SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 47)


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——————————————————————————-SWARA’S POV

My heartbeat stopped when I saw Zain standing there, smirking in front of me while I stood there, dumfounded when he said, “Hey dear, How are you?”

“What are you doing here? And where is Sanskaar?” I scowled at him hastily as I searched for Sanskaar in the entire room with my heart in my throat.

I gasped as I saw the blood stains on his hands, while he remarked with assurance. “Don’t worry, these are not of Sanskaar’s, these are of Laksh’s,”

“What? What on earth did you do this time?” I retorted at him with fear, did he? Oh no!

“Ahh…so you still remember me?” He commented with a dark smirk, filling her evil face.

“Who can forget you? You tried to strangle me when you were 7, I wonder what kinds of crime you committed growing up,” I retorted with annoyance as I rolled my eyes at him with a little dizziness at the side of my head.

He let out a deep chuckle, “Do you want the truth or the lie?”

“Does it matter? Is there a difference?” I snorted out with a smirk.

“Nice to know that you are the same old sarcastic Swara,”

“Nice to know that you are the same old idiot and evil Zain,” I spat out in disgust.

He let out another humours laugh as his eyes failed to leave mine, his eyes were secured and cautioned on me, like he was making sure I don’t escape from his gaze. But why so?

“If you finished your weird laugh, then tell me what did you do to Laksh and Sanskaar?” I questioned him in a cold, low voice.

“Why would I do anything to my best friend?” He stated with a heavy sigh.

The knot in my stomach grew larger and larger as I blinked my eyes rapidly, “Best friend? Who are you talking about?”

“Sanskaar. The Sanskaar Maheshwari,” he said back in a bored voice with his hand sliding into his pockets.

“What? How do you know him?” I asked him bewildered.

“I could ask you the same,” he countered with the same expression as mine.

“He is my..” I trailed off, unsure how to explain our relation. Should I say my sister’s boyfriend’s brother or my friend or my friend’s brother or my kidnapper’s dad?

After several thoughts of possibilities, I finally concluded, “My friend in University.”

“Ohh..so you went to London University too? Interesting,” he mumbled to himself dryly.

“Sure, but tell me how do you know Sanskaar,” I insisted as my curiosity took over me as I yelled at him.

As he opened his dirty mouth to say something when a husky drawl caught me off guard from behind, “Long story don’t ask,”

I turned around to see the owner of this familiar voice, of course, it was the Sanskaar Maheshwari, who was leaning against the doorframe with his hand crossed over his chest casually. I stared into those hazel orbs which were assuring me and comforting me but something in my brain told me to not believe those deceiving eyes.

“Well, hello there, my dear partner in crime,” Zain stated grumpily which snapped us both out of our long eye gaze.

“Partner in crime? Best friend? Sanskaar, what is going on?” I asked him frantically as I lunged towards him in long strides.

“She seems very important in your life, want me to spill out your past?” Zain voiced out from behind.

“Shut up Zain,” Sanskaar scowled at him as he looked back at me with helpless eyes which were building a wierd kind of fear in me.

“What past? Sanskaar, I need to know what is going on here,” I demanded angrily with my face leeching out color and turning pale.

“Aww, bro, don’t let your poor girl wait,” Zain commented in a mockery, which made Sanskaar immediately drape his arm around me waist, sending tingles of fear down my body.

“Zain, shut up or else,” Sanskaar threatened him in a dangerously low voice which rose the knots in my stomach.

“Or else what coward?” Zain replied again in the same snicker.

“I said stop talking,” Sanskaar yelled at him with extreme anger burning through those eyes which were literally flashing with flames.

I flinched a little as I saw him in his most angriest state ever, making my skin grow goosebumps,

“What if I don’t, coward, are you still the same loser who stepped back after 3 months of training?” Zain bugged him once more as he tightened the grip of his hand on my waist.

“Sanskaar, what is he saying?” I asked him quietly as I made him face me with my begging eyes.

