SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 45)

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I am back with another short update but major revelations….so keep reading!
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As the door slammed shut, I instantly dropped to my knees, with extreme hurt and pain clawing in my pain. Why wouldn’t you listen Laksh? Why wouldn’t you?

A hot tear of anger, hurt, pain, sorrow, and confusion rolled down my cheek as I wrapped my hands around my knees and let my sobs fill the air. Each and every minute of the pain was striking more and more questions in me, why did I even fall in love with him? He hurt me, yet again. My stomach was in a big knot which was determined never to untie while I wanted to screech as loud as possible. My throat was dry, itching and burning with the heat brewing inside my body.

“Why didn’t you let me explain that he pointed a gun at me, why didn’t you let me explain that I gave the wrong address? Why can’t you take one minute to let me explain?” I mumbled with anger to no one in particular.

I wiped another tear strolling down my cheek and took in a deep breath. The kidnapper was smart, very smart, he would figure out sooner or later that I gave him the address in London where noone was there. We needed to escape before that, no matter how much of anger Laksh has in me, I needed to find him and escape. I can explain him the truth later, when we were safe and alive, and not ready to be slaughtered like now.

I quickly ran to the food placed on the bed and glanced at it. I need boxes, any sort of box to pack these in. I scanned through the room with furrowed eyes to spot a box which was used to hold some mint and other refreshments. Bingo! I grabbed the box and stuffed the remaining food in it and hurried out of the room to find Laksh.

We needed to escape now, where was this man? I scurried rapidly to the elevator and punched in the few numbers to the ground floor, panic was inside me and my heart was running wildly with fear. If I don’t get out now, they we can never go again. Laksh, where are you?

The elevator landed on the first floor, revealing a huge crowd waiting to get in, I hold my breath as I walk out of the elevator and into the wide lobby. Nobody saw me…yet.

Where was Laksh?

“Hello, I am looking for this young man, who is injured with a plaster on his head. Have you seen him by any chance?” I asked nervously at the counter, hoping he left the hotel so I could too.

“Sorry Ma’am, nobody like that entered the lobby,” she replied sweetly while I gasped with horror.

I gave her a tight smile and looked around the lobby with immense fear circulating around my body, my eyes yearning to see those pair of brown eyes I could drown into, the charming smile, the flirting personality, where are you Laksh?

Did he go back to the room? The floral skirt I was wearing was sticking to my legs, the tank top was sweaty and my hair was in a huge mess, people around me were looking at me with suspicion.

Did I have to look like an abandoned women? I sighed with frustration and rushed back to the room. I opened the door with the card I earned after bribing a staff member to get me the pass to unlock doors. I am soo smart.

As I was admiring myself for my smartness, I entered the room to find a shadow of a man near the windows, YES! Laksh was here after all.

“Thank God you are here, I was so worried,” I began to rant as I opened the entire door and glanced at the figure smirking at me.

My throat formed a lump within itself as the color from my body leeched out completely when I was the kidnapper with a dark smirk, his usual mask standing there infront of me. Why was he here?

“Looking for your boyfriend are we?” He dreadly stated with fake concern as I looked at him blankly with no emotion.

“I’ll take for a yes,” he said after a minute of silence, “Let me help you, he is in the place which gives him extreme care,”

Care? What gives him extreme care? I stood there confused for a moment before it struck me, “H..Hospital?”

“Wow, you sisters are very smart,” he sarcastically praised me as he walked a few steps forward which made me move backwards.

“What did you do to him?” I snapped brutally at him with a frightened expression.

“Excuse me? I sent him there for proper treatment now that I don’t have anything to do with him,”he said with rich pleasure and his eyes twinkled with joy.

“Huh?” I managed to blurt out bluntly.

“I am moving you, enough of the luxuries, time for the real deal,” he said deadly with his gaze throwing daggers at me as he held my hand and dragged me out of the hotel. What now?

“She was here a few minutes ago, but then we don’t know where she went,” the lady at the front desk replied with patience when I asked her about Ragini.

“What? Do you mean she disappeared?” I snapped at her, venting out all my anger on her.

“Not like that, I meant to say that they both are not here at the moment,” she replied with patience and calmness while I was raging like a vicious bull. Wow, great going Swara.

“Swara, relax,” Sanskaar mumbled in my ear as he dragged me away from the counter while I shooting death glares at that lady.

“Sure,” I answered sarcastically. “How can they both just disappear like that?”

“Let’s not talk about this here, how about we go get something to it?” He warned me in a low, alerting tone.

“Our siblings are kidnapped and here you are worried about your stomach,” I snapped at him harshly.

“Come on, I know you are too,” he snorted back with a smirk.

