SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 40) (Holi Special 1)


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“Ragini, I am going to Sanskaar’s office, will you atleast wake up now,” Swara nudged me while I continued to hide under the blanket, waiting for her to leave.

“No, I need sleep,” I whinned as I snuggled closer into the blanket.

“Ragini, it’s holi, get up already,” Swara complained, as she tried to take the blanket off me but failed.

“Which is why I don’t want to, as every year, you are going to pull a crazy prank on me and maybe even more serious one because of the glitter one from y’day,” I said as I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep.

“No, I am not going to do anything like that,” she assured me as she shook me vividly.

“I don’t have a concussion to believe you,” I sarcastically said as I gripped the blanket tighter.

“This is not about concussion, get the hell up,” she yelled at me with anger.

“NOO, don’t you have to go?”

“Screw Sanskaar, while the rest of the country is having a holiday, I am supposed to sit by his office and do work, how unbelievable,”

“Exactly, if you don’t even go now then he won’t even let you come back fast,” I tried to divert her attention.

“But, I am always the first one to put color on you, so will you wake up so that we can finish this custom and I can leave,”

“Don’t worry, I am going to stay in bed by the time you are going to come back,”

“Are you serious? Aren’t you going to go play with Laksh?”

“No, I asked him to earn the relationship a chance, not expect me to cooperate in any way,” I told her about all what happened yesterday, she screamed in happiness so much that we had the hotel staff call us, asking us to shut up. More than me, she is excited about this new week.

“Then only god can help him then,”

“Just go, I will be fine,” I mumbled as I tried to fall back asleep.

“You will be, but what about me?”

“Swara, just leave NOW” I snapped at her hotly.

“I wonder if Sanskaar ever played holi in his life before? Probably not, maybe that’s why, he didn’t bother to give me a holiday,” she complained while I sighed with frustration.

“Why don’t you go and give him a piece of your mind,”

“That’s amazing!! You are the best, see ya later sissy,” she shrieked happily and gave me a hug over my blanket.

“Finally she is gone,” I mumbled as I closed my eyes in relief, time to go back asleep/

Just then, my phone rang, pulling me out my thoughts and I pouted with annoyance. WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO DISTURB MY SLEEP??

“Rise and shine, sleeping beauty,” I heard Laksh announce from the other end.

“What is your problem? Do you have to call and wake me in middle of my sleep? What do you want?” I snapped at him.

“I am going to pick you up in 30, so get ready!”

“No thanks, I like my beauty sleep, thank you,”

“It’s holi, who sleeps on holi?” He asked me with confusion.

“Can’t you see that I do,” I replied irked.

“Well, not this time, I am gonna come and get you, so no arguments,”

“You already failed on your first day,”I mumbled with a sigh.

“Abi to picture baaki hai, meri jaan,” he replied flirtingly while I rolled my eyes.

“Haiy, haiy, Filmy dialogues or cheesy lines won’t get me this time,” I warned him with a faint smile on my lips.

“So they did last time?” He cross questioned, I know he was smirking on the other end. Ughh.

“Lemme sleep, bye-” I tried to cut the call.

“See ya in 30,” he cut me off and declared.

“What? But?”I reasoned “And he hung up.”
I got up my bed and rushed to the washroom to get ready for Laksh, wonder what he has in mind today?

“Bro, where are you going?” I asked Sanskaar as he rushed out of the house.

“To the office, of course,” he replied matter of factly over his shoulder.

“Today is holi,” I told him with confusion.

“I have eyes, I can see the thousand packs of colors Uttara has ordered and I did hear the morning drums,” he muttered sarcastically as he put on his coat.

“Wait, this is a national holiday,” I knocked in some knowledge into him.

“That doesn’t stop me, and I have noone to play with anyways, now that you are going to play with Ragini and Uttara with your car, I better get some work done instead,” he reasoned as he ran a hand through his har.

