SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 41) (Holi Special 2)


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“Are you Ragini?” A little girl about 5 years came up to me with a huge grin on her face.

“Yes, why?” I asked her with suspicion, we were still playing truth or dare and there was no sign of Laksh from the past 20 minutes.

“This is for you,” she said as she handed me a piece of white paper, neatly folded in half.

“What it is this?” I asked her curiously but she smiled and walked out of the room, or more like the house we were sitting in.

I stared blankly at the piece of paper in my hands and opened it as suspense builded up in my head. “Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Stars are sparkling just you.
I am waiting for this star on the terrace!”

I rolled my eyes at Laksh’s letter and whispered sarcastically to myself “How cliche.”

Honestly, I have never ever met a person who is so cheesy and weird, I mean like seriously?

“Where are you going?” I heard Uttara strike me with a question as I headed out the house.

“To judge my proposal,” I stated with a wide grin and a wink as I rushed out of the house and up to the terrace of his house.

I was nervous, as well as happy, excited, so many emotions were swirling through my head as I kept going to the terrace, everyone all around me were playing holi like crazy with several colors from all over flying over me. It’s not everyday that I get proposed, is it?

“Hii,” I said meekly as I saw him standing with a huge wide smirk on his face as I walked into the terrace. Most of the streets could be seen from here and excitement crept into my as my eyes twinkled with joy and my heart began to race rapidly with each passing step.

“Heyy,” he said cheerfully as I went near him.

“How is the day so far?” He asked casually with his lips twitching at the corners while I leaned on the wall next to him.

“Not bad, I am actually enjoying it here,” I replied with a shrug as the warm breeze hit my face making my bangs fly with it.

“Well, it is just going to get better,” he said proudly with determined eyes as he stepped closer to me which made a huge lump in my throat and the my pulse run faster than normal.

“Did you find a ring for me?” I asked him sarcastically as he pushed his hands into his pockets.

“I have many, will you accept it?” He asked me curiously with his eyebrows raised.

“Maybe, maybe not,” I replied in low voice as I averted my eye contact and bit my lower lip.

He let out a loud sigh, probably in disappointment and I joked lightly. “I thought you will have something spectacular with lighting, some table, spotlight, but I see nothing here.”

“Don’t judge the book by it’s cover sweety,” he stated bluntly with his master smirk back on his lips while I rolled my eyes.

“I would do something like that, but I don’t have the time. Don’t worry, now that I know it, I am going to arrange it on my real proposal,” he confidently said with a loud chuckle and a wink while I hung my mouth open.

“So confident you will marry me eh?” I mocked as I hit his arm playfully.

“You are only mine sweety,” he said calmly with possessiveness in his voice and determined with intense confidence in his brown eyes as he pulled me in a secure pull/

“Whateves, is this the proposal? I didn’t like it,” I stated honestly as I looked around to find a normal terrace surrounding me.

“Come here,” he gently told me as he instructed me to stand in front of him, his hand were squeezing my waist, his warm breath sending shivers down my spine as it fanned my neck and his chin delicately placed on my shoulder.

“Laksh, what are you doing?” I asked as he gently pushed me against the wall, I could look down to see people playing holi and shouting at each other. Is this my proposal? Watching people play holi?

A hint of anger rose in me as he started to say huskily near my ear“The thing that I couldn’t tell 2 years back, the colours of holi are going to help me,”

“Holi? Did you get the festival to speak for you,” I snickered with sarcasm as I tried to control my heart galloping, anticipating his proposal. He never fails to amaze me.

“Something like that,” he casually blurted out while he looked at some people smiling widely at us from beneath.

Laksh leaned in more closer to me and blew out a whistle and I slowly mumbled “Lucky, what is going on-”

“Shushh,” he shushed me and motioned me to look up while I stood there confused. Am I missing some part of this.

Within minutes, a few rockets burst into the sky, with each of them forming a letter by the holi colors in them. After all of them formed letters, it finally read I LOVE YOU.

“Oh my gawd,” I let out a faint gasp with amusement and happiness. The knot in my stomach started to unturn and gave birth to thousands of butterflies, beaming with joy. My face struck with excitement and I could do was stare with joyous eyes and my mouth hung open.

“I love you,” he whispered hoarsely which gave me immense happiness that can not just be explained.

