SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 39)


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I clenched my fist in anger as bro hung up on me. How could he do that to me? Where did our bromance go? I was huffing with anger on Ragini, who left me here in the middle of the street. A few lights were shining from the street lights while I noticed that I was standing on a highway with no other vehicle. That was strange, I could stand here and hope that people show up or I could leave my car and walk back to bro’s office.

As I was trying to figure out what the hell to do, I saw light flashing from around the corner and a car steering towards me. A smirk grew on my face when I saw Ragini step down from the car and wave of relief washed over me.

“Before you light up your candle of hopes, I am not here to apologize or help you,” she said curtly and leaned towards her car with her hands crossed on her chest.

“Why are you here then?” I asked grumpily as my smirk faded and went to her.

“I left this behind,” she said flatly as she opened the door to my car and grabbed her wallet from there.

How the hell is her wallet in my car, I glanced at her with suspicion as she jerked open the car door.

“You are not even a little bit guilty for not helping me,” I asked with annoyance as I watched her buckle up.

“I am, very much, she replied in a gentle tone with dancing eyes.

“I must be insane to believe you,” I muttered sarcastically as she rolled down her window frame.

“I completely second that,” she mocked with a dark smirk on her face.

I looked at her chocolate eyes, her brown locks running through her shoulders and her angelic beauty in her face. Who knew that such a sweet little lady is truly an evil witch. I frowned at my own thoughts and smirked with an idea sparked into me.

“You said you knew how to fix clutches right?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow in a persistent tone.

“Yeah,” she responded hesitantly as she looked at me curiously to continue.

“Did you forget it now which is why you are trying to avoid helping me so that you don’t embarrass yourself,” I snorted at her.

“Oh puh-lease, I am Ragini, I know everything,” she declared with pride and glory in her eyes as she stepped out of the car, just like I expected her to.

“Oh really?” I questioned her ability which made her furious and she marched up to me at that very instant.

“Let me see what happened,” she mumbled as I stepped her aside to let her see what was wrong.

“I have tools in my car,” she shortly declared and got out a few tools from her car and did something to my clutch.

She did something quick for 4 minutes and 50 seconds, yes I was counting each second…I don’t know why though. Anyways, she finished it and stood up with satisfaction.

“Good as new, should work now,” she told me with satisfaction of accomplishment in her voice. I nodded at her silently and slipped into the driving seat and the sound was now gone.

“So?” She asked in a taunting tone than an enquiring one.

“I don’t know so soon, so why don’t we go for a long drive to test it out,” I sneered at her with a smirk while I saw her stiffen a little by my words.

“Flirting with me?” She questioned me with shock as she stared at me flatly.

“I have been since the first day, you were the one late to realize,” I said in flirty tone with a light laugh.

“Not bad,” she said with a I-am-impressed tone while I mentally did a quick happy dance for it.

“I am glad to make progress in your eyes!” I snickered at her with wink.

“Now to break your bubble, I have a car too, can’t leave it in the middle of the road,”

“We’ll take it along then,”

“What are you doing?” She asked me when I walked to the back of the my car and opened the trunk.

“Just watch me, sweety,” I said with a wink and smirk. We are going to go on a drive no matter what.

“Swara, swara?” I shouted on top of my lungs, where the hell was this girl? For the first time I wished I had a smaller building than the 45 storeyed one right now.

I hastily dialled her number on my phone to hear the same irritating message, “The number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable, please try again.”

“What the-”I was about to curse when something hit me.

“Canteen,” I blurted out with excitement as I basically flashed my flashlight towards the stairs and went to the 5th floor where the canteen was. She was bound to be in there, eating or washing the glitter on her face off.

I flashed the bright light all over to see a figure in the corner of the canteen with her head on the desk. That little devil was ASLEEP!

“Are you kidding me?” I muttered sarcastically at the irony of the situation and turned the light off now that I finally found her.