“Yeah but..wait what? Uttara with my car?” I asked with shock. SHIT! That was the worst combo in the world.

I forgot all about Sanskaar and ran outside, towards my baby car.

“Woman, what are you doing with my car?” I roared with anger as I saw my car filled with holi colors, different colors from top to bottom. I couldn’t see one inch of the windows, or any other surface except the shape. My mouth hung open while Uttara smiled at me innocently.

“Car, I can’t see any car, except a big chunk of color in front of me,” she sheepishly said with a smirk.

“Uttaraaaa……” I yelled at her as I walked over to the other side.

“What? I called you so many times to help me move the big box of colors, but no you were sleeping like dead so I decided to use your car to test my new colors,” she said with pride and a wide dark smirk. Such a monster she was.

“I need to go pick someone and you turned my car into a rainbow monster,” I screamed on top of my lungs while she crossed her hands over her chest with boredom.

“I know I am the best, god bless my art skills,” she flattered herself as she fanned herself with a hand.

“ I don’t about god, but I am definitely going to bless your art skills for sure today,” I mocked at her as I grabbed a pack of color and moved towards her.

“Save me,” she said as both of us ran through the streets which were filled with people playing, dancing or watching holi.

“Now one can save you know my dear sister,”

“Why don’t you go and find someone to play holi with, leave me, I will find my friends and play with them,” she yelled at me as she ran as fast as she could on.

“I will find someone after I put color all over you,” I yelled back as I was hot on her heels.

“No, no, nooo,”

“It is already 9:30, don’t you have to go meet someone?” She said as she panted for breath after a while as I bent down to my knees tired too.

“Shit, I am going to come back and get you Uttara,” I alerted her while she stuck her tongue at me. Ragini, here I come…..after I clean my car.
“Why am I here?” I snapped at him brutally as he sat there looking like a greek god in his suit.
Wait what? What am I thinking?

“To work and finish all the remaining files from yesterday,” he replied coolly without glancing at me.

“It is holi,” I blurted out randomly, wow Swara wow.

“I don’t suffer from memory loss, I can see the colors on the streets, the empty cubicles around the office, the songs playing all over the city,” he retorted curtly, still sticking his eyes to his new laptop.

“It is a national holiday, you shouldn’t be here and neither should I,” I sternly said as I slapped my hand on the table.

“I own the damn company and you are here as you are my PA,” he replied firmly, finally looking up.

“I am your PA not your full time agenda to be here,”

“You can be that too if you get married to me,” he said with a smirk and cold eyes.

“Are…you proposing me?” I asked with shock. What was that supposed to mean?

“That’s for you to think about and me to know,” my eyes widened with shock after hearing those words.

“Stop going in circles,” I snapped at him.

“I am the sitting here, you are one who is going in circles,” he calmly stated.

“Did you ever play holi in your life?” I asked him randomly.

“Yes,” was his flat answer, which I was not expecting at all.

“Still you are here? Did you play it with like a monkey that you hate it so much that you rather sit here and work,” I asked him confused. Who doesn’t play holi?

“If you consider my brother as a monkey, then yes,”

“I can’t believe you are Laksh’s brother,”

“Right, I am an orphan who decided to change my name to Sanskaar Maheshwari and stay with Laksh,” he sarcastically stated.

“I knew you had something to hide,”I replied chuckling as I played along with a plan cooking in my head.

“Come, let’s go and play holi,”

“No freaking way,”

“I am going to make you, watch me,” I challenged him.

“It’s only morning and you already started dreaming?Poor girl,” he mocked at me with a smirk.

“Just try me,” I said determined and stormed out of the room.
“You are late,” I said as I opened the door to reveal Laksh standing there with a white shirt and white jeans on, messy hair and a boyish grin on his face.

On the other side, I was dressed in a white tank top and a white skirt, all I could manage to find to wear in Swara’s wardrobe.

