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“Ragini, are you sure you want to do this alone?” Papa asked me one more time as he stood beside me and keenly observing my expressions.

“Yes papa, you can go find Swara now, I’m fine,” I assured him once more in a gentle, caring voice with a bright grin covering my face.

“Take care and call me if you need anything, okay?” Papa finally gave in and left the place silently.

“Sure,” I muttered as I watched him disappear into thin air.

Nervousness was peeking in my body as I pressed on my sunglasses with gentle breeze throwing my curled hair all over my face. Great. I was sitting on the terrace of a five star hotel, waiting for this stranger I talked to arrive, the scenery was beautiful from here. The sunrays glittering the marble table, the cool breeze providing the coolness in the hot summer day while I tilted my head right to see a magnificent view of Delhi greenness.

It had been almost 10 minutes since papa left and this stranger had to be here by now. Where was he? Why wasn’t he here yet? I saw a faded black suit man walk in the terrace but I frowned as I noticed he was Indian. This man I talked to was a foreigner, so I sighed and tilted my head back to the view.

“Hey Ragini, long time no see what’s up?” I heard a familiar voice as I jerked my head to face Sanskaar. Sanskaar Maheshwari sitting in front of me with a warm smile on his face.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I yelled out loud as I gasped in horror.

What the hell was he doing here? Instead of nervousness, anger started to circulate around my body as memories of Cuba started to flash in my brain. Honestly, I have no grudge against them and certainly don’t want revenge like Swara. I am trying to move on and that includes from that kidnapping incident also, so I needed to give Sanskaar another chance, especially after the fact that I didn’t get a chance to know him before.

“I am here to talk about the interview,” he said sheepishly, shadowing his face while I let out an extra loud gasp in extreme horror.

“OMG, you fooled me?” I snapped brutally at him while the others around us started to look at us weirdly. Amusement and more anger started to fill in my throat as I looked at him with my eyebrows raised.

“No, you got fooled, I didn’t do anything,” he defended himself with a light chuckle.

“But you are the one who changed your accent and your voice,” I said in disbelief.

“Blame your darling sister and your lovesick Laksh,” he mumbled as he looked at me with innocence.

My heart did a quick 360 flip when I heard his name after so many years. Okay, only 2 but still feels like many years.

“Huh?” Was all I could manage to say while rest of my body went into switch off mode due to the effect of his name. Ughhh…I hate that man and the effect he has on me even after 2 years.

“Well, they got the phone and shoved into my face and then got me to talk to you in a british accent,” Sanskaar honestly said without any hinderance.

I stared into his eyes with my mouth hung open when I heard those words. My own sister, my Swara did that to me? She lied to me that she was on some business work….how dare she??

“Look, I know I am extremely handsome but you don’t need to drool over me,” he flaunted himself with admiration while I rolled my eyes at him giggling at his words.

“You are so full of yourself,” I spat at him still giggling as he started to laugh with me. He was truly Laksh’s brother.

“Haa..what can I do? I need to impress my sister in law after all?” He joked in a humorous voice while my breath hitched in my throat and twists in my stomach when I heard those words.

“Wait what?” I asked him confused with his expression.

Is Laksh ready to send a proposal to my house? Did Swara change sides? I was staring at him with a horrified look on my face and my mouth open again.

“I love it when people gawk me,” he said in a dreamy side with wriggly eyebrows which made me realize it was all a joke.

“Shut up, which side is the proposal coming from?” I said as I placed my chin on my hand and played along with him. This ought to be fun.

“From both sides,” he replied sternly with a wink.

“Huh” I asked confused, both sides? Which both sides? Laksh AND his or from his side AND my side?

“Here is your chocolate cake that you wake up in the middle of the night for,” he enthusiastically declared, smartly avoiding my question and diverting my attention as the waiter placed a huge chocolate cake in front of me.

“Is that all for me?” I chirped excitedly looking at the delicious and mouth watering cake in front of me.

“Any doubt?” He stated dully with a wink.

“You still remember?’ I asked as with my mouth full as I took a huge bite of the cake. This tasted exactly like the cake in Cuba.

“Of course, more than you people leaving the next day without informing me, I was upset that you ate my chocolate cake,” he sadly stated in a displeased tone.

“Don’t blame me, it was all Swara’s fault,” I countered as I gulped down the chunk of cake.

That was truly heavenly, he was indeed very smart to impress me with this cake for me to accept his offer.

“Swara, swara, swara, she is behind every trouble isn’t she? She should be named problem instead of Swara,” he said with a laugh while I started to laugh too.

He was soo fun to hang out with it, why did Swara always complain about him??

“You met her, didn’t you?” I asked him as we both calmed down from the laughing.

