SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 37)


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“Kameeni, you switched sides as soon as I left?” I heard Ragini snap at Swara who was smiling cheekily at her.

“Woahh…Ragini it’s nothing like that,” Swara sheepishly stated with a long yawn of boredom.

“Then how is it?” Ragini asked innocently with fluttering eyebrows. This girl will make me go crazy!

“Sanskaar forced me into this PA thing and then I didn’t want to trouble you by saying I met Laksh again, after the fact that it has been 2 years,” Swara blurted out honestly.

All the 4 of us were sitting on the floor, facing each other in Sanskaar cabin. Yes, the floor, all thanks to Swara who said it was easier to navigate on the floor. Who cares about navigation when all we were doing was talking? Sanskaar and I were looking amused at the cat-fight of the 2 sisters.

“You go first…” Sanskaar said in a nerve wercking tone to Ragini after the fight between the sister finally settled down.

“No you go first,” Ragini said instantly.

My patience was ticking with each second passing, they better say something or else I am gonna crack any minute. I have so many questions inside me which were dying to burst open and then these 2 were fighting who goes first.

“Sanskaar,” Ragini warned with her raising tone.

“Ragini,” Sanskaar mumbled in the same alerting tone.

“Come on, just go,” Ragini said hotly at him.

“No, you go,”

“Sanskaar, the 3 of us already know yours, so just tell it to Laksh and then I will tell about my coma thing to everyone,” Ragini argued with a nervous smile playing on her lips while I tried to control my raising curiosity.

“Fine, umm…you remember a few years back when we were 10, we found that dad went to jail for something somebody else did,” Sanskaar started and I nodded in assurance.

Sanskaar took a sigh and kept going, “So, that was this case. I don’t know that happened or why they blamed dad but they did and those ‘they’ were Swara and Ragini. Dad was proven innocent by the lawyers and nothing happened after that. Honestly, I have no clue who is responsible for this, but I want to make sure you both know that it wasn’t our dad. I understand that you guys went through a trauma but trust me, he was there with us that night. The entire night as we both were ill, so Ma and Dad were with us for the whole, entire night.”

I gasped in shock while Sanskaar’s face turned into relief while Swara and Ragini turned a little uneasy. So these were the 2 girls? The heaviness inside me turned light and the curiosity started to settle out a bit while I kept staring blankly at the 3 faces infront of me.

“Wait…so who is right?” I asked hesitantly while Swaragini’s faces turned more paler than before.

“Did you see our dad when were kidnapped?” Sanskaar enquired the sisters who had their faces leeched off with palness.

“Not really, we heard the person speaking to your dad that he completed the task. According to us, he got us kidnapped, not did it himself. Who on earth would go kidnap 2 girls by himself?” Swara mocked a little to lighten the heavy tension in the air.

I looked at Ragini who was blankly staring at the ceiling with her mouth pierced,

“Again, who is right? Who did it?” I asked again with more confidence this time.

“God knows. In their view they are right and in ours we are. We just need to figure out, maybe sometime else exactly what happened because in this whole process somebody else is involved for sure. But let’s think about this later and not hold grudges against each other for this,” Sanskaar narrated with a sigh while the girls nodded in agreement.

“So what do we do now?” I questioned as I didn’t exactly understand what was going on.

“We can try solve this mystery some other day if you guys want. I mean dad is not a person who is going to speak about this, but we will talk about this later,” Sanskaar spoke again, much firmer this time.

“Sorry to say, but he needs to speak and tell us what happened,” Swara retorted with a frown.

“As I said, let’s talk about this some other day,” Sanskaar said coolly, trying to avoid the fights we would have if this kept going.

Was my dad really innocent? Or was there anyone else involved with this?

“Why didn’t you tell me this before? How come everyone knows this but I don’t?” I asked with fake anger as the other chuckled at my words.

“If I knew you would take this so lightly I would have told you the minute I knew about it,” Sanskaar said with wide grin, breathing a sigh of relief while I smiled back with the burden off my chest.