“Swara, look it is not like…” he trailed off while I noticed the storm he was battling against himself in his eyes.

“Still lying? Till when will you lie? I thought your faith on love washed away after the incident, but clearly not. Did you do the mistake of falling in love again?” Zain interrupted again with a wide grin.

“What the hell? Quit talking,” Sanskaar ordered him in the most loudest voice possible.

“Or else?” He said, throwing more coal to the flame.

Sanskaar let go of my waist and pulled out a shiny, metal object as he casually stated, “Or else I will shoot.”


“I need to go to the washroom, like now,” I whined at Zain who was unlocking the door.

“Wait, I need to get back your loverboy from the hospital,” he dryly said to me.

“Why? You said he will be safe there and you won’t touch him again,” I asked him with extreme concern, I don’t want him to go through hell because of me.

“I did? Well, who cares? I need him here now,”

“But why? You want me right? Just let him be..safe,”

“If I had a heart I would have melted by those emotional words of yours, but as you know that I don’t, so let’s keep going with MY plan,”

“Which is?”

“I get him here so that he doesn’t do anything stupid now that he can walk and also now both of your siblings will be under control,”

“Shit, shit, what did you do to Swara and Sanskaar? How come she saw you there when you are always with me?”

“Getting smart and resourceful are we? I will tell you when the right time comes, sweety. For now let’s just say there is a side of the story you have no idea about,”

“Ughh…” I whined with curiosity and the suspense in me building up, what side? There is another side to the story? What was he talking about?

“Bring him in,” he called out to someone, probably his bodyguards.

“He is already here?” I asked him the most obvious question.

“Yes you dumbo,” he replied in duh tone.

I heard a few people drag an unconscious figure down the hall, “Careful,”

He was carefully, after I mentioned them to, put down on the ground next to me, with his eyes closed and head leaning back to the wall while I whispered to him, “Laksh,”

“Laksh, wake up. It is me, Ragini,” I mumbled to him as I slowly patted his cheek while his hot breath sent shivers down my spine.

“Ragini?” He asked me as he rubbed his blurry eyes and looked at me with confusion.

Tear sprung in my eyes for no particular reason as I wrapped my hands, or as much as I can, around his muscular, weak body, “Oh my god! You are okay,”

“And you don’t look bad yourself,” he snickered as he snaked his arms through my waist and buried his face in my scattered hair.

I inhaled his homely scent and countered with a frown, “I should have known that you will be the only one who can think of flirting when we are facing death,”

He chuckled and I relaxed my body under his touch and his hands went tighter and tighter by the next second like he would lose me if he didn;t hold me so tight.

“Ragini?’ He asked me after a while.

“Hmm,” was the only thing I was able to say after being squirmed in his tight grip.

“Are you okay?” He asked me matter of factly in my hair.

“Other than the fact that I am tied up, my clothes are wet and my hair is like a bird’s nest, I think I am fine Laksh,” I snickered as to unsure of how to tell him what I am going through.

“No, honestly, are you okay?”

“I don’t know, I am worried and scared. I heard that Zain met Swara but at that time he was here with me, so now I am confused. He wants to kill me Laksh, like literally kill me just because I broke his tractor which was his mother’s or something, I am scared Laksh, really very much,” I let all my concerns flow free into him.

I could sense his muscles stiffen under my arms and he peered through my hair and whispered angrily, “That brute, I am going to kill him,”

“Laksh, forget about him. Right now, I am scared,”

“Don’t be, I am here. We will make it out,”

“You sure?” I asked him confirmation as I sagged back into the wall with him, towering his hug on top f me.

“100%. Now stop thinking about all this and go to sleep. You look really tired,” He huskily said as he finally pulled back and caressed my cheeks casually, making volcanic eruptions go in my stomach.

“When did you see me?” I mocked at him, trying to avoid my nervousness from the situation as his hot breath fanned my face.

