SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 44)


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“Sanskaar, drive fast,” I heard Swara snap at me for the millionth time in anger. We have been driving for almost 3 hours now and we didn’t get to the point where we wanted to..yet.

“Woman, I told you this before and I am going to try telling you this again, I am driving at the highest speed possible,” I sarcastically explained as I rolled my eyes at Swara who was tapping her foot furiously.

“Ughh…then why aren’t we there yet?” She scowled back in return with a deep sigh.

“Because it is almost halfway in between Goa and Delhi,” I explained her in a calm, patient voice.

I heard her let out another sarcastic grunt and go back to her business of staring blankly at the window. We were looking for a black racing car which should be placed in the middle of the way in just about another 30 minutes according to my calculation as to how far they could go.

We drove for the next 10 minutes with silence and tension filling the air, making it more thicker and thicker by each passing minute.

“They should have stopped somewhere around here, so look cautiously,” I instructed her which made her flinch back into action.

“Do you think the car will still be here?” She mumbled as she scanned out of her window while I looked to forward as I was driving on this empty highway.

“I doubt it, look for some sort of a clue to give us a hint as to where they are,”

I saw her nod at me from the corner of my eye and both of us went back to skimming through the area for any clue. Panic was stirring into me as we couldn’t get hold of anything.

“Wait, what’s that?” I heard Swara wonder with amusement, pointing to the pole a few km away.

“What?” I asked her in confusion, did she go blind too?

“Do you see the flag sticking out from that pole,” she said with excitement buzzing through her as she pointed to the pole which had a white flag tied to it.

“Shit yes,” I agreed as I hit the brakes and car jerked to a sudden halt.

Swara stirred up with excitement and curiosity and whispered as the wind hit us both on our faces, “Oh my gawd, stupid wind,”

We sprinted towards the pole and I quickly reached for the fald with a shiver passing through my spine at the nervousness. Swara’s eyes looked back curiously at me, asking me to quickly read the flag.

“You made it here, but they made it there, will you make it there or will they make it there?” I read out with a perplezed voice.

“What the hell is wrong with this guy? Why does he keep saying he, she, there, here? And why are there so many ‘there’s’?” Swara ranted on with annoyance as I looked around to see whether someone was following us or keeping an eye on us.

“He is shifting them somewhere. See, we made it here, they went to the place he wanted them to go. Now he is shifting them but where?” I explained as the riddle made more sense to me than her.

“Him and his stupid riddles,” she mumbled to herself as she brushed her hair off her face.

“There, here, there, here, there, here,” I chanted to myself as I looked up to the sky and let the rays of the sun do the trick.

“They are might be in THEHE hotel near the edge of Goa,” I blurted out with enthusiasm as happiness, eagerness, anxiety and all various emotions available stirred through me.

“Is there such place and how on earth did you come to that conclusion?” She asked me grabelly with confusion.

“The from there and he from here, maybe that’s why he kept saying those 2 words so many times,”

“Dude, why would he give us a clue to his whereabouts when he wants to kill them?”

“Or maybe he wants us to come to him,” I suggested as I took the flag with me.

“Us? Why us? I mean we don’t own something very important,”

“I don’t know, but maybe he doesn’t want to kill people, maybe he wants something else,”

We got back into the car and while I was starting the engine, Swara randomly shot out,“Sanskaar is your company transferred in your name?”

“Yes why?” I asked her blankly as I drove the car towards Goa.

“My company is in my name too,” she said to me in a mere whisper and a gasp which made me realize what he was aiming for.

“Holy crap,” I said as I increased the speed of the car. This was bad, it was too bad. How did I not think about this before?

“Call Sagar and my detectives and ask them to come to Thehe,” I ordered her as I took sharp turns and the wheel under my hand went flying with speed.

“Yeah,” she mumbled with a strained delicate voice.

She typed away on her phone rapidly and let out a sigh of…fear. For the first time I saw the fear on Swara’s delicate face, the strong women of confidence and determination was breaking apart. She was coming out of her wall of security and placing forth her true feelings. The look of losing something was flashing on her tender face and her sparkling eyes were on the edge of bursting with water.

“Swara, everything will be fine,” I conforted as I took her hand into mine.

