SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 38)

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“Why am I involved in all this?” I heard Sanskaar ask me irritated for the millionth time after I explained him the prank plan.

I rolled my eyes and stated in the same irritated tone, “So that I don’t throw a prank like this on you too,”

“You are so mean,” he mumbled beneath his breath, loud enough for me to hear him from the phone.

“Took you long enough to know that” I mumbled under my breath.

“I heard that,” he pointed out.

“That was the whole point, and besides that runs in my blood Mr. Sanskaar,” I shot back.

“True, your sister is not any less than this, but are you sure she is going to be here?”

“Yes, all you need to do is ask her to open the door and that’s about it,”

“Why am I doing that again?” He asked me the same question AGAIN.

Here it was me who was dying to see Swara in the trap and then it was him who didn’t want to see Swara fall in a prank. Was he that scared of my sister?

“Because I am going to mess with your brother,”

“Go do whatever you want to do, but please keep your phone on,” he begged with desperation.

“Sanskaar, all you need to do is say COME IN, for that you don’t need me to call you and tell you the proper timing to do that, okay?” I snapped at him with frustration.

“I got that, but just in case your sister decided to kill me for shaking hands with you, I need you to call my parents and tell them I love them. Transfer all the property to Laksh, Uttara and Adarsh. Tell Uttara to become a good girl and not eat Laksh’s brain. Ohh..and please marry Laksh for me.” He ranted all of this hastily without a breath.

My jaw dropped, marry Laksh? “No way, I am not going to marry your brother at any cost. And besides, just tell my sister that I am back from coma and I want to meet her in the hotel and not the jail,”

“Fine, just go and finish your prank with my brother, just see that you both don’t end up killing each other or land in jail,” he warned me like an overprotective brother.

“Cool, see ya and snap a picture of Swara if you can,” I asked him nicely while I heard him cursing me on the other side.

Laksh, get ready to die! I thought as I eyed hi sports car.

“This is what you get to mess with Ragini Gadodia,” I mumbled to myself as the mechanic I called finally showed up.

“The tyres and the clutch,” I instructed him and smirked at the car. Time to call Swara.

I swung my head on to the desk. I was bored to death and in a verge of falling asleep, right then and there. I mean, who wouldn;t when you have nothing to do besides stare at the open white space all around you.

The only thing that stopped me was my phone vibrating like crazy in my pocket. My dear sister, what did she want now?

“Shona, I think my wallet fell by the lawn at the end of the building, can you go and keep it with you, please?” I heard my sister shriek like a kid who lost their chocolate.

“Why were you at the end of the building?” I countered sharply

“I was talking to Laksh there,” she said hesitantly.

“Are you taking the job then?” I asked her as enthusiasm filled inside me.

“We will talk about that later, can you get my wallet before I lose it?” Ragini sharply diverted the topic.

“Fine, but Ragini, it’s 6 in the night, I hardly doubt if I can see where it will be,” I snapped back at her with sleep very near to my eyes. Let me sleep sister, was all I wanted to yell out.

“Just try okay?,” she gently said to me with desperation.

I remained silent and she sarcastically went on, “Bless my sister, now go and find my wallet.”

I hung up on her before she went on to lecture me and dailed Sansakar’s number even though he was 2 steps away from me. Why walk when you can sleep?

“Sanskaar, I am going to the back of the building for 5 minutes,” I told him as I lifted my head off the desk and yawned.

“Can you come see me immediately after that, there are few issues with the contract of the deal. The place where we are building the tracks might not work out,” he said in a serious tone.

“What the hell? How come I don’t know about this?” I snapped at him with a frown as I turn around to face him smirking at me.

“I don’t know, can you just come to my cabin then?” He asked me, back in his professional voice again.

“Give me 5 minutes to go find Ragini’s wallet and I’ll be back,” I told him as I walked over to the elevator

“Sure,” he muttered before hanging up.

“Wallet, wallet, where are you?” I yelled as if the wallet could actually hear me and walk up to me.

The back end of the building was extremely dark, with hardly any streaks of light penetrating the area. God, this was not what she expected at all.

“Please come to Shona,” I mumbled once more as I searched through the dark grass for a purple wallet.

Why would anyone leave their wallet here? That too by the sprinklers.

“There you are,” I exclaimed happily as she found the wallet buried under a few pipes.

I picked up the wallet and stepped on the pipe too, which turned the pressure of the water to one end and the sprinkler behind me turned on, splashing water all over my head. Fantastic.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed as the my shirt dabbed with water.

“Cold, cold, cold,” I shivered as she shut down the tap of the cold water blowing on me. Ragini, you are going to pay for this.

It was not too bad, just stains of water droplets here and there and my hair was pretty wet too.
I looked at the purple wallet and let out a gasp when my phone vibrated heavily in my pocket. I need to change my intensity of my vibration so badly.

“Hello,” I said as I didn’t bother to check who it was coming from.

“Swara, did you find the wallet? Come back now, I need to go to home after this,” Sanskaar ordered me while I cursed him under my breath.

