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“She hates black,” Ragini commented as soon as I reached for the black shirt at the mall.

Apparently, I AM taking Swara on a date and Ragini has been bugging me ever since to find the perfect outfit for me. I am not the girl, then why am I taking so much time on the outfit? Honestly, no idea!

I groaned at her while Laksh chuckled from behind her and as I picked up the grey one she said, “And Grey,”

I frowned at her while she continued to give me her usual innocent smiled and continued on to explain the list of colors Swaram hates, “And-”

“Who cares?” I interrupted her grumpily as I tosses the grey shirt back into the shelf and grabbed a red one instead.

“You should and she will,” was her simple reply with a shrug, making me want to cut her tongue for asking me to do all this.

“If you have so many rules and regulations, I am telling you right now that I am hiring a person to do all your shopping,” Laksh said to her sternly as she went through the pile of clothes.

“That won’t be necessary,” she snapped at him lowly as she continued to sort out the clothes from the cart.

“You sure?” he asked her with confusion while I cursed her for my aching legs. My poor legs, what harm did they do to her?

“Absolutely. Now get moving,” she scowled at me as she gave me back my cart and pushed me into the dressing room. She was soo nice.

I huffed with anger as I quickly put on a red shirt and faded jeans. I walked out of the room to hear Ragini scream at me, “No,”

I sighed at her and went into the changing room again to change into a navy blue jacket and jeans and walked out to hear her yell, “Nope,”

This happened a few more times, me going out and her yelling, “NO,”

“No, no, no , no, NO. Why don’t you understand this is formal date and you need a proper tuxedo,” Ragini complained with irritation as I walked out with a black shirt, red tie and faded jeans.

“I think your sister will not mind if I wear this,” I shot back at her as I eyed the clothes in my hand, they seemed pretty elegant to me.

“You should learn romance from your brother,” she retorted back as we looked for more stuff, I correct that as SHE looked for more stuff.

“If cheesy girls and fake lies are needed to impress a girl then I am out,” I snorted back with rich pleasure as she started to look for Swara’s dress.

Ragini opened her mouth to argue but Laksh came in to calm us down, “Bro, chill. Ragini, stop annoying him with your tantrums,”

“Me? Watch when Swara throws hers and make your ear bleed open,” Ragini hissed back with annoyance at me as she passed me some fake death glares.

I gasped at her words and quickly grabbed her and Laksh’s hand saying, “Let’s go and first get earplugs then,”

Laksh chuckled at my horrified expression while Ragini jerked her hand off and glowered, “Shut up, stop teasing my sister,”

As she did that, she came across her watch and freaked out as she jumped up and down in the store. “Shit, I need to go and get her ready too,”

I wanted to hide with embarrassment when she started to lecture me on what to do. Girls, I tell you,
“Listen, no cheesy lines. Don’t start a fight with her, and please try to make it a good date for her,”

“Why am I doing this again?” I glared at her with anger and boredom.

“You are the one who proposed her, how should I know?” she snapped back cooly at me while I saw Laksh face palm himself for some reason.

“You mean she is the one who decided to say that she loves me,” I shot back with dismay.

“Yeh, whatever but you agreed too, so stop whining and be the perfect gentlemen she wants,” Ragini instructed firmly with If-you-don’t-then-I-am-going-to-kill-you look.

“That is all you girls care about eh? Being your prince charming,” I asked back as I rolled my eyes.

“What did I think when I thought about this date?” she mumbled with annoyance as she eyed me grudgingly.

“Certainly not something sweet,” I muttered back under her breath but she seemed to have heard it when her face turned pale and expressionless.

“Sanskaar,” she screamed with rage, making everyone turn to face us.

“Ragini, it’s already 5, you better hurry up,” Laksh handled her with care while I frowned at her.

She passed me a few haggers before sternly replying and leaving, “Right, bye,”

“How did we end up with these 2 crazy girls,” I asked Laksh in extreme shock.

“Destiny bro, destiny,” was all he said which made me realize the power of fate, to unite 2 opposites, 2 people who hated each other, but yet bring them together and form love between them. Maybe, it’s not so cliche as it sounds like.


