SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 28)


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There is a twist in the story, keep reading to know what it is! As there is a change, the story will be written from the 1 person POV from now!
Swara’s POV
“Guilt started to rise up her throat, while she stared at the mouse and then at the picture of Ragini in the TV, what will her choice be?” I finally concluded the story the last time for the day.

I glanced at Ragini who lay unconscious in front of me, her long thick hair lying messed up on either sides of her pale face. How great of me to tell her the story when I clearly know she is not listening, why am I telling her the complete truth when she isn’t even paying attention to me.
I let out a deep sigh and squeezed her hand which had several needles which were dropping the much needed glucose in her body. Her sister was in coma. It has been more than a month now, she has not responded to a single treatment, a single voice nor a single touch.

Nobody knows what happened that she hit her head so much, I found her on the side of the path by our tracks, bleeding to death. She slipped into coma overnight in the hospital and has not showed any sign of progression until now. I come here everyday, every single day, to narrate what happened to us in before her accident, leaving the suspense so she could wake up.

I didn’t tell her the complete truth yet, I never had the courage to tell her in the eyes what I had done, so I just told her a few details and shut off the rest. After her accident, I recite the entire story 3 times, 3 freaking times to reduce my guilt and wake her up. Chances are at 0% that she is listening to me, but I still do it, probably to stop my guilt from eating me alive. The pain was creeping in me every minute of the day to no longer see a smiling figure when I wake up, a scowling figure when I came late, a motherly hug of comfort when I had a nightmare, an advisor when I needed suggestions, a sister that my eyes were desperate to see. It felt like a part of me suddenly disappeared, the heavyweight of confidence suddenly burst apart.

“Any movement?” a deep, male voice from the back called out to me, startling me as a shiver run through my spine.

I spinned around to see a tall, 6 foot 5 man, well built, tan complexion, creased forehead, and a pleasant smile on his face, Dr. Niel. He had been the most patient person I had ever come across life, he dropped by every single hour to check on Ragini, to make sure everything was going on. Although, most of the doctor’s gave up hope, he kept assuring us that he will treat Ragini. He was very calm and composed who bared all my tantrums and snaps throughout the month.

“Nothing that I can see about, ” I stated with a heavy voice as my face turned into a sad smile. Why wouldn’t you just wake up Ragini?

“Hmmm..let me see,” he said in a soothing, calm voice as he walked up to Ragini and placed a connector in her veins.

I saw the screen flash her heart beat, still less than normal, which meant she was still in coma. As everytime I see it, my stomach went taut, my limbs motionless, tears were welling up in my eyes. How could she leave me like this? I wanted to scream my heart out, I wanted to tell her how much I missed her, I wanted to order her to come back to me, I wanted to tell her to get up. Just for me. A sniffle escaped my mouth as my eyes started to fight back the tears.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Neil gently assured me as I closed my eyes to take in the tears and my emotional outburst back.

“Is there anything else we could do?” I asked him with hope filling my body.

Hope was the only thing that my family was living with, ma was devastated more than anything, papa would not talk to anyone anymore and kept distancing himself more and more from the family. Dida and Nani would sit the temple for hours and hours hoping the Lord would give them their granddaughter back. Me? I would take come here every single day and spend all my time telling her the story or talking to her or just gazing at her heartbeat.

“Yeah, there is one last therapy we can try on her before waiting for the week,” he said hesitantly as he bit his lower lip.

A weird kind of joy and happiness filled my body, a smile involuntarily appeared on my face, my face started to radiate with joy and hope. The knot in my stomach started to undo. Was this the key to her misery?

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Niel mocked her happy face as he placed a mirror in front of me. I simply nodded and took the mirror in my hands as he walked out of the room to get all the stuff arranged.

I took a glance at the mirror, instead of a rude, arrogant little girl, I saw a mature, broken lady standing in front of me. My hair grew longer than 2 years ago, my face went paler with all the tears, I had clearly lost more weight in the last month than from the 2 years.

I looked at my hazel brown eyes, as I saw them. I recalled another familiar pair of hazel eyes which did change my life forever. It’s been 2 years since I last saw him, last talked to him, 2 years 134 days. Yes, me and Ragini count each and every day. That past of mine made me softer and less arrogant than before while Ragini grew on to become more rude and curt from her heartbreak.

I let out a sigh and shook Ragini by the shoulders, “Wake up Ragini, we need to search them. Remember, you said you will not leave me when I need you, this is the time Ragini, wake up.”

As I was yelling at her, Neil came from the back and carefully placed another tube of medicine through her blood.

“Do you think this would work?” I asked stuterring with nervousness as I looked at the yellow liquid flowing down her veins.

“Trying is the only option we have left,” he said in a gentle voice as he struck another tube down her other hand.
Ragini’s POV

I was falling, falling harder and harder into a dark, black hole and I could do nothing about it. I could only see a black blur in front of me, where was I?

I hardly remember coming to a space of darkness, and where was Swara?

I tried to move my hands around, but they wouldn’t bulge on bit, weakness and pain surrounded my motionless limbs. Okay, this was creepy, where was I?

I wanted to shout, yell, scream, move but I couldn’t do anything but think. What was going on? I couldn’t understand anything except start to see faint images of my life flashing in front of me. Starting with my childhood, then the incident, then school, the mischief with Swara and Arthav, moving to London, the mission, meeting Laksh, coming back, 2 years passing by in a blur and wait a minute, why was I here?

I heard a sniffle from someone beside me, this ‘someone’ was sobbing, I really wanted to open my eyes and see who it was beside me. I heard another sob, it was Swara. Why was she crying? The girl who never cried once in her life was crying right next to me. But why? How my heart ached to go and give her a comfy hug to cheer her up. Is something bad going on that I don’t know about?

“Wake up, Wake up Ragini,” I heard her say as a tube was pricked into my right hand which made me wince internally. Something from that tube was going into my blood which gave me a little bit more strength, a little bit more relaxation from the pain.

“Wake up sissy,” I heard again, now I confused as hell. First, I thought she was joking or something, wasn’t I already awake then why is she crying and desperately begging me to wake up?

I just needed more of this comforting medicine which will probably give me the strength to open my eyes and tell her that I am fine and she should stop acting emotional. As the medicine kept flowing, my brain started to close down again, I was falling again into the hole, a slumber was in store for me. A little nap won’t hurt right?
Confused as to what is going on? Lemme explain, so basically all this while Swara was narrating the story of what happened in London/Cuba/France to Ragini who is in coma for some unknown reason. She (Rags) is not able to respond due to her weakness and incapability to understand what is going on. They returned from Cuba, 2 years ago and still haven’t really got over SanLak. What choice did Swara make back then and where are the brothers will be seen in the coming updates! So, the whole 27 chapters before were a major flashback or a big dig into their past and now we have finally landed into the future.

I will try my best to end the coma scene in the next 2 updates, and get going to the SanLak brothers and their part of the story as to how 2 years went by for them. Any more questions or confusions, drop them below and I will be happy to answer!! Do comment and take care!

Credit to: Mandy

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  4. Mandy in your last episode swara was about to leak some informations regarding maheshwaris.And she told ragini to wait outside the room to see if some1 is coming..But today you are saying that ragini is in coma and its been 2 years.Is this not the continuation??

    1. Mishti….basically all that was Swara narrating the story to Ragini, who is in coma for a month. You could take it as a major flashback and in the present time…this is what happened. How about you take this as a leap and its been 2 years…makes more sense??

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