SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 30)


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I took of my sunglasses as I walked towards my cabin in the building.

“Good morning, ma’am,” , “Good morning,” was all I could hear when everyone around me stood up as I passed them. I briefly smiled at them and walked to the general elevator at the back of the building.

I normally use the private elevator near the parking, but today I needed to make sure everything was going fine. I punched in the 44th floor in the elevator and buzz, in matter of a few minutes I was standing outside my cabin.

Gold bless the elevator service. I smiled at my crazy thoughts as I walked into the spacious cabin that was wider than a bedroom. I sighed as I looked at the date, this day of the month again. When will his memories stop haunting me?

“Swara, you have 2 appointments in the afternoon, and you need to see the merger deal project too,” my PA, Tina chirped broadly, making me flinch out of my thoughts.

“Cancel all my appointments, or get Layla to go to them, and send me the merger deal thing,” I drawled out with a yawn. She shook her head with disbelief and left the room.

Never, ever come to office when you got 2 hours of sleep in the night. 2 freaking hours, I am tired as hell. Remember how I used to get nightmares about the kidnapping thing when I was 18? Well, now I am 20 and I still get nightmares…about him. As soon as I drift to sleep, memories of US flash in front of me, pricking the guilt, opening the closed chamber of my heart…why is this happening? After many days, I finally got the courage to ask Tina, my PA cum best friend about this who narrated me the biggest lecture possible on Love.

Love, my foot, if I was in love I would have known and besides it is more the guilt that is haunting me not his good looks, or personality.

“Hmmm…” I spoke on to the phone as I lifted it, not even bothering to see who the call was from.

“Stupid girl, who told you to go to office today? Out of every other day possible, did you have to go to office today itself when we really need you?”

“Dadi, what are you saying?” I enquired with confusion.

“Ragini is moving, come fast, we need you to wake her up,” the words came out as a medicine to my broken heart.

“WHAT?” I exclaimed. Happiness flew through my blood like electricity, my face lit like a christmas lights, a wide smile blew across my face.

“What will I ever do with you, come fast or I am going to get her bed to your office,” dadi said with pleasure.

“I will be there in 5 minutes,” I stated excidelty. Finally, the day has come!!

“Swara, here is the merger deal of the land with Mahes-” Tina started to say but I interrupted her.

“Tina, not now, Ragini is showing movement, ask Layla to finalize it and give me the details some other day,”

“What? She is finally moving?” she exclaimed with joy.

“Yes, do you want to come with me?” I asked as I hunted through my files for my car keys.

“I would love to, but I think after you are gone I need to be here or Layla with put the building on fire,” she stated, rolling her eyes while I let out a nervous chuckle.

Last time I left her incharge, she decided to have a barbeque for lunch and ended up putting the stand on fire. Luckily, the fire station is just down the street or else the whole Kolkata would have been on fire by now.

“Thanks!” I thanked her, giving her a warm hug, more to cool myself down.

“Tell me what happens and am coming to your house in the evening,” she called out from behind as I ran out of the building. Ragini, here I come.
“Ragini, wake up your idiot, we have been waiting so long,” I heard dadi yell in my ears, making me stumble in my head. I am awake right? Why am I not able to open my eyes? OMG! What happened to me?

“Ma, let’s be a little bit more gentle on her,” I heard papa say when dadi started to shake my rapidly like her life depended on shaking me.

“Ladoo, wake up dear, I made your favourite rasgulla, get it before Swara eats it,” Ma said next, gently caressing my head with her hand. I tried to move my arm, but my muscles were not letting me.

It seemed as though they were stuck to this bed I was lying on. How convenient? I heard dadi let out a dramatic sigh, stupid bed, stupid muscles….and I continued to curse nasty words. Thank God! Dadi could not hear me or else she would have literally brushed my tongue with soap to get rid of my curses.

“RAGINI, are you kidding me, she is still sleeping?” I heard my over enthusiastic, sister yell from the back of the room.

“Swara,” all the elders calmed her down as she groaned hardly.

I wanted to laugh, instead my lips on parted, great, was my voice gone too? I was the fittest person in the family, how can I lose everything at once?

“If my sister doesn’t wake up in the next 2 minutes, I am going to throw all your sports car in the car dump,” I heard Swara yell in a grumpy tone.

“Ragini,” Ma again moaned at me with a pleasing tone.

“Sissy, do you know that you are on a hospital bed?” I heard Swara mock at me.

WTH? I am on a hospital bed, I HATE hospitals. They are unclean, weird, boring, not nice, and everything similar to that. I needed to get out of here, I determined myself to get the hell out of this black hole. I needed some light AND NOW. I tried to stretch out my hand as wide as possible, and put all force on my body to open my eyes. There was hardly any energy left, and with that I succeeded in opening my eyes.

