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My head was tugging the pillow lightly underneath me as I was twisting and turning like a 2 year old or should I say like a little baby who needs her mother. There was so much mystery behind Ragini and Laksh’s kidnap that I didn’t know where to start. There were so many loopholes, he took Ragini and Laksh, left us a clue, tried to kill them once before and is expecting us to come save them. When he wants to kill them, why does he want us to come and rescue him? I sighed with complete confusion as I stirred once more on the bed. It was 5 in the morning and I was nowhere close to being up.

I sucked in a sharp breath to avoid the sting in my stomach which has been running from the past 2 hours. Was I falling sick? The last time I fell sick was when I was like 14. Maybe it is time for me to all sick again. My hits me with another headache, WOW! How generous of my body to keep throwing me with random stuff.

The next thing I knew my phone started ringing, waking me up from my sleeping state. Ughh..first the stupid love thoughts, then Ragini , then the headaches and now the phone. Why does this world hate me so much?

I walked over to the table nearby and lazily muttered, “Hello, speak fast,”

“I need help, this is an emergency, I repeat this is an emergency,” I heard an awfully familair voice speaking with me which made my spine shiver with dullness.

“Wait what? Who is this?” I anxiously asked as my stomach went into another twist. I knew who it was on the other side but I was praying and hoping it would be somebody else.

“Laksh…it’s me, Laksh Maheshwari,” I heard Laksh say which made me shut my eyes with displeasure. It was him, I was right. SHIT SHIT SHIT.

“Lucky? What’s wrong?” I asked frantically as I began to pace around the room with nervousness and fear.

“He got me too, take care,” he mumbled quickly as I tried to understand what he just said.

“Who got who? What are you saying?” I asked him hastily as I tried to understand what was going on.

My heart began to race louder and faster as I hear a few beeps and the line announce, The number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please try again later,”

I gasped in shock and fear as I mumbled with rage“What the hell?”

I wrapped my hands around my waist to steady the tears in my eyes. What was he saying? Was he giving me some sort of a hint? I looked at the watch which read 4:15 am, it was still extremely cloudy outside and dark too. I needed to inform Sanskaar and leave the place.

I tip toed quietly to adjacent room and twisted the knob a little, “Sanskaar?”
Where did he go? I asked to myself as I scanned the bed for a figure that I normally would hate to see, but here I am desperately searching for it.

I saw a dim silhouette of a man brighten up and walk up to me with a smirk.

“Zain?” I said with a loud gasp as I looked back at the familiar figure with blood stains all over. Wait what? blood?

“Wake up, my dear sleeping beauty,” I hear somebody nudge making me move from my position a little bit and spraining my neck for sleeping against the wall.

“Huh? What do you want?” I retorted fiercely at Zain who was shoving something into my hand. This place surely needs some light.

“Breakfast,” he mumbled shortly as he continued to shove the plate into my hand while I put it back into his.

The tom and jerry scene kept on going until he finally won due to his mighty fists while I sarcastically muttered while taking the plate, “Thanks,”

“Do you want to hear a story?” He asked me with a dreamy and enthusiastic haze.

“Nope,” I instantly replied with boredom as I tossed something sticky into my mouth. Eww it was an omelette which was disgusting, this man was more poor and lonely than I thought he was.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Let me tell you a story of a boy who had a tractor,” He started off with his SAME story which made me throw out a groan of annoyance.

Being the idiot he is, he decided to happily ignore me and keep going with this boring story, “So, each day he used to go to this park with his mother, play on the slide and the swing. He didn’t have much to do with life, he was born in a poor family and his life started and ended on his mother, his only known family.”

As soon as he stopped for a minute to take a breath, I interrupted or should I say invaded his story and completed it for him, “One day his mother went away and never returned leaving behind a chit saying that his father was going to pick him up. No One believed that his mother ever existed but his only proof was broken by this girl who was ONLY TRYING TO PLAY and who is now kidnapped for no reason,”

“How do you know the story?” He asked me with a little gravelly yet confused voice.