“I guess so, my sister was turned my car into a rainbow monster,” he said as I leaned against the door beside me and he took a quick step to place a quick peck on my cheek.

A tint of blush blew on my face and I looked at his smirk while I widened my eyes in astonishment. He did not just do that….

“You have a sister?” I asked surprised.

“Doesn’t everyone?” He said flatly with frustration.

“Why do you sound like you regret having one?”

“You know me so well, I do, immensely regret having a sister like her, infact I don’t even understand why she is here,” he mumbled with bored eyes and irritation.

“Please explain me and my confused soul what you are talking about,”

“How about we go and meet her,” he replied enthusiastically as he pulled me out of the hotel room.

“Do I have a choice?” I said sarcastically as I grinned for no reason.

“Of course you do” he cleared his throat and said in a professional voice “So, Ms Ragini, is the answer a yes or a yes?”

“Yes, it is then” I said with a chuckle at his mimicry and place my hand in his. Our fingers fit perfectly with each other, just like 2 years ago. I had the same grin on my face as I had on the end of our date 2 years ago.
“When will you reach?” I asked Ragini while I typed the last note on the laptop.

“Around 15 minutes or so,” she replied with excitement. I can’t tell how happy I am for her, for giving Laksh another chance.

“Fine, I will be there with Mr-I-don’t-play-holi too,” I said with the new name I blessed Sanskaar with.

“How are you going to do that?” I heard Laksh yell at me while Ragini groaned.

“I am Swara, I can anything and besides I have a bag of tricks to let out,” I said with pride.

“Just see that you don’t let a cat out in that process from your bag,” Ragini mocked while I rolled my eyes.

“Very funny,” I said flatly.

“That’s why I said it,” she snickered even more while Laksh shuckled at it, of course he will laugh at HER jokes.

“You guys keep going, we will reach in a few minutes,” I told them as I hung up the phone and glanced back at the Sanskaar office to see him working seriously on his laptop.

“Sanskaar Maheshwari, now time for some fun,” I said to myself with a smirk as I walked up to his cabin.

“Sanskaar,” I said lowly poked my head in his room.

“What do you want now?” He scowled at me.

“Don’t worry I am not here to eat your brain or feed it to eagles,” I sarcastically assured him.

“Thank God,” he said playing along while chuckling.

“There is some problem in the 3rd floor MD’s cabin, go and check it,” I lied to him while he glanced at me suspiciously.

“I own the company,” he repeated his famous line. So?? What am I supposed to do with that?

“Oye Mr Businessman, and everyone is at leave, and I don’t own the company,” I alerted him.

“Ughh…see this holi gives out more trouble than fun,” he mumbled and I kept catching myself to be calm with, be calm.

“Let’s pretend I didn’t hear that,” I said with patience and plastered a fake smile.

He sighed deeply and walked over to the elevator as I followed him right along with my warm and fake smile.

“Why are you following me?” He asked me as the elevator dropped us on the 3rd floor.

“To see the fun,”I said to myself more than him.

“Crazy girl,” he blurted out while I rolled my eyes.

“This one?” He asked me as he walked to the MD’s cabin.

“That’s what the guard said,” I told him with excitement buzzing in me. Just wait for it, wait for it.

“But, there is nothing-” he said with confusion and whole bucket of red holi color fell on top of him. Whoosh, it splashed all over his face, head, and the area nearby, I burst out laughing just like the way he did with me.

“SWARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” he yelled at me with his mouth hung open.

“Bura mat mano, holi hai,” I said to them and ran out of the building with him chasing me.
I ran instantly out of the building as planned, and got into my car, seeing that he got into his too and I started driving to Ragini and Laksh.

“Just watch me make you play holi,” I said with smirk as I saw him follow me in his car.
“Wow, this is sooo pretty,” Ragini exclaimed beside me as she saw all the people playing holi all around her with jovial atmosphere and happiness.

