SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 27)

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“What the hell do you mean?” Sanskaar arrogantly questioned while Swara stood there cursing herself for her unexpected confession.

“I mean, ummm…your parents gave birth to you right?” Swara tried to cover up her statement.

Sanskaar and Laksh stared at her with poker faces while Ragini raised her eyebrows and looked on amused.

“Right? Or are you adopted?” Swara asked with shock while they simply nodded in a negative.

“Okay, so your family is at fault to give birth to you in the first place,” Swara started to explain.

“The night is making you go crazy,” Sanskaar muttered coldly under his breath.

“Anyways, Ragini when did you come here?” Swara ignored Sanskaar and glanced back at Ragini.

“2 hours ago,” Ragini said in deep thoughts.

“2 whole hours?” Sanskaar asked her with extreme exaggeration.

“It takes time to eat a large chocolate cake you know,” Ragini said with a shrug.

“Why did you have to eat it then?” Sanskaar questioned her with annoyance.

“Shut up, stop bothering my sister,” Swara defended her sister.

“If you stop bothering me,” Sanskaar said with a pure smirk on his face and his challenging voice booming in her ears.

“Fine, I will not talk to you from here on,” Swara declared profusely.

“Sounds good,” he accepted with the same poker face back again

“Are you sure you never dieted before?” Laksh asked Ragini as she walked up to Swara.

“Yes, I never did,” Ragini agreed to what seemed like the millionth time to her.

“Never ever?” Laksh asked her again


“Not even a single time,”




“Ragini, let’s go,” Swara said to her as she waved good night to Laksh and dragged Ragini back to her room.

“Coming,” Ragini tried to stop her from literally dragging her to their room.

“Swara, I know you were lying about the family thing, you mean something else didn’t you?” Ragini asked as she turned the light off and faced Swara in the darkness.

“I did, I totally did,” Swara honestly blurted out bluntly.

“What is it?” Ragini questioned with a serious and overprotective voice.

“Not here, not now,” Swara assured her as she sqeueezed her hand tightly and turned to her side.

“When will you tell me then?” Ragini hesitantly asked as she bit her lower lip.

“In the morning,” Swara declared.


Swara slyly walked into the recording room of the mansion. The room was tightly compressed with dark brown walls on either sides with a huge plasma screen on the front wall. She managed to find the book with the blueprint of the mansion in the library, and track down the CCTV camera room for more info about the brothers. Her stomach was flying with colors as she turned the TV on. She checked the camera in all rooms, from the past 2 days, he should have put some or the other files in the room with all their personal info.

On the right hand corner she saw Sanskaar walking into a room in front of them and coming out within the next 2 minutes. Bingo, she found her next target. Everything was going according to the plan, she quickly deleted all her actions in the library and the room. She needed to go and tell Ragini about everything before she finds out from someone else.

Swara walked out of the room and into the corridor of the mansion, she took out her phone that Sanskaar gave her and sent a text to her detective, Sagar. This was a super secret mission that had been going on in the past 2 years. They were in London to trace the suspects who knew more about their childhood kidnap. Durga Prasad Maheshwari, the name itself made her grit her teeth, made sure to keep the identities of his son a secret, no picture or news of them anywhere. Which is probably why they couldn’t recognize them at all. They came here to carry out the first part of the mission, which was to destroy all the partners involved, little did they know they would get the direct key to destroying the Maheshwari empire itself.

Swara kept on walking swiftly through the corridor, when she stopped by an open door with a slight creak. She saw her sister seating beside the window with Laksh facing her and both of laughing over something. After so many years, she saw a genuine laughter come out of Ragini’s face, her eyes were glittering with laugher, her mouth was slightly twitched in the corner and her face was truly radiating happiness.

“Not Laddo, as in the sweet, it’s lado,” she told him sternly with fake anger.

Swara gasped as the words came out of Ragini’s mouth, Ragini never told anyone about her pet name. Not even Aditi, did she trust Laksh so much?

“Laddo ka lado, how about that?” Laksh asked her grinning from ear to ear.

“Eww…no way!” she shrieked at hit him playfully.

“Laddo ka lado, sounds nice to me with the fact that you eat a lot too!” Laksh mocked with a shrug.