“We are going to drink loads and loads of bhang,” I declared as I chucked in my first glass of bhang.

“We? You mean you, I am not part of the dare,” Sanskaar said grumpily as he sat on the table while I took a break from the bhang.

“You promised that you will do everything I said, I am the expert after all,” I whinned with a frown on my face.

“I promised NOTHING, go and drink as much as you want, I am not going to drink a bit,” he said stubbornly while anger rose in me.

“Yes you are,” I insisted with persistent tone.

“Not happening,” he replied coolly.

“Oh my gawd!!!” I exclaimed as I saw a few rockets burst into the sky and form I LOVE YOU. I grinned cheekily and happiness for my sister was all I could think off. She must be so happy and surprised right now.

“What is my brother upto?” Sanskaar asked flatly with bored eyes.

“That’s so cute and romantic!” I stated as I gulped down another glass of bhang. Delicious!

“Why do you girls like all overly excotic stuff?” He questioned me blakley with a disgusted look on his face.

“I can’t believe Laksh is your brother. You are all so boring and he is super romantic, my sister is so lucky,” I ranted on as I drank another glass of bhang while he glanced at me with disbelief.

“That’s why he is called lucky,” he stated matter of factly with a smirk while I stuck my tongue out at him. My maturity was drowning in the ocean at the moment.

“And you are called Mr Boring,” I shot back while he snapped in rage.

“I am not boring,” he said back with irritation.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, I can do anything,” he blurted out and I gave him a cunning look.

“Bhang,” I said simply as I shoved a glass into his hand.

“You are kidding me right?” He asked me with disbelief.

“Take it or leave it,”

“Blackmail.” He scowled with anger as he rolled his eyes and gulped the glass down after making weird faces like a kid.

“How is it? Awesome na? You want more?” I chirped with enthusiasm as I forced him with another glass.

“Sure, whatever you say,” he retorted with disinterest as he drank another glass while I smirked in victory.

“How is it?” I whispered into her ear as I saw her drop her jaw with amusement.

“Beautiful, this is amazing, I mean just amazing. When did you-” she let it all out in one breath while I smiled with extreme contentment after I saw her eyes sparkling at me.

“Just now, I wanted to tell you this since a long time,” I said dubiously as I scratched my neck sheepishly.

“And you still couldn’t?” She teased as she looked back at the sky which was started to fade out.

“I guess not, I tried after all,” I defended myself to which she let out a small giggle but kept staring at the ghost of the letters with extreme happiness while my eyes danced in pleasure.

“Did I succeed?” I asked her with curiosity taking over me.

She smiled at me and in the next minute she wrapped her hands around my neck, smashing herself into my chest while I delightfully wrapped my arms around her waist and buried my face in her hair which was floating all over.

Thank you, you are the best,” she murmured as she let out a dreamy sigh.

“I am Laksh after all,” I flaunted proudly, receiving a playful smack which made me groan and her break the hug.

“Idiot, I hate you,” she snapped at me while I chuckled at her.

“Liar,” I said as I grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to me.

The lavender scent flaring my nostrils and enduring inside me. I could see her bite her lower lip in nervousness while her eyes were shining brightly at me, I leaned in a little to feel her hot breath and my cold one mingle.

“Where is Swara and Sanskaar? Swara acts crazy when she is drunk, let’s go,” she said alertly as I leaned in a little more closer.

Instead of letting her go, I grabbed her arm and neatly twisted it at the back while she struggled frantically to get it back, “Laksh, let go,”

I shook my head at her and she whined at me stubbornly, “I need to go get Swara under control.”

“Sanskaar will handle her,”

“He can’t, let me go,”

“How about day out with me tomorrow,” I asked her out.

“I’ll think about it,” she replied evilly with a smirk while I glared at her with frustration.

“Will stay here until you do then,” I said back as I pulled her closer to me while she glared at me with shock and annoyance.

Swara drank 10 glasses of bhang, even after my warning and ended up extremely drunk, running all over the place and I currently can’t find her. Where did this girl go??

“I need to tell you something,” I heard a familiar voice hit me from the back to see Swara yelling on top of her lungs.

“How the hell did she get up there?” I mumbled as I saw her standing on Laksh’s car on the adjacent street while she tried hard to balance herself.

“That I love you thing in the sky was done for my sister by her special someone, she is lucky isn’t she?” She screamed out to noone in particular. This girl was honestly worth watching when she is drunk.