“Yeah, I did,” he finally admitted after a loong minute of silence.

“I’m glad you still are alive, she was so angry when she left Kolkata. She hates you so much, not one single went by in the past 2 years without her cursing you,” I mocked at him while he rolled his eyes with annoyance.

“She probably hates me even more now,” he mumbled in a low tone, as he ran a hand through his hair.

“What did you do to annoy her this time?” I asked in a matter of fact tone with a frown.

“Why does everybody think I did something,” he asked me with confusion and looking at me with ffake anger.

“Because you both argue over the most silliest things ever, I’m sure one of you did something so the other would rage with anger,” I honestly blurted out as I complete half of the cake.

“You know us so well,” Sanskaar said gently as he took a sip of his coffee.

“Stop flattering me and spill the beans,” I demanded as I leaned in to listen to him.

“Fine, I made her my PA for a week,” he said hastily with wide smirk on his face.

“WHAT?” I shrieked with amusement. He did WHAT?? I actually couldn’t believe my ears, “Swara Godadia, PA of Sanskaar Maheshwari?”

“Too good to be true eh?” He said with a chuckle, seeing my astonished face and his smirk grew even wider.

“How on Earth did you get her to agree to this,” I asked as I laughed when I imagined Swara sitting in uniform in place of Tina, her PA.

“I have my ways and I am one hell of a negotiater,” he frankly stated, flattering himself.

“Is it too late to escape now?” I asked hesitantly as he broke into laughter.

“I think you are already hired, so Congratulations!” He enthusiastically declared as he forwarded his hand in front of me.

“What the heck?” I yelped as I blinked my eyes to make sure this was actually happening.

‘Stop shouting,” he whispered to me with bored eyes.

“Then stop being so random,” I retorted with a sigh.

“Fine, when are you available?” He said seriously.

“First, tell me who the hell I am training,” I ordered him with a frown.

“My brother, Laksh,” he said casually as I looked at him with my eyes open wide. WHATTTT????

“L..Laksh?” I stammered as I recited his name after 2 long years. My stomach went into a complicated knot again while my heart was beating so much that I felt it might just break through my rib cage.

“Yep!” He said excitedly with a wide grin.

How could you be so happy after giving me a heart attack, I mentally scowled at him.

“Why the hell does he need a trainer? And why me? Why did you call me here?” I scowled angrily, shooting him with a question after another.

“Look I need to go for a meeting with your sister, so go talk to Laksh, he is standing beside the fountain,” he told me, as he pointed behind me.

“But..I don’t want the job,” I argued back hesitantly while my heart was saying something else.

“Ragini, go talk to him. You have been sulking ever since you left for India,” he shot with serious look on his face.

He is right Ragini, my heart started to voice out which was quickly interrupted by my brain which asked me to get up and leave. There we go again, why does a battle between my heart and brain start whenever the situation is about Laksh. Laksh, how can you make me fight with myself??

“I am not sulking and how do you know this?” I asked Sanskaar after mentally slapping myself for coming here.

“Yeah, you are not sulking at all, infact you are a sullen queen ,” he snickered with a smirk while I shot him a death glare.

“Sanskaar, I was just thinking that you are an awesome company and Swara is soo wrong about you but you just ruined it all,” I said with a annoyance.

“Really? Wipe my words from before then,” he mocked as he made some signs in the air.

“I am not going to meet your brother and who told you all these,” I asked confused as how he came to know so much about me.

“Swara sent me strict orders to tell you all this, so go and follow your duty,” He said in an army voice.

“Nope,” I said blindly with frustration which made him frown at me.

“She is not going to give you chocolate cake anymore,” Sanskaar warned me while I stormed my feet as I got up the chair.

“Ughghhh…this is not fair. Blackmail much,” I muttered with rage. I’m so gonna kill her if I see her again.

“No go and complete your duty, General,” he said like a officer.

“Anything for the company, sir,” I played along and gave him a salute before we both broke into fits of laughter.

“Good luck, I will catch you later than?”

“Like duhhh…I still need you to help me with a revenge plan for them both,” I said with a wink as he smiled at me once more and left the place.

You can do this Ragini, I encouraged myself as I walked to the man standing infront of the water, with his back towards me. My stomach had thousands of butterflies, rats and everything else running like crazy while my heart was leaping at the highest rate it can. My mind had millions of thoughts going on while I fidgeted with my sleeve in nervousness when I stood right behind him. This was going to be soo awkward and crazy.

“Hey,” I finally muttered after I gathered all my courage to face him.

I saw him slowly turn around and give me a broad smile. He looked exactly like 2 years ago, maybe a little more wearing and tired. He was wearing a black shirt with a red vest and faded and ripped jeans, His hair was scattered all over his face. His blistering gaze sent goosebumps across my body just like 2 years ago, my heart yearned to throw my hands around him but I controlled myself before I completely get out of control.

