SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 46 Part 1)


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Panting deeply, sweaty palms, and a horrified dream was enough to jerk me back to attention AGAIN. This was the 3rd time I was getting this dream of Sanskaar getting crashed under the piano. Every time I tried to fall asleep, I woke up with this stupid dream which was determined to not leave my side. I had this crazy connection with crashes, first the car crash which caused my kidnapping, then the one in Cuba, and then I faced one in London too. These crashes always led to misery after them, which is scaring me that the moment and sending cold shivers down my spine. I was already worried to death for Ragini and Laksh, and on top of that my legs are extremely soar with all the walking and running around and my sleep was also bothering me.

I stretched my legs out and looked the clock which read 2 AM, how convenient. I had 5 hours to waste to do nothing. Note my sarcasm.

I let my mind wander and find me something to think about as I looked around at the hotel room we booked for the night. Sanskaar was sleeping in the room next to mine while I was sleeping or should I say sitting awake in this one.

“Love is when you give all your heart, soul and mind to someone special. To whom you feel this connection of care, respect, trust, concern and everything from happiness to sorrow is related to this one person. You don’t feel judged by whatever you do and can speak your heart out in front of them. Sometimes, you won’t even realize that you are in love until a long time later, but believe me, in this case it is better to be late than never,” Ragini’s words echoed in my ear of Holi’s day.

I sighed at her cheesy thoughts and her phrase completed in my head, “Close your eyes, let your thoughts free. Open the door to your hearts, think about this one person who you always was near your heart. Who is your special someone?”

Well, it is not like I am going to do anything anyways, and I have 5 hours to waste, why not give this a try. I closed my eyes and let my thoughts free. I opened the door to my heart or whatever that meant and tried to figure out that person in front of me. My stomach went taut, my heart beats increased steadily as the vision of this man came into my mind. He was tall and muscular, black hair, blue faded jeans, red hoodie and he was….white light.

What the hell? I opened my eyes in frustration, I couldn’t see his stupid face due to the white light.

“Ughhhh, I knew this was untrue. How can someone’s face suddenly pop up in my head anyways,” I mumbled with irritation as I leaned back into my bed.

But why do I feel that I am love? And most of all, why do I feel that I am in love with….Sanskaar?


“I can’t eat this,” I stubbornly declared as I tried to look at the bowl of soup placed in front of me. I mentioned I hate soup right? Well, this man here, Zain was giving me soup to eat/drink and this is the last thing I will do before dying. Eat soup.

“Why is that?” He asked me in a low mock.

“I hate soup,” I spat out with disgust.

“Die with hunger then,” he stated emotionless.

I shrugged casually and nodded my head in his direction, completely know to the fact that he couldn’t see me but still. The chain I was tied to was extremely hard and was hurting terribly. I badly needed some room to breath.

“When are you going to kill me?” I asked him hesitantly, unable to bear my curiosity anymore.

“Looks like someone is eager to face death, then why not now?” He answered gravely and I heard him shuffle the gun.

“No, no. I meant..can I see my sister before I go?” I stuttered with fear. Fear was running into me crazily and I was shivering to death.

Death, a horrified expression covered in my face when I imagined the faces of my parents when they would hear this truth, what will happen to Swara? She was strong and confidence because of my support, she will break open if I leave. What about Laksh? Will he ever find someone else other than me?

“Sure, you can meet your sister, you can meet your boyfriend, you can meet your parents, your friends, anyone else?” He muttered with anger.

“Really? I need to meet Laksh’s brother too then,” I told him enthusiastically as a hot tear brushed through my face. Great, now I am crying, what else is left?

“Shut up women,” he scowled at me with anger.

“Fine, tell me the real reason you kidnapped me then,” I retorted with stubbornness and frustration.

“Getting smart are we?” He snorted in a high pitched tone.

“I always was, you were the one who failed to notice,” I retorted with anger.

“Are you always this arrogant and annoying,”

“I am not annoying, it is due my hunger that I am so cranky,”

“How old are you?”


“Just answer women,”

“21, why?”

“That means I need to get the medium bag for your body,”

“You did not say that? Are you really planning to kill me?” I asked him horrified.

“Did you think I was joking? Well let me prove it to you that I was not,”

“No, no. Can’t you forget this as I was your childhood friend and leave me?”


“I can help you with this case and also bail you and get your your money, anything. But please let me live,”

“Anything huh?” He asked me with a loud sigh.

