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“Hey kitty, looking for someone?” she heard a deep voice which immediately lifted her sullen face up.

“Arthav!!” she screamed excitedly as she hugged her other best childhood friend.

“As good as new and you don’t look bad yourself,” he whispered with a boyish smirk on his lips
“I am going to strangle you both brother and sister one day,” she said rolling her eyes, and searching for his sister Aditi.

“Get a hold violent young lady,” he mocked in a sarcastic voice.

“I would love to but consequences are not letting me,” she said in a scrunching tone with a heavy sigh.

“Now you sound like a 80 year old women, but please do enlighten me,” he snickered calmly with a quick wink.

“Shut up! It’s just that-” she started to pour her worries of Sanskaar.

“Wait up,” Arthav interrupted her and walked over to a girl who was fidgeting with a door.

“I hate this,” she mumbled angrily to herself, first Sanskaar, then Aditi now Arthav, why is everyone leaving her?

Suddenly a hand was placed on her wrist, flinching her to the shock and in a swift movement she was on the dance floor, facing a familiar pair of cold hazel eyes.

“What do you think you are doing?” she said to Sanskaar who placed a hand on her wrist and pulled her closer. Speak of the devil and he is here.

“A dance,” he said to her which made her cringe at several places, “I am not going to eat you up, so relax,”

“Ughh…why are you so obessed about me?” she whined at him in a fussy tone.

“I would be if someone else was in your place,” he dryly taunted back, spinning her around.

He was not a bad dancer, his muscular body was against her petit one, making it harder for her to keep up. His eyes softened a little, while she forgot all about her speed and locked her eyes to his. She could sense her self slowly getting lost into the dance.

“You are enjoying this aren’t you?” he whispered in her ear after a little while when her back was against his chest.

“No at all,” she replied sternly, sensing his smirk from behind.

“Liar,” he mocked at her with a wide grin and kept swaying her to the tunes of the music.

“Sanskaar,” she whispered with pleading eyes.

“Hmm..” he said with his breath fanning her nape and sending shivers throughout her body.

“My legs are aching, can we please stop,” she asked him in a pleasing tone.

“Yes, of course,” he said with a grin leading them both out of the area.

“Hello, I am Aditi, Swara’s best friend and you?” Aditi called out from the back while Swara started to curse her life.

“I am her husband,” he stated with a mischievous smirk playing through her lips.

Swara stared at him with shock, they were playing the revenge game. Oh shit! What if Aditi told her parents or her relatives, she knows all her relatives personally.

“What? Why were you hating him so much then?” she nudged Swara, pulling her out of her thoughts.

“We just had a fight in the morning but that doesn’t mean that she has to hate me right?” Sanskaar said in a sad voice like it really happened.

“He is right and OMG! Why didn’t you tell me you got married,” Aditi argued back with her.

“As I said, expect the most unexpected from me,” Swara said in a voice with disbelief.

“Yo Sanskaar,” Aditi’s husband, Rinay came up to them while Sanskaar and him exchanged a half hug.

“Hey dude, what are you doing here?” Sanskaar asked him surprised.

“Chilling with my wife. How’s my little devil?” he said placing his hand on Aditi’s waist and looking at Swara.

“The DEVIL is stuck in HEAVEN with your FRIEND,” she stated in a persistent voice which made all the other laugh at her words.

“Whatever, come and tell me all the details of how it happened, you are going to deserve a punishment for hiding,” Aditi said dragging her to the corner of the hall.

“But-” Swara started to argue but failed miserably when Aditi succeeded in pulling her out of the room.
Ragini stood there staring with widened eyes and mouth hung open like a fish. They were standing on the edge of the hill, with a magnificent view of the beaches, scenery and ocean of Cuba. If that was not enough to please her, there was a huge billboard placed a few meters away for advertisements. But, Laksh transformed that into a movie screen, there was a mat placed on the edge of the hill with a picnic basket and a remote to switch on the movie. With the sun setting and darkness hitting the skies, the billboard lightened up, making it perfect for watching a cool movie. This was perfect, the simple setting, the scenery and a movie. What else could a girl ask for?

“This is breathtaking,” Ragini said in a warm ,enthusiastic voice.

“You’re most welcome,” he said as he took a seat in the picnic mat.

“Come, let’s start the movie,” he said, patting the mat by his side for Ragini to take a seat.

“Uhh..sure,” she hesitantly took the seat.

“Which one do you want to watch?” he said using the remotes to change the options on the billboard to which Ragini looked on shocked.

“Action flick?” she suggested.

“Hindi or English?” he asked her.

“I don’t watch a ton of Hindi movies, so, English,”

“You gotta be kidding me? None at all,”

“No, some but they are overly dramatic and stuff,”

“We are going to watch a hindi action movie to change your mind,”

“I am not sure that is a good idea,”

“Are you the same girl who was just admiring me for my tastes?”

“Fine, just once and this better be good,”

“Oh it will,”
“No nothing like that happened,” Swara sighed as she disapproved another idea of Aditi’s master plans of how Sanskaar and Swara met.

“What about you met in the rain, then everything else disappears and you fell in love,” Aditi said with a dreamy haze.

“Noo, that didn’t happen either,” she shook her head to another idea of hers.

“Okay how about you met in your cousin’s marriage and both of you fell in love at first sight,” Aditi said excitedly.

