SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 49 Part 1)


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She looked confused as to what she said, which for some reason made me crash my lips into hers. She stood frozen for a while, with her hands handing on the sides, but I gently grabbed her waist and pulled her closer while deepening the kiss. Magical and serene were less for all the eruptions going on in my head for this, it took her for a while to come alive when she slowly wrapped her arms on my neck.

We broke apart in a few seconds with a huge grin covering my face while she stared at the ground, like it was the most fascinating thing on the world. Her hair, covered her face as she continued to look down and wriggle her hands. I could see a deep blush on her face while I chuckled at her extraordinary shy behaviour.

“Are you blushing?” I asked her surprised as I bit my inner cheek to control my laughter.

“Me, of course not. Why would I blush?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, do you want me to yell it out to you?”

“I was wondering where my feisty Swara went,” I mocked with pleasure.

“Well, then keep looking for her cause I am tired and I am off to sleep,” she snickered back at me and turned to leave while I smiled to myself.


“Hmm..” she said as she turned back to face me curiously.

“Thanks,” I told her gently.

“For?” she asked me with confusion as her eyebrows furrowed and mouth twitched at the corners.

“Everything,” I blurted out hesitantly while she flashed me her trademark smiles. She was going to kill me with her smiles one day!

What did I just do??How the hell am I going to face him after that? I am blushing like an idiot, I didn’t only confess my feelings but I already kissed him too. I did that, Swara Gadodia, what was wrong with me?Ughh…

What should I do? I need some help, I needed to do something, I needed advice. But from who? Ragini?
It is not like I am going to go jump on her bed to ask her this.

Two minutes later….

“Ragini, wake up,” I am jumping on the bed to wake Ragini up to ask her what to do. Hey, don’t judge, she is my sister after all.

“Shut up, like you I am not a zombie to stay without sleep. I need my daily dose of sleep,” she mumbled as she hid herself deeper and deeper into the covers.

“But I have a crisis here,” I whined as I continued to jump on the bed like a little child.

“Too bad, too sad,” she muttered in sleep as she stirred from one side to the other.

“I will keep jumping on here if you don’t get up,” I threatened boldly.

“Why did god bless me with you?” she snapped hotly as she rose up with blurry eyes.

“Because I am awesome and don’t be jealous because you are not,” I remarked sharply with pride.

“Shut up and tell me what happened FAST,”

“Promise that you won’t freak out,”

She narrowed her gaze sharply at me and asked, “Did you mess with the police? Swara we just got out of the huge problem, please don’t tell me you did something wrong again,”

“No, I..I kinda confessed my feelings for Sanskaar and I might have kissed him,” I said to her sheepishly as I looked back at the ground. What is wrong with me? Why am I shy? What are you doing to me Sanskaar?

“Grea- Wait WHAT?” She fliched as she shook my shoulders and screamed at me like the whole building was on fire. I wouldn’t blame her, if you told me a month ago that I would fall in love with Sanskaar, I probably would have laughed my head off.


“Look he started it first and I kinda went with the flow, stop overreacting and acting like dadi with all your petty talks,” I sluggishly said.

“I can’t believe, my sister, Swara Gadodia decided to admit her feeling. Aww…is my sister finally in love,”

“Maybe, maybe not,”

“What now?” she asked me confused and surprised as I narrated to her the whole incident.

With a huge grin on my face, I left to my room. She was some kind of a medicine on me, treating my wound effortlessly, how did she do that? Is that what love is?

“Why are you smiling so much? Your cheeks might burst open,” Laksh commented as I admired myself in the mirror.

“Is there any problem if I smile too?” I asked him irritated to core.

“Not at all, just don’t smile so much that Swara will become a widow before even getting married,” he snickered at me sharply with a smirk.

So he knew, “Wait, how did you know?”

“I saw her concern for you,” he replied with a shrug.

“Where are they?” I asked him confused as I eyed the empty bed.

“Already eager to meet her huh? I booked 2 rooms, one of them and one for us,” he taunted me.

“Great, finally, some privacy,” I mumbled as I collapsed on the bed.

“What? Don’t you want to meet her?” Laksh asked me confused.

Of course I do idiot, but as if I am going to admit it.

“I know you do, they are in the room next to her, ask Ragini to come with you for lunch,” I snickered at him as I saw his pale face.

“How did you know?” he asked me with awe.

“I saw the concern in your eyes,” I narrated his lines back to himself.

“That’s impossible, you don’t read eyes,” he blurted out nonchalantly.

“Neither do you,” I said implying from before.

“Fine, I heard you both talking to each other,” he admitted sheepishly.

“And may I know why you were eavesdropping?” I snapped coldly at him.

“Uhh..Ragini dragged me,” he said to me with innocent eyes, asking me to believe him but I knew better.