I bit my tongue, shit! Why did I say that?’SHIT SHIT SHIT, my blo*dy luck.
Where was I? The bright light dimmed my eyes and scrunched my nose with blurriness. I was completely unaware of my surroundings. The suck in a sharp breath and put all my efforts in to open my hazy eyes. It takes me a minute or 2 to completely understand where I was. Blue walls, and a nurse was looking back at me with sparkling eyes.

“Where am I?” I asked her frantically as I tried to recall what was going on.

“You are in the city hospital,” she told me with disbelief as she typed something at the monitor beside me.

“In the what?” I asked her with dismay as I looked at my body, lying down in the hospital bed.

“City hospital for care and treatment,” she narrated me the basic dialogue emotionless.

Why was I here again? Where was Ragini?“Which city is this again?”

“This is Mumbai,” she said in a low, snicker.

What the hell was I doing all the way in Mumbai? I wanted to roar at her and curiosity for answers were building up in me.

“Do you know who bought me here?”

“I was asked not to disclose any information except this,”

“She is with me, broken and ready to be….destroyed,” I read out in my brain which made me gasp in shock.

“Can I borrow your phone please?” I asked her hastily. This was not good, what was he upto? I can’t live without her, now that I know she is in love with me too, I can watch her die.

“Uhh..sure,” she said handing me the phone

“Bro?” I said as I rapidly called Sanskaar’s number.

“The number you are trying to reach is currently not available,” I heard the other end say. Oh no!

“Shit,” I cursed under my breath and tried to do this again.

“Hello?” I said as I heard it dial and someone pick it up. Hope pricked into me.

“Save me…..whoever this is….save me,” I heard Sanskaar’s desperate voice beg me.

“Bro?” I opened my mouth to say before the phone was cut.

What was that? My heart began to race and flashes of Sanskaar’s being tied up or injured popped into my head. What did this kidnapped want? He injured me, is about to destroy Ragini and now even Sanskaar? Swara was next, how can I warn her? Where are we all stuck?
SO much going on in this small update!!This was a filler update so it might not be the best but there was a lot of mysteries going on.

What is the thing the Zain wants from Ragini? Will Swara confess her feelings or realize she is in love? What is with Sanskaar saying that he needs help? Where is Swara? how will Laksh reach there? Keep reading to know!! and COMMENT your views for encouragment and support!!

Credit to: Mandy

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  1. oh no…..my sanky 🙁 but amazing episode….

    1. Nothing will happen to him! Thanks!! keep reading!!

  2. it’s awesome dea …..in a short update too , u never fail to give me minor attacks ….so many questions dea….waiting for next update……tooooo much of suspense…..but i love it

    1. Thanks a lot!! Lol! That is my speciality 😉 😉 Keep reading as there is way too much to come!!

  3. i think next episode is gonna be a bit funny & i feel sanskar is doing drama or something

    1. Hmmm…nice guess!! keep reading to see if it comes true or not!!

  4. O my god!!!!
    I m in luv wid ur ff
    Mindd blowing !!!!!!!!
    Luvd it!!!
    Plzzz plzz update d nxt prt soon

    1. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I did send the update, should be updated in a while! Keep reading!!

  5. Oh no. Where is sanky now?

    1. Nothing will happen to him! keep reading to know!!

  6. tremendously amazing oh god how can u maintain high level suspense
    waiting for the next please update soon plz plz

    1. Thanks!! lol! I never plan out an episode when I start so it all goes with the flow!! Glad you liked it!! I will for sure!! keep reading!!

  7. interesting

    1. Thanks!! keep reading!!

  8. Another suspense

    1. Sorryy but the track is demanding that!

  9. Hey yaar….. Plz….. Disclose d mystery sooon…… Plzzzz

    1. Heyy!! Sorry, but I will try to reveal the bits and clauses in a few episodes to come!! Keep reading!!

  10. Wow! This was just awesome!

    1. Thanks a lot!! Keep reading!!

  11. Love you Mandy…. as always you are awesome….☺?☺?

    1. Awww..that’s so sweet!! Thanks a lot!! Love ya too!! 🙂

  12. Awesome

    1. Thanks!! keep reading!!

  13. amazing…………..

    1. Thanks!! keep reading!!

    1. Thanks!!

  14. I guess it was not sanskar who picked the phone…it may be the kidnapper’s trap cos sanskar is too manly to shout like that.. Jst a thought …
    Waiting eagerly for the next update…
    Take care…Love u loads??

    1. Hmmm…awesome guess!! keep reading to know!! Tc and love ya too!! I sent the update so should be out in a while!!

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