Just let this week pass by and I get my tracks done for Ragini and I am going to wreck his office for good. Gosh, I am more evil than I thought I was.

“Hello to you too, I’m coming,” I sarcastically said as I brushed the evil thoughts for now.

I hate this, I thought as I ran to the elevator with my damped wet shirt. Stupid me, did I have to step on the sprinkler pipe.

“Can I come?” I quietly asked as I saw him talk to someone over the phone. I know I am planning to wreck his office but I have manners too you know!

“Come in,” he mouthed and I flung the door open and walked on.

AS soon as I stepped in, a whole bucket of glitter, pink, girly, glitter fell on top of me. With the water on be from before, it stuck to my hair and my shirt.

“What the heck?” I roared in burning anger while I saw Sanskaar trying to control his laugh. How dare he?? How dare he?? I was so angry that I could kill him in a second as I flinched the glitter of my face. I hated glitter since I child, the only person who knew my extreme distaste to glitter was….Ragini.
OMG! Ragini!
“What the heck?” I heard her roar as I burst into laughter seeing her drown in pink glitter.

I must admit, Ragini has an amazing taste with pranks! This was #BestPrank2016 for sure, I could see Swara burning with anger while I continue to laugh. She had hot pink glitter all over her body.

“Stop laughing,” she mumbled at me while I calmed down a bit seeing her storm towards me.

“Who are you? I called Swara here not glitter princess,” I mocked at her while patronising anger filled her body.

“Why did you do this?” She snapped at me hotly while I leaned back in my chair.

“This was Ragini’s plan, she did this as you didn’t tell her about Laksh and joining my company and stuff,” I calmly stated to her while she stood there with her hands crossed on her chest.

“You didn’t do anything?” She snapped at me with rage, not leaving her eyes even for a second.

“Nope, not at all, I just helped her with this by not telling you about it,” I calmly said so that she doesn’t point a pistol at me. These girls are unpredictable I tell you.

“Okay, what was with the track thing then?” She asked like she didn’t care about it anymore.

“That was all part of the plan,” I said gently, hoping that she won’t go all mad again.

“Fine, can I see the contract just in case then,” she said calmly with a warm smile.

“Wait, you are not mad?” I asked astonished. She wasn’t going to curse me, yell at me, destroy me office, nothing??

“Of course not, you are right, it was all Ragini’s plan and I am going to kill her,” she said in a evil tone with a dark smirk.

“Really?” I asked her , still surprised.

She walked around my table and exclaimed, “Hey, is this the new version of MacBook Air?”

“Yeah…it is my personal agenda,” I said hesitantly, something was cooking in her head.

“That’s cool, do you use to keep all your data in it too? Like me?” She asked with her eyes twinkling while I kept wondering what was going on. She took the MacBook in her hands and started to scan it.

“Yeah, I do. It has most of the crucial data of the company,” I told her as I turned around for a second to get her the file so she could stop creeping me out with her nice behaviour.

“Crucial data eh?” I heard her let out a faint word and before I turn around I saw her slide the MacBook out of the window.

“What the heck?” I roared as I saw MY laptop crash into the floor. 44th floor, it won’t survive.

“Revenge succeeded,” she said slyly with a smirk while my mouth hung open like a fish.

“Woman, are you nuts? That had all my important data in it,” I snapped as I vented out all my anger.

“And what you just did gave me a heart attack,” she snapped at me.

“Blame your sister then,” I returned fretting over my laptop.

“Why should I? You are equally involved too,” she mocked at me evilly.

“You devil,” I blurted out as I looked at the my laptop’s broken pieces.

“That’s my middle name,” she said proudly.

“I would have felt better if you killed me then this,” I replied honestly as I passed her a death glare.

“You see, I don’t want to land in jail before the event, so this was a way better option,” she exclaimed happily while I sulk like a child.

“You know what? Because you did that, you are going to spend the whole night, alone in the office, typing all the files up,” I demanded as this amazing idea sparked in my brain.

“Wait what? Why? You are the one you started all this,” she shot back hastily with begging eyes.

“And I am the one who is going to put an end to this,” I replied curtly as I gave her a stack of around 50 folders from my drawer.

“I am not going to do this,” she told me with annoyance.

“Forget about the deal then,” I said coolly as I walked her out of the cabin.

“Stupid blackmail,” I heard her mumble as she didn’t take her seat in the PA’s desk but left the floor. I chuckled at her cute, annoyed expression.
What are you doing to me Swara?
“I can’t believe you still have that old racing car, you need an update now,” I heard Ragini mock at me as I opened the door to my sports car.

“No I don’t, this work perfectly fine like any other one,” I shot back with a wide grin that she is talking to me.

“Oh really?” She asked with widened eyes as she scanned the car.

“Yes really,” I mimicked her and burst into laughter.

“Fine, I need to test it before I train you, so let’s get moving,” she replied hastily as she avoided my heating gaze her making her blush a little underneath.

