SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 43)


I am back again…………soo sorry for disappearing for so long but I can’t help it. My health became worse and I really was not in a mood to type it up.
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“Sleeping beauty, you seemed bored,” I heard Laksh chirp at me with glittering eyes. Somebody seemed to be in a happy mood!

I was staring blankly at the window with utter boredom evident through my expressionless face. We have been travelling for hours with soft music humming at the background of the car. I spotted some waves a few miles away and scowled at him, “Don’t tell me we are going to the beach again,”

“Something like that,” he said hesitantly, unsure whether he gave out too much information.

I mentally slapped myself for coming with him, I am not in a mood to go to the beach AT ALL. “You know that I can’t run away if you tell me where we are going,”

“You sure you won’t bite?” He mocked at me as he turned his head and flashed his ever charming smile. God, why was he so perfect?

“Positive,” I assured him as I glued my eyes to his face for hearing some sort of exciting news. Don’t blame, I was hell bored and his calm, romantic songs were NOT helping me.

“My friend’s b’day was last week and we organized this huge party for him. As a thank you gift, he gave me the paragliding tickets which I am dying to do since like 2 years. They expire today, so I thought why not give them a shot,” he beamed with enthusiasm and commitment as we took another turn through the empty roads.

“Wow…paragliding?” I asked with a dark smirk, as I cooked up a plan in my head. Perfect huh? Let’s test how perfect you are and how much you care about me.

“Yep, it is a 2 person voucher so I thought why don’t I take a daredevil with me,” he coolly replied with a wink at me.

“Me?” I asked with fake horror as I lunged out my seat a bit to add the effect. My eyes were widened and my mouth hung low with my eyes showing fear.

“Why are you so horrified?” He asked me as he caught me with my fake horrific look.

“Stop the car,” I half yelled at him as I took off my belt.

“What?” He asked me confused.

“Stop the car,” I demanded sharply once more as I raised my finger at him. He looked at me shocked for a second, before he halted the car with a sudden jerk and looked back at me blankly.

“What happened? You said you won’t bite,” he snickered flatly at me while I rolled my eyes. Always expect him to crash your plan.

“I am not, didn’t Swara tell you I am afraid of heights?,” I lied to him with anger while I raised my eyes with frustration.

His face showed sparks of realization and he gasped as he said, “You are joking right?”

“Not at all,” I replied bluntly. I am such a good liar!

“But you love adventures….you surf right?” He asked me confused with a expression worth watching, while I bit my inner cheek to control my laughter.

“Yeah, but I know that I am floating on water, unlike paragliding where only a few strings are holding me,” I snapped fakely at him as I averted my eye contact before bursting out laughing. Me…scared of height? Impossible much.

“Yeah, but you know how to swim in case you fall,” he told me with assurance as he doomed with sadness.

“Dude, all that doesn’t matter when you have the fear of heights,” I said to him with a fussy tantrum as I got out of the car to prove my point. The chilly Delhi morning breeze was the just the thing I needed to chill out and breath in.

“Where are you going?” I asked him surprised as I opened my eyes to see that he was turning the direction of the car.

“Home,” he sternly said as he drove perfectly onto the other side.

I was a little taken aback from his answer, he was ready to give up something he really wanted to do….just for me?

“But, it’s okay. You can go there, after all it is kinda your dream right?” I pleaded him as I stood next to the window of his car.

“No it’s not okay. Get in the car, we are driving home,” he firmly told me with a look of concern on his face.

A weird joy and butterflies rose in my stomach listening to his words, I was a little relieved too after testing his perfection. He was perfect indeed. I passed him a grateful grin which he pleasantly returned back.

“No, no, how about I chill at the beach and you can go paragliding. All fair,” I countered as it dawned into me that I needed to end my act ASAP.

“Never, let’s do something that we both can do. I don’t want you hanging around while I have fun,” he casually replied as if it was not a big of a deal while my heart melted with his words.

“Really?” I asked with care as I awwed at his sweet behaviour. Prince charming was on the role to impress me today.

“Will you get in?” He asked me with a huge grin on his face.

“Let’s take a selfie, get out,” I announced with excitement. This was one of the best days in my life and ek picture to banti hai na boss.

“Ragini, it is the middle of the road, you don’t get that do you?” Laksh asked me, knocking some sense into my nut shell.

“There are no cars in sight and besides does anyone even use this way?” I argued smartly as I looked at the empty roads.

“Of course they do,” he muttered as he started the engine as an indicator for me to get in.

“Stop being a spoilsport and come out na,”I begged him with pleading eyes and kicked the tyre of his car when he still didn’t bulge.

“Okay, okay. Woman stop breaking my car,” Laksh snapped at me brutally as he opened the door to come out.

“Let’s face that way,” I told him as I pulled him to the other side of the road and both of us stood next to each other while I pull my phone out.

His gaze was fixed on my moves while my eyes were dancing with pleasure to have such a sweetheart beside me. Sweetheart? Did I just say that? Since when did I start to use nicknames, exactly as I thinking that, I felt something cover me and everything go black before I could even try to protest.

I paced to and fro around the room with extreme panic. It has been an hour since that message and we didn’t know where the hell out siblings were. Sanskaar was talking to a few detectives he knew and trying to see if Laksh’s phone words. Uttara was sitting at the corner of his cabin with a pale and numb look on her face. I really wanted to go and comfort her but at this moment, I needed to talk to Sagar.

“Track Ragini’s number, fast,” he told me sharply before I even said hello.

I huffed as I placed the landline between my ear with the support of my broad shoulder and I attempted with extreme hope, “Sagar, the phone is turned off,”

I huffed with annoyance as I sagged back my chair with fear running through my nerves like blood, what if something happens to her? What will I tell ma and papa? I couldn’t save her the first time, but this time I will not leave any stone unturned to get her back safe and sound.

