SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 34)


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“Swara?” I heard my sister call out with shock from the phone.

I froze with astonishment, crap…what now? I glanced at Laksh who was equally as shocked as I was. Shit shit shit, did she HAVE to call Laksh, did she HAVE to call him right now and did she HAVE to hear me?

I quickly tossed the phone in Laksh’s hand and mouthed TALK TO HER. He shook his head vigorously and handed me back the phone. This kept on going with Ragini staying on hold and both of us passing the phone back and forth.

An idea smacked into my brain as I snatched the phone from Laksh’s hand and stormed to Sanskaar’s office. He was sitting on his chair and smiling at the screen before I entered. His eyes turned bored and a smirk appeared on his facr when he saw me run towards him, I rolled my eyes and handed him the phone and mouthed TALK.

“What are you-” he reasoned when Laksh put his hand over the phone to prevent Ragini from hearing us.

“Ragini, talk,” Laksh hastily said as he pushed the phone into his ear.

“What? Why? When? How?” Sanskaar asked as he raised his eyebrows at us with a judging look.

“Hold you horses already, just talk to her in your expertized british accent,” Laksh muttered as he urged him to talk to her.

“Hello,” Sanskaar said in a thick british accent. Woahh…he is actually really good at it, I would have never ever guessed it was him.

“Hi, so what is your decision?” Ragini asked gently from the phone which Sanskaar put in speaker.

SAY YES! Laksh wrote in huge letters on a paper and pointed to it in front of Sanskaar who looked back at Laksh with a frown.

“It is actually, we would like to meet you personally and conduct a few tests before hiring you,” Sanskaar said instead of a plain yes which made both of us glare at him in anger and our jaws to drop open.

“Uhh…I understand! Where do you want me to come?” Ragini hesitantly asked. She probably felt bad after listening to this, she was a world class racer, taking no for an answer was not what she was expecting. I glared angrily at Sanskaar who was putting on his signature smirk.

“Delhi,” he said coolly.

“Cool, and may I know when?” We heard Ragini ask excitedly from the other side.

“Tomorrow, if you can give me your address, I will send all the other details via email.” Sanskaar responded, still in his fake yet amazing british accent.

“Awesome, see you then Mr-” Ragini started to thank him and bid her good bye when Sanskaar cut her.

“I need to go for a meeting, can I call you later?”

“Okay,” Ragini said with confusion and hung up immediately after.

“What the hell was that?” Laksh roared at Sanskaar who blinked his eyes innocently, staring at both of us.

“What?” He asked faking innocence. I felt a rush of rising anger in me as I sent him death glares for the whole situation we were in.

“What do you mean what? Why are you so determined to ruin my overly perfect life?” Laksh dramatically said as I let out a chuckle seeing their argument.

“Why did you give me the phone then?”Sanskaar retorted with a smirk.

“Idiot, bastard, brute, stupid, careless, how could you get her to come here?” I started to curse him as I snatched the phone away from him. He ruined everything for sure.

“We were trying to avoid her,” Laksh explained him hotly.

“Is that why you wanted me to take the offer?” Sanskaar asked confused at our bipolar behaviour.

“The plan was for you to say YES so she could be here after the event. Not for you to discuss the deal tomorrow,” I cleared his doubts with frustration.

“Laksh cool down, you need to act cool if you want the deal, never show desperation to the client,” Sanskaar stated with shrug as he sat back down and glanced back at his screen.

“But this is not a deal, this is my life,” Laksh whined back with irritation.

“Stop making such a huge deal about it, everything will be fine,” Sanskaar casually stated with a small chuckle at Laksh’s frowned childish face.

“Fine, totally if she yells at me or snaps at me I will tell her SORRY, LINE NOT AVAILABLE, PLEASE CONTACT SANSKAAR FOR MORE INFORMATION,” Laksh snapped with patronising anger filling him.

“Doesn’t sound like a bad idea,” Sanskaar mocked at them casually, without understanding what the crisis was.

“SANSKAAR,” we both yelled at him which made him look at us and thrown a frown at our tantrum.

“Okay, okay, I will talk to her and explain her,” Sanskaar said finally giving into our talks.

