SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 51)


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“Dude, she is already taken, stop flirting,” said a man with who is the same height as Laksh but with broader muscles and I tilted my little head to spot a crowd of guys walking towards my table with a smirk on their faces.

I mumbled a quick hi at them as I glanced at Laksh who looked like he was going to pass out any minute. What was going on?

“Yo bro, won’t you introduce us?” one of his friend’s asked him while he looked at me with tension.

Why don’t you finish this fast so I can get back to my food, what is with everyone interrupting my eating? I sighed inwardly and placed my spoon down and put on a fake smile on my face.

“Uhh yeah, Ragini, these are my friends and friends this is Ragini,” he introduced hastily while I smiled even wider while mentally asking them to leave so that I can EAT.

“Wow, that was such an outstanding introduction, you should win the oscar for that,” Ved sarcastically stated while all of us chuckled and Laksh looking back in boredom.

“Shut up, she seems to be in a hurry, why don’t we leave her here,” he suggested while I was on the verge of hugging him for his big favour for leaving me alone with my food.

I did choose the right guy after, I was performing a happy dance in my head when I heard Ved ask again,

“Come on, why don’t you come and play truth or dare with us?”

I looked up in horror at Laksh who was slapped his forehead in shock, I gave them a tight smile, unsure as to what the hell am I supposed to do. “Uhh…well,”

“I hope you are not backing out because of our wild dares,” another guy from his group shouted out while the other looked at me with keen interest.

No was on the tip of my tongue but I quickly changed it as soon as I heard his comment which infuriated the demon in me, “Bring it on,”

“There you go, now we are talkin’,” Ved said while all the other cheered, which made the whole restaurant look at us in awe.

Of course we are talking, talking about good bye to my food, there was no way I am going to eat with like 10 people watching me and judging me every move. Me and my life! I sighed as I got up and walked with a depressing face alongside Laksh who was shocked to death with me answer.

“Are you kidding me?” Sanskaar asked me with horror as we had a deal to try to behave like a normal couple. Which meant, all the lovey dovey things too, great, just great!

I suggested that we go and watch the sunset, sitting on the deck of the ship, while holding hands and blah blah bla.

“No, this is actually what they do. Didn’t you watch any movies at all?” I assured him as I pulled his hand, making him land right next to me as expected.

“Yeah, but nothing like that happened,” he said to be in boredom.

“And I thought I was bad, I mean you are horrible,” I remarked on his movie knowledge.

“Let’s just get this over with, shall we?” he asked me annoyed, while we both intertwined our hands and stared at the sunshine.

My eyes started to close down with boredom and a yawn escaped my mouth as I continued to stare aimlessly at the stupid sunset. What was so interesting in it?

“No, this is not working,” I finally declared, failing my arms in defeat.

“We should stop,” he suggested hastily as he helped me stand up.

“Yep, you are right,”

“How do couples manage to do all these stuff?” he asked me with frustration.

“I don’t know, but you know what? We both hate all these stuff, so we should stick to simple and comfy stuff than this overly exaggerated shit,”

“Sounds good to me, I think we should just skip Ragini’s next part of the date,”

“And what is that?” I asked him with curiosity.

“Dancing in the middle of the boat with violin players,”

“Oh my gosh! No way we are doing that. Ragini is such a dramaqueen,”

“How does ice-cream in the corner stall sound?”

“Perfect!” I said with a wide grin covering my face as he led me down the stairwell to the sailor, to take us back to shore.

Who ever said only opposites attract?

“I am hating this game so much right now,” I dryly muttered to Ragini while my stupid friends sat there wildly spinning around the bottle.

I had the feeling that by the end of all this, we were definitely going to break one of the windows and I think you know where the rest will go.

“Me too, I rather go and keep eating my food,” she mumbled back with irritation while I chuckled at her cute expression. Man, this girl would be the death of me!

“You already had a whole chocolate cake,” I protested with confusion as I looked at her plate which was beginning to empty up.