“What is this?” I asked bewildered at my sister who was busy showing me the 4 outfits she bought for us. She was currently fussing over how cute the netted turquoise, knee length dress would look on me.

“A dress, my dear sister,” she said matter of factly which sent in more anger throughout me.

I slapped her arm tightly and scowled, “I know that, but why?”

“I am going to the beach, so I thought why not take you too. So I brought us both dresses,” she enthusiastically stated while I narrowed my gaze with extreme suspicion.

“Idiot, I meant why is my dress more fancier than yours,” I asked her as I pointed to hers which was a light pink normal beach dress with just a few swirly designs here and there.

“Areey..who cares? They were in sale so I bought them. Now hurry and put these on,” she snapped at her as she shoved the clothes into my hands.

Sh took out another plastic envelope from inside the bag and handed me matching turquoise and teal earring and necklace set, “Earrings and necklace? Did you get the whole store for me?”

“No, I got one pair out of thousands, so now go and wear them,” she quickly replied as she attempted to drag me to the washroom.

I was still confused at her behaviour which made me enquire slowly, “Wait, who gave you the money?”

“I stole a person’s wallet and used their credit card, now if you will put them on, we can go to the beach before I get caught,” she replied sarcastically with fake anger.

“Geez, okay, okay,” I shushed her off and walked into the washroom to change into this piece of venom.

“How do I look?” I asked her as I walked out of the washroom and twirled around a little with the dress.

“Gorgeous, see I always told you to wear dresses. Now make up time,” she declared profusely making me groan with desperation.

“Why that? I mean do I have to look like a princess to go to the beach?” I asked her with shock.

“Yes, happy?”

“I will give you 2 minutes and then I am heading out the door,”


She quickly brought out a few make up supplies from the bag and began to do the basic touch ups. See, I do like make up but on important instances and not for just going to the beach. “Anddd…2 minutes is up,”

She patted some more blush on my cheeks and took the step backward to examine me. I stared back at the lady in front of me, thick cat eyeliner, pink blush, light pink lip gloss and of course layers of foundation with blue and teal eyeshadow. The face was a betrayal to my image, I was actually looking good.

“You finally look like a girl,” Ragini sneered as I dropped my jaw.

“Did I look like a guy to you before?” I shot back with frustration at her stupid comments.

‘Nah, you looked more like a monkey,” she snorted while I grabbed a cushion from the couch and threw it on her.

“Ragini, I am going to kill you for that,”

“You can do that later, shit we’re late, let’s go,”

“Is someone meeting us at the beach?”


“Then who cares which time we go there?”

“The restaurant does, I booked a reservation at the most fanciest hotel for us to have food,”


“So we need to hit the beach before that,”

“Okay,” I said with extreme confusion as we both walked towards the beach which was luckily right behind the hotel.

“Swara, keep walking, I just received some sort of an email from the restaurant, it is right there, let me go ask what is up, till then why don’t you keep walking,” Ragini told me as she pulled out a card from her wallet. Wait, that’s hers. Where did she get that from?

“No, it’s okay, I will wait for you,” I said as I was thinking about the wallet.

“That’s nice of you but go find us a proper spot to seat with our nice dresses and I will meet you there,”


There was something especially suspicious. I began to make my way towards the beach to find us a spot to sit. There was sand all over. I mean what else could I expect from a beach but did she have to make me dress up like I am going to some sort of a party. I look ridiculous, all ducked up while walking on a beach. A freaking beach people!

As I began to walk further, I felt my eyes being covered with a blindfold. Was I being kidnapped…again? “What the hell-”

“It’s me,” I heard a husky voice in my ear which sent a shiver down my spine. I was not feeling flustered, confused or giddy anymore, after y’day’s sleep I felt all good!

“Sanskaar? Why are you here? And more importantly, why are you blindfolding me?” I scowled at him as I touched the blindfold on me. It was the usual black one, ughh.