“No I am not,” I brushed of his words as I mirrored his smirk.

He kept on his smirk and gently pulled me into him, my body slamming hard on to his. His warm breath fanned my face as the heat caused tingles around my body and shivers down my spine. “What are you doi-”

“Shushh,” he hushed me as he twisted me around and placed a hand on my stomach.

My breath hitched in my throat, as his cold fingers went up and down my stomach while my heart was pounding rapidly. “

I hear growls, wonder who it is from,” he whispered playfully in my ear.

My senses came back and I smacked him in the stomach, making him wince in pain, “Ouch,”

“Can you stop flirting and actually focus on the work,” I ordered him as I caught a few people giving us are-you-crazy looks.

“You like though. Admit it,” he sneered at me.

“No I don’t,”

“Yes you do,”

“No I don’t,”

“Ughh…there is a coffee shop, let’s go,” I diveretd the topic as the blush crept onto my cheeks as he leaned in forward. What was happening to me?

I pointed out to the coffee shop across the street and dragged the lazy Sanskaar to the shop. It was a typical desi type, with Indian snacks and beverages, friendly workers and seems to be quite popular for the youth.

“2 veg puffs and 2 coffee,” Sanskaar ordered for us to the waiter who lingered by.

“Okay, so now that they aren’t at Thehe, what are we going to do?” I asked him as I looked out at the dim evening lights outside.

“I got my detectives to look into the CCTV camera of the hotel, we should receive information about everything in an hour,” he told me with extreme surety.

“I hope we get them soon, my parents are hell worried about Ragini and I don’t think Dadi is believing me anymore,” I trailed off as I hissed with pain.

“Trust me, we will find them,” he assured me as I glanced back into his eyes, his dark brown orbs that were comforting me, I saw the curtain of hope in him above the layer of fear and panic.

“As much as I want to believe you, I just can’t,” I whispered lowly as my gaze went back to my fingers settled on my lap.

“I am offended by that,” he mumbled with fake anger.

I shrug at his dramatic puppy face and retorted, “You asked for it,”

Before he could come back with a better reply, the food was placed in front of us. We both looked at each other before attacking the puffs in front of us.

“Heavenly,” Sanskaar muttered in between his bites.

“Can’t agree more,” I responded as we both digged into the puffs, enough to satisfy our hunger.

As we finally calmed down from our hunger and silently drank the coffee, a waiter walked past by and gave me a note, “Ma’am, bill,”

What? We didn’t even ask for it, I took the note from him and he didn’t let a minute to waste before he disappeared,

“But we didn’t-” I trailed out confused at Sanskaar who glaring at me with equal shock. Weird much, I thought as I opened the note to see how much to pay when I saw another riddle.

“You are here, he is here, but where is she?” I read out under my breath while Sanskaar was engrossed in his phone.

“He is here, he is following us,” I shrieked with panic, I was on the edge of having a heart attack. Why was he here and following us? That was creepy, but where is Ragini?

Both of ours eyes began skimming around the crowd to look for anyone suspicious, my heart was leaping out of it’s cage and my stomach was twisted and tauted hard.

“Crap, he is going out,” I heard Sanskaar point out at me as I jerked my head towards the door to see a man with a black hoodie walking out.

“Quick, run,” I ordered him as I took out my phone to call Sagar and his other detectives and dropped a 100 rupee note on the table and followed Sanskaar.

I felt hundreds of eyes on us, sprinting out of the coffee shop with excitement and thrill, along with fear and anxiety running through my nerves. I rushed out of the shop to be hit by the blast of the wind, I was on the heels of Sanskaar who was busy following the man who was running away like a lightning. I saw both of them chase each other while I slowed down a bit after my phone began to buzz.

I was about to take it out when I saw a huge, magnificent piano on the top of the building Sanskaar was running under, it was just on the edge of falling off. My heart stopped to beat and everything around me blurred out expect Sanskaar running, I didn’t know why or how, I took a leap towards him and yelped

“Sanskaar,” he heard me just at the nick of time and halted his run, my breath began to return and the glassy tears in my eyes began to wash off. Wait a sec….was I crying? Why was I crying? My heart started to go back to normal but the horror of the incident still stayed in my lungs as I caught my breath and lunged myself towards him.

“Are you alright?” I asked him with genuine concern as he kneeled out a little, gasping some breath.

“blo*dy idiot, it was all his plan to get us here,” he blurted out exhausted.

“He moved Ragini,” I told him as we both reached out to our normal condition.

“Again?” He asked me shocked.

“Again, but Laksh is somewhere here,” I said as I noticed the look on his face turn even more fearful, what was going on? What did he want?