I sensed her shiver under my touch and compose herself with a shaky, sarcastic voice,“Yeah sure,”

“Trust me, nothing will happen,” I mumbled to her as I got her hand towards my lips and placed a delicate peck on her knuckles.

I heard her moan at my touch and immediately counter, “That’s the last thing I’ll do on the planet, trust you,”

“We might not be in this situation if you could just co-operate,” I whispered to myself more than her which made her pull her hand from mine.

“What do you mean? So, if I ‘co-operated’ then our siblings wouldn’t have been kidnapped? What sense does that even make?” She snapped at me brutally.

“I didn’t mean that-”

“Sanskaar, concentrate on the road. I can’t die before I find Ragini,”

“Believe me, you won’t,”

“Sorry, I got trust issues,”

“I can clearly see that,” I commented with equal annoyance as her. As much as she wanted to find Ragini and laksh, so did I. Why won’t she understand that?

I woke up with blurry eyes and my head throbbing with extreme pain. What just happened? I let my sense take over and felt the world around me fall back into place, I opened my eyes open once again and saw Ragini with a tight smile and a concerned look on her face.

I smiled at her warmly when she asked me “Are you okay?”

“I guess so, where am I? More like where are we?” I asked her as I sat in a better posture which instantly made my head hurt again. My eyes fell around the surroundings, seemed like we were in some sort of a very rich hotel room.

“We are in Thehe hotel,” she replied as she placed her tender hand on my forehead.

“What are we doing here?” I asked her in confusion as I watched her snap her eyes at me.

“Long story, later. First just take some rest while I get you something to eat,” she said in a tired and genuine smile of surety.

How much ever I knew there was something wrong, I did want to believe her. “You know how to cook?”

“Well…absolutely not. But there is room service available,” she sarcastically told me as she picked up the landline at the corner of the bed.

“Chicken tikki with extra spice, french fries, glass of orange juice, tomato soup and a vanilla pastry,”

“What?” She asked me confused as I smirked at her.

“My order for food,”

“Sounds good,” she simply said, which made me grow more suspicious, she wasn’t going to argue?

By the time I took a quick scan at my surroundings and wandered my mind at what happened earlier, the food arrived. More like my feast.

“This is soo good,” I mumbled dreamily with greedy eyes as I devoured the food placed in front of me.

“I know right,” Ragini said as she took another bite of her chocolate cake. How predictable.

I rolled my eyes as she smudged the cream all over her face, especially at the corner of her lips which were curled inwards. Without thinking twice, my hand involuntarily moved up to her lips, which were hardly an inch away from mine as I leaned in.

“What are you-” she asked me with shock as I stroked her lips with the edge of my finger while her eyes locked into mine.

I saw a storm fighting though her eyes as I placed a hand on her waist and pulled her closer. She didn’t resist and instead did the most unexpected thing possible, she wrapped her arms around me. I stood there a little taken aback before as she literally held me like her life depended on this one hug. I cuddled her in closer to me and gently wrapped my arms around her.

“Ragini, why are we here?” I asked her as she buried her head into my chest without even meeting my eyes.

“Uhh..actually,” she said hesitantly and I sighed as I lifted her chin by my index finger to reveal another swirl of emotions in her face.

“Spill it,” I ordered sternly as I looked at her.

“We are kidnapped. The blood from the your head is from when they hit you, and we are still in constant surveillance,” she blurted out as she moved back a little.

“What? Who and when?” I asked her in surprise as I saw the fear clean in her eyes.

“I don’t know who, the guy always wears this stupid emoji mask on and when we were taking the picture,” she answered me with patience with trembling body.

“How come you are awake? Did you tell Swara or Sanskaar? Are you okay?”

“I am okay, and no I couldn’t get back my phone, lucky I atleast got to you,”

“What do you mean?’ I asked her confused as her eyes widened at her outburst and she quickly stood up from the bed.

“Nothing, I was just rambling on, what do we do know?” She smartly diverted the topic while I looked back at her scared face.

“We are going to try to contact Swara or Sanskaar and I want to meet this mystery man of yours,” I explained her grumpily with anger.

“Yeah,” she said to be as she understood that I was trying to figure out her lie first.

“Ragini, what are you hiding?” I asked her firmly as I saw her guilty eyes look at me.

