SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 26)

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“Every other show than this one. This is produced by the Maheshwari’s and I hate them to my guts,” Swara told them with irritation.

“What?” Arthav asked with shock as he gasped at her.

“Then why did you come on as a date of Sanskaar Maheshwari then?” Aditi asked with a confused face.
“Sanskaar… Maheshwari?” Swara let out a faint word as realization struck her.

The huge letter M on the mansion, this billionaire party, the huge mansion in Cuba, private property, why the hell didn’t she realize this before?

Her stomach went taut with nervousness, her brain had a major freeze while all her muscles stiffened. What mess did she throw herself into? Her eyes widened as she remembered that she sent Ragini on date with Laksh Maheshwari.

How could she forget Durga Prasad Maheshwari had 2 twins son’s her age, who came to London in the first day of September when University started. Shit! What was she supposed to do know? How was she supposed to tell this to Ragini, most of all how are they supposed to fulfill their mission and live in the same house as Maheshwari heirs?

“Guys, I need to run to the mansion for an emergency, tell Sanskaar that I left and will you see you both later,” Swara hurriedly blurted out as she rushed over to the limo they came in.

“Where may I drive you to ma’am?” the driver softly asked her as he opened the back door for her.

Her thick, black locks of hair were stuck to her face, while her make-up was on the edge of ruining itself, and her brain was juggling with millions of thoughts, trying to piece them together.

“To the mansion,” she said with a strained voice, gladly the driver didn’t notice her pale face and drove off.
Was she supposed to tell Ragini? How could she keep the fact that Laksh, who she is almost in love with is the son of the man who ordered to kidnap them both in the childhood. How could she forget all the nightmares she faces due to the incident? How could she forget how much she changed from a bubbly, happy girl to an arrogant, independent woman? Can she forget the past and move on? Her mind was asking her not to be selfish and tell her the truth, while her heart kept saying that was the wrong thing to do given the fact that she just had her first date. But, how could she keep such a big secret from her sister. Swara gritted her teeth hard as the car came to a sudden halt, making as much screeching noise as possible.

“Thanks,” she muttered as pleasantly as possible to the driver and walked to the entrance of the mansion when a hund tugged her from behind.

“What the hell?” she yelled at Sanskaar who had a wide smirk on his face while Swara’s mouth twitched into a scowl.

“I should be the one saying that, why the hell did you leave?” Sanskaar asked her in a dangerously low voice.

“My life, my wish, this is none of your business,” she spat at him with annoyance and hatred filling her eyes.

“You are my only business,” he whispered sternly as he tightened his grip on her hand.

“You wish, but Mr.Sanskaar Maheshwari you failed, just like your father did,” she roared at him without thinking much.

“What?” he asked her confused, oblivious to what she was thinking.

“Leave me alone,” she screamed on top of her lungs.

“Swara, are you drunk again?” Sanskaar asked her with an amused face.

“I said leave me alone. Engrave the fact that I hate you in your damn head,”

“What happened to her?” she heard him mumbled from behind as she rushed to Ragini. She needed to end this, once and for all.

“Ragini, Ragini, Ladoo,” she screamed as she sprinted rapidly to the door.

“Hey hey, shona, calm down, what happened?” Ragini said as she patted Swara’s back as Swara panted for breath.

Ragini was sitting near the window of their room, staring at the stars while she was all dressed to go to bed. A wide smile spread across her face when she saw Swara coming to her.

“I need to– to tell you something. It is important,” Swara stuttered as she took a minute to gasp for breath.

“Good timing, I need to tell you something too and nothing can be more important than my problem,” Ragini squealed as she pulled Swara to the bed.

“Ragini, listen, this is important,” Swara pleaded her with her innocent eyes while Ragini payed no heed to her.

“Not this time Swara, me first,” Ragini argued.

“Lado, listen or else it will be a problem,” Swara countered.

“No shona, me first,”


“Only when you do,”

“Ragini, this is not the time to argue like kids,” Swara said with anger.

“Fine, a toss?” Ragini asked like a child.

“Whatever, I choose heads,” Swara retorted with a heavy sigh. Why couldn’t her sister just listen to her?

Ragini quickly pulled a coin from the drawer and tossed it into the air, “And tails it is,”

“Go quick,”Swara said with urgency as she rolled her eyes.

“What a nice sister I have here,” Ragini mocked as she placed the drawer back.

“Ragini,” Swara yelled at her.

“Okay okay. You know what Laksh did for me today?” Ragini said in a childish voice with twinkling eyes

“He took me on a racing date, he has such an amazing track with so many twists and turns. It is about 45 minutes long but totally worth it. And then we sat on the edge of a hill and watched a movie projected on a billboard. Isn’t that cool?” she asked with enthusiasm filling her high volt lit face

“Cool, that is amazing.” Swara tried to say with the same enthusiasm as her.