I never really thought through this kidnapping thing from the kidnapper’s perspective or what the Maheshwari family might be going through because of this thing. Today, when I look at these 2 boys and their maturity of handling the situation, I hate to admit this but I was so wrong about them and the Maheshwari’s in general. I would have not at all reacted like this if I came to know my dad could have done something like this, but Laksh, he took it so lightly and coolly. Taking the time to know the situation from both sides without judging us about it.

“Wait a sec, how did you know all this?” Ragini questioned Sanskaar with confusion making my face fall.

Great, now you are definitely dead Swara. My stomach sank with nervousness and I started to prepare myself for Ragini’s outburst. Aaj to tu gaye Swara. What was the need to not tell her before?

I saw Sanskaar grin at me evilly from the corner of his eye, but my eyes remained glued to the floor just in case Ragini snaps in anger.

“After you left from Cuba, I checked the CCTV camera where I saw your sister stealing vital information from my computer and ranting out all this revenge thing in that process,”

“WHAT?” Ragini exclaimed with shock as I could sense her intense and angry gaze on me while I gulped in fear.

What if she told me or papa or worse, what if she told dadi?

I cursed myself internally for all this when Ragini started to shake my shoulders vigorously, yelling at me, “You already knew about this before you told me?”

I nodded with made her stare at me in disbelief.

“Do you still have the info of our company?” Laksh enquired, I noded slightly at that too.

God, I feel so bad now. Did I do something that wrong? Thank you god for putting in some sense in me so that I didn’t post it online or show it to the media or so something like that.

“Swara, how many times did I tell you to not let revenge come into your mind? I told you so many times that revenge was not necessary, this is not needed,” Ragini snapped at me hotly while I hung my head low, not with shame but fear to see Ragini’s snappy, red eyes.

“I know but I couldn’t let such a good moment leave my hand. After all the suffering, all the nightmares, all the trouble we faced, I needed that revenge. Not for just throwing out Maheshwari’s or taking revenge but for me. I needed to do that to save my guilt from haunting me for the rest of my life. I needed to do that for satisfaction that I at least tried to do something for my revenge. I needed to do that to move on in life,” I explained them, nearly in tears.

I didn’t mean to take revenge, but to move from that incident in life, I needed to do that. I needed to get control of my life which was only possible with the satisfaction of at least trying to take revenge.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” Ragini asked me gently as she pulled me into an affectionous hug.

This is what I love about my sister, she treats me like a child. She is no doubt my second mom and I like it that way. No matter what happens, even if the world breaks apart, I will always remain with her and always be on her side.

“I didn’t want to see your heartbreak and then console you. Takes too much time you know,” I snickered with a wide grin which made her stare at me with a frown.

“Swara,” she said in her authoritative voice and raising her eyebrows and giving me the I-know-you-are-lying look.

“I knew you would stop me from doing this, so I decided not to and also I didn’t want the CCTV cameras to record this before I even took the computer, then the whole plan will be ruined,” I honestly admitted while the brothers were just staring at us in amusement at our drama.

“Oh god, how much planning did you do?” Laksh joked, cutting out emotional drama.

“Only 1 day planning,” I flaunted myself as I fanned some air into my face to stop my tears from running.

Come on, I am Swara Godadia and Swara doesn’t cry or break in front of anyone. (except my family!)

“Now your turn on the podium, so tell me Ragini Godadia, how did you fall in coma?” Swara announced like breaking news while I rolled my eyes at her drama.

She has serious mood swing issues, just a moment ago I could tell that she was fighting of her tears and now she is smirking at me. But after all, she is the daughter of dadi, our full time actress in our house.

“You went into coma?” Laksh asked me surprised and with concern.

“Laksh, you seriously need to get updated on stuff,” Swara said to him with an apologetic smile on her face and a hand on his shoulder.

He frowned at her and jerked off her hand while she leaned back laughing. See, mood swings!

“I am going to see you later but are you okay? How long?” Laksh asked with concern while Sanskaar looked at me, urging to me go on.

