SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 25)

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Episode 24
Swara didn’t fail to see Sanskaar’s frustrated face, dark and brutal eyes and his death glares before he walked turned around to face the bartender. Was Arthav right? Was he actually jealous?

“Where is my fussy kitty lost?” Arthav asked snapping his fingers infront of her face.

“Stop calling me that and I think my life is in a way worse mess than I expected,” Swara sighed deeply.

“Un huh, and what may that be?” Arthav asked with a serious expression on his face.

“Fine, I am stuck with that Mr Know-It-All for almost the past week, torture was what I faced, okay?” she said sarcastically is a depressed tone.

“Wow, that guys sure has guts to mess with you,” Arthav chirped like he achieved the impossible.

“Anyways, his brother likes my sister and I uhh…sent them on a date,” Swara hesitantly added.

“What?” Arthav burst out as he walked a few steps backward, glaring at her in shock.

“Watch out,” Swara yelled as Arthav almost smashed into a waiter as he kept glaring at her in shock. It wasn’t every day that an overprotective sister like Swara would send her sister on a date with some guy she hardly knows.

“You did what? Are you sure you are the Swara I know?” Arthav asked shaking her with his hands.

“He is a nice guy and I think he likes my sister too, so why not give her some freedom too,” Swara added.

“I need to go and talk to that Sanskaar, he really changed you,” Arthav said heading towards the counter where Sanskaar was sitting idly.

“I change myself and he gets the credit, no fair,” Swara muttered as she followed him.

Sanskaar chucked down another shot which made his throat burn more with anger, or maybe something else too. His rage was on the most extreme level now, his face flushing with immense flare, his eyes flashing with seethful anger and his glare haggardly sweeping through the crowd to find a lean figure. His anxiety started to grow even more when he couldn’t find her, where did she go? Runaway with Arthav?

His body started to extinguish the heat of the anger when he saw approaching him with a tight smile on her face, curiosity filling her tender eyes and her hands shaking with nervousness. Arthav on the other side had a big wide grin flashing across his face as he came to give Sanskaar a hug.

“Hey bro,” Sanskaar gravelly muttered as his blistering eyes refused to leave Swara’s.

Arthav pulled back and ordered himself a drink, while Swara came forward to fill the empty space between Sanskaar and Arthav.

“I thought you said your feet were aching or something,” he dangerously whispered to her after taking a quick sip of another shot placed in front of him.

“They still are,” she said innocently.

“Un huh, is that why you were dancing with Arthav?” Sanskaar snickered at her.

“That’s none of your business,” she whispered harshly.

That’s it hell broke loose when the words came out of her mouth, he instantly grabbed her wrist in a death grip and lead her to the middle of the dance floor. He hastily pulled her closer as she dazed at him shocked.

“You are my business,” he whispered in a very critical tone as a wide smirk fell on her face. Their movements were rough, hast and harsh as both of them kept on throwing daggers through their eyes.

“Why are you after me?” she questioned sternly, staring uncomfortably into his eyes.

“You are the only one I am after,” Sanskaar stated with a smirk.

“Stop twisting and turning the words, just answer me,” she demanded with a slight force in her voice.

“You are my responsibility, I would be the blame if you decide to run away with Arthav,” Sanskaar disgustedly said with a jeer as his smirk got darker than before.

“I am not that desperate to run away with my best friend. Don’t get your brain to think so much, I just needed some fresh air, not to make plans about running away,” Swara knocked some sense into him.

“And I supposed to believe that?” Sanskaar asked her.

“Why wouldn’t you believe that?” she said, beating around the bush.

“I have my reasons,” Sanskaar said shortly without giving out much.

“Fair enough,” she said with a heavy sigh.

“Mr. Sanskaar?” a voice called out to them , breaking their long, intense eyelock.

“Yes,” he answered as they broke apart from the dancing style.

“Mr. Roy is here to talk about the deal, if you could just step out into the hallway for a minute,”

Sanskaar nodded quickly and turned back to Swara who was smirking at her freedom, “Don’t do anything stupid, like getting drunk, going outside of the party alone, or eating something you are not supposed to and stuff,”

“Why are so caring all of sudden?” he said with a grunt.

