SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 32)


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I walked out of the room with anger burning like flame throughout my body, and slipped into the elevator. How dare he talk to me like that? And besides, I should be receiving a call in exactly 2 minutes from him, a dark mischievous glint passed through my eyes while a wide smirk played on my lips as I saw the clock tick.


Beep! My phone buzzed from the back pocket of my jeans, just as thought I saw his name on the caller id. I cleared my throat and answered the call, “Yes,”

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?” I heard him scream on top of his lungs.

“What did I do?” I faked innocence, while I tried to keep my laughter inside when I heard him groan on the other end.

“Are you freaking nuts? How can you say to half the company to go on a leave? Do you even know how much loss that will cause me? Are you crazy, you know how important deals are being a businesswomen, they why the hell did you do that?” I heard Sanskaar vent out at me with rage.

“Serves you right for breaking the deal and making me lose millions,” I stated in a confident voice, walking out of the building. The sun hit my face, making it glow with even more radiance.

“WHAT? You did all this for revenge?” he snapped at me brutally again.

“Yep, don’t think about messing with me again,” I said back in a low yet dangerous voice.

He let out a bitter laugh and I heard give him the other great deed I committed, this was going to be so fun. I should have stayed to look at his shock face when he receives this news. Damn it.

“What?” I heard his voice filled with shock and annoyance.

I tried to picture his frustrated face, furrowed eyebrows, mouth hung open, eyes widened, a hand messing his perfectly combed hair. Why didn’t I just stay there to watch all of this.

“ARE YOU MAD, WOMEN?” I heard him yell at me with dismay while I finally stifled out a long laugh.

“How dare you give MY PA a leave?” he roared at me with extreme frustration and amazement in his voice.

“The same way you dared to cancel MY deal,” I retorted, I mentally patted myself on the back for coming up for this wise reply.

“What am I supposed to do without a PA for a week? All my appointments are with her,” he mumbled under his breath, loud enough for me to hear him.

“You should have taught all this before-” I started to say while he cut me off and continued himself.

“Your deal. I get it, okay?” he sharply flared at me.

“Well, now that my revenge is done I am not worried about the deal anymore,” I said casually as I leaned towards the Porsche standing in front of me.

“Huh?” he asked confused with my sudden change of behaviour while an idea sparked my mind.

“I know many other dealers who will be happy to have a deal with me, so no thank you, I don’t need your favour,” I said confidently.

I heard him cough hearing my words, NO , it was not a normal one, the cough was a fake, rude one.
“Nobody will have a deal with you if not me,” he said in a sharp, brittle tone.

“Very funny, just watch me get a dealer for the event,” I stated in a challenging tone.

“Challenge accepted,” he declared willingly while I slapped myself for turning everything into a challenge.

“Well, goodbye Sanskaar,” I said lowly as I bit my lower lip nervously.

I wanted to say the goodbye since 2 years, the guilt that I didn’t tell him was pricking into me every minute in the past 2 years. I finally said it and it felt good and what came after that threw me aback.

“Not yet, Sweetie, just watch you come back to my office in the next 8 hours,” he mocked cunningly.

“Not happening Sanskaar,” I managed to get the words out of my mouth after staying silent for 2 whole minutes.

I hung up before he could say anything and took a deep breath in, he was joking. Why would I go back to him in the next 8 hours, not possible. I am leaving right now to Kolkata, Delhi is certainly not the place for me.

As I motioned driver to start and car, and began to slid in, I saw a tall image of someone familiar. Dark black hair, shadowed gaze, and a lean figure.
It was, “Lucky” I faintly said as I slammed the door to the car shut and ran to the entrance of the building.

I saw his eyes turn from a statue to mine, his miserable face suddenly lit up, he looked at me with awe and blinked his eyes in wonder.

“Am I dreaming?” he asked as he kept looking at me in shock.

“Ew…why would you dream about me? You should dream about Ragini,” I said with disgust.

“Yep, that’s totally you,” he stated as a matter of fact and gave me a quick side hug.

“How are you?” I asked as my face started to glow even brighter. He was so fun to hang with, I did miss him in these 2 years.

He pointed to himself and his expression changed to dull eyes and bored face, “As you see, I am not that bad. You?”

“Ragini is fine too,” I mocked at him while he rolled his eyes at me.

He let out a chuckle and brushed his hand through his hair, “No really, how are YOU?”

“Not a lovesick puppy like you,” I snickered even more at him while he just brushed it off.

“Shut up!” he scowled at me making me laugh even harder.

“Laksh, I need a favour from you,” I finally managed to blurt out after laughing.
He looked at me with confusion and simply nodded his head.
We were sitting in a coffee shop, just near bro’s office. It was a little quiet one, with hardly any people sitting near us. The tables were dark black and homely. The scent of home and fresh baked cookies filled the air.