“But I don’t believe in love, can someone explain me what love is?” She screamed once more which caught a few people’s attention and they started to stare at her while giving her what-the-hell-are-you-doing look.

As I reached my villa, I grabbed her wrist and attempted to pull her down, “Swara, this is not valentine’s day to explain you all that, get down,”

“No, tell me what love is,” she said stubbornly while she looked a little dizzy from the bhang.

What the hell am I supposed to do with this girl?? Right then an idea glinted into my head, “Ragini is in love right?”

“Yeah,” she said hesitantly with confusion as she took a seat on the sports car. Lucky would kill her if he sees her there.

“Let’s go ask her,” I persuaded her to come with me to Ragini.

“Uhh…okay,” she finally agreed after putting on a frown and hoping of the car.

I balanced her on the ground and headed towards Tanay’s mansion where we were playing truth or dare.

“Do you know what love is?” She asked me agogly.

“No, I don’t,” I answered bluntly.

Yes you do, my inner conscious said but I dismissed it off.

“Swara, this is why you don’t get drunk,” I snapped at her as she almost tripped on her own feet.

“That was the dare Ragini gave me,” she replied nonchalantly and rubbed her eyes.

“You guys are here, we are playing perfect match,” we heard Uttara announce as she ran over to us.

“OMG! Let’s go, I want to play,” Swara changed her mind and prepared herself to head off with Uttara while I stand confused at her decisions.

“Are you sure? I mean look at you,” I asked her with concern, looking at her drunken state.

“I look extremely beautiful, now let’s go,” she brushed off my concern and was ready to go with Uttara.

“Ragini, where are you?” I mumbled to myself with helplessness.

“What happened to her?” Uttara asked me boggled at Swara’s sudden change in behaviour.

“She is drunk,” I told her rolling my eyes.

“Wow, she looks..” Uttara trailed as she scanned Swara who was controlling her dizzy mind.

“Crazy?” I concluded for her.

“Let’s just go with that,” she agreed with sigh.

“What is perfect match anyways?” Swara bounced in out of nowhere.

“When you don’t know what it is, then why the hell did you agree to play it?” I asked her in disbelief.

“I knew about it a few minutes ago, but now I forgot,” she reasoned. Of course this girl has alzheimer’s every time she gets drunk. Happened before, happens now.

“Uttara, explain her till I go find Ragini,” I instruct Uttara who nods her head in agreement.

“Ragini, Laksh, Ragini, Laksh,” I yell out as I head back to my house.

I rush upstairs onto the terrace to quickly skim that before heading over to the next house, I walk into the terrace to see both of them in the corner of the terrace with Laksh twisting Ragini’s arm and pulling her closer.

“Are you guys kidding me? While I am in a crisis, you are busy romancing,” I teased them with frustration while they pulled apart with embarrassment.

“I was showing her how strong I am, she is doubting my capabilities,” Laksh tried to cover the situation but it ended up more worse.

“Keep your lies to yourself. Ragini, Swara is drunk, I need some help,” I told them while Ragini gave him a death glare.

“I am coming,” she said as we both hurried back in search of Swara.

Okay, we have been searching for my ‘drunk’ sister for the past 30 minutes and there was no sihgt of her. I mean where did she disappear? She does crazy stuff when she is drunk and gets totally out of control and the fun part is she doesn’t know that. Anyways, my legs are screaming at me to stop walking while my eyes are busy scanning for Swara with both Sanskaar and Laksh doing the same beside me.

Suddenly, I spot a girl who is all dizzy and is leaning on another one. Yep, that’s her.

“OMG! Swara, are okay? How many glasses did you drink?” I asked her with concern and annoyance at once.

“Drink what?” She asks me like she doesn’t know what is going on. Of course she doesn’t, she is drunk after all!

“Bhang,”I tell her, rolling my eyes as she leans a little on me.

“10-11 glasses, or was it 7-8?” She childishly tells me with confusion while I stare at her with disbelief and Sanskaar, Laksh and Uttara chuckle at her antics.

“Never mind, let’s go home,” I order her as I grabbed her hand and dragged her with me.

“NOOO,” she whined in my ear, making me leave her with a jerk.

“What the hell? Swara, let’s go,” I insist once more as I grab her wrist but she instantly pulled out, making a puppy face at me.