“I don’t need to see you to tell you how you feel, I know when and what you feel every minute,” he whispered with a genuine and honesty in his voice which directly went into my heart.

“Cliche much,” I said as I smacked him lightly and placed my head over his chest.

“Anything for you, sweetheart,” he mumbled through my hair as I sagged back and cuddled warmly into his chest, with his heartbeat right in my ear.

After 2 years, sleep took over me as soon as I tried with his breath fanning my head, his hand interlocked with mine and his heartbeat acting as a lullaby to my mind.


“Or else I will shoot you,” I said to him more coolly than before as I pulled out my shiny, metallic gun from the side pocket and placed it on Zain’s smirking face.

“Finally the true devil has shown himself,” he commented sarcastically with an evil smirk on his face.

“And this devil will not hesitate to pull the trigger if you talk once more,” I warned him with extreme caution as I saw Swara shiver and gasp from the corner of my eye. Shit, she was not supposed to see my other side.

“We are serious on this topic, aren’t we?”

“As much as we can get, so shut the hell up,” I scowled at him.

“Swara,”I dazed at her pale and lifeless body standing speechless in front of me.

“Why do you have that? Are you even allowed to have one?” She bombarded me with questions.

“It has a proper and valid liscence and you don’t need to be afraid, I am not going to hurt you,” I assured her with surety.

“I would have believed you if you didn’t have that ‘thing’ in your hand,” she told me as she emphaized on my gun, still on Zain’s head.

“But if I put it down he might do something that will be the end of us and I don’t want to regret putting this down,” I simply stated with an apologetic shrug.

“You won’t, if you do,” Zain commented from behind.

“Shut up,” I scowled back in seethful anger.

“Swara, relax, I can explain all this later, but now let Zain take us to Ragini and Laksh,” I ordered him in my authoritative voice.

“And what makes you think that I am going to do that?” Zain slyly said.

“The trigger that is going to go on your head,”

“Smart move but you do realize that I have a gun too right?”

“Yes, I do. You have a gun without any bullets,”

“Nice joke,”

“Watch it turn into reality,” I sneered at him gravely as within the next moment, I swiftly grabbed his collar and lifted him up, lunging the gun right from his pocket while he tried to hit me aimlessly. I was surprised that he even attempted to try to punch me when he know my experience in karate.

I threw him back onto the ground and took the bullets out his gun while I my cold and dangerous eyes met Swara’s, which were completely submerged in fear and confusion. She let out a gasp as I placed my loaded gun onto Zain’s head again. The roughness of the gun in my hand bought back the inner devil in me, as I looked back at as the gun fit in perfectly into my hand as it did 5 years ago.

“Now, where we again?” I snickered at him as I acted like I tried to recall something.

“She is in the basement of the Thehe hotel,” he said as he finally gave in.

“Didn’t I mention that you were going to take us there, not just give us directions,” I snapped harshly at him.

“Revenge huh?” He asked me with rolling eyes.

“Sorta,” I agreed and put my hand left hand forwarded for Swara to take it “Swara?”

She gulped hesitantly and I assured her for her security which made her instantly slip her hand into mine, giving me the comfort that I really wanted.

“Lead the way,” I spat out at Zain who groaned.

We were walking through the basement of the Thehe hotel with Sanskaar’s gun still on Zain’s hand while his other hand was wrapped around my waist. I am still shocked at his behaviour, the normal businessman I knew from before seemed to be totally lost somewhere.

“Is it here?” Sanskaar asked Zain frustrated with all the walking.

“On the right,” he answered with patience as he led the way.

“Take us in,” Sanskaar ordered while Zain unlocked the door to reveal us a room of extreme darkness and 2 people sitting at the back wall.

“Untie them,” Sanskaar demanded again while Zain frowned at him.

“Huh?” He asked back confused and with disbelief.