“Yeah, but that is not enough,”

“What are you going to do if I ‘accidentally’ pushed your face into the cake,” I asked her innocently

“Kill you,” she instantly said with an evil smirk.

“Even though you love me?”

“Who said that?” she asked me with innocent eyes and unsure of what I am saying.

“Ragini, your turn,” we heard Ved say before I could respond.

“Oh,,,truth or dare?” Ragini asked Nikhil as she liked her spoon.

“Dare,” he chose while Ragini smirked.

‘Umm…do like a 50 push ups, I guess,”


“Yeah,” she said.

“1, 2, 3,” everyone started to count as Nikhil bounced down and started to do his pushups.

“Wow, way to go Ragini. The whole crowd is staring at us thanks to you.” I muttered at her with fake anger.

“I had to give a proper dare you know,” she replied while I rolled my eyes.

“ I am done,” Nikhil enthusiastically declared while Ragini groaned.

“Fine, shoot me with a dare too,” Ragini said, this was the other kind of truth or dare where a person who finished the dare gets a chance to shoot truth or dare at the asker.

“Daring girlfriend huh?” Ved slyly said to me.

“Shut up,” I scowled at him, smacking his arm in return.

“Go paragliding,” Nikhil suggested as we saw person doing that out of the window.

“That’s it? Sure,” Ragini said excitedly while I could swear my heart almost stopped and my face flushed pale. Doesn’t she have the fear of heights.

“No Ragini you don’t have to do it. I mean it is okay if you are uncomfortable with it,” I tried to reduce the pressure.

“Laksh-” Ragini started to tell me.

“Hey, no excuses and no cheating,” Ved commented with a smirk.

“Guys, but she has a fear of heights,” I reasoned with concern, what if she faints?

“That makes it way better, this will help you overcome your fear,” Nishil countered while Ragini agreed.

“What kind of idiots are you guys?” I snapped at all of them while they chuckled at me.

“Shut up, when she is fine with it, why are you acting like an overprotective boyfriend?” Ved asked me.

“Because I am one,”


“Laksh, it is okay, honestly. I am good with it,” Ragini told me once they stopped with their cheers.

“But your fear,” I reasoned out with concern.

“Exactly, it is my fear, stop acting like it is yours,” Ragini snapped at me with irritation.

“Mine or yours, what is the difference?” I said meekly.

“How cheesy!”

“I know you love cheese,”

“Shut up,” she scowled while I lightened up. Maybe she was going to be fine after all.

“Chocolate,” Swara snapped at me.

“Vanilla,” I retorted as we tried to choose the flavour of icecreams. WHy not take both? Long story, don’t ask.





“Both of you, silent. Take what you want and LEAVE,” the ice cream vendor yelled at us both.

“Arrogant much,” Swara mumbled as we both took what we want FOR FREE and left the place smiling victoriously.

“What is his problem and besides it is not like we were shouting,” Swara said frustrated.

“Oh well, back to topic. Vanilla is the best,”

“Sanskaar, if you don’t shut up, I am going to smudge this whole thing on your face,”

“Really? Try me?” I said with a smirk, they was absolutely no way she was going to do that.

“You need to understand that you are messing with the wrong girl dear,” she mumbled as she literally got up and smashed the icecream on MY handsome face.

“What the hell? Are you serious?” I scowled back at her as I chased her around the open ground.

“As I can ever be,” she said as she finally halted a corner.

“Let’s see if it changes after this,” I said with a mischievous glare and poured a bottle of water on her head.

“Sanskaaaarrr,, you are so dead,” she mumbled angrily as she chased me around the stall of the vendor.

“I’ll see about that,”

“Are you both bound to ruin my life?” the vendor yelled back with irritation at our chasing.

“What the hell did we do to you?” Swara snapped back in rage as her hair was pouring wet.

“Well, for starters, all my customers are running away seeing you monkeys and then-” the vendor started.

“Did you just dare to call me a monkey?” Swara snapped back.

“Unless your ears are not working, then I think he did,” I retorted with pleasure.