I looked at Swara who was muching the pack of cookies like a 3 year old. This seemed a huge miracle, me meeting her, her sitting with me, I wish Ragini was here too. On the way here, she told me that they left suddenly because of family issues and couldn’t come back to London. And they didn’t have our contact, so they didn’t call us.

Sanskaar told me the same thing before too. But still, I badly wanted to go meet Ragini, 2 long years? Will she be the same girl I know or did she change? Thousands of questions were on the edge of my tongue, ready to spill, one by one, but they all vanished when I saw Swara stuffing her face with cookies.

“Swara, you will die if you eat like that,” I mocked as I snatched the plate away from her.

“I’m sorry! This are so good tho,” she said as she licked the melting chocolate on her finger.

“What’s with the favour?” I asked as curiosity finally took over me.

“Umm..well..I don’t know how to ask you about this. After we left Cuba, Ragini completely changed,” she said with clear hesitation as she looked outside the window.

“Un huh, so?” I asked confused, what was she saying? A part of my heart began to flutter as I heard Ragini’s name. How was she now?

“I mean like she is more violent, rude, arrogant and emotional than before,” she continued with sadness filling her voice.

“Okay, not sure how rude and emotional go together but continue,” I tried to lighten the moment a little bit with a joke.

“I was wondering because you are feeling the same way, maybe you could help me get back my sister to normal?” she said with a tight smile and helplessness filling her face.

“What?” I asked choking, this is the best NEWS I have heard since 2 years. My face instantly lit up and restlessness began to grow in my body. I started to turn impatient all of a sudden.

“Look, I know meeting after 2 years, you probably even moved on, but I need my Ragini back and I am nowhere near in finding her,” she said, sounding extremely desperate.

“Why is it always that you are trying to hook us both together,” I mocked at her while the stiffness in her face began to losen.

“Maybe because both of you are stubborn as hell,” she stated with a heavy sigh.

“Says the girl who trashed my mansion to prove her point because Sanskaar wouldn’t take her with him,” I retorted with a chuckle.

“Never said I am any less stubborn they you are, but you see someone’s got to the job right?” she said with a wink with both of us breaking into laughter.

“You haven’t changed one but have you?” I asked her.

“Why would I? I am Miss.Perfect after all,” she boasted with pride while I rolled my eyes.

“So full of yourself, just like bro,” I commented while shaking my head. They would truly make a good pair if they admitted to their feelings.

“Hello, don’t even compare me with him okay? I am way better than him,” she said, a little offended and her face began to go all grumpy and angry.

“Wait, did you meet him yet?” I asked her as she frowned at me.

“Yes, unfortunately I did,”she stated with another heavy sigh.

“Why do you hate him so much?” I asked confused.

“I don’t hate him,” she defended herself.

“Yeah, you don’t. You love him to the core of your heart,” I sarcastically said.

“No, I am neutral. You see I don’t like people who are constantly challenging me” she blurted out honestly.

“What happened between you both?” I asked as I came to know something happened in the 10 minutes before.

“I came here without knowing I was going to meet him, I met him and we discussed a deal but he wants 70% of the profit but the deal that I sent to him was him getting only 20%. So, I sent his PA on a week’s holiday and told her to inform the workers it was half day as we made a deal. He got angry with me and challenged me that I will meet him in the next 8 hours,” she ranted on angrily.

“Great, you are going to stay here for 8 more hours then?” I questioned enthusiastically.

“No, I am leaving to Delhi,” she said with her eyebrows raised.

“Then you will have to come back here anyways within the next 8 hours, so why don’t we go to a club or something?” I asked her excitedly.

“Huh? What do you mean 8 hours?” she asked me with perplexed emotion filling her face.

“Bro only makes those confident bets when he has a plan cooking in his head, he never lost one bet till now,”I explained her slowly.

I saw her face turn pale and her body looked stiffened again, she gulped and asked abruptly, “Not even one?”

“Nope,” I said instantly as her face got even paler.
How was that? Why do you think Swara and Sanskaar are lying to their siblings about why Swara truly left? Sanskaar lied to Laksh that they went for family issues and till now Swara didn’t yet tell Ragini the complete truth?

Any ideas about what is going on in Sanskaar’s head to make Swara come back in 8 hours? keep reading to know, so basically RagLak will meet at the event opening! Sorry, but you guys have to wait until then but surely there will be fun going on between SanLak and Swara till that time!!

DO comment your views, I really appreciate all the frequent people who take the time to tell me how they felt! Thanks A LOT!!

Credit to: Mandy

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    1. Ragini already came out of coma, read the last epi for that!! Swara is behaving normal because she came to know Sanskaar didnt tell Laksh about the video…..she needs help of Laksh to bring back old RAGINI. Nothing happened bw RagLak….you have to keep reading to know what happens from now!!

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