“Swara, get up,” I nudged her on her arm to wake her up. I was annoyed as hell with this girl, she was ASLEEP. Like actually sleeping while I was freaking searching desperately for her all over the building.

“Huh?” She asked as I could see with a little light that she was rubbing her eyes together and blew out a yawn while I sighed.

“OMG! Are you vampire? Or a ghost? I am so happy to see you here, although I can’t really see you, I am honoured to know that I am breathing the same air as a vampire or ghost. Wait…which one are you again?” She chirped on with extreme excitement.

“None, I am a human who has been frantically searching you for the past 30 minutes,” I whispered sarcastically as I rolled my eyes at the dark.

“Sanskaar?” She said flatly with as I heard her grit her teeth.

“I am honoured you remember my name,” I muttered sarcastically as I pulled her up to me so that we could both leave from this darkness.

“Why are the light off?” She asked with confusion while I sighed with frustration.

“There has been an short circuit in the wiring of the building, I thought you were trapped in here or something, but look at you. You are here sleeping peacefully after scaring the shit out of me,” I snapped at her hotly as we both started to walk in the most random direction ever.

“I didn’t ask you to come,” she shot back while I put my hand forward just in case I didn’t hit a wall or something like that.

“Yeah right, I should have left you in the building for the whole night, I will remember that next time this happens,” I said sarcastically while I continued to chuckle bitterly at myself for even caring about her.

“Sorry sorry, don’t go now,” she apologized while she held my hand from behind.

“Why? You seem happy here, go back to sleep,” I snapped more harshly as I started to walk the other way.

“Sanskaar, I am sorry, come back,” she complained as she grabbed my hand back.

“Do you even know how scared I was? I thought you were kidnapped again or something happened to you or-” I started to rant off irked when I sensed her come closer to me and wrap her delicate, long arms around my neck.

I froze as she lunged herself into my body, a smile played on my lips as I snaked my arms around her waist and buried my face in her hair, taking all the warmth from her.I was surprised that she initiated this instead of me. The moment I waited for 2 years was finally here, I felt my soul solace in peace.


“I know you are angry at me but please don’t kill me,” I mumbled as I slowly undid my hands from his neck.

I didn’t know what happened to me that I completely couldn’t control myself and hugged him. SWARA GADODIA HUGGED SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI, if someone told me this a few days back I would probably laugh my head off. But after hearing his concern towards me, his desperation of finding me in his voice, I felt good somewhere and my heart started to dance with joy and pleasure.

I could sense him frowning at me and I replied sarcastically, “What? You didn’t think I was going to console you right?”

“What can I ever expect from you?” He mumbled with deep sigh.

“You are talking as if I broke all your expectations,” I shot back sarcastically as he took a step back and suddenly I missed the warmth and comfort of his arms.

SWARA, get a grip of yourself!

“You left me without saying anything 2 years ago, you occupied too much of my brain in the past 2 years and now when you are finally in front of me, you don’t care one bit about me. You scared me to death by switching off your phone and slept her peacefully. Didn’t you break everything?” He snapped at me casually while I looked down at where my feet were supposed to be.

“I told you the reason why I left. I can’t help if you thought about me, I know I am amazing, everybody loves me! And who told you to give me work that lasts till 8 in the night?” I snapped back at him in the same, non arrogant tone as before.

“So, now everything is my fault?” He asked back in disbelief.

“Yeahh..” I trailed out when he started move dangerously close to me.

My breath hitched in my throat and my heart started to go wild. I moved back involuntarily with thousand of mice, butterflies and what not rolling in my stomach. My body started to heat up and emit warmth as my back hit the wall and Sanskaar imprisoned my waist with both his hands.

His touch sent shivers around my body and he nuzzled his nose near my neck while I stood there paralyzed and completely frozen.

“Sanskaar, what are you doing?”

“What do you think?” He asked me huskily as he placed a warm peck on my cheek while my breathing turned hacked and I fisted my shirt into my hands.