“I want to play perfect match,” she complained stubbornly as a 2 year old.

“What? Who is playing that?” I asked her confused.

“We are playing it at the end of the street,” Uttara informed me instead.

“Come on, let’s go,” Swara chirped as she jumped up and down with enthusiasm while we all glared at her with dismay.

“Swara, Swara, cool down. Who are you going to play with?” I convinced her to stop jumping and persuade her to go home with me.

“You,” she pointed at me and clapped happily.

“Swara, this is played as a couple not alone or with a sister,” I said grumpily irked

“Right, why don’t you and Laksh play with me?” She asked me innocently while I gave her a death glare. Her mind decides to work now, where did it go before?

I glanced at Laksh who was smirking at me and I felt a little blush on my cheeks, what is happening to me? “No way,”

“Why?” Swara asked with frown.

“Because you don’t have a person to play with, how about we go home and find someone and come back to play?” I said to her and assured her to come back.

“Why don’t you play with Sanskaar and I will play with Ragini?” Laksh decided to pop up in between making me slap my head. Did he have to come now?

“Laksh,” me and Sanskaar both snapped at him.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Swara said stubbornly. That’s it, once she decides to do something, it is nearly impossible to convince her.

“I am not playing with her,” Sanskaar argued this time.

“You don’t have a choice mister,” Swara shot back.

“Oh really?” He asked her confused.

“Or else I will go tell the media your secrets,” she threatened him which made me gasp in shock.

“Your brain only works for these kind of stuff right?” He asked her with a frown while she glared evilly.

“I hate you,” I said gravelly at Laksh while we walked to the end of the street.

“How cute, sweety,” he mocked at me with wink while I threw daggers at him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s start the game rounds for Perfect Match. Can we please have all the couples here by the speaker please,” Uttara announced as all of us moved forward.

“Let me briefly explain how this works, Perfect Match is to see whether the couples we have here are the perfect match for each other or not. Each person will be given a slate and be asked about random questions, if the couple answers all of them right then they are the perfect match to each other. The crowd will cheer if you answers are closely tied together or are the same, so audience you are the judges.” She explained while we were all handed small whiteboards with a marker and a duster.

“Let’s get started with Ragini and Laksh,” she chirped which made me roll my eyes. Well, better get it over with and leave from here.

I was placed on the left side and Laksh stood on the right side of Uttara, I bit my lip with nervousness, why did I agree to make a fool out of myself? Screw you Laksh!

“Question 1: Brief of your perfect morning,” Uttara asked and I quickly wrote down my reply.

“Sleeping late, long shower and a heavy breakfast while watching tv,” I read out from my board.

“Sleeping late without Uttara yelling in my ears, super long hot shower and a big breakfast,” Laksh read out from his one and the crowd went wild.

I was actually surprised at the match, that was peculiar for sure.

“Question 2: Brief of your perfect date”

“Racing, a movie on the hill and partying on the beach,” I read out.

“Race tracks, hilltop movie and the beach,” Laksh read out the same one and again the crowd cheered.

Of course, both of us knew we would answer that. It was the best date of my life!!

“Question 3: One thing you want to do in life, ie the most important thing in your bucket list”

“Winning the 2016 All time Racer title,” I read out.

“Winning the 2016 Racing championship,” he read out which made me blink my eyes in surprise as the crowd started to cheer.

OMG! We are actually extremely compatible, I did NOT expect that at all.

“Question 4: Laksh, write down the thing the partner likes the most and Ragini please write down what you like the most. This can be a person, thing, animals, place, anything.”

“Chocolate Cake,” I read out and I was sure he put down Racing or Swara or something else.

“Chocolate Cake,” he showed his board. A tiny but of exciemetn blew into me as he smiled his ever charming smile at me.

I was honestly impressed with him, after all the things he could put, he put Chocolate cake. Not bad at all!

“Question 5: Your motto in life,”

“Live life to the fullest, be happy and love people around you,” I read out with hope that he put the same, I mean we made it through so far, why not win it right?

“Enjoy life for every moment, be cheerful and spread love all around you,” Laksh read out and everyone burst out laughing while I grin broke onto my lips.

A feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment went through me as I handed back the board to Uttara while Laksh winked at me.

