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“Ohh…I love parties!! I am definitely going to be there,” a boy muttered as he walked past Laksh in the caf, many people were coming up to them and saying they will attend the party. By each passing person, Laksh face grew irked, and his glare turned blackest at the end.

“But, I am not organizing any party,” he blurted out frustrated by the weird happenings of the day. Ragini was enjoying each and every moment of the prank, serves him right for arguing with her and asking her sister to apologise.

“Very funny,” the guy mocked back at him in extreme sarcasm filling every core of his words, which made Laksh wonder what was going on.

“What is going on?” he snarled hastily at Ragini who maintained a persistent look on her face.

“How would I know?”she asked innocently, fluttering her eyes to make the look perfect, “Lucky, maybe this is not your lucky day,” she teasingly snickered at him, grinning at him widely, so much that Ragini felt like the smile might just drop of her stretched face.

Laksh scowled at her, locking his jaw tight to prevent his outburst.

Maybe it wasn’t her at all, maybe there was a spirit in this school which tested new people in the University OR people here assume too many things OR maybe this was psychology wing where people acted strangely.

“Is the party formal or informal?” another tall boy asked them, he looked like he was around, 6 foot 1 breaking Laksh from his assumptions of the situation, Ragini knew him from some of her classes from the previous years, he smiled at her and looked back at Laksh for an answer.

“None,” Laksh replied, gulping hard as he saw the muscular muscles at either sides of his hands, his tough look on his hard face. He looked back at himself, fair, lean and tall, will not stand any match to him in any chance.

“I get it, it’s semi-formal. Wise choice!!” the guy replied beaming at Laksh, who lifted his eyebrow and nodded to agree with him before he gets smashed like dough.

“When is it? 6 or 7?” he asked to Laksh again.

“7,” Ragini replied instantly, making Laksh glare at her in extreme brisk anger.

“What? Everyone said that they are going to be there at 7, so I thought that is the time. If is not, tell me, I can tell everyone” Ragini said back to him, as the guy left from their sight.

“Damn it, I am not organizing A PARTY,” Laksh yelled out frustrated at his fate.
Swara was successful once again on taking the last note and adding the new one which read

A few people already started to wish him Happy Birthday. To annoy him even more Swara wished him to, making him rise with intense anger.

“Happy Birthday!” Swara heard another girl call out as she passed both of them. Due to their ego and extreme enmity making them not talk but rather taunt each other for every small thing.

“Hey again, I see why you are giving a party, it’s your birthday, now I am totally gonna be there,”the Asian girl said as she walked by. Sanskaar looked at the sudden change of the things, first a date, then party, now a birthday. What the hell was wrong with this university.

“Dude, vanilla or chocolate?” Lisa came, one of Ragini’s friends, which also meant she was friendly to Swara too.

“Chocolate,”she answered quickly, imagining a creamy chocolate fudge Lisa made for her b’day. “I love chocolate, and she is the best baker,” she enthusiastically told Sanskaar who looked at her boggled by her sudden turn of emotions.

“Cool! The cake is on me then,” Lisa said “Swara are you coming to the party?”

“Actually I have another party to attend, so, I’ll try,”


“Mr.Sanskaar, Happy Birthday!!” the chairman said too, greeting him with warm wishes.

“Sir, it is not my birthday!” Sanskaar exclaimed with a sigh.

“May I know why you are going around with a note on your back then?”the chairman asked him humbly.

Sanskaar’s face flushed with embarrassment as he pulled the paper off his back. He looked at the crumbled paper in his hand, and back at Swara whose eyes were dancing with pleasure.

“I wonder who did it?” he flatly asked Swara, whose eyes bounced onto his in shock as to how he turned the table around.

“Swara, is this one of your prank,” Swara heard the principal ask her from the tip of her eye, she kept staring at him while the heated blood from her body started to travel upwards, causing her face to heat up.

“I’ll take that as a yes, I want you to apologise to Sanskaar,” the chairman said to Swara in a strict tone.

“A..pologize,” Swara asked back shocked at the sudden twist in her life. First her car, now this, this Mr.Know it all will definitely ruin her life one day.

“Yes and right in front of me,” the principal answered her face, and turned to Sanskaar whose face which was beaming with victory changed to a innocent toddler face.

“Sir, umhh..” Swara said hesitantly trying to come up with an excuse worth believing.