“Surprise, mind walking a little,” he hoarsely said in my ear with a light chuckle illuminating the sound as I sensed his hand walking me down somewhere.

“Can I say no?”I shot back with annoyance as my pulse rate began to race way quicker than I ever thought it would happen.

“Not really,”

“Then why ask?”

“I have my reasons,”

“Get ready,” he said in a hoarse whisper which immediately heated by ear lobe..ugh these feelings.

As he took of the blindfold, I gasped as I saw a mini hut which was lit in lamps all over, with some a blanket and some pillows in the centre. There were candles surrounding the hut all over, which made it look extra pretty, it was not too extravagant and neither too simple. Being a person who hates all lovey dovey stuff, for me it was truly perfect!

“Is it good?” he asked me with hesitation and eagerness.

“I guess we could do with that,” I said back with a shrug with a grin on my face as I saw the place. I am Swara, I am not going to directly praise anything right 😉

“You are so full of yourself,” he commented with a heavy sigh.

“And you love that about me,” I shot back with rich pleasure as my eyes with dancing all around. This felt so good, this felt perfect and more blissful than I ever felt in my life before.

“I hate to admit but I guess we could go with that,” he narrated back the same words I said to him. I frowned at him while he smirked back at me with victory.

“May I?” he said as he leaned forward and placed his hand infront of me.

“Gentleman huh?” I sneered with cunningness.

“Strict instructions,” he said with wink, while I let out a small chuckle and placed my small hand into his.

“What are we going to do?” I asked him as he led me to the pile of pillows in the mini hut.

“Wait and watch,” he said with a smirk and a wink.

I let a genuine smile take over my face as I sucked in a breath and let myself enjoy the time without any fear of the past or the worry of the future.


“Ma’am you’re name please,” the lady at the counter gently asked me as I walked over to the restaurant.

“Ragini,” I told her just as sweetly with a smile.

“Your table is here,” she said as she led me to the a table beside the window. Yay!!

“Thanks,” I thanked her gently as I sat down at the chair beside the view which was giving me a clear view of the beach as I skimmed through the menu.

I was not kidding when I told her I booked a reservation at the fanciest hotel. We called dad this morning to inform them about our safety and he sent us our credit cards for the money for our stay. I also needed some good food after eating soup for almost a week, my poor stomach has been through a lot so time for some junk.

Why did I come alone? Well I was in a mood to eat something right now and I am going to eat a lot, Swara has a date going on and Sanskaar is with her and I really didn’t want Laksh to see me eating like there is no tomorrow and commented on how I might get fat. Believe me, I will stop eating this much as soon as I put on weight, which will never happen so.

As I skimmed through the menu and decided on my dishes and looked around to find a waiter to order when I saw Laksh grinning at another person in front of him. Speak of the devil and the devil is here.

I quickly averted eye contact and squinted back in the chair to avoid his gaze on me. It’s not that I didn’t love him anymore but I needed some alone time with my love, food, after I have been through everything. A relief washed over me when a waiter came up to me and blocked my view of Laksh and the vice versa.

“Ma’am your order?” a waiter asked me as he pulled out his pen and paper.

“You have Italian here too right?” I asked him in confirmation as I glanced back at the menu once more.

“Yes ma’am, we have dishes from all over the world,”

“Great then I want, wet manchuria, green caesar salad, 4 cheese pasta, chicken biryani, small personal pan pizza with extra cheese and green olives, rasmalai and oh. Chocolate pastry.” I ordered without hesitation while the poor man went on scribbling down all my wants.

“Is that it?”

“Yeah, I mean no, change the chocolate pastry to a full chocolate cake,” I changed my mind, did I tell you that my choices change like a 2 year old. Well, they do.

“And you sir?” he asked turning around which made me gasp as I saw Laksh sitting in front of me.

He had a grin on his face, his hair was neatly gelled up for the first time, he was wearing a regular navy blue vest with jeans. “Nothing please,”

“What are you doing here?” he asked with confusion. Did I turn blind that I didn’t notice him?

“Eating of course,” I replied matter of factly in a duh tone.

“Alone?” he asked me surprised.