“I know,” I said as we walked more into my street.

“Bro, did you flush my keys?” I heard Uttara snap at me brutally as she stormed towards us. She was half covered with color.

“How did you know?”I asked with surprise.

“Why would you do that? How am I supposed to get into my room?”

“Through the window,”

“Forever? Why the hell would you flush MY keys?”

“That was the only thing I could find and you were the one who gave me the idea by flushing my screws,” I said to her cooly while Ragini was watching us with amusement.

“That was because you used up all the hot water,” she bickered.

“This was because you made my car into a rainbow monster,”I argued back.

“Aur waise bhi, kehte hai na, bura mat mano, holi hai,”I added with a smirk while her face turned even brighter with anger.

“They said that only when you put colors on people’s faces, not when you flush their keys,” she scowled at me.

“Whatever, oh by the way, this is Ragini,” I introduced Ragini who waved her hand at Uttara.

“OMG! You are Ragini, it’s so nice to see you,” she shrieked as she shook her hand in excitement while I stood there confused.

“You are talking as if you know her,” I asked her awed.

“Of course I do, Ragini Ragini,”she mimicked my voice and continued “That’s what you mumble every night in your sleep,”

“How do you know? Do you eavesdrop my talks while I sleep,” I blamed her while I could feel Ragini stare at me with shock and I gave a death glare to Uttara to spill my secrets out.

“You sound like a psychopath now,” she told while chuckling.

“I totally agree,” Ragini joined her while I wanted to die with embarrassment.

“Anyways, she is my sister, Uttara, the mere person who ruined my almost perfect life,” I introduced Uttara who stuck her tongue out at me.

“Perfect and your life?” Uttawa bluntly said.

“Impossible,” both the girl uni sang as they high fived each other.

“Wow, you ganged up with her? Didn’t you find any other person in the world other than her?” I retorted with fake anger at Ragini who simply shrugged in return.

“Ignore him, come and play with us,”Uttara grabbed her hand and led her to the place filled with people dancing on either end and I simply tagged along

“Happy Holi,” “Holi Mubarak Laksh,” “Holi hai!” I heard many people greet my from either sides, kids, teens, my friends, Uttara’s friends, some aunites and a few uncles too.

By the end of my street, I was covered with color all over me which sparked an idea into my brain.

I grabbed Ragini’s wrist and pulled her firmer to my chest. “What are you doing?” She hissed.

“Putting some color on my-” I started to whisper as I moved my hand to touch her face which she suddenly jerked off.

“Only Swara can touch me, no permission for you,” she said with wink.

“I love to enter zones with no permissions,” I challenged her.


“Don’t accept it, you will lose,”

“This is on,” she said as we both broke into a run, while I stayed hot on her heels, we managed to run for a few meters when I dashed into Dolly aunty, the drama queen in our neighbourhood.

“You kids, where are you all running?” She snapped at me as Ragini hid behind her.

“Aunty, we were looking for you,” Ragini said gently while I gave her the what the hell look.

“Me? But I don’t even know you,” Dolly Aunty said amazed at Ragini who was grinning widely.

“But I do, Laksh keeps talking about you all the time, right Laksh?” She buttered Dolly Aunty and of course Dolly Aunty loves flattering, so she fell right in.

“Huh?” I asked dubiously with widened eyes.

“Aww…how sweet boy,” Dolly Aunty exclaimed as she pulled her cheeks, stretching them long and high.

“Aunty, he was also telling me how he wanted to play holi with you,” Ragini said to her warmly while I threw dagger at her.

“Me? Thank you, thank you. I was finding someone to play holi with. What do you want to do first? Play holi with them, dance on the other side, drink bhang or go karaoke inside?” She ranted on as she took her hand into mine.

“Umm..well…you see I-” I said sounding confused as I didn’t understand how to say no to her.