“Maybe because you have been telling me this for like 10 times in the past 12 hours,” I shot out with frustration as I grit my teeth and clenched my jaw.

“Oh right. How did I forget?” He blurted out sheepishly.

“Same way you forgot to tell me that this chain here was attached to a water pipe and every time I move a little, water comes out,” I snapped at him with anger as I felt the back of my tank top a little wet.

“Oopps, I am…not sorry,” he said evilly while I continued to storm in my head.

“Never thought you would be,” I muttered out with annoyance, “I am so tired of sitting here, will you please let me go. I could get you back your house or whatever you want,”

“How did I forget. Didn’t you say the same yesterday?” He asked me in an extremely low, dangerous voice which sent immediate goose bumps all over my body.

“Yes I did, what do you want?” I asked him irritated and trying to avoid my nerve wracking moments.

“Call and tell your parents, your boyfriend and your sister that you are happy with me and not to call the police,”he told me casually in an altered voice.

“What. The. Hell? That doesn’t solve anything, I can contact a lawyer and get you your property,” I frantically tried to negotiate. Why didn’t i learn business and deals when I could have?

“I want revenge sweetheart, not property,”

“How many times am I supposed to tell you that I didn’t do anything?”

“As many time as you wish,”

“How will helping you help me?”

“I will postpone your death day,” he said with a mischievous smirk probably on his lips. I missed my family and all but I really didn’t want to talk to them and break my strong self.

“Fine, get me the phone,” I told him as I cursed under myself. I needed time to figure out a way to escape, so let me just go along with his stupid plan.

He threw the phone at me while I catched it and purposely dialled the wrong number of my parents so that I could avoid scaring them to shit, “They are not lifting the call,”

“Great, just call your damn sister,” he ordered sarcastically at me.

I took a deep breath in to calm my racing pulse and dialled her number, “Swara?”

She gasped and immediately bombarded me with questions, “Oh my god! Ragini are you okay? Where are you? Is everything alright? Tell me where you are? Is Laksh there too?”

I slightly giggled at her and relaxed myself for her safety and quickly told her what I was supposed to, “Swara, calm down. I am all fine and happy here. I can’t say where I am right now and Laksh went to get a few things from the store. Relax, I will get back to you as soon as possible, promise and don’t call the police for this,”

“What the hell are you saying? Are you nuts? What do you mean you can’t tell me where you are? I am your sister and I have the right to know,” she snapped at me brutality which made my heart sink and my eyes well up. What did I do to receive a sister like her?God, I missed her more than I ever imagined.

“Yeah but Swara, this is not the time, try to understand,” I whispered to her as I covered my words with loud sobs and sniffles.

“Whatever but Ragini take care. Zain is here, I saw him with my own eyes. Please be careful, remember how he used to treat you at your last meeting with him?” She instructed me in a screeching voice which made my stomach go wild. WHATTT??

“Yeah, tell mom and dad and bye,” I demanded in a low voice as I tried to get the meaning of her words.

“Take care, tell me where you are if you get a chance. I will track you place with this number,” she told me urgently.

“Love you,” I mumbled to her before hanging the phone.

What does she mean she saw Zain? Wasn’t he here with me the whole time? Was the guy in front of me another Zain? That doesn’t make any sense.My mind wondered in confusion as Zain came up to me and snatched the phone off my hands as I began to wonder again, What is going on here?

Why didn’t I update on the weekend?
Well, I had my new year on Friday which means celebration on Saturday and Sunday with lots of friends and family, also I changed the whole plot a bit so it took me time to configure what to write next.

ANYWAYS…how was that?? What is with this Zain chakkar? Which one is real? Where are Laksh and Sanskaar? Are they really kidnapped too? Then how is Zain in 3 different places at once? and keeping track of 4 ppl in different location?? Keep reading to know!!

COMMENT and tell me if you want Swaragini POV or SanLak Pov in the next one….waiting to hear from you!!

Credit to: mandy

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