“No, the ghosts of Swara and Sanskaar are joining me too. Of course, like duhh,” I snickered which made him chuckle.

“So all that food for you only,”

“Not anymore, now that you are here to share with me,” I mumbled back with annoyance as my face fell.

“Don’t worry, I am not starving like you,” he shot back with a smirk.

“Wait, what are you doing here anyways?” I asked him with my curiosity at it’s peak.

“Umm..well, a few of my friends live here. So we are sorta having a get together and celebrating something,” he replied hesitantly.

“Ma’am here is your manchuria and salad,” the waiter said as he placed the mouth watering dished infront of me.

I nodded at the waiter and dug into my food with Laksh watching with amusement. What?! Can’t a girl eat without being judged…people these days.

“May I know what is that ‘something’ you are celebrating,”


“What?!” I said back as I gasped as I ate my manchuria. What does he mean us?

“You are telling me that you tried to strangle a kitten when you were 5,” I asked her with disbelief, we were playing 20 questions game and were on the last question of most embarassing situation.

“We agreed we would not laugh at this,” she cutely pouted with fake irritation.

“Did we Swara? Did we?” I asked her with a smirk.

“Ugghh..now tell me yours,” she growled back.

“I..I let me think.” I said as I started to think about something not too embarassing, “Oh ya, I punched a guy when I was in grade 3 because I thought he was trying to cut open a chicken but later realized that it was just a stuffy toy,”

“Why would you think that?” she asked me confused.

“I don’t know, I was angry and then I thought he was doing that and punched him right in the nose,” I said sheepishly as I saw her bite her inner cheek to control her laughter, her face was turning red due to holder in her extreme laughter.

“It’s okay, you can laugh,” the minute the words came out of my mouth, Swara burst out laughing like she was dying to, clutching her stomach and laughing her heart out.

This was the first time she opened up so much to me and I was glad to be here, not to mention all the pain I had to go through to follow Ragini’s rules but I think it payed off pretty well.

“You hungry?” I asked her, hoping a yes.

She nodded sharply as she declined the loudness of her laughter and smiled at me shortly.

“Come with me,” I told her as I grabbed her hand and led the way to a huge boat in front of us.

“Oh my gosh! Is this a..” she trailed off as I walked her into it.

“Yep, it’s a cruise and we are going to have our dinner in it,” I declared with pride as the ship began to take us to the centre of the sea.

“This is awesome! Wait, but why isn’t anyone else here?” she asked me confused as she spotted empty corridors, rooms and tables.

“I rented the whole damn thing,” I said proudly as we both looked as the beach got smaller and smaller.

“You didn’t have to go through all this, you know,” she said to be with concern in a low whisper.

“I wish you told this before,” I mumbled to myself as I recalled Ragini and her stubborn rules.

“It was Ragini’s plan wasn’t it?” she asked me after a minute of silence with bored eyes.

“How do you know?” I asked her shocked.

“I lived with her for 20 years now, she has this crazy connection with beaches and she always has her dates on the beach and finds all this stuff cheesy. She forgot the fact that I am not interested in all this due to her excitement in arranging a perfect date for me,” she stated with disbelief.

“Do you like it though? I mean we could go some place else if you want?” I instantly said to her.

“Oh no, it’s fine. I can manage,” she replied with assurance which made me choke on my saliva.

“Are you Swara? Please go away and get me back my feisty and wild Swara back,” I complained as I shook her by the shoulders. Manage? Since when did she start to manage?

“Sure you want me to start my complaining again?” Swara asked me with her eyebrows raised.

“Okay, how about you stay here so I can flirt with you and then after this date you can bring her back,” I made a deal with an evil smirk.

“Isn’t it wrong to flirt behind your girlfriend’s back?” she asked playing along.

“Girlfriend huh?” I said as I gently pulled her towards me with her waist.

A faint smile was playing on her lips but the nervousness was evident when she boldly said, “Why don’t you like me to use that?”

“I do, every much. Now let’s go have something to eat, shall we,” I asked her softly as I traced a hand through her face, sensing her breath hitch her throat.