“Arey Laksh, why are you being so shy? I’ll tell her, Aunty, he wanted to dance with you,” Ragini blurted out. TRAITOR, such a traitor she was, she switched sides so easily?

“Really? Why didn’t you tell me before? Let’s go rock the floor,” Dolly Aunty cheered while Ragini chuckled as they both led me the other street adjacent to this where Balam Pichkari was playing.

Itna maza, kyun aa raha hai
Tune hawa mein bhaang milaya
Dolly Aunty at once got in the middle and started to project her dance steps while Ragini died with laughter and I was trying my best to control my shock at her crazy 1970 disco steps. The next thing I knew, she dragged me in with her and I started to dance with her, not knowing how to escape while Ragini looked shocked at my wonderful dance.
Dugna nasha, kyun ho raha hai
Aankhon se meetha tune khilaya
Ho teri malmal ki kurti gulabi ho gayi
Manchali chaal kaise nawaabi ho gayi, toh?
Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haa Jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi
I went up and took Ragini’s hand as the music played:
Teri kalaai hai, haathon mein aayi hai
Maine maroda toh lagti malaai hai
I kissed her palm while she looked at me with shock and came in to join me in dancing while Dolly Aunty was doing some random steps at the corner. The people around started to hoot and cheer as soon as Ragini stepped in.
Mehenga padega ye chaska malaai ka
Upvaas karne mein teri bhalaai hai
Ho bindiya teri mehtaabi ho gayi
Dil ke armaanon mein behisaabi ho gayi
Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haa Jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi

Dolly Aunty came in and started to dance with us while the other around joined in too, Ragini was laughing as she danced with Dolly Aunty.
Kyun ‘no-vacancy’ ki, hothon pe gaali hai
Jabki tere dil ka kamra toh khaali hai
Mujhko pata hai re
Kya chahata hai tu
Boli bhajan teri
Neeyat Qawwali hai
Ragini sang as both of us went ahead, enjoying ourselves and dancing our heart out after many many years.
“Oh my gawd!” I heard Ragin exclaim as I turned around to see Swara and Sanskaar clapping at us.
“Oh my gawd!” Ragini exclaimed when she saw me and Sanskaar standing at the corner with my legs tapping to the music, she came to us and instantly pulled us to join her, Laksh and this overly cute Aunty dancing funkly.

“I told you that I will make you enjoy this holi right? Step 1, DANCE and Rule 1: Have fun” I instrcucted Sanskaar and took of in my own world of Dance as the song played at it’s last.

Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haa, Jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi

“Don’t tell me you don’t know how to dance,” I asked him with shock as he stood there without saying or doing anything.

He shrugged his shoulders and looked at me, “I didn’t think it was necessary to learn as a kid,”

“Neither did I, but it comes out naturally, come,”

“Never mind,” I mumbled as the music stopped at her smirked at me.

“Finally, you made it and bought Sanskaar too,” Laksh exclaimed as he hugged me with happiness, smearing all of his color onto mine. Great, just great.

“More like fooled me into coming here,” Sanskaar blurted out with annoyance.

“OMG! You are playing holi? How come I didn’t know?” I heard a chirpy voice from behind to notice a medium height, lean girl with her clothes filled with color, her hair in a high ponytail and her face beaming with joy.

“As I didn’t know it myself,” Sanskaar mumbled.

“What? But I wanted to play holi with you first,” she said pouting with cute anger.

“Aww…little sis. Why don’t you be the first one to put color on me?” Sanskaar said to the adorable girl. So she was his sister, I didn’t know they had a sister too.

“Absolutely, happy holi bro,” she chirped as she wiped her hand across his face.

“Happy holi to you too,” he said as he repeated what she just did.

“Now if you’re sweet moments are over, let’s head to the games?” Laksh interrupted after their sister left.

“There are games here?” I asked enthusiastically.

“Like duhh…” Laksh said sarcastically while Ragini chuckled.

