SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 53)


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“I want one manchurian,” I demanded on the line to Sanskaar who groaned deeply with extreme annoyance.

I smirked to myself, enjoying the pleasure of this whole thing, and I quickly sneered, “Actually, I want pasta instead,”

“Fine, cancel that, I need one pasta,” Sanskaar ordered while I sagged back happily in my bed. What is better than annoying him?

“With cheese and olives,” I ordered in an authoritative voice while I heard Sanskaar scowl angrily.

“Wait, I think cheese and peppers might go well,” I added at the end when I heard Sanskaar give up on me.

Points for Swara! I so rock!

“Swara, make up your damn mind,” Sanskaar grit his teeth and retorted deadly.

“Don’t yell at me, I am sick,” I mumbled innocently with a fake cough. Dadi’s drama finally paid off!

“Sure you are, I am getting you whatever I want, go back to sleep,” Sanskaar snapped hotly.

“Fine, then that photo is going to go on facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat and all the other sites,” I threatened in a gravelly tone, I took a picture of him tying and beating up Zain.

Surprisingly, his parents have no idea about all this, so I kept blackmailing him that if he doesn’t get me food then I am going to post this picture online. It was the only way to get him to do what I want you know, why waste that chance?

“Crazy women, what do you want?” Sanskaar said in a heavy, displeased tone.

“Pasta with cheese and peppers,” I declared profusely as I sneezed one more time. I hated being sick, just HATE IT.

“Are you sure?” he confirmed with annoyance.

Of course was what I wanted to say, but being the devil I am , I never did, “For now, I will call you again if I want anything else,”

“You are so cruel,” he passed a sneer comment with heavy glint of irritation.

“Learning from the best after all,” I snickered with rich pleasure as I twirled the blanket around me.

“Am I supposed to take that as an insult or a praise?” he asked me in awe.

“Anything you want as long as I get my french fries too,” I mocked back as I laughed heartly and cunningly.

“Ughh…I hate you,” Sanskaar said in a firm disgruntled tone.

“Such a liar,” I innocently mumbled as I chuckled inwardly.

“Such a liar,” he mimicked me huffing with anger and hung up abruptly.

Man, people were right when they said a woman is treated as a queen by her husband. Sure, he was not my husband but I am getting all the treatment that I was borned to receive.

3 cheers for me!!

“Ragini, I love you,” I said to her half dazed figure as I paced around the room for some peace. For some odd reason something was feeling restless in me, there was something that was brewing inside me that shouldn’t be…but what?

“Hmm..” she mumbled as she stirred on to the other side.

That is when it struck me. Wait a minute, she never ever admitted that she likes me or loves me. Eureka! I am so going to get her to say I love you to me today, one way or the other!

“Let’s play a game,” I declared with enthusiasm as I popped next to her on the other side of the bed.

“It’s 12 in the night, may I please go to sleep,” she muttered irked as she hid her angelic face inside the pillow, cursing me under her breath.

“As soon as we finish playing the game,” I whined childishly as I grabbed her pillow and shook it. Boy, I really need to stop hanging with Uttara or else I am going to turn into a child sooner or later.

“I can’t believe I am going to beg you to let me sleep. I thought it was my right to get beauty sleep,” she replied annoyed as she finally graced me with her presence as she sat her upright.

“The game is called word to word,” I ignored her comment and explained her the game.

“Huh?” she asked me confused with her eyes tired and sleepy.

“I will say a word and you have to blurt out the first thing that comes into your mind, cool?” I ranted out with excitement.

“Let’s just get this over with,” she growled like a kitten and crossed her hand across her chest.

“Life?” I asked her the first thing that came up to my mind.

“Adventure,” she replied almost instantly. Great, she was getting it.

“Adventure?,” I asked her back while she raised her eyebrow at me but answered anyways.














Yes, we were finally there on that word, I was waiting for! “Love? ”

She smiled cheekily as she instantly without thinking twice muttered my name, “Laksh,”

I smirked inwardly as I continued the game when I realized she didn’t comprehend what she just blurted out, “Laksh?”

“Idiot,” she replied with a smirk while my face fell. How can she change her words so easily?

“Hey, I thought you loved me,” I pouted with anger while she chuckled at my cuteness. What should I say, I am awesome?

“When did I ever say that?” she asked me with a smirk, okay so this girl still had no idea to what she just said, wow.

I leaned in closer to her, she moved back a little, gasping with shock while huskily drawled, “You just did, sweety,”

Her face turned red with embarrassment, while her face stiffened with shock. I mentally patted myself while she stuttered with embarrassment as he hid herself in the duvets, “What? I mean, I was just..uhh…”

“Admit it, you love me,” I snickered as I fanned myself in my heroic pose.

“I have better things to do than that,”

“What better things?”

“Racing, living a life, building a dream home,” she replied with a dreamy sigh.

“Isn’t home where heart is?” I asked her with a comeback brewing in my head.

“Yeah,” she stated with confused as she narrowed her gaze towards mine.

“Then your home is here, in my arms. The only place where your heart is,” I said horsely as I spread my hands in a filmy style.

She looked at me shocked and a blush slowly crept into her face as the moonlight hit her, “Hayee, is that a blush I see there?” I teased her.

“Nah, I am just allergic to something,” she said evilly with a smirk.

“Which is?”


“Allergic or lovergic?” I cheesily mocked back with a wide flashy grin.

“Eww…is that even a word?” she shrieked giggling.

“Now it is,” I said to her as I leaned in and nughed her nose as I said, “I love making you blush,”

She jerked me back in a fit and seethed, “Idiot,”

“Im glad you realized your true nature,” I squealed in her tone with a wink.