“As you say,” she said as she faked a boring yawn.

I rolled my eyes at her and dragged her towards the centre of the cruise, which had a round glass table in the centre with food in it. We were sailing in the middle of the sea, the gentle breeze swung the boat side to side as the peaceful and relaxing sensation filled the air. The lights in the hotels were just lighting up as the waves were swaying with the wind. Calm , peace and love filled the air.

“Thanks god! Ragini didn’t end up hiring some violin players or doing something stupid like rose petals all over, or you know all the cheesy stuff in bollywood movies, I would faint if she did something like that,” she snickered as we both leaned against the table with my hand wrapped lightly around her waist and her hands placed on my chest.

“I am glad she didn’t or I would have to carry you all the way in my arms,” I mocked at her.

“Yeah-wait are you implying that I am fat?” she scowled at me with offense.

“Maybe, maybe not,” I teased her even more which made her rage with patronising fear and I swear I could see the heat blowing out of her ears.

“You ba-” she started to curse me when I shoved a spoonful of rice into her mouth. “Here take a bite,”

“I hwate you, why dwid you dwo this?” she said between her mumbling while I laughed at her childish behaviour.

She gulped down the food and snapped at me harshly“You bastard, you are so dead,”

“My wildcat is back,” I commented with displeasure which ignited more flame in her body.

“Sanskaar,” she yelled as she chased me around the cruise. No matter how much even we try to act all romantic, we end up fighting like tom and jerry.

“What do you mean ‘us’?” I asked him boggled as I stopped munching on my salad.

“They have been trying to hook me up with various girls for the past 2 years, so I don’t know how but they found out that I am in love, so they pestered me to give them a treat,”he explained everything with hesitation as he ran a hand through his hair.

“Ohh..” was all I managed to blurt out as I tossed another spoon of manchurian into my mouth.

“Yeah ohh and I saw you here all by yourself, so I was like why not give you company?”

“How sweet, but it is not needed. You can get back to your friends so that I can eat my food ALONE,”

“Ouch, I am hurt,” he dramatically said as he faked a heart attack.

“That was the whole purpose,” I mocked with a smile playing on my lips.

A guy walked over to us and taunted Laksh, “Laksh is finally talking to a girl. Wait, is that her?”

Laksh had a strained look on his face and gave him a tight nod while the guy yelped with joy and forwarded her hand towards me.

Okkkkkay! I was soo confused at the moment.

“Hi, I am Ved, Laksh’s friend,” the guy introduced himself politely and kept his hand forward.

“Hi, Ragini’s the name,” I replied back with a wide grin as I rubbed my hands off a tissue.

Before I could lift my hand to shake his hand, Laksh got up and smacked him in his arm.

“I told you not to follow me right?” Laksh scowled at him with raging anger,

“And who are you? My mom?” he mocked at him which made me laugh a little.

“Ignoring the idiot, you are quite pretty and if you don’t mind may I join you?” Ved flirted with me while I raised my eyebrow in confusion as I looked back at Laksh who was shaking his head with displeasure.

“Dude, she is already taken, stop flirting,” said a man with who is the same height as Laksh but with broader muscles and I tilted my little head to spot a crowd of guys walking towards my table with a smirk on their faces.

I mumbled a quick hi at them as I glanced at Laksh who looked like he was going to pass out any minute. What was going on?
NOOO, SwaSan’s date is not yet finished!! More coming on!!

50 EPISODES!! MILESTONE!!!….i was not honestly expecting that at all!! I thought to end it at like 30 or 35 but I want to THANK each and every one of you to take the time to read this story and share your view with me!! All my friends here and the silent readers too…thanks a lot!!

How was that? What do you think about Laksh’s friends, good or bad? Why is he so nervous and hesitant then? Keep reading to know!! DOO comment your views to me on the update, whether you liked the date idea and what about Ragini’s extreme food craving.

I started to write this update when i was extremely hungry, so I think you can see where the idea came from!! Anyways, tell me which part you liked!!

Credit to: Mandy

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