“If you commit suicide then who will be the blame and then no one will come with me to a party, can’t let that happen due to your bad luck right?” he taunted her with a wink and left the room after listening to her groan hard.

“Very funny,” Swara replied under her breath as she saw Sanskaar’s victorious face disappearing into the hallway.

Time to find Arthav and Aditi!!

“Where did you go?” she demanded angrily as she finally sat down next to Arthav. She spent more than 20 minutes trying to find the brother and sister, only to see them ranting on near the campfire outside.

“Escaping from the lion who was ready to pounce on me, as I said I am not going to risk my life for you,” Arthav said dramatically.

“Have been watching Indian drama lately?” Swara blurted out as she laughed at his expressions.

“Nah, I stopped watching TV ever since you did,” he sarcastically lied.

“Aww…how sweet!!” she mocked over the fact which didn’t ever happen.

“How are your nightmare’s going on?” he asked as he stretched his hands for comfort near the fire.

Upon hearing that question, Swara’s face immediately fell down, with hint of depression and uneasiness filling it, “They are still there,”

“Getting better?” he inquired with a concerned tone.

“Not really, ever since that incident, I really can’t stop getting myself to stop being so paranoid,” she said with defeat.

“You can blame yourself for the trauma you faced at 5,” he drawled out slowly.

“And I can’t forgive the person who put me through this too,” she said with hatred taking over her body, she will never ever forgive them.

“Do you know how it is?” he asked her with a curious voice.

“Umm…it was Maheshw-” she started to tell him when Aditi came over with a huge plate filled with all kinds of food.

“Did you taste the food yet?” she chirped excitedly as she took a seat on the log and started to stuff her fca with food.

“We are not cave people to stuff our faces with food like you and Ragini do,” Arthav said as both Swara and him started to laugh at Aditi’s childish behaviour when it comes to food.

“Says the person who keep watching dramatic Indian soaps,” Aditi shot back, still munching on her food.

“What? You lied to me? You said you are not watching anything,” Swara playfully smacked his arm.

“Isn’t friendship important than lie or truth?” Arthav said with fake sobs.

“Trust is the base to every relation,” Aditi ranted from the other side in between her eating.

“Great, now I have one philosopher and another actor as my best friends,” Swara stated with fake enthusiasm.

“ I just watch like one drama, which is more like a thriller show,” Arthav defended himself.

“Which one?” Swara asked curiously as she stole a quick piece of cake from Aditi’s plate who inturn gave her a kick.

“Case 25,” Arthav answered with pride.

“Eww….I hate that show,” Swara squealed as she tossed the cake in her mouth.

“Why? It has adventure, suspense, mystery, action, drama, and everything else,” Arthav argued.

“Don’t you like mystery shows?” Aditi asked confused.

“Every other show than this one. This is produced by the Maheshwari’s and I hate them to my guts,” Swara told them with irritation.

“What?” Arthav asked with shock as he gasped at her.

“Then why did you come on as a date of Sanskaar Maheshwari then?” Aditi asked with a confused face.

“Sanskaar… Maheshwari?” Swara let out a faint word as realization struck her.

The huge letter M on the mansion, this billionaire party, the huge mansion in Cuba, private property, why the hell didn’t she realize this before?

Her stomach went taut with nervousness, her brain had a major freeze while all her muscles stiffened. What mess did she throw herself into? Her eyes widened as she remembered that she sent Ragini on date with Laksh Maheshwari. How could she forget Durga Prasad Maheshwari had 2 twins son’s her age, who came to London in the first day of September when University started.

Shit! What was she supposed to do know? How was she supposed to tell this to Ragini, most of all how are they supposed to fulfill their mission and live in the same house as Maheshwari heirs?
Dun Dun duhhhhh!! Another suspense, it was short but it did bring a lot of questions and suspense with it…..what incident? why does Swara hate the Maheshwari’s so much? What will happen to RagLak? The story is just starting to open up and many answers to come forward in the next few updates, so keep reading!!

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