“I know right, and then we went to the beach and I built a sand castle after so long, it felt so good,” Ragini said dreamily.

“Sand castle? Wow, you stopped doing that ages ago,” Swara asked with shock.

“But I had to do that today, it felt special for some reason,” Ragini sheepishly said.

Swara knew exactly where this was going, great her sister did have feeling for Laksh. Now what?
“I am so happy for you Ragini,” she tried to sound casual as she knew she would tell Swara was lying.

“Of course, you were the one who sent me on this date, why wouldn’t you?” Ragini said with her eyebrow’s raised.

“How did you know?” Swara asked with true shock this time.

“I catch lies pretty quickly sissy,” Ragini said with a wink and a laugh.

“Ughh..I should have known,” Swara mumbled under her breath.

“Did you tell him about the cheesy lines and stuff?”Ragini asked her with mock seriousness.


“Swara..” Ragini said in a serious tone.

“Maybe, did he say any new ones?” Swara asked as suddenly she was all interested to gossip.

“He said at the complete end that I have his heart and I should return it back to him,” Ragini said in a low hesitant tone.

“Aww…when will you return it?” Swara mocked at her as she nudged her with the shoulders, it was a joke after all right?

“Umm…the weird part is that I saw sincerity in his voice and a genuine smile on his face,” Ragini concluded as she turned her a blind eye to avoid her.

“What?” Swara yelled out in horror. Shit, shit, shit….what is going on?

“Look, I don’t know if he said that for fun or he actually meant it,” Ragini calmed her down softly.

“What did you say?” Swara questioned.

“I said we need to go and left the place, I have been waiting for you since then,” Ragini said in a very low voice, more like a soft whisper.

“Oh my gawd, what now?” Swara shrieked with dismay as she failed her arms in the air.

“I will confirm it tomorrow in my way and then we will see what to do,” Ragini tried to assure her nothing like what she is thinking happened.

“Okay,” Swara agreed in a hesitant voice.

“By the way, what did you want to tell me?” Ragini questioned her while Swara stood their like a statue examining her.

“Ragini, I came to know that Sanskaar and Laksh-” Swara started to say when she remembered that Sanskaar mentioned that CCTV cameras where in the hallways. They might capture her voices, great. What the hell was she supposed to do now?

“Are very good human beings and we are lucky they rescued us,” Swara lied as she put a fake yet confident smile on her face so Ragini wouldn’t doubt.

“Swara, are you drunk?” Ragini blurted out with a frown on her face.

“Why does everyone keep saying that?” Swara asked with a groan.

“Stop being so random then,” Ragini said with a light chuckle.

‘I’m sorry Ragini’ Swara thought to herself as she promised to tell her tomorrow, everything, all at once in a place where there won’t be any security cameras. Everything should be fine. Once she comes to the know the truth, she might be heart broken but it will prevent her from life long guilt. Swara didn’t want to ruin her special day, let her enjoy this one night and everything will change tomorrow. She will make her next move.

“Swara, quit thinking, go change and let’s sleep,” Ragini said with a wide yawn as she laid down on her side of the bed.

“I need sleep, now,” Swara announced as she tried to distract herself from all the misery in her life.

“GO change,” Ragini ordered her with her mom’s voice.

“Nooo…” Swara whined as she jumped into bed and pulled the covers on her.

Ragini let out a heavy sigh and wondered what was wrong with her. Wasn’t it obvious she was hiding something, but she didn’t want to push Swara too much. She knew she had a good reason to not tell her, whatever it was she would always stand by her sister.

Swara woke up with a sudden thud outside her door, her sleepy and blurred vision scanning the place around her. Darkness was still surrounding the room while she rubbed her eyes and glanced next to her to see a huge blanket on top of Ragini. She heard another footstep, what were these boys upto? Swara slyly walked out of the room without making noise to wake Ragini up. The growing darkness indicated that it was still midnight, who the hell would wake up now?

Swara heard footsteps approaching her, without taking a risk she screamed on top of her lungs,“Ahhhh”
“Shhh..” she heard a voice calm her when Sanskaar turned on his flashlight and held it to his and Laksh’s face.

Swara breathed a sigh of relief and yelped, “What the hell are you both doing at night?”

“There is some thief in the kitchen, listen to the noise,” Laksh insisted as he spinned her around and complete silence filled the place except a few rattling noises from the kitchen

“It is not a thief, there are security guards outside,” Sanskaar said with bored eyes as he let out a yawn.

“It is a thief alright?” Laksh said in a persistent voice.

“It might be a rat,” Sanskaar said with a shrug.

“Why are you dressed like that?” Swara asked as she pointed to Laksh and started to laugh silently.

He had a cricket helmet on his face, knee pads on his knees, a hockey stick in his hand, he had a football goalkeeper vest on his chest too. He was looking some player with all the equipment for 3 different sports.