“Why do you need a trainer?” I curtly asked him while his smile slowly faded out.

“I wanted to find a hot girl to flirt with but I guess I have to bear with you for now,” he mocked with a dark smirk on his face.

He said what? Kamina, how can he say that to me? I was not hot, Ragini Godadia, who people are dying to get married to is not hot according to Laksh Maheswari. A wave of hurt passed through my body before I angrily shrieked,“What?”

“So?? Bachee vachee kaha hein?” He asked me as he looked around the place with his eyes sliding down my body as heat started to emit radiantly through my body.

It took me a minute to understand what he said before I yelped in horror, “What? Whose children?”

“I don’t see anybody here expect you,” he flatly said as his intense gaze failed to live mine.

I was beyond shocked, angry and speechless while I badly wanted to go and slap him for his stupid words.

“FYI I am only 20, I am not married yet,” I snapped brutally at him while he bit his inner cheek to control his laughter.

“Oops, wrong person, I thought this information was about you,” he said casually with a shrug as he leaned back into the wall of the fountain.

“Huh?” I asked dumbly as I couldn’t let my eyes to leave his.

“Ah, so many girlfriends, hard to keep track of all of them after 2 years you know,” he stated simply as if it was no huge of a deal while my eyes were on the edge of coming out of their sockets.

GirlfriendS?? As in multiple?? Did he just say that?? I was noone to him other than one of his girlfriends. A pang of hurt and jealousy struck into me. I cringed in pain as the words blew into my ears. Why am I so affected? Even he is noone to me right?

“Ughhh….I hate you,” I finally spat out in disgust while his eyes were playful and mischievous.

“But I missed you,” I heard him whisper as I was about to turn around.

“Really?” I asked with a strained voice as I scanned his voice for any sign of humour or taunt but I only found a flat, expressionless face.

“No, I said that to make you feel better and make up from before,” he teased me as he let out a bitter chuckle.

“You have loads to make up for in that case,” I added with a frown and anger boiling inside me which I tried to contaminate inside me.

“Pardon me?” He replied bluntly, atleast he has some manners left, I thought with as the frown on my face deepened.

“Nothing, I came to tell you I am not going to take the offer,” I narrated to him arrogantly as the smirk on his face came to mine.

“Why?” He asked confused as his face stiffened.

Are you kidding me? I groaned as I looked at the irony of the situation, Really Laksh, is that what you have to ask me after all what we faced for 2 years.

“My life, my wish,” I replied harshly with a shrug as I turned to walk away from him when a familiar touch grabbed my wrist.

A sense of electricity zapped through my body as I was swiftly pulled to collide with a muscular chest. His eyes met mine within a few seconds and his hand on my waist tightened as I struggled hard to escape the grip. His breath fanned my face as he leaned in closer to me. My breath stopped in throat and my hands moved lazily across his chest.

“What are you doing?” I said in a whisper as he leaned in closer and I shut my eyes to stop myself from all the crazy desires popping in my mind. Oh god, I wanted to forget you not get back all the feelings from before.

“My life, my wish,” he whispered my line in my ear as I moaned at him with anger.

“Stop it, this is my life,” I snapped at him as I tried to move away from him but he kept me there with his intense gaze on mine.

“With my heart in it,” he completed in my ear which made my heart stop and my breath stop. My hands froze in place and I stiffened as a chill shiver passed through my spine.

“Un huh….” I mocked at him, trying to avoid my nervousness.

“I told you that day on the beach, you stole my heart” he said to me in a tight whisper which made eyes flicker with shock.

Control Ragini, control was the only thing running in my mind at the moment.

“And I gave you my answer by running away,” I responded curtly as I averted my gaze from his.

“Are you sure?” I asked in a husky voice as I pulled her closer which made her shut her eyes again.

It was soo good to see her like this after 2 years. 2 years and I finally saw her. My heart was racing with joy and the smile was not in a mood to get off my face.

“100%” she replied confidently while I leaned in and pecked her cheek which made her flush with anger and push me back.

I chuckled as she touched her cheek and looked at me, waiting for an explanation. She was looking too cute in the dark blue top she was wearing with jeans and her hair was flying in all directions due to the wind. She had a little makeup on and her eyes were glittering with excitement.

“Don’t you want to meet Swara?” I asked her randomly which made her eyes flick back into mine.

“Yeah” she responded with a nod.

“ let’s go then,” I said as I pulled her with me.

“What do mean?” She asked confused as she jerked off my hand from hers.

Angry woman, too hard to control and Swara was right, she did turn more angrier than before.

