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Swaragini got down from the their limo and thanked the guard who opened the door for them. A sense of excitement filled Ragini’s stomach as she looked around the place, the villa in front of them was shining with colors from either sides. Her hair, left open with a side french braid, was breezily on top of her face.

Swara clutched her wallet firmer, as the heavy wind pushed her gently to the front, urging her to step inside the door. Noticing her mind fidgeting over the fact whether to open the door or not, Ragini held the knob and exerted a force to bulge it open.

Both the sisters were welcomed with rays of the disco ball on the top of the ceiling flashing it’s lights on the two VIP’s of the party. The dance floor was spread across the entire villa, with different genres playing at each level of the house.

Ragini blended into the walls, as her red origami folded dress merged into the walls of the living room they entered, causing her to move away from the walls as much as possible, after all the VIP should be noticed.

Swara’s eyes wandered around the floor, trying to spot familiar faces amongst the people dancing on the floor. Swara’s black velvet dress, padding till right above her knees, made her stick out from the light colors the other were wearing.

She had dark cat eyeliner on making her eyes pop open, Ragini had only some red blush and eyeshadow on, not to exceed her simple look.

“Yess, you guys made it,” Ragini heard someone say, as that ‘someone’ hugged her from behind.

She turned around to face Amy, who was jumping around with excitement. The stare of the entire room creeped up in Swara’s body as she made a deep moan, for now they would both have to dance.

The room was more like a huge atrium, space was in bulk with loads of room for the everyone to dance freely in here. The lights of the disco ball provided Swara the much needed enthusiasm which lacked in the party drastically.

“The stars of the party have arrived,” a voice from the middle of the room cried out, as the room broke into a cheer, while Swara and Ragini smiled with pride at them.

The DJ hit the next song, and everyone went into their business again. Swara and Ragini were let into the dance floor of the second floor.

The girls undulated with the beats of the song, as Ragini looked around the room to comprehend this room was a game room which was hurriedly made into a party area. The party had everything it should have, different level with music to suit everyone, food served in the basement area, drinks at the kitchen of each level, but still she felt something was LACKING. What? She didn’t know.

A waiter with wine, swept through the crowds, while Swara decided to go get some.

“Ragini,” she yelled out, but with the booming music playing at each corner of the room, it couldn’t be heard.

“Ladoooo,” she yelled once more, like she thought both of them responded well to their nicknames than their real ones.


“I’m going to get some wine, want any?” she asked her sister who was quite gracefully dancing through the crowd to come to her.

“No, I’m fine. Come back soon,” she whispered in Swara’s ear so she could hear her. Swara nodded vigorously and vanished through the crowd. Ragini sighed and swung her shoulder to the back.

A few minutes passed and Swara didn’t return yet, making Ragini grow restless with anxiety.

She needed some wine too, she lunged her feet, dragging her body to the bar counter at the side of the room.

A waiter greeted her with a humble smile and asked, “What may I get you ma’am.”

“Red wine please,” she replied as politely as possible in the middle of her hacked breaths.

He seemed to her as old as her father probably, around 50-55 possibly. Even with all the noise and the tiredness in his face, he put on a genuine and calm smile.

“Are you working late today?” she asked back humbly.

He was quite amazed to see her enquire about him and gently replied, “Yes, dear.” as he handed her a glass with red wine.

She took a sip of the wine, sending relief down her throat and said back, “Screw the people who made you do this.”

He laughed at her words, making her smile back at him joyously and continue, “If I was in your place, I would have already tortured them to death for this.”

“Kaku, why don’t you tell her why you are here before she instigates you against us,” a sarcastic muscular voice filled her ears, as a familiar figure slid down on the barstool next to her.

It was him, the Lucky guy….Laksh. He was wearing faded jeans with rips almost at every other place, with a red shirt and dark blue overcoat. His hair was scruffy and the look on his face was in a bundle of emotions stirred up together.

“Yes, I am their caretaker.I am staying here to see whether my young flirt is up to any mischief or not.” the waiter gently said, eyeing at Laksh who grinned back evilly.

“Oh, never mind then,” she stated back as she took a few more sips from her glass.

A champaign bottle was placed on the countertop and poured into the glass. Laksh took the glass and said, “I thought you said you won’t come here,”

Ragini’s mind battled for a suitable response. Why did they come here?

Finally finding one she said, “We both wanted to see how the party was, we usually throw the best parties in the city. So, we wanted to see if the city got some competition.”

“And what do you think,” he said in a low husky tone.

“Am afraid we still throw the best parties,”she declared back she took the last sip and placed the glass on the table.

She thanked the waiter and stood up to go find Swara when she was jammed by a question, “A dance?”

Ragini looked back at him in amazement, “Not bad, I guess you don’t know me, so you made the guts up to ask me for a dance. The answer is no,” she blurted out arrogantly.

He didn’t seem to mind much and maintained a well composed face, she didn’t understand why until he caught her wrist and dragged her to the dance floor.

He caught her by the wrist and lunged her forward. She pierced her nail in one of his hands, releasing his grip from her wrist.

She made her way through the crowd, only to be caught once more by his hand on her lower arm. The minute she looked sideways, he pulled her with force, slamming her back to his front. He twisted her other arm at the back too, prisioning both her arms at the back.

He swayed his feet to the melody of the music, forcing her to move with him. Her eyes sparked with an idea, as she gently put her red heels right through his shoe.
He let go off her immediately to check his shoe. Ragini smirked and replied back, “You are saved that it didn’t go right through your toes.”

Saying that she raced as fast as she could but was interrupted by him again. His eyes with intense anger flinched hers, as he twirled her through the floor.

He grabbed her other hand at the same time, and stretched her out. Ragini sighed looking at his confidence, their arms were stretched out in each others. He pulled her towards him once more, but instead Ragini escaped from the space between his arm and foot, bending right through, twisting his hands within themselves.

She glowered her eyes on him and sharply said, “I am soft and slippery like sand. The more you try to control me, the easier I will break loose.”

Ragini saw him standing there bewildered by her guts to say those sharp words, stinging him at multiple places, especially his ego.

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