“Panauti lucky,” she announced as she failed her arms in satisfaction.

“That doesn’t even make any sense,” Laksh retorted laughing hard.

“Yes, it does,” she said with temper rising now.

“Yes, it does,” he mimicked her in his girly voice while made Ragini crack him laughing.

“I do not talk like that,” she squealed as she threw several cushions at him.

“Ahem, ahem,” Swara cleared her throat to grab their attention.

“What’s up?” Ragini asked her cheerfully.

“Hey, I need to talk to you,” Swara said with seriousness.

“Yeah, sure. I will see you later with another nickname for you.” Ragini called out to Laksh as both of them left the room.

“Let’s see,” he yelled back at them.

“Ragini, look Laksh is actually the..” she said with nervousness filling her stomach and her jaw clenched together.

As she finally gathered the courage to tell her the truth, she heard her phone start to vibrate in her pocket,“One sec,”

“Yes,” she said as she hurried into the washroom to attend Sagar’s call.

“We found the info that Durga Prasad Maheshwari will be opening his creation on the land near the stadium,” she heard a thick stern voice from the other end.

“What? When?” she whispered as she turned on the tap.

“In 2 days, you don’t have much time. You need to finish the task and come to India within the next 2 days to stop the opening,” he stated firmly.

“Shit! I will get the info and meet you in the beach near the Maheshwari property in 2 hours with Ragini, send the private jet” she instructed him and cut the call.

She didn’t have the time to explain Ragini all this, it would take more than a day for her to cope up and then by that time their favourite ground would be taken.

“Ragini, I am pulling a prank on Sanskaar, can you cover for me?” she said as she pulled her hand and faced her.

“What are you doing?” she asked with concern to make sure she wasn’t going to explode a bomb.

“I am just throwing..uhh..ink on his files, don’t worry not important ones. Just some to teach him a lesson,” she lied to her, hoping she wouldn’t catch her.

“Sure, which room?” she asked with hesitation.

“The one in front of us,” Swara replied and pulled her out of the room.

“I’ll stay in front of the room, in case somebody comes,” Ragini said as she stood in front of the door.

“Okay and Ragini,” Swara said as she walked half onto the room.

“Hmm..” she answered.

“Dad is sending the private jet in 2 hours by the beach, he wants to see us importantly,” Swara lied to her yet again, crossing her fingers so that she wouldn’t argue with her.

“What? You have a phone?” she yelled at her angrily.

“Did I forget to tell you?” Swara said sheepishly.

“Yes..” she said with frustration taking over her.

“Sorry,” Swara muttered under her breath.

“It’s fine, you are my sister and I trust you, so chill, I know you tell me everything, this might have been accidently slipped out of your mind,” Ragini causally stated with a wide smile.

“Yeah,” was all Swara could manage to say after her trusting words. How could she break her sister’s trust?

“Go quick,” Ragini said pushing her into the room.

‘I trust you’ was ringing in Swara’s ears as she walked up to the computer to pull out the video Sagar told her about. With this video, all their company secrets will leak, if she gets Sagar to upload it online, all their business will be destroyed. Every single bit, nothing will be left for them. She copied the video on her USB stick, and clicked the upload button on the computer, this click and the fate will turn for the Maheshwari’s.

She turned on the TV in front of her for more information, instead she saw another screen with all the stuff going on in all the rooms. She spotted Ragini’s happy face, hazel eyes glittering with joy, a wide grin on her face, the trust on Swara in her eyes. This one click will also change her sister’s life forever. Could she let the happiness of Ragini break down right in front of her? She looked at the mouse in her hand and the computer screen which says click to publish. Her stomach went taut, her muscles tightened while her face knotted into confusion. Was she willing to take the risk?

Guilt started to rise up her throat, while she stared at the mouse and then at the picture of Ragini in the TV, what will her choice be?
What do you think Swara will choose? Ragini or her mission? Her sister or pride?

I am so happy to be finally done this……done what? Story(Not at all) …Flashback? Dream? Narration? Keep reading to know what this part was truly was, a dream of the sisters, a flashback or a narration of a story by the girls.

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