SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 31)

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“I will tell you if you tell me what happened to you that you hit your head so much that you slipped in coma,” I questioned her with my eyebrows raised. This should keep her secrets to herself and mine to myself.

“Deal,” she said in a low tone, while my body froze. Of course, I was taken aback, I did NOT expect my sister to just agree with me. But she did.

I gave her a tight smile, trying to hide my shock and amusement, this will take a while to digest. I stared at her blankly, did she just do that? I pinched myself to make sure, she will tell me if I tell her.

I can do this, I didn’t do anything wrong then why am I so nervous? Ever had the feeling of mice running through your stomach and flustering your body, that’s exactly what I am going through.

“Umm..who goes first?” I whispered lowly as she looked at me with bored eyes.

“You,” she stated rapidly with a smirk.

“Why don’t you start because you made the deal,” I retorted, hoping she would go first. Reading the mixed emotions on her tired face, I completely understood that she was as nervous as I am. She had something big going on the night of that day.

Just as Ragini opened her mouth to explain me what happened when my phone started to buzz from my back jeans pocket, what a timing?

Ragini pouted as I sniffled out a laugh, “Gimme a sec,”

“Swara, we have a problem here,” I heard Tina squeal with worry from the other end. Great , what now? Why did life hate me so much?

“What is it now?” I asked with a heavy, displeased sigh.

“Umm..you know the land deal I was talking about in the morning right?” Tina said hesitantly.

I held my breath and quietly responded, “Yeah,”

“The company wants a 70 them and 30 us deal instead of a 20 them 80 us,”

“WHAT?” I shrieked, “Are they nuts?”

“I’m not sure, I think you need to go to Delhi personally to get in touch with them,” Tina said in a low voice.

“No way, send Layla,” I said as I bit my lower lip. Why is this happening to me?
“Swara, last time she went alone she didn’t get what they were saying and negotiated the wrong way,” Tina scolded her.

“I know, I know, I wonder how dad let her stay in the company after all that,” I mocked as I remembered her messing up a few months ago.

“So…is that a yes?” Tina asked with suspicion.

“I guess so, tell my driver the address, I want to drive there,” I stated nonchalantly as I looked at Ragini who was staring at me widened eyes.

“Are you sure? The private jet can take you there, I will arrange a car from there,” Tina planned the trip for me.

“Sure,” I said as Ragini crossed her arms on her chest, frowning at me.

“All ready then,” Tina said before hanging up which was her clue to go to the mansion to get onto the jet.

“Ragini,” I started to explain but she interrupted me.

“Where are you going?”

“Delhi, should be back in about a few hours,” I stated as I have her a warm hug.

“You better be, we need to talk,” she said seriously, implying the conversation we just had.

I nodded and sprinted off to my car, alerting a nurse to tell papa and ma about my sudden change of plans. I am going to snap brutally at whoever this was, how dare this person flip my deal? Wait and watch what Swara has in store for you, I thought as a dark smirk blew across my face as I entered the luxurious jet.
“Which floor is the CEO’s cabin?” I asked sternly at the a blonde assitant at the front desk. Who on earth get a blonde American to be the front desk assistant in India? Crazy eh? That’s exactly what was going on in my head at the moment.

“Your name please,” she asked me in a thick American accent, fluttering her eyebrows and chewing a gum. How typical. Whoever was incharge here clearly had a bad taste in girls.

I was dragged out of my thoughts as I saw her looking at me with disgust, like I should leave and don’t belong here. That’s it! I am done with this stupid company.

I put on my sunglasses and reply firmly, “I asked you a question and I want an answer, not another question.”

She looked at me with widened eyes and took a in a gulp before replying cautiously, “I am sorry but I can’t let you inside without an appointment.”

I threw daggers at her before sternly stating, “Look, I hate waiting, so contact your CEO and tell him that Swara Godadia is here,”

“Ma’am the CEO does not work in this branch,” she said in a low voice with a small smirk twitching in the corner of the mouth.

My face turned a little hot, I wanted to yell at this girl, but I took a sharp breath in to cool myself down and continued, “Who the hell is present here then? The chairman?”

“Yeah, but I can not send you in,” she said in a low mumble while I looked at her with my eyebrows raised.

“Fine, be this way. I will find the floor myself,” I said sternly

“I will the security on you,” she tried to threaten me nervously.

I let out an amused chuckle seeing her face looking like a slaughtered lamb, “Let me see who will stop me,” as I walked past her, right into the lobby to the elevator.

