SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 33)


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“How could you?” I roared with anger as I walked into Sanskaar office. Yes, I lost the challenge, it was hardly 3 hours and I was back in his office again.

“Do what?” he asked with fake innocence as he fished something from the stack of scattered files on his desk.

“Why did you spread the news of you took the contract when you clearly didn’t?” I raged at him.

I talked to literally 20 different companies to work as mergers with me, but all of them denied saying they didn’t want to come as they don’t want to be the third wheel between us both. He spread such a big rumour that he is merging with me that I can’t find anyone else. I was beyond angry, frustrated that he won, and desperate to get a merger.

“Glad to see you here again,” he said with a cunning smirk plastered across his face with huge dark eyes gazing at me.

“Shut up and take that rumour off,” I snapped harshly at him with my face turning red with anger.

“Nope,” he casually stated as he averted his eyes from me and instead started to do something on his phone.

“That does it,” I mumbled as I walked towards him, he avoiding looking at me and kept himself busy on his phone.

A crazy idea sparked up my head as I lunged towards him and grabbed his phone off his hands.

“Hey,” he yelled as I ran away from him with his phone still in my hands.

“Look’s like this phone is very important for you,” I said back, fluttering my eyes.

“Yeah, my reminder for events,” he stated with a shrug, he had a formal suit on, with a loose black tie and messy hair.

“Come and get it,” I sing sang and ran as he chased me around the room.

“Swara, give it back,” he ordered me.

“With pleasure, but only if you give me the deal,” I said back to him.

“The deal and my phone are 2 different things, we can talk about this calmly,” he tied to peace out with me.

“Let me think about it,” I said and pretending to think“NOO,”

“My phone has nothing to do with the deal, Swara,” he whined childishly at me.

“Yes it does, it’s yours and you are the supposed to be part of the deal,” I smartly retorted.

“Just give it back,”


After throwing a few cushions from the sofa, placed in the corner of the room, I halted myself near the giant window.

I smirked at him and opened the 2 jolts of the window, his face grew pale and he tried to come for me, yelling, “Swara, no, no, no, no,”

“Too late,” I yelled as I tossed the phone out of his window, I watched it hit the cement ground below and break into pieces. It seemed like a new Iphone 6S.

“Too bad, too sad,” I said with my arms crossed on my chest as I saw his face turn from shock to anger.

“You are not going to leave me until I get you the deal are you?” he finally said, coming to my ways. And this is how you get people to agree to you.

“Yes,” I admitted as I walked past the window and stood in front of his dark brown desk.

He let out a heavy sigh and clenched his jaw, “Fine, I have a offer for you,”

“Me too, how about you sign the papers with me getting 80% and you 20% then I will leave you alone,” I said with a wide smile of assurance on my face.

“OR,” he said with his signature smirk coming back on his face.

“Or?” I asked him confused and a little scared as to what stupid ideas will he blurt out now.

“I will sign the deal if you be my PA for this whole week,” he said in a serious, business voice.

My mouth hung open, what did he say? I searched his face for any sarcasm or any teasing smile but I found nothing other than a serious face.

“I am the daughter of the OWNER of Godadia Enterprises,” I snapped at him hotly. What does he think of himself?

“I don’t care,” he said simply, shrugging his shoulders.

“I am an owner of a company and you want ME to become to your PA? Are you crazy?” I yelled at him again.

“Again, I don’t care, either take it or leave it,” he stated coldly with bored eyes.

“Look, even I have a company to run just like you do and I can have huge losses if I become your PA,” I tried to reason with him.

“So? Even I am facing huge losses because you just sent all my workers home,” he said with a jeer.

“But it’s only A DAY, not a week,” I argued back with him, hoping he would change his mind.

“Whatever, you are the one who is desperate, not me,” he said harshly.

“Ughhh…fine, 1 week. 1 week ONLY,” I said with a frown while he looked at me with raised eyebrows.

He was probably shocked at my decision too. That doesn’t surprise me, I am shocked myself too. I am agreeing to me the PA of Sanskaar Maheshwari. That doesn’t sound good, not good at all.

“Dadi, stop,” I begged as Dadi tossed another bite of soup into my mouth.

How does soup, plain soup, plain tomato soup make you feel better. See, that’s why I hate doctors and their stupid ideas on what to eat and what not. To add to that, my paranoid dadi, who feels that doctors have saved my life and they are the gods, she should follow every instruction they gave me so that I don’t fall sick again.

“Dr. Neil said one bowl of soup every hour,” she warned me in an elderly tone and shoved the spoon into my mouth.

“He said IF YOU WANT you can have soup every hour,” I said as I gulped down another yucky spoon of plain soup.

“Same thing and you should become healthy Ragini again so that we could find a groom for you,” she mocked at him happily.

“We already had this conversation Dadi, you are NOT going to find me a groom.” I said with a heavy sigh.

Ever since we returned from London, Dadi wants me and Swara to get married. We just turned 20 and she wants to thrown ourselves in hell again.

“Swara clearly said she wants to build her career and doesn’t have time but you don’t do anything anyways, what’s wrong with seeing a bunch of guys?” she said in an annoyed tone.

