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Light hit my tired eyes, opening them with hazy gaze. I looked around frantically, only to find the sun sending its’ rays to way me up. I dreamed the same dream last night, about her. I hated her, I grit my teeth as I remember her betrayal, she acted like she did nothing and then disappeared without any trace. Where did she go? and why isn’t she with me?

For the past 2 years, she occupied most of the space in my heart and mind. I began to relate everything in life with her, why was she doing this to me? After years of hard work on building this brick wall against myself and keeping everyone away from my sensitive heart, this one girl enters, breaks the barriers, comes inside and leaves just about immediately. I rose up and proceeded to the washroom.

As the cold shower hit my bare back, thoughts about her began scattering all over my mind. I swear, she wouldn’t leave my mind even for a second, will I ever be able to see her again? What will I say if she does come in front of me? 2 weeks, 2 weeks in Cuba turned my life upside down, throwing me into this ditch with only one remedy, Swara.

The name acted like a cure to my depressed and broken body. The cure to my state of peace to my mind, when will I get this cure?

I turned off the shower and headed back to the closet to put on suit. After finishing my university in London, I readily took over dad’s business. He wanted me to lead the companies as soon as possible and take it to new heights. At that time, it was the only way to get me out of her thoughts, only way to get rid of her memories and move on was to indulge myself into tons and tons of work which being the chairman easily gave me.

“Did you use all the hot water again?” I heard my bubbly sister, Uttara yell at Laksh. This was going to be fun, I thought as I rushed over to his room.

“Woman, let me sleep,” Laksh yelled from under the covers while Uttara started to grab the pillow below his head.

“Not when you won’t let me get ready,” she snapped back hotly.

“Did he use the water again?” I asked them, watching the every day boxing match go on.

“Yes, I don’t know why he goes racing in the night everyday and takes an extra long shower,” Uttara angrily complained.

“He has his reasons,” I said, he does that every single day. It was the car where he had his date with Ragini and in the next 24 hours she disappeared, so he went out racing every night at that time to calm him down.

“I don’t care, I need hot water to get ready,” Uttara spat out.

“Why don’t you call a servant to get it ready for you,”I told her calmly, it is better to get on the good side of the sister who is a lioness more than a human.

“He is responsible and he is going to pay for this,” she claimed as she rushed out of the room.

Uttara was a very strong, stubborn young girl who would do anything to get what she wants from Lucky. Our parents sent her here after seeing our depressed state, we wouldn’t tell them about anything which apparently concerned them even more and send Uttara here to keep us updated, company and more in shape. She did provide us the humour factor we needed, especially with Lucky and Uttara’s constant bickers, it was a treat to watch them. Like now, Uttara just got several screws of the Lucky’s sports car and flushed them in the sink.

“I wonder why the wheels in the black sports car felt out,” she said innocently in Laksh’s ears.

“Shit, devilish woman, what did you do?” he asked with a horrified expression as he immediately stirred up. I let out a quiet chuckle at their childishness.

“I don’t know, maybe pull the screws out and flush them,” she said casually like nothing big ever happened.

“Why would you do that?” he asked her still horrified at her acts.

“So you would get off your bed and arrange hot water for me,” she ordered him.

“Ask someone else to do it,” he muttered in a sleepy voice.

“Say goodbye to your sports car then,” she sang in a happy voice, leaving for the door.

“Uttara, I slept at 5 in the night and it is 7, I need some sleep,” he whined at her.

“And I need some hot water,” she said to him while I just watched Lucky’s face.

“Bro, please, I am not in a mood,” he said to me as he indicated at the wall.

I nodded and said to our sister, “Uttara, get the servant, leave him for now,”

She pouted at me angrily but finally left the place without any more fuss, I sighed and walked over to Lucky’s bed.

“Sleeping all day isn’t going to change the fact or control your emotions,” I said to him calmly and walked out of the room, hoping he would join us for breakfast.

As bro said those words, my mind started to wake up from it’s deep slumber. It was that day again, the 10th, the day the Godadia sisters left us brothers in a devastated state. Every month the date comes, I want to sleep through the pain in my heart or just change the past. I hate all this and I don’t know how to cope up with everything.

At one side there is my heart, which is bleeding and aching for years and on the other is my family who is worried about me and want me to do something useful with my life. But, being the great man I am, I don’t listen. On top of that, they sent the devil over who won’t let me sleep peacefully for even one day. They sent her saying she would be a source of entertainment with her energy to keep us updated, and in shape. Entertainment my foot, the only thing she is a red devil to torture my mornings.

I get up as I grit my teeth and look at the screws in the toilet. Those are the car’s which Ragini drove on our first date. When I confessed her feeling to her indirectly, I thought she was shy to not answer back, I didn’t know she didn’t answer because she knew she was going to leave me the next day. My eyes ached to see another glimpse of her, another chance to talk to her, another date with her. How was she now? Was she okay? I hoped she was in a better state that I am at the moment.

I loved her and I knew it, unlike Sanskaar who wouldn’t give his feeling any name. He claims that 2 weeks were not enough to call it love or the feelings that he got for 2 weeks are not known as love. But, I knew better, he missed Swara every day. I never knew that the aftermath of falling in love was so complicated and hard, I thought falling in love was the best thing that could happen to a person. Why did she just leave? Why didn’t she inform me? Ughhh…so many questions filled my mind, but no answers could be found to them.

I walked towards the table after brushing my teeth, what was the point in trying to take a bath when no hot water was available anyways? Besides, unlike Sanskaar, I didn’t have a company to manage or a clients waiting for me to come properly dressed and stuff. All I did was sit at home, watch TV and chill. I occasionally go to teach a few people proper race car driving or just hang out with my best buddy in my family’s office.

“You are here,” Sanskaar stated happily as I sat down infront of him.

“Is she blackmailing the maid to lie to dad again?” I asked him as I saw Uttara saying something to a maid at the corner of the room.

“Most probably, she is your sister after all,”Sanskaar snickered at me.

“I regret that fact everyday,” I said with a sad sigh.

“I heard that,” the devil yelled from behind.

“Great then! I’m glad you got to know my inner feeling about you,” I said with a fake smile plastered on my face.

“Are you sure you have feelings or are they just fake like most of your words?” she mocked at me.

“Uttara,” Sanskaar said in a serious voice as my face dropped into sadness again.

“Sorry!” she chirped apologetically.

“Are you sure you want to go to office today?” I asked Sanskaar who sat up from the table.

“Yes, I don’t have anything like you,” he stated with a shrug. I told you, he doesn’t admit the fact about his feelings to anyone.

“Do I have to drop her?” I asked back with a frustrated voice.

“Yes, and she is your sister,” Sanskaar reminded me as he chuckled at left the mansion while I growled hard.

This was going to be along day, haven’t all the days in the past 2 years been long, my brain countered. I sighed deeply, cursing our tangled destiny. Will we ever receive the happiness that we want?
That was a little short than usual as the girls are not in it and I didn’t want to have 4 different POV in one update to confuse you all…..
How was that? Doesn’t seem like the boys lives are any better either? After reading all of their opinions, who do you think is at fault?

Do comment and tell if you have any specific things you want to see in the next update, Swara’s choice will be revealed soon, till then have a happy kickstart to your weekend and a reminder that I don’t usually update on the weekends, so see ya on Monday!

Credit to: Mandy

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