Her jaw dropped immediately as she took the pillow next to her and started to hit me violently as she screamed, “Laksh,-”

Ouch! My earbuds were probably broken by now, god help me. But I must admit, my choice is pretty great.

I walked to the entrance of the hotel with the bag in my hand with Swara’ pasta. I sighed as I placed a hand in my pocket and tried to dig out the key to the room. Shoot, I freaking left it in the room itself. Great, what now? I saw a old women in the front desk, reading a newspaper and I swear she looked like a witch. She had a sharp nose with her glasses ticked on them, wide black eyes, she was as lean and tall as a witch too.

I gulped down hard and cursed my luck as I walked towards her and hesitantly ask, “Can I get another key to room number 13,”

She put down her paper and glanced at me in a blistering gaze as she snapped violently, “Why?”

Was she nuts? Why would anyone need a key unless they want to enter a room. Man, she was so a witch.

“Umm..because I rented it,” I said in a duhh tone.

She chuckled bitterly and responded sourly, “We can’t let you in like that without any proof,”

“What do you mean?” I asked her confused, what proof?

“I mean, LEAVE,” she yelled at me in a high pitched tone, making me linger backwards.

“Just give me the damn key then,” I retorted in the same tone sharply.

“We are not allowed to give out spare keys at 12 in the night,” she declared with bored eyes.

“Who made this stupid rule?” I asked her with disbelief.

“Me, any problem?” she retorted with anger, and throwing daggers at me.

I groaned loudly with irritation as I hastily punched Swara’s number, she better pick up, “Swara, lift the damn phone,”

Great, I am going to so kill her for this torture.

“Girlfriend not picking up?” the old woman said with a smirk.

“Umm no, but let me call my brother,” I said back in a monotonous voice as I dialled Laksh’s number.

Goddamit, my luck was worst than a begger’s, “Are you kidding me? Did everyone die together?”

“Sorry man, no entry until I get proof,” she took the opportunity to taunt me.

“Check the CCTV cameras then,” I said as my face lit up with joy.

“I am too lazy, any more questions?” she said to me a robotic voice with extremely dangerous eyes.

“This is not fair,” I whined like a 3 year old.

“I am getting only 150 rupees an hour to do this, that is not fair either,” she responded cunningly.

“But that is not my fault,” I whined back.

“Forgetting your key is,” she retorted sharply as she indicated me to go back to the main entrance.

She was soo mean, how was I going to go now?”

I fidgeted when I heard mumbles from somewhere, “I hate my life,”

“Ragini shut up, let me sleep,” I said with annoyance as I pulled the cover over me and tried to drift back to sleep.

“Why is it always me?” I heard another whine while I moaned with irritation. Why doesn’t anyone let me sleep here, no fair!

“Because you are annoying, now go back to sleep,” I retorted as I hit the surface next to me.

“Ughh..this life,” I heard another mutter which does it. I quickly sat up in my half asleep state, and yelled.

“Rag-” wait a minute, she is with Laksh. Then who is constantly whispering? OMG! Is it a ghost or a vampire, I knew they would come and get me.

I knew I had superpowers but of course Ragini didn’t believe me.

I heard some ruffling near the windows of the room, which were open to let some air in and so that I don’t die of suffocation. “Where are you? I can help you,”

“I already got it,” I heard a familiar voice booming through the room as the person started to walk towards me.

As the moonlight streaked it’s rays in the room, I noticed it to be, Sanskaar which made my face instantly fall, “Huh? Sanskaar, what are you doing here?”

“Look at all the things I need to do for love,” he seethed with anger and irritation as he pointed to the window. He did not just climb the window to get it.

“I clearly didn’t ask you to do that,” I sarcastically stated as I rolled my eyes.

“Why aren’t you picking up my calls?” he asked me with a deep frown.

What was he talking about? “There is a thing called battery in the phone,”

“Because of you the lady didn’t let me come in and I had to climb that window thing,” he whined with annoyance like a 3 year old.

“Aww..it’s alright! I will keep that in mind when getting married,” I said as I pinched his cheeks and winked at him.

He sighed as he dropped the bag he was holding and lunged me towards him by my waist while I gasped inwardly.

“Oh so now we are talking about getting married are we?” he said with a smirk while he wriggled his eyebrows.

“I was serious about all this you know,” I smartly said with a wink.

“So am I,” he said huskily as he leaned in, aiming right for my lips.

As he leaned in ever closer, I pushed him off with a little force and diverted the attention“What did you get me?”

“Pasta with cheese and peppers m’lady,” he said in an orderly manner with a bow.

“How sweet, where is it then?” I asked him with a huge grin. You got it, we both sister LOVE to eat.

He pointed the cover grudgingly and I instantly took off the cover and started to devour the taste of the pasta while he looked at me with his mouth dropped, “What are you staring at?”

“Did you ever hear the term, sharing is caring,” he asked me as he took a seat way too close to me. Hmm..suspicious.

I nodded at him bluntly with confusion as he added, “Let’s share then,”

Within seconds he magically pulled out another spoon and started to eat with me.

“That’s not fair,” I scowled with shock.

“Everything is fair in love and war,baby” he whispered evilly as he smirked at me.

I sat there as I watched him eat half of MY pasta within minutes and I spotted a walk in closet at the corner of the room. I quickly snatched the pasta off my hand and ran towards the closet and locked myself in.

I heard Sanskaar grunt hard but I replayed his line to himself, “Everything is fair in love and war,”


Credit to: Mandy

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