“Nothing, why?” She asked me like nothing happened. Boy, was she a good actor.

“Ragini, I promise I won’t get mad,” I convinced her as I grabbed her wrist and pulled her down to the bed.



“Laksh, actually I was awake before you were. I was tied to this metal chain when I woke up and I knew nothing was going on. The kidnapped seeing me awake, made me make a deal with him that if I give him what he wants, he will take me to you. I made the deal as I didn’t know what the deal was,” she let it all out in one breath as I saw the intensity of the guilt picking on her and was almost killing her.

“The deal was..” I trailed out for her, encouraging for her to go on.

I saw her hesitate for a minute and then mutter to me,“I tell him your house address so he could kidnap Uttara,”

“What. Are. You.Nuts?” I snapped at her with extreme anger running through my body. No, no no. Patronising anger ran into my body and a wave of hatred for her washed over me.

“Laksh you promised-”

“Hell to the promise. How could you risk my sister’s life?’ I angrily yelled at her as I saw her flinch under my voice.

Her eyes were glassy and face had an extremely apolegetic look, but I was too stubborn to go with her look.

“Laksh you were bleeding to death, and I…she will come to us,”

“What if he takes her somewhere else? What if something happens to her? Will you be responsible?” I screamed at her deadly.

She looked guyilt, very much but I was in no mood to listen to her, “Laksh, listen, I understand but,”

“You understand nothing, you get it?”

“Laksh, but listen,”

“Shut up. Just shut up. If anything, I mean anything, Ragini Gadodia, happens to my sister than I won’t waste a single second to throw you out of my life,” I threatened her as I ran a hand through my hair.

I knew she was always selfish, but this much? I broke my heart once again for the same person. Why do you do this to me Ragini? Why do you keep breaking my heart? How could I even fall in love with her?

Anger circulated in body as I heard her beg me but but I payed no acknowledge to her words and stormed out of the room with her cries echoing in my ears, “Lakshhh…”
I know…another short one! I promise to reveal that person quicker and their motive in the next update or 2. i hate dragging things and making you wait…so just a little more and then let’s see what happens!!

Were you expecting Ragini to do that? Who do YOU think is right? Tell me via your comments as I am going to base the next update on that!!

Credit to: Mandy

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  1. I don’t think she right.. they are in trouble, why to put someone else in trouble that to a girl.. I just hope SwaSan rescue them..

    1. Lets see…also consider the fact that she promised them! Keep reading for the rescue!

  2. Trouble Trouble trouble… rescue all PLZZZ…

    1. Lol! I will…..keep reading!!

  3. So sad

  4. God not again I can’t even read it if she did it as I have already stopped the serial ages ago and just having fun with these ffs cause it’s too hard to watch when the lead turns negative

    1. Still I read it cause it’s way better than the serial go on with your plot Mandy

    2. Umm..well…I am not making Ragini negative at all! I know that it is hard but I promise she is not negative….keep reading!!

  5. Omg… I hope swasan ll find them soon..

    1. Hopefully!! Keep reading to know!!

  6. how can ragini do that ?

    1. Keep reading to know but I cam asure you that she has a valid reason!

  7. omg is ragini crazy??? i mean how could she do like that , sanskar gonna kill her for this …damn sure….next one make it soon plz

    1. Keep reading to know! I will try to!!

  8. He is an idiotic person

    1. Who Laksh?

  9. I am also angry with Ragini. But given that she gave promise without knowing it and laksh is bleeding to death I didn’t hold this against her.

    1. Exacrly…you are on the right track! Keep reading!!

  10. don’t separate raglak plz

    1. Sure!! Will keep that in mind!!

  11. Gr8 gng ! NYC twist uttara also enters the plot. But who’s this guy? Plzz update fast!

    1. Thsnks!!! Tmr again at same time!!

  12. I thnk wt ragini did ws wrng frm laksh point of view bt fr ragini she jus wantd laksh to b safe in frnt of hr eyes……. Bt thn she dint knw wt d deal ws……. So I dn blame hr atal…….
    BTW sanskar hs snd uttara away fr hr ryt…… I thnk she s safe……..

    Bt ya awesme epi…….. Waiting fr nxt epi……

    1. Finally!! Someone who understands her pov!! U r on the right track!! Thanks a lot!! Keep reading!!

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