragini smirked at him and she retorted back, “No man, the only thing you are is cheesy,”

“And you like cheese,” he said back with a wide grin, while I virtually high fived him again, What? She did like cheese!

“Anything that will row your boat, Mr,” Ragini said back as she fanned herself like she was some Egyptian princess.

“Sir, you are?” I heard Susan ask from the back when our chuckling went down.

“Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwari,” I heard the voice sternly say from the back.

“Oh crap!” I mouthed to the boys, as my eyes widened and limbs froze. A gulped down hardly with extreme nervousness, electricity zapping widely through my body.

I looked at Ragini who had the same freeze running through her body with her eyes almost coming out of their sockets. The boys went mute when they heard that and we all stared at each other, confused and expressionless.
I know you are like Goddanmit, finish the scenee….BUT sorry all I could write for today, I also have a question, do you want Dp to be nice, angry or annoyed? TELL ME PLS!

Who feels bad for Swara here? Who is on team SwaLak? Anyone on team RagSan??

Credit to: mandy

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    1. haha…thanks a lot!! Naughty?! I am the most perfect girl that could exist 😉 No, I was a little naughty and all but not this much. This ff truly does bring out my inner devil, I will one day for sure throw all these pranks on someone. Watch out! 🙂 🙂
      Thanks a tonnnn!! Love you for all your kind words!

  2. N ya…… I wnt DP to b annoyd bt nt angry?

    1. Sounds good, will do something like that! Keep reading!!

  3. <3 <3 <3

    Very funny!!!

    I absolutely love Swara!!!!

    1. Lol! Thanks a lot! Is that your pic?? Wow, you are very very pretty! And look older than me! I think I should call you di from now??!

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    1. Hii! yeah, I am back!! I am always full of surprises 🙂 Sounds good, will do something like that. I really would LOVE TO continue this only for you, but I have my finals around the corner so don’t really have another option 🙁 I am very sorry, this is the first time you asked me something but I really can’t do that. Forgive me!

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    1. Thanks a lot!! Sure, will do something like that! keep reading!!


    1. Great, so we finally have one for Swalak….Sure, I will do something like that! Keep reading to see how dp will turn out!

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