My breath turned extremely uneven and a heavy blush took over my face when he whispered in my ear, “Did you miss me?”

“Not even for a minute,” I answered instantly while he chuckled and placed another warm peck on my other cheek.

“Are you sure?” He asked me in a critical tone while I placed my hand on his chest, ready to push him off.

“Sanskaar, I know karate, if you don’t get off, I am going to kick you off,” I ordered boldly as my brain began to unfreeze the second he pulled a little bit away.

“My superwomen,” he mocked as he planted another kiss on my forehead while I shut my eyes without understanding why.

“Sanskaar back off now or else it won’t be good,” I warned him again while he let out a laugh.

“You like me way too much to do anything like that,” he whispered as he tightened his hold on my waist and placed his forehead on mine.

Our breath started to mingle and fear took over me, was he right? Did I LIKE him? What was going on with me??

“Why are we at the beach?” I yelled at Laksh who pulled my hand and dragged my lazy body with him towards the beach.

Cool air blew from either sides of the beach, with the sea level rising up and down, up and down, his magnetic smiled evoked the inner butterflies in me while I turned away and looked at the night sky all around us.

“Long drive always ends at the beach, sweety,” he stated coolly with wink as he tightened his hold on our intertwined hands and led the way.
He had attached a carried string to his hand and basically drove my car with his to the beach while I complained at her pranks to take me to the beach. I looked back at our intertwined hands and sighed, they fit perfectly in each others, just like they were made to be meant together.

“Laksh…,” I voiced out as we kept walking around the shore line with him humming softly and the waves of beach throwing the awkwardness between us down the gutter.

“Hmmm,” was his simple and plain reply.

“What are we doing at the beach at 9 in the night?”I asked him with annoyance.

The stars were twinkling from the top and it seemed like the moon was smiling down at us…how lovely! Note the sarcasm.!

“There is no time to come and stay at the beach, sweety,” he snickered with a wink.

“I am not sweet in any way, especially to you so quit calling me that,” I snapped at him brutally with a childish frown on my face.

Did I mention how the beach brings out the child in me? Well, it does!

“Then how about hoty?” He mocked at me with a chuckle while I hit his arm playfully.

“What? NOO, just call me Ragini,” I whined at him like a child to which he laughed even more.

We kept walking with a calm silence between us, with my legs padding the soft carpet of sand underneath, when he randomly enquired, “Did you miss me?”

“I am leaving, tata,” I replied instantly as I turned around to leave after I snatched back my hand from his.

“Not so soon,” He replied with jeer.

I didn’t understand what he meant until I was picked up in his arms and carried towards the ocean. An unknown blush popped up on my face as I saw him looking down at me with so many intense emotions.

“Laksh what are you doing? Put me down,” I screamed like a psychopath, shaking my legs wildly so he would leave me.

“Not until you say that you missed me and regret leaving me,” he stated with a smirk while I squirmed under his grip.

“NO freaking way, I didn’t miss you or regret leaving you,” I yelled at him which made him frown and I shook my legs even more to get off his grip.

“Say it or else I am going to push you into the water for sure,” he threatened me as he let me a little loose.

“Laksh, noooo,”

“Oh yes. Better say it then,”


“Fine, then give me a kiss instead,”

“Laksh,” I screamed at him with my cheeks on complete fire.

“Just a small peck on the cheek is fine too,”

“Never, just put me down,”

“Life doesn’t always go your way Ragini,” he said with wink.

“Laksh, please no, please no,” I begged him but he being the idiot he is, dropped him into the ice cold water, splashing me right down there.

“Laksh,” I roared at him as I shivered with the cold water, drenching my clothes.

“Heyyy…..” He screamed when I grabbed his leg and pulled him in with me.

“Serves you right for pushing me in here,” I mumbled as he landed right on top of me. I shuddered with coldness of the water I was floating on and his electric touch on my waist.