“She is Ragini, not Swara who you can impress with your charm,” Laksh replied with an irked expression on his face.

“Lucky,” Sanskaar said in a low, warning tone.

“Did I say anything wrong? I don’t think so, you both are the most weird people I have ever met. You like each other but don’t want to admit because of your ego. After 2 years if going through pain, you finally met your first love and instead of confessing it and finishing what was left, you decided to continue the hatred between you, how smart,” Laksh sarcastically said which made both of us stare at each other, examining all his words.

I dazed at Sanskaar who was staring at me with the same blank, dull eyes as mine. I gulped in all the saliva available in my mouth which made my mouth dry with words failing to escape.

“Look, there is nothing like that, we have nothing like that between us,” Sanskaar shortly spat which made a part of me cringe in pain with his words.

Wait…why was I feeling bad again? I don’t have any feelings except hate for him right?

“Anything you say,” Laksh sarcastically jeered and threw his arms up in the air with defeat.

He looked at me, expecting me to say something but the only thing I could give him was a tight, hesitant smile. He frowned at me and left the place silently. Awkward silence filled the air, as the clouds from outside rambled loudly, flinching us from both of our memories.

“Is he right?…are we in love?” Sanskaar bluntly blurted out with dark, worried expression and tensed eyes. My stomach went taut, and my heart began to gallop when the words hit my brain, love?

I was taken aback as hell, did he just say that? I stared at him with a black face, blinking many times to comprehend his words.

“Is he right?…are we in love?” I bluntly blurted out without much thinking with a tense voice.

I glanced at Swara who shivered when she heard me, her body stiffened and her face leeched out all the blood from her face. She kept staring at me with a black face and widened eyes which were on the edge of the coming out of their sockets.

I cleared my throat slightly, making her flinch and finally say, “I don’t know, what do you think?”

She was wearing a white laced top with dark blue jeans, her hair hung loosely on either sides of her shoulder. I must admit, she was looking very cute, especially with the black and uneasy expression on her naive face.

“I have no hell of a clue what love is,” she blurted out after a while.

“Really?” I asked her with a mischievous grin as I slid off my chair and walked up to her.

“Yes,” she confidently stated while looking confused at me.

“Are you sure?” I asked her again with the same tone as I walked even closer to her.

“Umm..yeah!” She said as she took a few steps back with a worried face.

“100%?” I asked her as I stepped in closer to her while she continued to go back.

“Yes…” she hesitantly said as she gasped when she collided with the dark brown wall behind her.

I chuckled seeing her stare back at me and I leaned in and whispered in her ear“Why are stepping back?”

“Because you are coming forward,” she stammered slightly as I saw her averting her eyes from me.

“And..?” I insisted as I placed both my hands on the wall beside her to stop her from escaping just in case.

“Sanskaar, leave,” she demanded as she snapped her eyes to mine.

I saw her face grew tense, her breath was hacked, her eyes were snappy yet soft, I could sense her pulse running rapidly from the few inches between us. “First tell me, why are you so tense?”

“I met you after 2 long years…” she came up with a silly answer which made me raise my eyebrow is confusion.

“I met your after 2 long years and I think you know that I absolutely hate your family. Why do you think I am so tensed?” She concluded with a sigh as she sagged back into the wall, leaning her head against it and shutting her eyes tight.

I kept staring at her angelic face, I could sense her hacked breath fan my face as I leaned in closer to her, making her open her eyes to glare at me with shock.
“Fine then why is your pulse running so much?” I huskily voiced out, staring right into her hazel eyes, searching her very soul.

“Huh?” She asked confused with hesitation clear in her voice.

I chuckled and placed my hand on her pulse which as expected was racing at an immensely high speed and raised it to meet her eyes. My cold hard grip on her emitting hot skin made her flinch a little under my touch.

“Umm…welll….you see I am very tense..so..?” She stammered which explaining me. It was funny to see Overly confident Swara stammering over a petty thing like this.

“What is this called?” I enquired in a low voice.

“Huh?” She said confused at me random thoughts.