“With that we declare that you both are the perfect match for each other, both of your answers are either the exact same or are closely tied together. You guys cannot find person who knows you so well than each other,” she ranted which made the crowd go aww or ohhh.

“Are you implying that we get glued to each other and stay like this forever,” I mocked at her sarcastically.

“That’s not a bad idea after all,” Laksh intertwined our hands and we headed back to the crowd, with me blushing a little.

“Shut up,” I scowled at him.

“See, the whole world thinks we are perfect,” he flattered me with pride, more flirting with me.

“Ragini Gadodia is actually blushing,” he commented as he poked a finger onto my cheek. I gave him a death glare and averted my gaze. Holy shit, I was blushing.

“Shut up,” I retorted with anger as I looked up to see Swara and Sanskaar next.

“Swara and Sanskaar, you go next,” Uttara announced and I cursed Laksh who was flirting with Ragini to make me do this. I was standing on the left to Uttara and Swara on the right and both of us were handed a board. Great, just great.

“Question 1: Brief of your perfect morning,”

“Waking up early, having some breakfast and leaving to work,” I read out bored while I felt a bunch of my neighbours eyeing me with excitement. For them and their time to actually listen to me, I plastered a fake smile on my lips.

“Getting up early, little food with Ragini and going to office,” Swara read out with over enthusiasm which makes me sound like a retard.

The crowd cheered at us while I blinked in disbelief, we actually got that right? That was surprising as hell.

“Typical workaholics here, “Question 2: Brief of your perfect date”

“Long drive, candle light dinner and dance,” I read out as I pictured my fancy date,

“Long drive, candle light dinner and dance with music,” she read out with excitement while I glared at her with astonishment.

She was looking at every other place except me, and why so?

“Question 3: One thing you want to do in life, ie the most important thing in your bucket list”

“Making Maheshwari Empire the number 1 business in the world,”I proudly stated and moved my gazed to Swara’s answer.

“Taking my business to the top,” she read out and the crowd let out a cheer.

Another one that is right? How can 2 polar opposite people have so much in common?
Because opposites attract you idiot, my subconscious replied. Screw it.

“Question 4: Sanskaar describe Swara is one word and Swara write down the word that describes you the most,”

That was a crazy and hell of a confusing question. To me, Swara was crazy, arrogant, childish, silly, beautiful, Energetic and extremely Swara. Swara Gadodia. “Gadodia,”I read out

“Gadodia,” she replied too with a faint voice probably due to the shock too. WHAT??

“Impressive after the fact that they are not even dating. Don’t you think they should start dating from now?” Uttara randomly said out which urged me to step forward and pull the mike off her hands.

“YESSS,” I heard the crowd yell which made me want to hide my face in embarrassment and the worst part was that I have to see these people everyday as I go to office or come back.

“Question 5: Your motto in life,”

“Give time to people you care like there is no tomorrow and help as many people as you can,” I stated, I added the help part as I knew Swara would say that.

“Spend time with the people you value, love and care like there is no tomorrow and help the needy whenever you can,” she said and the crowd cried with excitement.

That was……very very shocking. It was totally unexpected and unbelievable that both of us are that compatible, giving the fact that we hardly talk to her each other other than taunting 24/7

“And with that, we have another perfect couple standing amongst us. 3 cheers to Sanskaar and Swara who are just friends. Hopefully, after this they start to move beyond being friends,” Uttara announced. I gave her a death glare, she is going to come home after all and just watch what I do with her for this.

“Swara, are you okay?” I asked Swara who was on the edge of passing out.

“Effects of too much bhang,” Ragini replied sarcastically as she balanced Swara.

“Bro, we never knew our siblings were so compatible with each other,” Laksh mocked at me while I threw daggers at him.

“As if I knew about it myself,” I mumbled to myself.

“You both should seriously-” he started to blabber but I cut him off.


“What?” He asked innocently while Ragini chuckled.

“Go start the car while I get Swara,” I ordered him and looked back at the unconscious Swara who Ragini was trying to maintain from falling off.

Were we actually perfect for each other? Do we have feelings for each other??

How was that?? How did you like the Perfect Match game?? laksh’s proposal?? Swara’s drunk drama??

I am not sure if I will be able to update on Monday, so here is the big and long update to compensate, DON’T FORGET TO COMMENT YOUR VIEWS!!

Credit to: Mandy

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