“Laksh dragged me into this,” I told the angry Swara who was flashing me death glares as I told her that I heard their conversation.

“And you went with him,” she asked me with rage.

“I just wanted to see and I have the rights,”

“What?” she said shaking her head with disbelief.

“I am his sister in law officially now and your one and only sister too. So both ways I am eligible to listen,” I insisted.

“That doesn’t give you any authority to listen to my talks,”

“Yes it does,”

“No it doesn’t,”




“Nah nah naa,”

“Yeah yeah yaa,”


“Are you fighting with me over Sanskaar? I thought it was usually sister before misters,” I dramatically added with fake anger.

“It is like that, now tell me what should I do?” she begged me with desperation.

“For what?” I asked her confused, she did everything, what does she need now? I was happy for her, a lot but honestly I needed my sleep like now or else I might faint any minute now.

“I can’t face him after what I did, I need some time, help me,”

“Don’t ask me, I never kissed anyone before,” I said failing my hands in the air.

“I know but still,”

“Go get some food to eat from the buffet downstairs to cool yourself down and then we will talk about it,” I gave her an idea.

“You are the best,” she said to be with relief as she gave me a hug.

“So for that get me a chocolate cake when you come up,” I told her as she got up to leave.

“I knew you had some trick behind it,” she mumbled as she eyed me with anger and dismay.

“Now shoo,” I ordered her which made her groan and leave.

The minute she walked out, I grabbed the phone from the hotel and called the room next door, “Hey Laksh, Swara just went downstairs for food, send Sanskaar too.”

Both of us, walked over quietly to the buffet, slyly spying again.“Will you think this will work?”

“Let’s try, they both won’t take the initiative so someone’s got to do it,” I hissed back as we poked our head in the direction of my sister who was looking at the food with disgust.

“And that is genius I am assuming is you,” I heard Laksh reply from behind.

“Right guess,” I sarcastically said.

“Why is your sister filling her plate with milk?” he asked me with shock as I hung my mouth wide open as I saw Swara all flustered and mindlessly pouring milk in her plate.

I saw her still in confusion as Sanskaar walked behind her and jerked her from her deep thoughts“What are you doing?”

“Huh?” she asked him surprised as I watched her face turn from fluster to pale to horrified and embarrassment she looked down.

“Eating, can’t you see?” she frowned at him while I face palmed myself for being related to her.

“Milk?” he asked her surprised while me and Laksh giggled at their talks. They were super cute.

“I wanted to eat something like breakfast, so, yeah. Any problem?” she snapped back hotly at him as she placed a hand on her hip.

What was wrong with her?

“Not at all, Why don’t you have the toast in the glass too then,” Sanskaar snickered as she frowned at him.

“Thanks a lot for the offer,” she sarcastically added as both of them grabbed a table and ate silently.

“They both are so boring,” I murmured to Laksh as we watched them eating from the door, he nodded and I continued, “I think we need to do something more than this,”

“Why do I feel something crazy and big is running in your head,” he asked me with displeasure.

“Because it is,” I told him with a smirk.

Next: The Plan!
I know that was not up to the mark but I have a QUESTION….do you want me to clear the differences between the families now or later? There is a little drama associated with that, in the sense that there is a little past with that too, so do you want me to just finish it off now and then have RagLak and SwaSan scenes or do it later at the very end?

PLEASE DO TELL ME which one you prefer so that I can move on with the story!! Thanks in advance 🙂

Credit to: Mandy

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    1. Sure!! I will totally do that in the coming episodes!

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    1. Sure!! I will add that later on….Swara is new to all this so she needs time to adjust. I will add later what is going on in her head. They are their siblings, so I think they have the right too 😉

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    1. No wonder I didn’t see you for the past few days!! Good choice to do that, I would have probably given you a heart attack no doubt 😉 haha..thanks a lot!! I am glad you like my writing skills, i love mystery and adventure more than romance…so yeah while you guys were wrapping your brains around the mystery I was truly enjoying ?
      Aww…that’s sooo sweett!! You made my day yaar ??, but you see I really really want to continue it, but I have a few things on the line and I really have no time. I hate to keep you all waiting like this for my updates and I also don’t want to drag it more than necessary otherwise it will loose it’s charm which I don’t want. I hopefully will love to be back with another one if time persists!! keep reading and love ya for all your encouragement since the very first day!! At a point, I only continued to write this for you!!

      1. Aww u r so sweet dr u made me feel so special… I’m so sorry dr I couldn’t comment on the previous epi as I was out of station without phne I seriously missed ur updates a lot… N its ok never mind u can update whenever u get tym we will wait

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      haha..awww…well ask your cousin for help, she might be somewhat helpful in setting you up with your MrPerfect!! tc and love ya!

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