“The way we get lost in each other’s eyes, the way your heart beats everytime I touch you, the guilt you had for 2 whole years of saying one good bye to me, the way you smile every time you see my overly perfect hair. What is this called?” I explained without leaving her eyes even for a second.

I felt my heart skipping beats as a tight smile blew across her face….this was a look to die for.

“Shut up, quit flaunting yourself,” she responded with fake anger in her voice.

“Answer me,” I ordered her lightly as I gripped her arms and imprisoned them to the wall.

“Let’s ask Laksh, now get away,” she demanded as she fidgeting to her hands off my clutch.

“Swara, answer me,” I said in an authoritative voice as I tightened the grip on her arms.

“Look, let’s ask Ragini too, Im sure that they would understand all this better than me,” she tried to avoid this conversation and pulled her arms away from mine.

“Ragini once told me that you are master at understanding people’s feelings,” I taunted her with a smirk as she stepped right to escape from me.

“How…when?” She slowly asked as she tilted her head to face me.

“Long story, but now I know you know what I am talking about so why not give it away already,” I asked her gently as I pinned her to the wall yet again. She was not escaping this time without answering me.

“I can’t add Maheshwari to my name,” she whispered harshly with her eyes finally meeting mine. I could see her bite her lower lip when my eyes went cold and brittle.

A part of my heart was leaping with joy, she did like me after all. But a part of me cursed my fate to be the heir to the Maheshwari empire.

“I got my answer, Come,” I whispered huskily in her ear as I dragged her across the room.

I opened the glass door which led us directly to the balcony outside which was at the moment drenching with rain.

“Are you nuts? It is soo cold, let’s go inside before we bought fall sick and not attend the event,” Swara scowled angirly as she tried to turn back inside, but I pulled her which made her stumble and land into the balcony.

She gave me a death glare and stood there with her arms wrapped around her waist.

“Swara, chill, a little rain won’t do any harm,” I snickered at her condition.

“Why are we here?” She muttered angrily as I pulled her closer to me.

She snuggled in a little closer to let her body have the warmth she needed from my blazer. Several locks fell her face, making me nonchalantly move them from her face, while she shuddered with my cold touch.

“You need to let your past go from you, you need to let it go Swara,” I said as I walked forward to face the Delhi skyscrapers in front of us with huge black clouds showering rain all around. The white railing was reflecting some light from the sky, providing the vision to see each other.

“It is not as easy as you think Sanskaar. I would have already done that if I could have,” I heard her whisper from behind.

“C’m here,” I said shortly as I saw her face turn into stone, rigid and emotionless.

She didn’t put up a fight and calmly walked towards me, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her swiftly in front of me.

I placed my hands around her waist when her back smacked into my chest and muttered in her each as I placed my head on her shoulder, “Let the rain wash away all your pain, let this wash away all your bitter memories from the past, let this rain wash away all the hatred from your heart.”

We both stood there in silence as the rain surrounded us with warmth, time and all the comfort we needed at the moment.

“Ma, I am going to Delhi tomorrow,” I declared happily as both Ma and Dadi entered my room.

“What?? Are you crazy? You just came from the hospital like today,” Ma angrily yelled in a concerned voice.

“So? Ma, Im going to meet the person who is hiring me as a trainer, not to get married that I need to go through hundreds of rituals,” I mocked childishly as I hugged Ma happily who still frowned at me.

“While you are there why don’t you meet some boys I selected and then you can go there next time to get married,” Dadi stated excitedly as she took out a few pictures from the desk beside Swara’s wardrobe.

“No thanks, I am fine in my world of singleness and freedom,” I told them with a heavy sigh.

“But, if you get married, you will-” Dadi started her rant on the best things that happen after weddings.

“Dadi, you are so desperate, how about you get married again? Im sure dadu won’t mind,” I taunted as I got read to run as I saw her face turn red and her eyes huffed with anger.

“RAGINI,” she yelled on top of her lungs at me while I got up from my bed and ran towards Ma who was laughing at our cat fights.

“Mom, save me,” I said with panic as I hid behind her.

“You crazy girl, let me catch you,” I heard dadi scream at me with extreme anger in her voice which made her run out of the room with her panting behind me.