“You guys go ahead, we will join you in while,” I told them as I grabbed Sanskaar’s shoulder and waved to them who were looking at me as if I was drunk.

“Come, let’s go taste the food, I am starving to death,” I said to him and indicated him to move along.

“As you say,” he said and kept walking, I pulled out a pichkari from the back of the jeans and splashed water all over his clothes from behind.

“What the hell was that?” He roared at me which made everyone around us stare at us.

“Rule 2: Don’t trust anyone,” I instructed him with smirk while he glared at me with anger.

“You mad women, this is holi. It is supposed to be fun, not a sport with steps and rules,”

“I am the expert, so shut up,” I scowled at him and walked a few steps further to feel by dress drenched with water from the back.

“What was that?” I asked with confusion as I touched my white shirt at the back to feel red colored water, I turned around to see a pichkari in Sanskaar hand and him grinning widely at me.

“I did what you said, Have fun and I thought you were the expert. Why didn’t you obey your own rules?”

“Wow, you actually turned smart after hanging out with me,” I said, not answering his question.

“Oh please, I was born with a brain, unlike you,” Sanskaar commented while she pouted with anger.

“But I do have a stomach that is hungry, so let’s go get food,” she diverted this issue on her growling stomach and led the way to the food counters.

“When you wanted to get food in the first place, why did you spill so much water on me?” He asked confused at her tantrums.
“To teach you a rule,”

“That you didn’t follow yourself,” I heard him say as I spotted a boy sitting in the corner of the street, his clothes were shabby and dirty, his face was sullen and admiring a few kids over by the other end who were playing. A new acing pain rose in my heart as I walked over to him.

“Hello,” I chirped at him while his eyes immediately lit up.

“Hi,” he said with an extreme adorable smile, he looked like a 4-5 year old boy.

“Why are you standing here?” I politely asked him as I bent on her knee to reach his height.

“I don’t have enough money to buy a pichkari. My ma says that we don’t enough food to eat which is why she doesn’t buy me a pichkari. All the other kids are not playing with me as I don’t have one,” he said with extreme sadness which made me drown with untold and unexpressed sadness.

“Here, this is for you,” I said to him as I grabbed the pichkari I bought when I was his age and handed it to him.

“Really?” He asked me with extreme happiness while I smiled and ruffled his hair.

“Of course and here, go give this to your ma and tell her that a nice didi gave it and ask her to go buy food with this,” I told him as I handed him a 5000 rupees in notes and gave him a quick hug.

“Thank you didi,” he said with an adorable smile and I was glad I made that.

“No problem, now go and give it to her and come back quick to play holi with the other kids,” I hurried the kid to his home and turned around to see Sanskaar standing there, grinning ear to ear at me.

“Wow, that was pretty generous,” he said as I walked over to him with my heart fluttering with joy.

“That was not for generosity, just an act of help. It is a national festival ,why not help each and everyone celebrate it together,”

“Nice thought. I never expected to see this side of yours,” he said coolly as we headed to the good counter.

“You have not seen the true Swara Gadodia yet,” I told him hesitantly

“I am eager to meet her then,” he said which instantly lit my face up, making my day!
“No, first drink this, and then only you can play,” Uttara said to Laksh who was glaring at her blankly.

“What does drinking bhang have to do with playing truth or dare?” He scowled at her while I nodded in agreement with him.

“It’s a rule in holi truth or dare, so drink fast. Both of you,” she said sternly, pushing the glass more into our hands.

“Is this necessary?” I asked her to which she noded vigorously in positive.

“Even you di? I thought we were on the same side,” she pouted at me and I chuckled.

“We are, but it’s just that-” I began to explain her my complete distaste to bhang when she cut me off.

“Look your sister and Sanskaar bro at here too,”

“Do you guys want to play truth or dare?” Laksh asked them while Swara ran up to me.

“Is this bhang? Can I have some?” She begged as she eyes the glass in my hands.