“What?” I asked her confused. Move where?

“You go in your boring, old car and I will follow in mine, so let’s get moving,” she drawled more slowly in anger at me.

“Angry women, how does Swara deal with you?” I asked her with annoyance as she quickly sat in the car.

“This is the same women who you fell in love with,” she snapped back without realizing what she said.

She stopped when she did and averted her gaze from mine when her cheeks went on fire.

“And still am,” I told her as I sat in my car.

“Let’s go,” she ordered and speeded the car ahead of me.

Not so fast, I thought as I pressed the accelerator and we were driving neck to neck with each other, like we would miss a big award if we slip away a little. I could see the smile on her face as we raced through the streets just like we did 2 years ago.

“What on earth is that?” I cursed mentally as I heard my car screech and halt randomly. Thank god, nobody uses this unknown road anymore or else I would have caused an accident.

“See, I told you it doesn’t work properly,” Ragini said giving me a I-told-you look.

“Whatever, come and help me,”I screamed at her as I saw my clutch a little broken. We can fix it later, but the car should be fine if she pulls this one with hers.

“I would love to but I need to go and get my dad from the office, so tata,” she said with an evil smirk while my jaw dropped. She did NOT just say that.

“You can’t leave me like this,” I snapped at her with pleading eyes, puppy face, and everything I could do to convince her to just help me.

“Just watch me,” she said as she drive off right in front of my eyes.

She left, she actually left. How did I ever like this girl? Swara was right, she did turn more arrogant and rude than before. I need to get the old Ragini back. Yes, I do. But, first I need to go back home.
“What was that?” I asked the guard outside as I saw the bulbs inside my company’s building flicker and turn off.

“Sir, there was an electric issue in the building, we called the electrician, he said it was due to the heavy rain from the day before,” he explained me with nervousness at my reaction.

“Is anyone still in there?” I asked with concern.

“I don’t think so,” he replied hesitantly while I nodded at him, taking the call I was receiving.

“Lucky?” I asked surprised. Did Ragini strangle him to death? Or did they end up injuring each other?

“Bro, I need help, urgently.” He asked me extreme desperation in his voice.

“Did you get arrested? Which police station are you in?” I asked hurriedly as I walked over to my car.

I knew they would do something stupid, why did I even let Ragini play her pranks?

“Bro, why do you always ask me that question every time I call you for help.” He shot back irritated to core while I chuckled.

“You drive on the roads like you small children play with their cars, extremely fast and rash. So, I think you might be in an accident or something,” I explained him, still laughing.

“I am not in an accident, my clutch broke or something like that, come and help me,” he begged me.

“Where are you?” I asked him as I looked at the building, still in darkness.

“A few km from your office,” he replied with a sigh.

“Which way?”

“I went straight from the back and then took a left and then I don’t remember,”

“What? How can I find you when I don’t know where you are,” I asked him with frustration.

“Ask Swara to call Ragini, I am sure she is still in office,” he replied with pleading tone.

“Swara, but she already-” I start to say when my eyes stick wide open. Shit, she is still in the office, typing the files.

“Shit Swara, bro call me when you find out where you are,” I hushed Laksh as I stormed towards the building.

“But-” he tried to reason but I hung up.

“Swara,” I called out as utter darkness faded around me, why did I even give her this work?

“Swara,” I yelled out again as I lit the room with my phone’s flashlight.

“Swara, where are you?”I asked desperately….was she lost again??

I climbed the stairs to the second floor. God damn it, I have 45 floors in this whole building “Why isn’t she here?”

“Ragini, is Swara home yet?” I asked Ragini as I connected a call to her.

“No, she is not home, why?” She asked with extreme tension.

“I can’t find her anywhere, where did this girl go?” I told her as I flashed the flashlight at the floor and hurried to the 3 rd one.

“What?? What do you mean you can’t find her,” she snapped at me with nervousness and fear.

“There are no lights in the office and I can’t find her here,” I explained her with my stomach churning in fear. Is she okay?

“Keep finding her, I am coming,” she replied hastily.

“No you go and help Lucky, I will manage to find her,” I assured her.

“No, let him be there, that’s his punishment for messing with me,” she replied hotly.

“Ragini, he wanted to see you badly after so many years, he only wanted to meet you. He is in madly love with you for the past 2 years. The lie he told you is nothing compared to what you did to him. Just left him, without an answer to his proposal,”I snapped for the first time at her.

This was it, they were clearly in love and won’t admit it.

“Fine, I’ll see,”she replied in a low tone and hung up.

Swara where the hell are you?

Next: Rekindling the love (RagLak)
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How was that?? How was Ragini’s prank on both Swara and Laksh??

Where do you think Swara is….in the office? at home? Outside the office?
AND will Ragini go and help Laksh or will she come back later on to say sorry??

Also, this update had a ton of different POV, do you like that or do you want me to stick to just 1 or 2 POV per update. Let me know! Do comment about how you felt about the pranks by Ragini!

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