“How about Laksh?” I heard Sagar say to be, jerking me out of my thoughts.

“The location settings are disabled in his phone,” I told him with panic as I skimmed through my phone.

He sighed and I asked back hastily, “Crap, can we do anything else?”

“Not really, you can only report their missing after 24 hours,” he said in an apologetic tone while I looked back at Sanskaar who had the same look of irritation as me.

“Screw the rules,” I mumbled with annoyance.

“Keep trying,” I ordered him frantically as I cut the call of.

“Where did these idiots go?” Sanskaar said with extreme irritation and same kind of panic as me.

“Lucky bro said he will take Ragini out,” Uttara said quietly from the other end.

“We can try search all over Delhi,” I suggested in a mere whisper after seeing no other option there.

“Friends. Lucky’s friends, didn’t he say he went to meet Varun y’day?” Sanskaar beamed with excitement as his eyes sparked with an idea and his lips twitched into a faint smile.

“Yeah, and he was excited since he got back,” Uttara explained with tight smile.

‘Call up this guy fast,” I ordered as I tossed him his phone from the desk I was sitting on.

“Hello, Varun,” Sanskaar said as he brushed his hand through his hair in worry.

“My parents will freak if they come to know that Ragini is missing. She just went through a coma period and now this, how great!” I said sarcastically as I walked over to Uttara and placed an arm around her shoulder in comfort.

“I think Varun might know where they went,” she tried to cheer me up while I gave her a warm smile.

“What? Are you sure?” We heard Sanskaar question with awe.

He said a quick bye and faced us with shining eyes and my face lit up as I finally found my knight in shining armour, “Did you find out?”

“They went to the paragliding resort centre on the route to Goa,” he declared roughly while he shook this head in dismay.

“Let’s go then,” I announced shortly as I grabbed Uttara’s hand and let the way out. I was too eager to meet Ragini and make sure she was fine and most importantly undo the knot in my stomach.

“She can’t come with us, what if we get kidnapped to in the process,” Sanskaar scowled going in his over protective older brother mode.

“But we can’t leave her like this, she might be the other one who is kidnapped then we will have to hunt down 3 people instead of 2,” I sharply retorted as I weighed the pros and cons together.

“I will send her to Kolkata via the jet right now,’ he declared as he took out his phone and sent a text to someone, probably a pilot.

I nodded my head in agreement while Uttara protested, “But..”

“Uttara, we don’t have a choice,” Sanskaar brushed her off meekly.

“Fine,” she said in a whisper as I indicated her to go along and drop her at his villa.

I opened my tired eyes to see complete darkness surrounding me without a single ray of light penetrating the most desired brightness I want to see. Where the hell am I? And why is my head hurting so much? Laksh? Where is Laksh? My stomach went taut and my limbs went motionless while my heart ached to see the sight of Laksh again.

“Shit,” I cursed as I tried to get up but a metal chain was holding me back, the movement made the chain rub on tightly in my skin.

“Laksh,” I hitched with a dry throat burning me while I looked around to find only darkness. For a second, I considered I fell in coma again.

“Laksh,” I called out again hastily, brushing off the scary thoughts of something terrible happening to him off my mind.

“Your friend is not here, sweety,” I heard a bucked up voice from one corner of the dark room, which made my breath hitch in my throat and my blood to turn cold.

“What? Why am I here and where is Laksh? What do you even want?” I bombarded this random person who I can’t even see with questions as my curiosity took over me.

“Too many questions sweetheart,” I heard him sternly state with a brittle chuckle.

“Shut up. Stop calling me that,” I scowled in response as I fight to get out of the metal chain.

“Ohh..I like your fighting spirit. Fine, I will answer only one of your question. Choose wisely,” he answered back in a challenging tone, his voice was extremely deep and young.

Several questions swirled inside me, one after the other, asking me to pick it, but one questions strived me hard“Where is Laksh?”

“Woah…is your friend more important than your whereabouts?” He sneered at her with a light chuckle.

“Yes,” I responded sternly with the words flowing out instantly of my mouth which surprised me too.

“Well your friend or should I say boyfriend is in the other room, lying unconscious with blood,” he spat out with hatred as I heard him grit his teeth.

“What did you do to him?” I questioned with fear and helplessness as the word blood triggered in my head.

“I said I will answer only one question,” he mocked at her.

“Take me there,” I ordered with stubbornness which ran in my blood as I attempted to break free.

“After you do something for me,” he gravelly taunted with rich pleasure.

“What?” I asked him bitterly with extreme disgust. Why was I even here?

“First promise that you will do whatever I ask you for the return of your boyfriend,” he confirmed the deal with me while I rolled my eyes to noone in particular.

“Just tell me already,” I sourly added with frustration and eagerness to go meet Laksh and make sure he was okay.

“Eager, eager are we?” He snorted out in a deadly tone.

“Shut up and tell me what the hell you want,” I blurted out in a critical tone with my breath almost near stopping.

“You love him a lot don’t you?” He asked me which threw me back a lot.

“YYY..es, I do,” I finally admitted in a mere whisper. It was easier to accept that in the dark, to this random stranger in front of me. I felt a huge weight off my chest and immense pleasure run through me despite my nerves running with electricity of fear. I was in love with him, ever since the very first day.

YAYA!! She finally admitted it!! What will the kidnapper want from Ragini? Will SwaSan find them? Why is Laksh in blood? Where is he? TO be answered soon, so keep reading!!

I will update short updates like this for the week as I have to catch up on my work as I missed the past few days…but I will post!! Keep reading and COMMENT YOUR VIEWS!!

Credit to: Mandy

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