“Drink mine,”I forwarded the glass to her.

“With pleasure,” she said as she chucked the whole glass at 1 go.

“Sanskaar, Step 3 is DRINK BHANG,” she told Sanskaar who nodded at her flatly.

“What about Step 2?” Laksh asked confused.

“Try all the sweets,” Swara replied as she washed the extra bhang on her face.

“You have got quite a weird advisor there,” I mocked at her.

“Tell me about it,” Sanskaar agreed with irritation.

“Here you go, one for each of you,” Uttara said handing me and Sanskaar another glass while we both frowned at her, but decided to drink it anyways.

“Now you may enter,” she said, moving from the side to the go a place where a bunch of Laksh’s friends were sitting.

“Let’s start,” Uttara declared.

“Truth or dare,” she asked the guy it landed on.

“Dare,” he picked.

“Go give the first lady you see a flower and take a romantic selfie with her,” she said with a smirk while the rest laughed.

“How do you take a romantic selfie?” He asked her confused.

“Go and try boss,” was her plain answer.

I watched her as she wrapped the boys’s eyes with her hand and made him point in a direction and open his eyes. We all looked in excitement which turned into a fit of laughter when we say his finger pointed at a little girl.

“Are you kidding me?” He said with irritation. He went up to that girl, gave her a flower and took a picture of her giving him a peck on his cheek.

“There you go,” he said with pride as he showed it to Uttara who was still laughing.

She spinned the dare and it landed on..Laksh. “Truth or dare bro?”

“Dare as usual,” he replied instantly.

“Propose,” Swara said without any hesitation while I cursed her mentally as my face widened with shock and I froze on the spot.

“What?” He asked her in the same confusion and shock I was at.

“Propose my sister,” she replied firmly this time while Laksh smirked in return.

“You are the first sister on earth who is actually asking a guy to propose her sister,” I sarcastically stated while the rest burst out laughing.

“I need to set you both up or else you both will remain unmarried for the rest of your life,” she mocked at us while I passed her a few death glares.

“Where are you doing?” Uttara asked as Laksh headed outside with my heart burning with nervousness.

“I need to organize something, I ‘ll be back in 10 minutes,” he said as he glanced at me with assurance.

“Are you going to get a ring? How romantic,” Swara snickered at him.

“What if you don’t come back?” Uttara questioned.

“I live in the same house as you, I am sure you will know where to find me,” he sarcastically said and left the place.

“Let’s keep going,” Uttara declared as she spinned the bottle again.

“Truth or dare,” she asked as it landed on my sister which made me smirk.

“Why not make this a hat trick and choose dare,” she replied confidently.

“I will give her a dare,” I demanded as I took a moment to think.

“Get drunk” I told her which made her gasp a little. Swara blurted out everything in her mind as soon a she could drunk, every feeling, every lie, everything. This would be fun to watch.

“That’s it?” Uttara questioned confused.

“Yep, go get as much as bhang you want and get drunk,” I told Swara who nodded sportingly.

“And Sanskaar will go with you to see whether you are doing it right or not,” I added after that which made her frown.

“But why him?” She asked me confused as she raised her eyebrow..

“What if Laksh calls me in the middle?” I told her and she nodded.

“Fine, I am going,” she declared and left the room followed by Sanskaar. Now this was going be a different and a fun holi to witness.

Next: RagLak proposal and Swara’s druken drama
How was that Holi special update?? That was the longest I have ever written and took me more than 3.5 hours to finish it…..lots of work put in!!

Are you excited to see what Laksh has planned? And do you remember how Swara acts when she is drunk, all crazy, childhish and spills everything out………so let’s see what she does next!! I didn’t want to drag it for 2 epi’s but my finger hurt with the typing and all so you will have to wait till tmr for the next!!

Do COMMENT YOUR VIEWS ON THIS UPDATE and I will be happy to know how you all celebrated holi!

Credit to: Mandy

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