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“And you know what, he left me,” Swara cried out for the tenth time about her dream of some person who left her in the middle of the road.

“Swara, we get it,” I snapped at her with rage at her tantrums. She was sitting in the passenger seat next to me and screaming into my ears, making my ears bleed with horror.

“No you don’t, he left me alone,” she started to cry like a little child with a sobs in between.

“Why am I stuck with her at the front?” I asked back with furious anger building inside me as I looked at Ragini and Laksh who were gazing happily at the windows at the back.

“Sanskaar, she is drunk, let her be,” Ragini comforted me with an apologetic shrug as she let out a sigh at Swara.

“What will happen to me?” Swara said dramatically with extreme emotion beside me and I mentally slapped myself to actually let this girl drink bhaag infront of me.

“You will go jump off a cliff and die,” I said to her in a stern voice.

“Really?” She asked me in frightened tone like a little 6 year old.

“Sanskaar,” Ragini warned me as I halted the car infront of their hotel FINALLY!

Ragini walked to the other side of the car, towards Swara and opened the door and tried to get her out of the car, “Swara, get down, let’s go home,”

“Noo, no and no,” she stubbornly said as she looked at me for help.

Seeing that, Ragini instantly said, “Sanskaar will come too,”

“Okay,” she agreed happily and hopped of the seat.

“Wait what? No way,” I roared with anger while Ragini gave me a death glare and Swara looked at me innocently. Such an innocent devil.

“Bro, let’s just drop her and come back,” Laksh persuaded me while all the 3 of them gave me pleading eyes and innocent faces.

“Fine,”I mumbled, giving in as I jumped off the car.

Swara danced her way through the lobby of the hotel to the elevator while all the staff was staring at us with disbelief. Way to get embarrassed, we all smiled at them and I advised, “I think I should call a physiatrist,”

“Sanskaar, she is only drunk. She will be fine as soon as I get her some lemon juice,” Ragini told me as we reached their hotel room.

I sighed with immense frustration and said, “This is a hotel, where are we supposed to find lemons?”

“You guys see that she doesn’t do anything wrong and I will go try to do something,” Ragini scolded us and she dragged us both along with Swara to the bedroom door.

I sat down on the bed while Swara payed a close scan to the marble tiled floor while Laksh was watching her amusing as he leaned against the door.

“Swara, what are you doing?” I asked her in horror was she bent down and stretched her arms across the floor.

“The floor is so lonely, everyone keeps stepping on it,” she mumbled with concern as she looked at the floor with an upset face.

“So? That’s what it is supposed to be for,” I said matter of factly as I raised my eyebrow with confusion.

“I am giving it a hug so that it doesn’t die due to loneliness. But, see it’s so big, why don’t you help me by giving it hugs too,” she muttered in a goody, childish tone while I dropped my jaw in extreme shock.

“What the hell women, are you out of your mind?” I yelled at her as I stood up and rushed to the front of the room.

“Geez, she is drunk bro,” Laksh said to me in between his extreme laughs.

I hit him on the head and continued to him while Ragini walked in with a glass in her hand, announcing with rich pleasure, “I found some lemon sap in the fridge, so Swara, here we go,”

“I don’t want this,” Swara declared from beside the bed as she leaned down and spread her arms across the floor again.

Ragini gasped in shock with widened eyes and dropped jaw and hastily asked, “Swara, what are you doing?”

“I completely forgot, this is my new friend,” Swara announced with joy twinkling in her eyes.

“Huh?” Ragini asked her with confusion as she stared back at her sister with disbelief while me and Laksh chuckled.

“The floor is my new friend, say hi,” Swara retorted with extreme innocence and pride in her voice.

“Uhhh…hi floor,” Ragini said hesitantly, “Drink this now,”

“Why don’t you give some to the floor too?” Swara asked her with confusion.

“Sure, Sanskaar and Laksh do you guys want to go and get some for the floor while Swara drinks this,” Ragini played along and shooed us out of the room.