“Security,” I heard her scream from the back. I turned around swiftly and signalled my guards at the door to stop them.

They immediately nodded at me and kept the other guys in a conversation while I walked into the elevator. No one can stop Swara, no one.

I punched in the last floor, that is normally where most of the offices of important people are located. At the top, just like mine. The elevator in a flash zoomed up the building, dropping me at the 80th floor in less than 5 minutes.

I walked out of the elevator to see a 3 glass doors in front of me, each leading to a cubicle and then a black door at the end of them. There was glass windows at each side of the me, with the magnificent view of Delhi. I smiled looking at the blonde arguing with my guards outside the office, she looked like an ant from up here. I would love to crush her right at the moment, but I think I should vent out my anger on the chairman or whoever in charge of the company was instead.

I walked confidently with my chin held high into the air, through the glass door and pulled the handle of the black door at the end. My heels clinged to the rich marble flooring beneath me as I let myself look at a room with Victorian themes dark brown walls around me.

A familiar aroma of fresh soap flared my nostrils which made my knees go weak. My stomach went taut when the scent mixed into my breaths. I pushed the thoughts away from my brain and glanced in the front to see the black chair turned to the other side. Was there anyone here?

“Hello,” I said in a frustrated voice, the blonde said the chairman was here. Was she messing around with me?

I heard a groan from somewhere, maybe he was here after all. A blazer was hung on the swirly chair and looked like a male’s.

“Look, I am Swara Godadia, here to talk about the land merger deal, how could you change it at the last minute?” I said in a irked voice with anger pumping inside me.

“I want the 80% profit and you can keep the 20,” I continued on when I heard no response.

I still heard no response, I frowned at this silence, it felt like I was talking to myself, as I defletced my gaze, I saw a M in bold letter on the side of the room.

I moved more closer to the wall beside me, that looked extremely familiar, where did I see this M before?

Suddenly a realization hit me, M as in M for Maheshwari’s. I saw the same neatly bold letter on the gate of their Cuban mansion. My limbs went numb, my knees were on the edge of falling apart, my heart was shattering while my stomach went taut. SHIT….did I just sign a deal with the Maheshwari’s?

I opened the red file in my hands and looked at the contact details of the merger, shit, I did. I couldn’t believe my eyes anymore, how can I do this to myself. How did I just land myself to the same place I am running away since 2 freaking years.

My breaths turned hacked, would I have to face him again? Oh no, Oh no, Oh no,my mind began to flow in thousands of different directions, each wanting to do something else. I scanned around the room and saw images of him and Laksh around the room.

“Sanskaar,” I muttered under my breath for the first time in 2 years.

My muscles stiffened when I heard a husky voice I knew too well say, “Swara?”

Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look I chanted to myself, closing my eyes when my stomach grew even awkward, my heart broke dishevelled, the assurity I built around myself suddenly broke apart, I didn’t know what to do.

The way he said my name, soothed my ears and a weird feeling arose in my heart. I could feel the footsteps approach me from behind.

“Ahh. finally the person I was expecting is here,” he snickered warmly at me as I turned around to finally gather the courage to meet those hazel eyes.

He didn’t change one bit, maybe got a little taller, his maturity was seen in his face with was covered with a boyish smirk I was used to see. His eyes wandered through mine, scanning through my soul for reasons to his questions. His eyes bored into mine, a wave of relief passed through my body. Millions of mixed emotions were flowing through my nerves as I stared deeply into him.

Wait what? I quickly averted my gaze and looked at the white marble floor while he simply shook his head and walked over to his seat.

Wait a minute, if he just arrived, then who was I talking to? Shit, I was talking to myself, I sound like a psycho now.

“If you’re staring session is over now, then we can finish the deal Swara,” Sanskaar mocked gently with a poker face at me as I realized I was staring at him blankly, expressionless.

“Don’t act like you know nothing, I know you saw the CCTV camera,” I stated in stern tone, as I walked over to the chairs in front of me with my breath hitched in my throat.

His blistering gaze was still on mine, still sending goosebumps throughout my body like 2 years ago.

“And I know that you will never ever post it or reveal it anywhere,” he said firmly with a shrug.

Yes, I didn’t upload it on the internet. I couldn’t, I just couldn’t, I don’t know whether the guilt of Ragini and Laksh was haunting me or the guilt of betraying Sanskaar was haunting me? I still don’t know why I didn’t upload it even after 2 years. I could do it even now, but my heart just wouldn’t let me, even after knowing the fact that Ragini has moved on and doesn’t care what I do. Then why am I still stuck there?