“Woman, stop yelling in my ear,” he whispered hastily in my ear as he pushed a strand of hair of my face.

I saw the regret, the love, the guilt, the affection, the arrogance, the possessiveness in his eyes, locking me in his intense gaze. His hand moved through my hair while I kept looking at him blankly, with my eyes locked in his, my back stiffened on the water, my heart throbbing like crazy and my brain frozen as ice.

After a few minutes he got up with awkwardness filling the atmosphere before he burst out laughing.

“What are you laughing at?”I scowled at him as I rubbed my hands to stop my shivering.

“Nothing,” he said simply.

“Lie,” I said as I chattered my teeth. Boy, the water at night is extremely cold.

“I was just thinking, if you would have not left that day, we could have been having this fun expect in LONDON with a better a name to our relationship,” he hesitantly which threw me aback as I let out a gasp.

“Let’s get going, Swara and Sanskaar might be worried for us,” I avoided the topic again and looked at him who was looking at me with shock.

He was as drenched as me with the splash of water I was aiming at him when he fell down, but still he managed to look extremely handsome while I was a complete mess. That was not fair, how come he gets all the looks and I don’t?

“Why do you keep avoiding this topic so much?” He questioned as I walked a little further.

“I already went through a lot since childhood, I am tired to take more, I just can’t,”I admitted honestly as I didn’t bother to look around.

“Being in love will not cause pain,” he said casually.

“You don’t understand. Ever since that incident, Swara has nightmares. It is not easy to get her under control with her life, she has been neglecting everything around her since then. In London, she was fine, a little more free, away from our parent’s rules. But then after we left Cuba, she became a full time workaholic, she doesn’t even know what to do in life. I can’t just leave her all by herself while I experience all my joys. And my mother’s health is worsening by each day, and I need to take care of her as Swara is busy with her work. At the same time, I need to focus on my career too, what I want to do with it, other wise ma will regret that she is taking up all my time. I have too much responsibility and work to deal with. I can’t take more tensions, I am scared that if something goes wrong, even a small thing, everything will fall apart Laksh. EVERYTHING and I can’t let that happen at any cost,” I ranted off the biggest explanation I could as I looked at his fallen and displeased face.

“But can you make your mind up when you haven’t even given it a shot yet?” He complained at me with pleading eyes filled with emotions for me.

“I ranted all this for a reason,” I sarcastically said, as I didn’t understand why he didn’t understand the point.

“I know, but I promise this will never give you any trouble,” he said with assurance while I gulped down a lump from my throat. Shit, what now? How can I possibly say no to those begging eyes.

“Laksh…I..I don’t know,” I tried to keep my life under control.

“Trust me, let’s try this out for a week and if it doesn’t work, I myself am going to drop the idea of US,” he begged me while my face dropped as I heard, drop the idea of Us.

“You will have to earn and not expect any cooperation from my side,” I declared my opinion for this.

“Hey, that’s not fair,” he whined as he took a few steps forward.

The breeze turned into heavy wind which was hitting both of us from either way, we would definitely get sick today if we didn’t go inside right now. He looked at me and frowned at my words.

“You didn’t expect me to agree with your deal without me adding my clauses, did you?” I challenged him back with smirk. Drop this here Laksh, don’t make this hard for me.

“I should have known,” he mumbled under his breath.

“What?” I asked slyly as if I heard nothing.

“Are you agreeing or not?” He asked me with determination filling his voice while I looked at him with shock.

He is agreeing to my demands too? Should I agree with this?

That was a long one…………..i am soooo tired!! It is 12 in the night and I need to get some sleep and my fingers are aching too so let me make my rant short!

WIll Ragini accept this? You guys understand the deal right? Will Swara understand her feelings? How was the update overall? Drop in your comments and tell me which pair you liked the best in THIS update…RagLak’s rekindling love or SwaSan’s blooming love???? Waiting to hear from you!

Credit to: Mandy

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