“I told you, she will wake up from this,”

I lifted my shut eyelids and light penetrated through my eyes. I saw 5 figures looking at me with shock. Swara was jumping up and down excitedly, papa was staring at me like some miracle happened, Ma had tears in her eyes and a small smile. Dadi and nani were hugging each other and dancing with happiness. While I was just sleeping there with What the hell is happening look?

“Ma, Papa why am I here?” I managed to get a little, strained voice out my throat. I am not mute! 3 cheers for me!!

They simply smiled at me and hugged me gently from either sides, giving me the comfort that I wanted from a long time. Dadi and Nani were next who made sure not to crush me with their weight and gave me warm bear hugs. Next came by stupid sister who didn’t understand the fact that I just woke up and crushed me tightly with her hug. There was hardly any energy in my body and on top of that Swara was taking out all the air I hardly had left.

“Ma,” I said in a tight voice as I indicated with my eyes to Swara.

“This girl,” Dadi screamed as she pulled Swara from me.

“I thought you wanted me to wake up, why are planning on killing me then?” I said with hacked breaths, gasping for breath.

“I was just making sure you are Ragini and not an alien in disguise,” Swara snickered at me, receiving glares from Dadi.

“Don’t tell me you still watch those sci-fi movies?” I asked in a tight voice.

“Maybe,” she said with hesitation yet a wink.

I started to laugh at her when she started to close her eyes as dadi started to approach us, “Stop talking both of you, you just got better, now rest,”

“Swara, stay with her, we need to go and complete the formalities and get a doctor,” Papa said, diverting the topic from dadi’s lectures.

“I am sooo happy you are back,” Swara exclaimed as soon as everyone left the place.

“Me too, how long was I sleeping?” I asked with confusion, it seemed like eternity till I saw them all.

“1 year,” Swara said confidently.

“What?” I blurted in shock. 365 days, are you kidding me? Did I just spend 365 days sleeping on this disgusting bed. I didn’t want bothered me more, lying unconscious for 365 days or lying unconscious for 365 days on this hospital bed.

“Yeah, you are not 20, but 21. You wasted a whole year of your life sleeping,” she said, biting her inner cheek.

“Swara, stop lying,” I said, placing a hand on my cheek to tell her my clue.

“Damn it, still I need to tell you so many things,” Swara said with a little irritation.

“Was I in coma?” I asked randomly as the curiosity in me took over.

“Uhhh…ummm…you see..” she started to stutter as she tried to explain me the issue.

“Yes or no,”I sternly asked her.

“Yes,” she said with an apologetic smile.

“No wonder you all were looking like something happened to me,” I muttered under my breath.

“How are you Ragini?” I heard a male voice at the back of the room. I tilted my head to see a young man with a doctor coat approaching me.

“Tired,” I honestly admitted as my parents entered the room with a tight smile.

“Hmmm…everything is normal again, she needs lots of rest though,” the doctor assured my parents after looking at the monitor beside me.

“I need to go home,” I declared while almost everyone gave me amused looks.

“But, I think you need to stay here for any more proper treatment,” the doctor reasoned with her.

“No, I can’t stay here for one more minute now, I need to go,” I stated stubbornly, looking at papa with pleading, innocent eyes.

“But the equipment-” the doctor tried to argue.

“I’ll buy all the needed equipment, please get the discharge papers ready,” papa interrupted him, sending a warm smile around my face.

“Yes sir,” he said with a nod and left the place along with the elders.

“Swara?” I said, bringing back her attention as she sat down beside me.


“I had this dream about that you were planning something against Sanskaar and Laksh….is it true?” I asked with hesitation as her turned a little pale.

“Ragini, you need rest, we will talk about this later. It has been over 2 years since this matter closed, what’s the point in talking about this?” she said squeezing my hand.

“Swara, I want to know,” I ordered her with stubbornness and determination filling my voice.

“Only if you tell me what you were doing near the race tracks after sunset and what happened that you hit your head this bad,” she said in a challenging tone.

“Deal,” I said to her while she looked a little taken aback.
I can’t help it, I know you guys were expecting a longer, more interesting update but I needed to add that as a filler before the next one, I can’t just skip to the next one without showing that Ragini has come out of coma right? bear with me for this update, next one will definitely have the decision of Swara, promise!

Do comment your views on how you would like to hear it, in Ragini’s POV, Swara’s POV or Sanskaar’s POV OR Laksh’s POV. I can’t have it in all their POV, so choose the lucky person! SO, COMMENT fast!

Credit to: mandy

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