“Swara, you here. We need to meet the teachers to get out stuff, the classes will start soon,” Ragini called her out from behind, running to make her way to Swara. Swara face lit up like a christmas tree filled with high voltage bulbs at every angle.

“Sorry Sir, due to this tour, we will miss the classes right?” Ragini said as she took hacked breaths into her body and continued, “So, the teachers want us to come to them earlier to get all our stuff. if you can please excuse Swara, then.”

‘Yes, yes for sure. Go ahead girls!!” the principal agreed to her consent, forgetting about the sorry and the prank.

Swaragini looked back at the brown hazel eyess throwing daggers at them, they gave them an innocent tight smile and raced with their way out the building.

“What would I have done without you,” Swara blurted out, breaking into a hug.

“That was a narrow escape,” Ragini said, shaking Swara to draw her attention, while Swara was busy thinking about the furious, hazel eyes that she encountered.

“huh? How did you find me and arrive at the right moment?” Swara blurted out as her feet landed on Earth again.

“Wellllll, my sister instinct told me that my darling sister is in some trouble, so it led me the way and here I am,” Ragini replied, failing her arms to give Swara a tight hug.

“Lol!! let’s go, I need some time to laugh about all the stuff that just happened,” Swara said after breaking the hug.
“Ragini,” Swara said in an appealing voice, trying to persuade Ragini to her side.

‘hmmmm…” Ragini replied as she texted someone in her phone, while her legs were stretched on top of the surface of the car.

“Don’t you think we should go to the party, to see if the those boys throw a better bash than us,” Swara drawled out profusely, trying to make her understand her point.

“Don’t worry Swara, now you are becoming paranoid, no one will throw better parties than the Gododia Sisters!” Ragini said ignorantly as she kept all her attention in her phone
Swara sighed deeply and honeyed her with words, “Still, let’s go,pls pls,”

“If Dadi and Dida will get to know that we missed the Indian Community Annual Party to attend some random bash, then we will be dead listening to their highly patriotic lecture on National identity and pride,” Ragini said staring into her sister’s eyes which were filled with innocence and appeasement to go.

“Ahem Ahem, Ladoo, Shona? How could you do that? Not attend the cultural Indian party, instead a random western party. We didn’t have these expectations from you. If you leave India, doesn’t mean that you will forget your language, culture and status. It doesn’t mean that you will change from Indian to British within years. These people you are living with, these people you are staying with tortured our country for years together. With a lot of strength and courage, we have fought them and won, now after all that, you both go and live there. Forget all our culture? If you change countries doesn’t mean that your heart changes too, remember your morals and values.” Swara ranted mimicking the voices of both Dadi and Dida making Ragini burst out in extreme laughter, gripping her stomach to control her laughter and breathing through her mouth hastily. Her face started to go red, clawing all the blood in her body to rise to her face.

“Come on, Ragini,” Swara insisted too much.

“You know how much I hate standing at one place and listening to people yell at me for hours straight, it takes too much effort to stand in one place,” Ragini replied, still taking deep breaths to control her laughter of the mimicry of her sister.

“What if we tell them they are Indian boys who organized a desi party?” Swara came up with an instant idea, where did her head go when she really needed ideas a few minutes ago, at that time it was all blank. From where were these crazy ideas coming now?

“Ummh…only if I get to drive the car?” Ragini threw a condition at Swara.

She rolled her eyes in frustration and asked at her ‘hard to convince sister’, “Why?”

“I don’t want to die so soon, my career of becoming a professional rider and businesswoman with you is at stake,” Ragini joked, winking at Swara, “Yes or no?”

“Finneeee……” Swara agreed finally as she really wanted to go and see how the party of the boys would be like.

Both the girls’ minds struck with different ideas as to how the party will be, eyes penetrated with enthusiasm and body filled with curiosity, but they could only know when they go to the party in the evening.

Next: Dreams vs Reality (All about the events in the party…)
How was that? I tried to give equal importance to Swasan, raglak and Swaragini moments, which I think got a little crammed up in the process! I hope you liked it tho!!!!

Guys, I don’t usually update my ff in the weekends as I am pretty busy with work and shortage of time weirdly for me occurs in the weekend.

So, see you guys on Monday with a new chapter of all the arguments that will take between Swaragini and Sanlak if I don’t make it to update again tmr!!!!!!!!!

Hope you won’t forget me by then 😉

Credit to: Mandy

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