“Pappppaaa…help,” I called out as I reached my parent’s room, just a few rooms away from mine.

Papa looked at me in surprise as I panickly hid behind him to escape from fuming dadi.

“Ma, what happened?” He asked worriedly to dadi who was coming with patronising anger from behind.

“Ask your darling little monster,” Dadi snapped brutally as she shot a few death glares my way.

“Ragini what did you do?” Papa gently asked me as he patted my hair with a smile.

“Forget about that, I am going to Delhi tomorrow,” I happily said as I hugged him while Dadi kept blabbering something from behind.

“You too? What’s with Delhi and you sisters?” Papa asked with a laugh.

“Huh?” I asked confused. Not once do I remember wanting to go to Delhi, then why did he say that?

“Swara just left for Delhi too, apparently she can’t come back for a week, now you too,” Papa said with a chuckle as I stuck my tongue out at Dadi who was busy muttering something under her breath.

Wait what? Why didn’t she tell me then? Delhi, wait a sec, the call I received from before was from Delhi too, was that really Swara? I thought I mistook someone else as her, what was she doing in a racing company? Maybe the deal was with them, I’ll ask her when she calls me in the night.

“Ohhh..yeah. Well, then you don’t have to worry dadi, Swara will take care of me and we will both find a groom for you,” I teased dadi who widened her eyes out of her sockets at me while me and papa laughed at her.

“Ma, what’s all this? I thought you were searching grooms for Ragini, when did you decide to get married too?” Papa mocked her too, while I high fived him and glared at dadi with victory.

“Shush it, both of you will kill me one day,” Dadi snapped at us which made me laugh harder than before while clutching my stomach.

“This girl became more crazier after she banged her head,” she muttered at us with anger and stormed out of the room.

I laughed to my heart full, which felt like eternity since I did, I panted after a few minutes when I saw papa smiling at me and gently stroking my hair.

“Ladoo, why do have to annoy dadi always?” He asked me with fake anger.

“Our boring lives needs some entertainment right?” I said in a dramatic voice which made him chuckle at me.

“Anyways, why do you need to go to Delhi?” He enquired in a serious voice as both of us calmed down a bit.

“I am getting bored sitting at home from the past 2 years so I decided to work. I contacted this person who needs a personal trainer for racing and they want to meet me in Delhi tomorrow,” I chirped with enthusiasm while I noticed that his smile started to fade out.

“We already talked about this, haven’t we?” Papa said in a protective, alerting tone.

“Papa, I really want the world to know me as a racer not as a business woman and besides just give Swara all the property and business,” I whined at him sheepishly.

“Fine, but you still can’t go,” Papa declared in an authoritative tone.

“Dad, didn’t the doc say I need to be happy, which I can only be if I go to Delhi for a day,”

“He also said you need to take rest and no stress,”

“But Swara is there to take care of me,”

“She is there on a business deal not to have fun,”

“Still it is for one day, nothing will happen to me,”


“How about you come with me, we go there, I stay with Swara, I’ll go alone to the meeting and then we can come back. Is that fine?” I said with a wide grin as I raised my eyebrow for him to agree with the proposition.

“Hmm…I’ll think about it,”

“Thanks Papa, I’ll go start preparing,” I said as I have him a warm hug and I started to jump with joy.

“I didn’t say a yes yet,” he said with confusion at my excitement.

“But I know it will be a yes,” I simply stated with a shrug and ran out to the garden.

I walked up to it to see the clouds rattling with noises as I heard the rain splish splash all over the wide green patch of grass infront of me. I opened the glass doors and walked outside into the road before the grass.

This storm sounded like the beginning of a hurricane, a shiver passed through her body as the thought hanged in her head. Was this a beginning of another hurricane in her life?

I brushed the thought away from my head and walked carelessly into the rain. Several drops of rain hit my face while the rest drenched my jeans and shirt which tightened with wetness across my body. The coldness of the rain gave me relief from the worries over my body.

I needed to move on, especially after going into coma. This brought me back to reality after seeing the worried faces of my family when I woke up, I needed to forget HIM and live the cheerful life I had.