“You shut up.” She yelled at me and then back to the vendor, “And you, how dare you? Like how dare you? Do you even know who I am? If I want I can buy your cart in the matter of minutes,”

“Stop being annoying and leave,” the vendor yelled at us as I tried to calm her down.

“Annoying will be your wife, not me. Get that?”

“Swara, swara, calm down.” I tried to help her, but she was on the role of killing the vendor. I knew this date was a bad idea.

“Go away from here before I call the police,” he threatened while I chuckled.

“Police, call everyone you want, I don’t care. You idiot,” Swara snapped back hotly.

“Sorry Mr Icecream man,” I mocked him while Swara raged at me,

“Why are you apologizing to him? He should be doing that to me,”

“Swara, let him be,” I attempted to cool her down once again.

“I hate him, how dare he do that to me? Call me annoying?” she replied irked to the core.

“Swara, calm down,”

“I am not annoying right? Or am I? What if I am, oh shit?” she ranted without thinking.

“Swara,” I whispered as I cupped her cheeks and set her right, I could see her freeze as I moved my index finger carelessly across her face, she is a beauty man, her eyes twinkled with confusion while her smile was tightly suppressed.

“Achoooo-” she sneezed which made me jump back a little.

“Wow, way to ruin the moment Swara,” I snorted out with disbelief while she sneezed again.

“I didn’t mean to, it is not my fault, you decided to spill a bottle of water on me,” she ranted on as she blew out another sneeze.

“Yeah, but I didn’t know that a person can fall sick with that,” I reasoned counterly.

“Didn’t Ragini tell you that we are pretty sensitive to water?” she told me again while I drifted out to thoughts.

“No, I mean she might have, but,”

“You are going to be punished of this,” she said as she sneezed again.

“And how is that?” I asked her as I tapped her head gently to reduce the sneezings.

“Taking care of me,” she replied with a smirk while I chuckled. How hard can taking care of her even be?

“I am going to be fine,” I assured Laksh for the millionth time while he continued to lecture me.

He thinks that I have the fear of heights, and I have no idea why I continue on with that lie. I was just playing around and he took it seriously, I had the feeling that if I told him now, in front of his friends, he might end up pushing me down the drain.

“Be careful, don’t look down, keep looking up and hold on to the ropes on either sides, breath in and out to relax your body,” he ranted out with concern, making me pull her cheeks at his cuteness.

“Laksh, chill, I am fine, I will take care and yeah..” I trailed off as I put on my life jacket just in case I fall.

“Wow, she turned out to be way more daring than you,” Ved commented while I rolled my eyes, when I had no fear then I will for sure!

“I am Ragini after all,” I snickered back in pride.

“Careful okay?” Laksh said in his parental voice while I chuckled.

“Laksh, nothing is going to happen,” I told him as I was hooked onto the ropes and the parachute pulled me up.

My hair tackled the wind as I rose up and up the with the blue water, with the sunset right beside me. This was beautiful, a part of me rose back into spirit as the engulfed the air around me to breath the lively freshness.

“Ragini, are you okay? DO you want to come down?” Laksh shouted from below while I rolled my eyes and shook my head, saying, “No, I am fine,”

I saw him mumble something before I stretched my hand off the ropes without the fear of falling and yelled,“Look what I can do,”

I heard them shout at me but I didn’t understand anything, and kept my hands free in the air, I heard a few cracks to see that the parachute was tearing apart, before I could comprehend what would happen next, darkness hit me again.

Cliffhanger!! I was about to write more, but let’s end it there for today! AND NO, she is NOT dead, or in coma or fainted, nothing bad will happen. What exactly happened, keep reading to know!!

How was that??I hope you guys liked it, I know there was a little less romantic parts, but I promise there will more tomorrow, without fail! DO COMMENT your views to me!!

And people who read the The BOND OF..? – I really wanted to update that today too, but something came up, anyways, I will update it TOMORROW without fail, atleast like a small update with the disclosure of Sana’s identity!

Credit to: Mandy

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