“I am fine now, I went into coma for a month,” I told him while both the brothers gasped and their jaws dropped.

What can’t a girl get sick?

“And it happened because…” Swara trailed off as she closed Laksh’s mouth.

“I found this chit saying: You know, she knows and so do I. To stop HIM from knowing, come to the grass of accidents in the time where the sun meets the water,” I told them honestly while a shiver broke through my spine as the incidents came flashing before me.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Laksh asked with a frown while all of us threw a death glare at him.

“Exactly, I didn’t know what the heck it means so I went to my racing track as I remembered the accident we had in France will racing. Sun meets water was at dusk, so in the evening,” I explained him the meaning in simple language.

“You went there alone?” Sanskaar finally raised his voice after a long time of silence.

“Being the idiot she is, she went alone.” Swara answered for me with anger in her voice.

“All I remember is going to the racing track and then everything went blank. The next thing I knew I was falling in the black hole and I heard Swara narrating me the story of my life,” I concluded the story, throwing the burden off my chest.

“You didn’t have any pain or any chloroform, suffocation or anything? You just went blank?” Swara interrogated with confusion.

“Yeah, I just went blank, I felt no pain,” I told them while all the other were staring at me with disbelief.

“That is weird, we need to inform the police as soon as possible to catch this mystery person,” Swara said as she pulled out her phone from her back pocket while I caught her hand and shook my head.

“Wait a sec, tell me what it said again,” Sanskaar asked me again.

“You know, she knows and so do I. To stop HIM from knowing, come to the grass of accidents in the time where the sun meets the water,” I repeated the lines to him.

“That sounds familiar, very familiar,” Sanskaar muttered which made my stomach churn with happiness.

“Do you know anyone who writes riddles like that?” Swara asked him with her eyerbrow raised.

“Yes but I don’t know exactly who, give me a day and I think I might know who is behind all this,” Sanskaar said with surety while I mouthed him a thank you.

“If you do then you might be less dumb than I thought you were,” Swara commented with a smirk.

“Swara,” I slapped her thigh at her stupid jokes. He was trying to help me and this girl was making fun of him.

“Okay, okay, I am sealing my lips,” she said, failing her arms with defeat while I smiled at her acting.

Such a drama queen!
There was something extremely familiar with the lines, but what was it? That was the only thing that is running through my mind, those lines.

“Now that we are in this conversation and everyone is spilling something or the other out, then…” Swara trailed out with an evil smirk heading my way.

“Swara, what is cooking in your head?” Laksh asked her with boredom.

“Aww…you know me so well,” she declared happily as she gave him a quick side hug.

“What were you guys doing in the woods on that day?” She asked me which took me off guard.

“What?” I blurted out nonchalantly. Where did this come from?

“Don’t tell me you don’t remember, that day in the night, at the woods. The bet for the party which started all this,” she drawled out.

I looked at Laksh who gave me a helpless face, did she have to go back to that? I clearly didn’t want to tell her, but seeing Swara’s determination, she is going to get that out of me for sure.

“Like I said on the other day, I was strolling around and besides it was not private property anyways,” I lied to her, averting my eye contact.

“Quit lying,” Ragini sternly said. How did I forget there was a lie detector present in this room?

“I am not,” I defended myself with sigh.

“Sure, you were strolling at 3-4 am in the woods, that’s what normal people do everyday right?” Swara taunted with a smirk.

“Are you saying that I am not normal?” I argued, feeling a little offended.

“I am saying that you are psycho,” she commented which made anger rise in me

“Guys, cut the crap,” Ragini yelled which made both of us flinch back and stop.

“Now tell us, why were you there?” Swara said coolly wriggling her eyebrows.

“I had a nightmare,” I blurted out honestly.

“Really? You had a nightmare?” She asked me with enthusiasm more than shock.

“Why are you so excited?” I asked confused. She was literally beaming with joy and happiness while I just stared at her with shock.

“See, I am not the only one in the world to have nightmares you know,” she told Ragini with joy while I looked at both of them confused.

“What do you have nightmares about?”