Let this rain wash away all my past, all my personality, let this rain be the witness to my change, let this rain help me wash away all my burdens and I am finally ready to move on from the heartbreak and lead a happy life, just before Laksh entered it.


Tomorrow will be a better new day, I thought as I walked into the parking with my key clinging to my finger. Tomorrow will be the day I will finally meet her, the clouds above me started to burst with rain. A weird kind of nervousness started to beat into my stomach, 2 freaking years and I was about to see her. 2 years…will she be the same? Will she be the same childish, challenging, arrogant Ragini I am in love with?

“What the hell?” I heard a screech noise which snapped me back from my thoughts.

I tilted my head to see Uttara yell at me, she was standing a few meters ahead of me with an umbrella and a phone, she had her mouth hung open when she saw me, leaning against my blue car.

“Huh?” I asked confused as I looked at myself. Nothing, I was still the handsome Laksh Maheshwari.

“Why are you standing here in the rain when you have a Porsche to sit in?” She screamed in confusion as I looked at the surroudnings.

Indeed it was raining, I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t sense the cold drops of rain hit me

“I was waiting for you,” I casually stated with a shrug.

“If you said that for anyone else I might believe it, I know you are certainly not standing here for me,” she retorted back with dullness and boredness in her voice.

“Why did you come so early?” I asked randomly as she walked towards me. I was here at her university to pick her up and ended up drenching myself in rain.

Wow! What a day it was turning out to be, first I recieve good news that Swara is here, then bad that Ragini is not here. Then I figure out she is going to be personal trainer and then came the bad news that she is coming tomorrow itself and I am not prepared at all. After that the good news is that I am finally getting wet in the rain with thoughts of Ragini and bad news is that Uttara had to come and interrupt them. I am confused whether this was a good day or a bad day.

“What? Aren’t you happy that I am here quick so you can stop getting drenched in cold,” Uttara asked with confusion at my random words.

“Whatever, get in, I don’t want my seats wet,” I blurted out without thinking much.

“What?” I asked her as she stood there blinking at me with a frown while I opened the door for myself to get in. “You want me to open your door too?”

“You are soaked in rain and telling me that I should not get your seats wet? The rain probably messed with your already crazy brain,” she said failing her arms in the air.

“Stop shouting woman,” I snapped at her as a few people surrounding us started to look at us.

“Don’t forget to look in the toilet if you don’t find your keys tonight,” she muttered at me angrily.

“Why did god curse me with you?” I mumbled to myself as I got inside the car and so did she.

“He gave you a boon so that I show up and fix your overly dumb brain,” she chirped as she boasting herself.

“I don’t need a brain, my looks are enough to charm people,” I mocked as I ran a hand through my hair.

“Keep dreaming and boasting about yourself,” she said in a bored tone.

“Why dream when you have all the features right in you?” I said with a smirk while she stuck her tongue out at me.

“There we go again,” she said rolling her eyes with a sigh.

“Aww..I know you are jealous kiddo, not everyone is as blessed as me,” I teased her as I patted her head with my wet hand.

“I am totally glad I am not, I would hate to look anything like you,” she scowled at me as she jerked away my hand.

“It’s okay dear, say anything to make yourself feel better,” I said assuredly as I chuckled at her frustrated expression.

“Shut up,” she scowled again in a more firmer tone than before while I continued to laugh my head off.

“Just watch what I do tomorrow,” I heard her yell from beside me as I started the engine of the car.

Tomorrow was the only thing that struck my mind, 24 more hours and I can see the sight my eyes longed for, 24 hours and I could hear the voice my ears longed for, 24 hours and I could finally hug her, taking in all her warmth. 24 hours Ragini and then I will make everything right again.
That was sooo long….as it had everyone’s POV’s in there before the hurricane that will happen next!!

How was that?? Did you like SwaSan’s indirect confession and eager to see RagLak’s meet?? They will meet tmr for sure and the Sanskaar and Ragini bond that many of you wanted will also happen tmr! It will be similar to the SwaLak bond of fun and craziness!!

Lots of fun ahead, so keep reading and DO COMMENT your views if possible! I will be extra happy to read all of them! Also, whose POV do you want the meet, Ragini or Laksh??

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