“You are going to do what?” I shrieked with disbelief as I couldn’t comprehend his words, my mind refused to believe what my ears were saying.

“Shoot you,” he simply said as I saw him polish his trigger.

He brought me back to the dark room with no windows, so I couldn’t see a thing and only hear his grumpy voice. My heart was racing in gallops, and I was freaking scared to death as the psycho in front of me can shoot me any minute now.

“Wait, you wanted to kill me? IS that why you kidnapped me?” I asked him for clarification as I tried to wriggle out of the metal chain which was binding me down.

“Now your brain works,” he gravelly muttered with a heavy sigh.

“Why did you kidnap Laksh then?” I asked him confused as I tried to piece everything together.

“As he was with you and to blackmail you of course,”

“Let me go, I need to get back to him,”

“Not so soon, especially after you gave me the wrong address,” there, he did figure it out. I knew he would, but didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

“I didn’t give you any wrong address,” I lied confidently.

“Why isn’t she home then?’

“Maybe she went to her friend’s place or to university,”

“Un huh and she wouldn’t return for 24 hours straight,”

“How about you leave me so that I can go and ask Laksh where she is,”

“Don’t act smart,”

“First tell me what I did to go through all this,” I angrily demanded as I sensed the tension in the air. I was gonna die. I was GOING TO DIE. I didn’t know what to do, was I supposed to panic and call for help?

“Let me tell you a story,” he said jovially.

“What?” I asked him with displeasure and awe. Really? A story now? This might be the last story of my life, Quit thinking that, I ordered myself and payed attention to him.

“Shut up and listen. There was once a little girl, she used to go to this park every single day to play with this boy. They both used to always play with the boy’s tractor given to him by his passed mother, but the heartless girl decided to break his tractor and leave the boy forever. Now tell me what should the boy do?” He concluded the story with a sad sigh.

This was awfully familiar, like very much, that’s when it hit me,“Zain?”

The little innocent boy I knew with a sweet tone failed to match with the rough, selfish and heartless man standing in front of me. What did he want? The tractor? I did offer to get him one at that time too but he left abruptly and I never heard of him again. As time faded, I forgot all about him too, but why did he kidnap me? To get the stupid tractor?

“You are still dumb aren’t you?” He sneered coldly at me.

“You are killing, like actually blowing the trigger at me because I broke your tractor when I was 5,” I sarcastically asked him with dismay. He DID not just say that. He was a psycho indeed, who kills a person because they broke their toy?

“Something like that,” he answered as if it was no big of a deal which took aback a little. WHAT? I was ready to smack the guy’s face for doing this to me.

“Are you nuts? Do you have some mental illness? You are taking away MY LIFE just because I broke your tractor?” I snapped brutally at him for his stupid reasons. He was ready to take my life for some sort of stupid thing of childhood. These guys sure holds many grudges.

“No, it was the last token of my mother to me, my last hope,” he replied in a critical tone.

SO? I wanted to kill him now, what was he saying? “I understand that and I said before I am extremely sorry but don’t you get the fact that I was a 5 year old kid,” I explained him dubiously.

“I don’t care how old you were. I wouldn’t have even if you were 2. That was the last evidence of my mother, I was supposed to be a millionaire but instead I am now a criminal,” he stated with disgust.

“What?” I asked him with perplexion. I am confused as hell now, can he please speak in English.

“The case of my parent’s property was on trial when I was 5, the evidence to this whole case that my mother was alive and an actual person was that tractor, but you broke it and now I am going to break you,” he snorted evilly.

I gasped with shock as his words echoed in my ears, break me? Is that the only thing left now, to break me?

I hesitantly attempted to persuade him,“But..but..I am sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, I was 5-”

He cut me off and scowled curtly, “Oh shut up. Your sorry won’t do me any good now, only the satisfaction of revenge will,”

His voice was enough to scare the crap out of me, what was he thinking? Does he think this all a game? Why didn’t he understand what the people who love me will go through if I die, I don’t want to die. I don’t.

“Please tell me you are lying, I am not a toy but an actual living thing, you can’t do this to me,” I begged him in a pleading tone.

“Trust me, I think do many more things than needed,” he threatened lowly which sent a shiver down my spine. What did I land myself into?
I was NOT going to make Ragini negative at all…it might have sounded like that in the previous one, but the whole point of ff are so that you guys could enjoy the show without any negativity in the lead.

Moving on, do you think that is it to Zain’s past? Or is there more? When he wants to kill Ragini, why was he trying to kill Sanskaar too? Is Laksh really in the hospital? keep reading to know!!

DO you believe Zain?? COMMENT your views and let me know!!

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