“You make it sound like it is a casual meeting but my answer is still a NO,” I said in a grumpy tone.

I already had a heart break and I am not in a mood for another one, and why can’t a girl stay single? Why should she have to get married? Is a girl’s duty only to get married and raise children? No right?

“When I was your age, I already rejected 50 guys by now,” she said with a dreamy sigh.

“Fine, show me 50 photos of all the guys you found me and I will reject them right now,” I mocked at her.

“Stop acting smart and finish this,” she scolded me as she forced another spoon into my mouth.

“Daddiii,” I whinned again as she hit me playfully.

“I keep praying to god everyday to put some intelligence into my grand-daughter,” she said with frustration as I handed her the empty bowl of soup.

YES! Finally done for the hour, an hour of freedom and then again another bowl of soup.

“Aww…dadi! Why do you keep punishing the god without all your complaints, leave him na?” I teasingly said as she looked at me with anger.

“The coma screwed your mind up, crazy girl,” she said gently twisting my ear.

“Or maybe it was the soup, I had soup that people eat in their lifetime in a day,” I sighed with sadness as I clutched my upset stomach.

“I am sorry stomach for doing this to you, but you know my Dadi is very strict, she doesn’t listen to me at all. Huhhhh…what do you want me to do? I love her too much, I can’t go against her,” I explained innocently to me stomach.

“Drama Queen, shut up and go to sleep,” Dadi yelled at me as I started laughing as she pushed me into the covers of my bed.

“I am so glad you don’t go to office like Swara, or else you will drive the entire city nuts,” Dadi mumbled as she walked out of the room.

I sighed as I sat up again after dadi left, they are treating me like I am paralysed or something. Ughhh….I want to sneak out and go racing. Where was Swara? Why was she taking so long to get back?
I looked boredly at my room, it looked the same like it did a month ago. I should really get a job or something, dadi was right I am going crazy sitting at home from the past year. I wasn’t ready to join the business and Swara was doing well in it anyways, so let me do something I like. Racing.
“What are you doing here?” I asked with shock as I saw Swara doing some work on the computer in the glass cubicle outside bro’s office. His PA, Meena was supposed to sit here.

“Unfortunately, I am the PA of your idiot brother,” she replied with grunt as she placed her hand on her chin.

“What? He made you do that?” I asked with enthusiasm as I burst out laughing.

“Shut up,” she mumbled as I started to laugh harder and harder.

“Swara, the PA of Sanskaar,” I said aloud which made me laugh even harder.

“Stop,” she whined but I continued to laugh at her.

“Bro really made history this time,” I mocked at her annoyed face.

“Ughhh…” she moaned a little while I turned red with laughter. This was truly a sight to watch.

“What are doing here anyways?” she snapped at me as my laughter reduced a little and brushed a little water from my eyes.

“Hey, I am also the owner of the company,” I said to her, faking that I was offended.

“Sure.” she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

“Really, I help out too,” I insisted at her with a frown on my face when she looked at me suspiciously, not wanting to believe me.

“What do you want?” she asked me with a tired bored tone.

“I needed to speak to bro about you, but now that you are here-” I started to say when my phone rang from my back pocket.

“Wait a sec,” I said as I pulled out the phone. Private caller, it displayed. Who would call me at lunch time?

“Hello, I just found out that you are looking for a personalized trainer for racing at the leagues, I am Ragini, an experienced and professional racer, I am available to offer you help.” I heard as my heart skipped a beat at her sweet voice ringing in my ears.

My eyes widened with shock and my pulse started to run a marathon, my face instantly lit up. Was this a dream? Can this day get any better? I was dying to hear her talk to me since 2 whole years.

“Hello,” she said gently once more, flinching me out of my thoughts. Crap, she didn’t know she was speaking to me. What do I say to her now?

“Take it,” I hurriedly placed the phone in Swara’s hand with nervousness beeping through my body.

“What the hell?” she hissed at me as she looked weirdly at my phone.

“Talk,” I whispered back to her.

She reluctantly placed the phone on speaker with a frown on her face.

“Hello,” Ragini said back while it was Swara’s turn to get shocked.

“Why is Ragini calling you?” she half yelled, half whispered to me with shock and confusion on her face.

“I don’t know, for now talk to her, she doesn’t know she is calling me,” I explained her lowly.

“She doesn’t know I am working here either,” she said a little loudly than before.

“Swara?” we heard Ragini say on the phone with confusion.

I looked at Swara who looked at me with widened eyes and a helpless face. We are so dead today? What do we say to her now?
How was that?? Cliffhanger!!!!!

I think there is still a little confusion with what’s going on, I just wanted to clarify that Swara is behaving normal is Laksh because she realized Laksh doesn’t know anything about her having the important files and stuff. Ragini is till in Kolkata and is looking for a job. At this point, BOTH RagLak don’t know the truth, and Swara is asking Laksh’s help to bring back old Ragini. Keep reading to know what she means by Old Ragini!!

DO comment your views! and I will try to but I might not be able to update tmr…. Anyways, keep reading to know what Swara will say to Ragini.

Credit to: mandy

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