“Nope,” Laksh said dismissively while getting comfortable on the bed.

“Laksh,” Ragini and I yelled at him and dragged him with us.

“Swara, now my baby sister, let’s drink this,” I convinced her patiently to drink the glass of lemon juice to get rid of her extremely weird behaviour. I mean, my sister was making friends with the floor, as in the floor. Can this day get any worse?

“Fine,” she mumbled with displeasure and drank the whole glass in a big gulp which made my face lit up.

“Does that make you feel better?” I asked with relief.

“Give my floor some too,” she said stubbornly.

“How about you lay down for a while, does your head hurt?” I ask her with confusion as she showed no signs of headaches, sore throats or any other symptoms of hangovers.

Normally by this time her head starts to hurt and she should pass out just about now“No, but my heart does,”

“What?” I asked her confused as I glanced at her still drunken face.

Okay, why isn’t it working? Something, like anything should happen by now. Confusion took over me as I walked and placed a hand on her head. She has no fever or anything, but why is she still drunk..

“Can you please ask the brothers to come and give my floor a drink,” she requested desperately and I nodded as I looked back at the glass.

“Also, I want to fly in the sky,” she told me admiringly while I let out a grunt of annoyance. Why isn’t the lemon doing any work?

“We will do that tomorrow, I will take on a jet,” I told her with a smile, but she did look cute though and extremely open after so many days. It felt good to see her like this, smiling, enjoying, carefree but she was also acting extremely stupid with that which scared me.

“No, but I want to fly with my own wings,” she stubbornly declared while I raised my eyebrow in confusion. Yep, my day just go worst.

“Well, I will get the engineer to install wings on you then,” I assured her hesitantly, hoping that something would happen right now.

“You are the best,” she said with a huge grin, “Now where should we go? I want to go to Paris, Cuba again, oh what about Australia,”

I was staring at her with disbelief. How is she awake? Normally she sleeps away happily by this time, and now she is still blabbering about something.

“Are you even listening?” She asked me with irritation.

“Yes, I am. Give me a minute so that I can check on Sanskaar and Laksh,”I told her as I hurried out of the room before I go crazy too.

“Guys, she is still drunk,” I told them with confusion as I looked at Sanskaar and Laksh gasp in shock.

“Should I call the doctor?” Sanskaar said again.

“No,” me and Laksh yelled at him and he cursed something in his breath.

“Why didn’t it work?” I asked them confused.

“Get me what you found,” Laksh said to be with doubtfulness and I gave him the lemon sap bottle I found.

“Idiot, this is normal water. No wonder nothing happened,” he yelled at me as he took a sip of it.

“I am calling the doctor,” Sanskaar repeated again.

“Shut up,” we both yelled at him and he kept the phone away.

“Let me get her in the shower and everything should be fine,” I told them as I planned by myself on how to do it.

“Do you want me to help?” Laksh snickered at me. I looked at him with perplexity but later understood his words.

“Are you serious? Get out,” I snapped at him and he left with a loud laugh.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he screamed over his shoulder as I saw both the boys disappear through the halls.

“Leave,” I screamed out with a grin taking up my face. I smiled like an idiot as I shut the door. Laksh, what are you doing to me? I am falling for you all over again,


“Whoever you are, please cut the phone right now. I am in the middle of my beauty sleep so please call again,” I heard her mumbled with yawn while I rolled my eyes at her cuteness.

“My sleeping Beauty is still sleeping?” I asked her huskily to which I heard her mumble something.

“Why do you hate me so much? Let this sleeping beauty of yours go to sleep,” she snapped at me while I chuckled lightly, imaging her cute expressions.

“I didn’t know you would become mine so easily,”


“You just said this sleeping beauty of yours,”

“I..I was just sleeping, so I don’t know what I am saying, now bye,”she stuttered slightly and I smiled ot myself. The charm of Laksh has finally got Ragini!