“You are the first person who I met who is excited to talk about nightmares and you call me psycho,”

“Whatever, tell me na, why do you have nightmares?”

“Will you tell me yours?”


“Really?” I asked surprised.

She was the first person on earth who was ready to share her nightmares openly, strange!

“I get nightmares about the kidnapping incident, that someone is trying to strangle me everyday,” she said with hesitation and her eyes were struggling with mixed emotions.

“Well I get nightmares that my dad is getting arrested and is going to get death penalty and I can’t do anything,” I said in a low voice which made her nod in understanding.

“So same situation?” She mumbled, more to herself than me

“Kinda, I hated those 2 girls all my life and now when I came to know that you were those girls, I didn’t feel like hating on you anymore,” I said honestly as I saw Swara’s eyes soften a bit hearing those words.

“What do you mean?” Ragini asked confused.

“Do you hate us or the name attached to us?” I questioned her which made her look at me stunned.
I gulped down as my breath hitched in my throat as I heard those words, he was right. I nodded hesitantly while I saw Laksh’s eyes twinkle and bore into mine.

“Exactly, in the same way we don’t hate you, we just hate the way our dad was framed in this,” Sanskaar concluded with a heavy, sad sigh.

“You really think dad didn’t do anything?” Laksh questioned Sanskaar.

“I am sure, he didn’t,” Sanskaar assured him while I fidgeted with uneasiness and I saw Swara do the same.

“Let’s talk about something else,” Swara tried to divert the topic and I smiled gratefully at her.

“Fine, what did you guys do for 2 years?” Laksh asked with excitement when his eyes landed on mine and I shuddered slightly as my heart did somersaults.

God, why does he still have that effect on me?

“I joined the business and Ragini sat at home and helped dadi choose her groom,” Swara mocked.

I saw Laksh’s eyes turn cold and brittle and I immediately scowled at Swara, “Shut up, I am not going to get married,”

“Girl, with those emotional, touchy words, you killed the hope of this young man right here,” she dramatically stated, placing a hand on Laksh while I looked at her shock.

Traitor, she switched sides so immediately? Laksh smiled at me while Sanskaar and Swara laughed at us.

“Swara,” I warned her as she started to laugh her head off. This girl was going to be my end.

“What did you 2 do?” I asked Sanskaar to stop Swara’s annoying laughter.

“I was made the owner of the company and Laksh practiced for the international racing competition,” Sanskaar said to us.

“That sounds amazing, is that why you need a trainer?” Swara said to Laksh, completely ignoring Sanskaar who was glaring at her with irritation.

“Yeah, but when I finally found one, I came to know that she didn’t race for 2 years,” Laksh said in sad tone looking at me.

“What? Who told you that? That’s basically all she did in 2 years, race, race and race. In fact that was her excuse to ditch me in the boring world of business,” Swara blurted out everything while I closed my eyes to hide my embarrassment.

See…she was going to me my end. ughhh..I hate her soo much!

“Oh really?” I heard him question while his smirk grew wider. “This conversation is bringing out many secrets,”

I slapped Swara’s hands with my face turning red, while she frowned at me.

“Was I not supposed to tell him that?” She asked me and I shook my head.

“Oops, Sorry! Well, I think I would have told him that even if I knew that,” she mocked at me making me hit her even harder than before.

“You are helping me take revenge from these 2 right?” I scooped towards Sanskaar and whispered when Swara was busy complaining to laksh about me

“In your service Ma’am,” Sanskaar said with a salute while I grinned evilly.

Get ready to die Swara!
Sorry for the rush! I had so much stuff to say so it might look a little rushed and cramped and on top of that I am so busy today that I have no time to add the feelings of each one separately and in detail.

Anyways, moving on, how was that?? Got what you wanted or anything left? Ragini was in coma only for 1 month not 1 year. Who is the culprit is the next track of the story so stay tuned!!

Who do you think wrote the letter to Ragini? How does Sanskaar know this person? Any ideas on who is the real culprit to the kidnapping scene is??

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