“I said untie them you bastard,”

“Geez, calm down, I will,”

“Where are the lights?“Turn them on too,”

“Who is that?” I heard a little, strained voice from the corner mumble which immediately lifted my spirits.

“Ragini,” I screamed with happiness as I rushed over to meet my tired sister, pale faced, weak, scared, who was leaning against Laksh who was trying to stand up in a similar condition.

“It is soo good to see you,” Ragini mumbled tightly as we broke into a hug.

“I couldn’t agree better,” I whispered back with tear of joy while she had a content smile on her face,

“Laksh, are you alright?” I heard Sanskaar ask as he hugged Laksh with pleasure while I caressed Ragini’s pale cheeks. It ached so much to see her like this.

“Yeah, but don’t tell me you got back with the gun,” Laksh asked him horrified as Ragini and I both mirrored that expression.

“No, I didn’t. It is just for now as an emergency,” Sanskaar leisurely brushed it off.

What was going on? Was I missing out on something important?

“Such a cute happy reunion, sorry to break the fun guys but I think you better surrender,” we heard Zain’s voice from behind who had his gun pointed to us.

Great, what was next?

“Not so fast Zain,” Sanskaar muttered as he lunged forward as he went into a fight with him.

Before I knew what was going on, I was yelling, “Stop, stop it!”

They broke apart from their savaged behaviour and looked at me with awe while I continued, “Are you both nuts? What the hell is wrong with you? How did you know how to use a gun?”

“Swara this is not the time,” Sanskaar brushed it off.

That was it, hell broke loose and I snapped at them with patronising anger, “Well, I think I should atleast know why my sister was dragged into all this,”

“Sanky, why don’t you explain her your past before you kill me,” Zain sneered at us while I raised my eyebrow at Sanskaar.

“You-” Sanskaar started to curse him.

“Sanskaar, leave him. Zain, what is your problem?,” I interrupted and asked Zain, knowing that Sanskaar was not going to tell me the truth anyways.

“Problem? You mean problems. I have many, first of all, due to your darling sister, I can’t prove that my mother ever existed, making me an hopeless beggar. To earn a living, I worked for this rich family, which was I think you know it by now, the Maheshwari. I lived there for years having fun and playing with these 2 brothers until one day both me and Sanskaar was exposed to this intense game of guns due to bad influence. He was able to get out of it with the help of his father and all, but what about me? Did anyone care about me after all my years of work?” He blurted out the entire truth in one go which made me hung my mouth wide open.

What? That was it?

“We even took you to a rehab but it was your choice to run away,” Sanskaar shot back at him.

“Who knew if it was a rehab or a mental asylum?” Zain commented with a shrug.

“Even you know that is the lamest reason ever,” Laksh bluntly said to which I nodded with shock. ALl this for my sister breaking his tractor?

“Moving on, after many years of hard work and constant spying, I was able to get you all the same time, same place,” Zain said with a smirk.

“Were you the one who came with us to Cuba and France? And hit me in the head the other day?” Ragini asked him with a little less shock as me. It was like she knew half the story from before. Was I the only one who didn’t know anything till now? Awkward….

“The one and only and I wonder how Durga Prasad Maheshwari kidnapped you both girls,” he slyly added the last part making all the 4 of us gasp and stand there boggled at his words.

Everything made so much sense now, he wanted revenge ever since he was 7, he tried to strangle me thinking it was Ragini, then kidnap us using Sanskaar’s dad’s name, follow us to Cuba and France, then come to meet Ragini in India and now this. He was smart, very smart and was behind our every sorrow in life, the person I was blaming for all these years didn’t do anything but this shameless idiot standing infront of me did. He found the perfect opportunity to take both this revenge at the same time.
How was that??! The entire mystery is out!! What about Sanskaar’s past? More about it will be revealed next…

Sorry for my late update today, due to connection issues I couldn’t send it through in the morning but I made sure to do it as soon as I am back home. And also Laksh’s Pov will be in the next update!


Credit to: Mandy

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