“Hayee hayee, how cute!” I said dreamily with a dramatic sigh.

“Shut up and bye,”

“But my sleeping beauty, you have the whole entire life to sleep but I have only one week to impress you, so get ready, I am coming to pick you up in 15 minutes,”

“Laksh, Swara slept at 12am after finally tossing her into the shower and now it’s hardly 7, let me sleep,”

“We have a long car ride to go to, so sleep in my luxurious car,”

“You are failing miserably on trying to impress me by waking me so early,”

“You won’t say that after you see where we are going,”

“I am not coming,”

“Yes you are,”

“Laksh, didn’t you say yesterday that your perfect morning was waking up late and having a big breakfast,”

“Yeah so?”

“Why don’t you have your perfect morning and I have mine, bye!”

“You are coming? Great, see ya in 15 minutes,” I cut her off and hung up when I heard her growl at me. She is an angry tigress. My angry tigress.

“Bro, drop me to university,” Uttara said to me as she barged into my room.

“I have to go somewhere with Ragini?” I told her excitedly, completely ignoring her.

“Ragini di? Why her?” She asked me confused, oh I didn’t tell her about all this.

“Because I want to, and who are you to ask me questions? Leave my room,” I said coldly to her with a smirk.

“How does she bare you in her life?” She said with fake sympathy as she grit her teeth.

“Same way your friends bare you in your life,” I whispered smartly with my smirk still on.

“I heard that,”

“Whole point of saying that,” I retorted sharply and she stuck her tongue out at me and left the room without another glance while I chuckled at her behaviour. How was I ever related to her?

“Swara? Swara?” I heard Sanskaar yell at me as he nudged me slightly, waking me up from my comfy sleep.

“Huh, yeah,” I asked him absentmindedly as I rubbed my blurry eyes.

“This is an office not your personal room for you to fall asleep,” he mocked at me with anger.

“How about you give me the permission to go to my room and fall asleep,” I responded sternly with a yawn.

“Let me think about it,” he said making my face lit and then added. “No,”

“Ughhh…. What do you even want me to do?” I whined at him my eyes were closing back off.

“Did you finish with those files,” he ordered in his usual bossy voice as he pointed to the stack of files.

“Give them to the people who are experts in doing something like that, not me okay?” I curtly said to him.

“I am the boss here, not you” he replied in the same rude tone as me.

I opened my mouth to shoot another venom at him but his American office desk duty girl showed up and said in high pitched voice which fliched me from my dreams,“Sir, I found this in the mail,”

“Thank you,” he mumbled to her and nodded at her to leave while I curiolsy got up and looked at the sheet of paper.

BUT WILL YOU BE ABLE TO KNOW ME?” He read it out to me.

Both of us stared with dismay at the paper, with a pan of fear rushing through me. My limbs froze and I gasped inwardly after staring at it for 2 whole minutes.

“What the hell does that mean?” I finally broke the silence and saw his face completely leeched with fear.

“I got this after our accident too,” he responded slowly as he kept his gaze still on the paper.

“What? Same words?” I asked him surprised. Who writes like that?

“Yes, it was something like this with me, she, he, and they,” he said sternly as his eyes showed desperation and helplessness. I gulped down as I remembered our accident.

“They are here in front of me, who is they?” I asked him confused, if he has seen this before, he should know what they are talking about right?

“My family, or your family,” he said as slowly reality hit us both and we looked at each other with our jaws dropped and immediately took out our phones.

He ran to his office and called his parents while I dialled Papa’s number, “Papa, are you at home with everybody else?”

“Yes, dear any problems?” He asked me worried while a relief brushed over me. My family is safe.

“Papa, please call dadi, dadu, dida, ma to you, I need to tell you something important,” I hastily said to them as I paced hurriedly through the room.

“Swara wants to tell us something important,” I heard Papa say to Dadi.