“So that I can bash him without getting my gorgeous face being hit,” Laksh said as he lifted the hockey stick up in the air like it was some sort of a parade.

“OMG! It might be a ghost, or a vampire, or a..” Swara announced like a child as excitement filled her face.

“Where is Ragini?” Laksh interrupted her rant on the possibilities on who that person was.

“Not everyone wakes up in the middle of the night like you both,” Swara snorted back.

“You woke up too,” Sanskaar snickered at her.

“I can’t wait to meet the ghost, let’s go,” Swara said, avoiding his comment as she grabbed Laksh’s hand and let him to the kitchen.

This was soo exciting, her stomach was fluttering, her mind was doing a happy dance and she was completely oblivious to the fact that she was with the Maheshwari brothers who she was cursing a few hours ago.

“ I am stuck with 2 idiots here,” Sanskaar muttered as he walked with a sleep gaze behind them.

“Shut up,” both of them shushed him together while he simply shook his head in disbelief.

“Please be a ghost, please be ghost, please be ghost,” Swara chanted pleading the god for a ghost to show up infront of her.

“I can the see the shadow,” Laksh said excitedly while Sanskaar slapped his head at their childish behaviour.

“Yes, it is a vampire, I might get him to bite me so that I can transform too and then..” Swara commenced her rant on her perfect life.

“You will marry each other and live happily ever after,” Laksh concluded for her.

“Ew…no, I will go onto haunt you both for the rest of your lives,” Swara mocked at Sanskaar who gave her a death glare.

“On 3, you turn on the lights and I will be ready to hit him,” Laksh quickly told her the plan.

“He is NOT a thief, it’s a vampire, why would you hit it?” Swara asked confused.

“So that you can get him to bite you,” Laksh said to her in a like huh..tone

“Are you both serious?” Sanskaar asked them with extreme disbelief. Were they kids to do that?

“Shhhh…” Swara shushed him and nodding at Laksh.

“On 3 then?” Swara said to Laksh

“1, 2, 3” Laksh counted and Swara turned the light on screaming, “Vampire,”

All of them froze on the spot, seeing the view infront of them. Ragini was sitting there with chocolate cake on her lap with a spoon in her hand and chocolate smeared all over her face. She gave them a tight smile and waved at them. Swara and Laksh had their mouth hung open like fish and Sanskaar was laughing hardly.

“Ragini?” Swara asked her in shock.

“Hey Swara. Laksh why on earth are you wearing all the gear?” Ragini exclaimed pointing to the gear.

“I thought you were a vampire. What are you doing in the middle of the night?” Swara asked as Sanskaar finally stopped laughing.

“I was hungry, and then I saw the chocolate cake in the fridge, so..” Ragini said sheepishly.

“You ate the whole thing? Like the entire thing by yourself,” Sanskaar asked her with shock.

“There is 2 more pieces left,” Ragini screamed, pointing to the 2 small pieces left.

“That was not for you,” Sanskaar yelled at her.

“Yes it was. I got the chef to make the cake for Ragini,” Swara shouted back at him with her anger bursting in her voice.

“No it was for everyone,” Sanskaar argued back at her.

“That was another one, which your brother threw, so don’t blame my sister,” Swara took Ragini’s side.

“She ate the whole frecking thing, how is my brother at fault?” Sanskaar asked her in disbelief, crossing his arms on his chest.

“Yes, he is. And so are you?” Swara retorted with her hands on her hip.

“How?” Sanskaar questioned and their heated argument kept on going.

Ragini tuned out of their stupid talks after that and continued to last forever. Ragini took another bite of the cake and looked at Laksh who was giving a heated stare at her.

“What are you looking at?” Ragini questioned with cake stuffed in her mouth.

“I have never seen a girl eating so much in my entire life before, it is just- amazing,” he stated amused.

“Very funny,” Ragini said with fake anger.

“Have you ever heard the word dieting before?” Laksh asked her as he moved from SwaSan and walked over to the table Ragini was sitting against.

“Yes, staying hungry for a man’s pleasure,” Ragini answered coldly.

“Woahh…didn’t expect that coming,” Laksh said with a chuckle.

“You didn’t just call me that,” they heard Swara yell at Sanskaar.

“Yes I did,” Sanskaar said with a smirk.

“Brutality lies in the family,” Swara commented harshly.

“Why are you getting my family in this?” Sanskaar asked her with confusion.

“Because everything happened because of you people,” Swara blurted out without thinking.

Before she could change her words, she saw 3 pairs of eyes staring at her, waiting for an explanation for her words. What was she supposed to do now?
What is Swara going to do now? So, there is a past and there is a mystery to it!! How did you like this update….funny/ boring/mystery/anything at all? What will Ragini do when she comes to know the truth? Do SanLak know anything about this?

I need to warn you guys that a major twist will come ahead in like the next 2 or 3 updates, so keep reading!!! DO tell me how it went and take care!

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