“Didn’t bro tell you that Swara is his PA now?” I told her while I rolled my eyes at her.

“He did, can we go and meet her now?” She said with urgency, clear in her voice.

“Behind you,” I said in a gentleman’s voice as I forwarded my hand in front of her.

“This car,” she gasped as we reached the parking for the car.

“Same car just like 2 years ago,” I said with a smirk as she touched the blue surface and smiled

“Let’s go,” she rudely stated as she noticed my admired gaze on her.

“I can’t believe that you don’t have any kids, I mean look at you and look at me,” I tried to lighten the awkwardness between us as I started the car.

“Ya, you look like a monkey and I look like a princess,” she flaunted herself with a smirk while I let out a bitter chuckle.

“Or maybe you grew fat and I grew more handsome,” I retorted sharply.

“Keep dreaming, roadside Romeo,” she said nonchalantly which made both of us stare each other and remember our first date.

The awkwardness I was trying to keep out of the car, began to drop in making the silence grown immense tension between us.

“I don’t understand why everyone keeps hiding their pain,” I said in dismay as I shook my head.

“I am NOT hiding anything,” she angrily snapped at me once again. Her and her anger, both come in a package.

“I never mentioned you in the first place,” I simply countered back.

“I know that was what you meant,” she said as she crossed her arms over her chest in puffing anger which made her look cuter than before.

“Ahh..so you still understand me then,” I twisted the words which made her shake her head in disbelief.

“I do, you are the one who doesn’t remember anything due to your long list of girlfriends,” she said holty with jealously clear in her voice.

“Jealous are we?” I said happily, so I did have the same effect on her. That just made my day!

“Dreaming are we?” She replied smartly while I burst out laughing seeing her pissed off expressions.

“Stop laughing,” she angrily ordered while I started to calm down.

“Anything for your princess,” I said with a wink while she turned around to face the window.

“I am not a princess,” she muttered coolly while I grinned at my fun in playing around with her.

“Yeah, you are a spoiled, arrogant girl princess who wants to hide all her emotions in a chamber deep below and never open it again. Correct?” I asked hesitantly, not sure how she would react to all this.

“No, I don’t hide anything,” she said with frustration.

“Then why don’t you just admit you missed me,” I said with a heavy sigh as I could feel the weight of her eyes on me.

“Cause I didn’t,” she said bluntly.

“Sure,” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

I glanced at the broken music system, I am going to kill Uttara for wrecking it y’day for revenge. The one time I needed music to stop this extreme tension, it is not there. How wonderful is my life. (Note the sarcasm!)

“I can do anything to make you believe that I have moved on,” she challenged me in a furious tone.

“Why do you turn everything into a challenge?” I asked her confused at her randoms words.

“That’s how my brain works,” she said flatly with a shrug.

“Okay then take the job offer,” I demanded her which made her snap her eyes at mine while I halted the car infront of Maheshwari office.

“What?” She said as she grit her teeth.

“Be my trainer,” I drawled out more slowly this time.

“Why are you so adamant in making me your trainer? You are as good as I am and probably even better considering the fact that I didn’t even practice for 2 years straight,” she ranted on but the only thing that stung me is I didn’t practice of 2 years.

“Did you leave racing because of me?” I asked hastily as guilt started to prick me.

“Stop changing the topic,” she said with a frown.

“Answer me first,” I roared at her sharply.

“Yes, I did. I left it so that I don’t have to feel the guilt of breaking up haunt me anymore. I can’t take the guilt Laksh, I can’t. You’re father got us kidnapped when we were young, I cannot bear to move into that family, I just can’t,” she replied honestly while each words acted as a poison and stung me at several places.

What was she talking about??

“What are you saying? Are you out of your mind?” I snapped harshly at her which made her move on her seat with uneasiness.

“I am just telling you the truth, opening your eyes from the blackness you are living in,” she muttered slowly which made me look at her with disbelief.

“Stop, just stop,” I yelled at her angrily for the first time which made her flinch a little with my actions while I stood there confused. Confused as hell with my life when I saw the honesty in her eyes.

“I need my answers, I need them now. Damn it!” I vented out my anger as I shoved the car door open.

How was that?? What will Sanskaar tell Laksh now?? Will Ragini be mad at Swara for fooling her?

No SwaSan scenes today as it was RagLak moment only!! I hope you all like Sanskaar and Ragini’s bond. Will Ragini accept the offer or will Swara do something to make her do stuff. Mostly Ragini POV as most of us know what Laksh’s feeling are, so what do you think Ragini’s feelings are??

More SwaSan and RagLak scenes coming up, so stay tuned and DO leave your comments so I know what you want for the next episode!

Credit to: Mandy

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