“Did you finally find a groom for yourself? God bless you dear, may god give you all the happiness. Is he bengali? Or Marwadi?” Dadi asked me excitedly as I let out a sarcastic laugh.

“I am not getting married. I want to tell you that please be at home today and don’t go outside. I called Sagar to come over to the house in case of emergencies. Don’t ask me anything now, I will confirm and let you know everything later. Please trust me, nothing is wrong,” I assured them as I heard a few whispers from them.

“As you say Shona, but take care of yourself and Ragini okay?” He said to me in a tensed tone. Ragini is completely safe in the hotel, I am glad she decided to sleep late and stay in there.

“Yes papa, love you,” I hurriedly told him and hung the phone.

“My family is alright,” I turned around to say to Sanskaar and he nodded at me, “Same here,”

“Then who is ‘they’?” He asked me confused while I went through the list of the people we knew.

“They, they, Uttara? Call Uttara now,” I roared at him with tension building up in me, it might be her and her friends.

“Hello, Uttara, are you okay?” He asked her worriedly as he placed the phone on speaker just in case with get any clues.

“Until you called me and made the teacher send me out of the class I was totally fine. What happened?” She asked her casually while we both let out a long breath of relief.

“Ughh..nothing I got a fake threat from someone so I was just checking to make sure everyone is fine,” he alerted her while I kept thinking to who this was for then.

Our families were safe, Ragini is at hotel, Laksh is at home, Uttara is at university, we both are in office, then who else do we know?

“What? Why would someone do that?” She asked the same question with shock.

“I don’t know, I will send Laksh to come and get you. Skip the university for today,” he said with protectiveness and I smiled at his concern for his sister.

“Did Laksh come back from his trip with Ragini?” She asked us which blew my mind off.

“WHAT? Which trip?” Sanskaar asked her in shock as he looked up and mirrored the same face of ear as me.

“You don’t know, they made a plan to go somewhere today before I left for university,” she told us gently while my stomach went taut. NO….

“Are you sure Uttara?” He asked her again to make sure this was right.

“Bro, the threats are not for me, but for them,” she said silently while it hit both of us at the same time. I grabbed my phone and dialed Ragini’s number with sweat piling up on my forehead.

“Shit, call the driver and come to my office NOW,” he ordered her and she mumbled a yes and hung up.

“Ragini is not picking the call up or Laksh,” I tell him worriedly as he looked up at me with fear.

Shit shit, shit, this can’t be happening. Now now, not anymore.

“How can they go without informing us?” He asked me with rage while I shrugged and tried to piece everything together.

“Wait, when did you get the threat last time?”I asked him with panic and hacked breath.

“I got it while you fainted and I came to check with the repairs to see what was wrong with my brakes,” he told me tensely while I paced madly around the room.

“Shit, that was exactly the time they met with an accident because of this random biker hitting into them,” I blurted out with realization as I finally solved the puzzle.

“They had an accident too?!” He asked me with surprise.

“Didn’t Laksh tell you?”

“No, which means,” he said with his eyes boring into mine.

“He is after their lives,”I completed for him in a mere whisper with our brains stopping at the moment we realized that. Oh my god!
Dun dun duuhhhh!! Enough of the romantic track for now, let’s head into some mystery to solve all the past secrets and find out who this mystery person is who is constantly behind Swaragini and SanLak from 2 years. Excited??

What happened to RagLak and where they are will be revealed by them in the next update, a lot of twists and turns ahead so keep reading!!

Oh and BTW…I can’t update tmr as I have an major exam coming up for English which will take up all my time but I will be back with hopefully a bigger one for Friday instead, I am sorry for the irregular updates but I am sick and there are exams on top of that, so I am in quite a mess!! BUT DO COMMENT YOUR VIEWS AND TRY TO GUESS WHO THIS MYSTERY PERSON IS AND WHERE RAGLAK ARE!!

Credit to: Mandy

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