“I still have it,” I said dubiously, trying to threaten him so he wouldn’t show more of his confidence on me. I couldn’t take how he knew me so well, how he trusted me even after I just left him, even when I had the most key info to his company.

“Again, I know you will not reveal it to anyone,” he said with the same voice filled with confidence and trust, looking straight into my eyes to show that he was telling the truth.

“Whatever, why did you accept this contract anyways?” I asked with my curiosity kicking in after a long time, I really wanted to know what he did in the past 2 years.
I tried to keep the excitement running through my body under control, the girl, the eyes I have been longing to see since 3 years was here, right in front of my eyes. I slid my eyes through her body, the same determined, stubborn face, her hair grew way longer than before, she had more curves her to overly perfect image, she looked more like a mature lady now than a girl I met 2 years ago. I had so many things running in my head as I looked into her glittering eyes, somewhere beneath everything I found the relief in her to see me.

“I want the land, it seems it has quite an interest on it,” I said in a serious tone as I heard her clear her throat and looked at me awkwardly.

“Let’s get this over with, I take the 80% profit and you the 20 like we agreed,” she tried to negotiate with a blank face.

That clause really caught her attention, good thing I added that. I was boggled when I received the contract from her company a few days ago with her signature on it for building some tracks near Kolkata. I figured it was for Ragini and agreed instantly as I realized that we will meet at the event next week to finalize it. But today I couldn’t take the 1 week wait any longer, so I sent in a last minute demand and hoped that she would show up in my office to talk to me about this. And thanks to destiny, she did come to meet me after 2 loong years.

“This is business sweetie not a game of life for you to have it your way,” I said harshly as she lowered her offensive gaze at me.

Her face turned a little pale before she composed herself and continued,“Exactly, it is my land anyways, so not a bad deal considering your not so well economy for the past month,”

“You keep track of my business don’t you?” I asked amused, did she actually know all my details for the past few years.

“I need to be well aware of the person I am doing business with,” she lied with a shrug.

“Why did you agree to this? Didn’t you hate us or something,” I said, diverting us from the topic seeing the uneasiness grow in her, and awkwardness fill the place.

“I didn’t know, I just came to know about the facts and stuff about the company on the way here, I forgot to check the name of the company,” she said sheepishly, looking past me and at the glass windows behind me.

“Sound so believable,” I mocked at her sarcastically while she continued to stare at the window.

“No, really,” she said immediately, followed by a huge sigh.

“Anyways, the deal is off,” I mumbled as I collected the file that was sent to me in the morning and gave it to her.

“Wait what?” she snapped her eyes at me and pouted angrily.

“I don’t do deal with careless people and I am not going to get the terms I want anyways,” I said in a serious, sharp tone, hiding my laugh to see her priceless face.

“But..the merge is in a week, how could you say no now when half of the transactions are made and the tracks are almost ready,” she said with shock and helplessness filling her body.

“So? As I said, this is business not the any game of life to have it your way,” I stated again a little more harshly than before. Hey, I needed my revenge for the 2 years wait too right?

“But what about Laksh, doesn’t he like tracks too?” she smartly asked.

“Yes, but I can build him another one somewhere else,” I played around a bit more with her.

“Why not here, and how do you expect me to give you 70% of the profit?” she asked me surprised as I shrugged blankly.

“That’s for you to think and me to know,” I said in a dangerously low voice with a dark smirk on my face.

She scowled at me and stormed out of the room in anger, clenching her fists at either sides. I chuckled lightly as I glanced through the monitor as she huffed and puffed with anger. How cute she looked there, I smiled. I am going to win her this time, I got another chance in life and I am going to make this worthful. I am going to get her back, but in Sanskaar style. Get ready Swara, this time I am going to WRITE THIS TALE as I want!
Finally, that is done!!!!!!!!! So, as most of you guessed, she didn’t post it YET. You never know if she might later on! How was their interaction again? Any guesses as to what will go on between SwaSan, now that Sanskaar is determined to win her back. RagLak will meet soon too, in a few epi’s after Ragini get’s better! A lot of hate/love will go on between them with the boys clearly know about their feelings while the girls was trying hard to ignore them!

Keep reading as the story has just began, let’s see what Sanskaar is going to do and how Swara is going to respond!! DO COMMENT YOUR VIEWS and any suggestions are also welcome! If you are on WATTPAD, do have a look at this story and vote there too!

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