“Aditi, this is my life not a bollywood movie for fairy tale meetings,” Swara stated in a heavy high pitched voice.

“Fine, then how about you saw him, hated him and then fell in love,”

“The first part is right, I saw him and hated him and I still do,”

“Then crazy girl, why did you marry him?”

“I never did,”

“Hey ladies,” Arthav said, making a random appearance out of nowhere.

“Arthav, let’s go outside for some air that doesn’t have drama in it,” Swara said dragging him away from Aditi before she gave her another idea of their meet.

“I am not sure that’s a good option,” Arthav stated unsure of the option.

“Why not?” Swara asked confused.

“I am your friend but I am not that type of friend to give my life for you,” he said with a dramatic expression.

“Cut the drama, who is asking you to give your life for me? I am not going to kill you if you come outside for 2 minutes with me,” Swara said frustrated, why is everyone leaving her alone?

“I am talking about the death glares and virtual punches your date is throwing at me,”

“My date? You mean Sanskaar?”

“No I mean the little kitten that you were trying to strangle when we first met,” he chuckled at their first meet.

“You know that it was a plush toy and you thought it was a real one,” Swara snorted back in displeasure.

“Hey, I was 5,” he defended himself lamely.

“And you still act like one,”

“I do not,”


“I am not going to talk to you for 2 reasons, one I don’t want to get scratched by my little kitty here and 2 I don’t want your possessive date to hit my overly gorgeous face,” Arthav said hiding his face.

“Sanskaar would be happy to get rid of me,” Swara said more to herself.

“Doesn’t seem with the looks he is giving me,” Arthav said in a fake scared tone.

“Why are you saying that-” Swara said as she looked back Sanskaar who had a dark, irritated look on his face before he changed it to a I-dont-care look. Was he actually angry and possessive over her. He gave her an intense glare before he walked away from the bar counter he was kneeling against.

“Finally gone, man he is tough,” Arthav said with pleasure.

“Why are you so scared of him?” Swara inquired with confusion.

“I need an angelic body to go with my devilish mind,” he said with a wink.

“Sure,” she said rolling her eyes.

“Let’s go dance,” he said leading her to the floor.

“My feet hurt,” she objected immediately but changed her decision after seeing Arthav’s puppy eyes and pleading face “Fine for 1 song only,”

“How’s Ragini? Is she still threatening people if they don’t let her make them into a sand mermaid?” he said as they swayed to the tunes of some random spanish song playing in the background.

“Nah, she gave that up as soon as she left you,” she sarcastically said laughing remembering their incidents.

“Childhood memories,” he sighed like a old man reviving his teenage years.

“Now you sound like a 80 year old man,”

“Let’s stop, it was nice dancing with you,” Arthav said as he let go Swara and took a U turn around.

That was it, Swara was fed up with people leaving her for no reason. “What the hell Arthav?”

Arthav didn’t stop so she yelled out, “If you don’t continue, I swear I will get Ragini to post pictures of you being a sand mermaid on your facebook,”

“I am stuck in both ways now,” he said as he came back when people all around them were looking at them.

“What do you mean?” she asked confused. This has been the most confusing and frustrating party ever.

“Look that guy is going to charge any second now and stab me for dancing with his angel,” Arthav said with a loud groan.

“Excuse me, I thought I was the devil,” Swara asked confused with his words.

“For him you are his angel,” Arthav said indicating to Sanskaar.

“Very funny. If you are doing this to make his jealous it’s of no use,” Swara popped his bubble.

“Really? Look there,” Arthav said spinning her around so she could glance at Sanskaar who was clenching his fist in anger, while his eyes were darker and angrier than she had ever seen. His face was cool yet dangerous with his look only on her.
Laksh sagged back into the sand on the beach, which was glowing the with the lights all over. A beach party was going on at the side of the beach. He smiled when he recalled the whole incidents from that beach party, gunshots, France, Cuba, everything looked like drama in a daily soap. He turned his head to face Ragini was busy making a sand castle, her eyes were twinkling and her lips had a wide childish grin. She looked like a kid filled with joy, sorrow free and enjoying the moment.

He faced forward at the shining stars which reminded him of their movie, they ended up watching Dhoom 3. He partially proved to Ragini that Bollywood movies were good too, but she started to compare it with another James Bond movie they watched after. Something in her was attracting him towards her, pulling him like a magnet, drawing all his desires to one person, Ragini.

“Stop drooling over me so much,” Ragini said, still looking at the magnificent sand castle she built.

“I am not drooling over you,” Laksh lied.
“Liar, then why do you keep stealing glances towards me?” she asked back, staring at him directly with a raised eyebrow.

“I was admiring your sand castle,” he said confidently so that she doesn’t catch his lie.

“Sure,” she said rolling her dark brown eyes.

“Ragini, what do girls look for in guys?” Laksh blurted out randomly, still not sure why he said that.

“Looking for a girlfriend are we?”


“It depends on the girl,”

“What about a girl like Swara?” he asked nonchalantly, he couldn’t ask her directly about her could he?

“Don’t tell me that you have a crush on Swara? I should have known, is that why you are trying to be friends with me so that I can give you all the details and then you can impress her?” she yelled on top of her lungs with her mouth hung open.

“NOOOO, in what weird way does your mind work?” he quickly brushed off her crazy thoughts.

“I was just simply asking. Okay fine leave her. What about you?”

“Umm…I want a person who is funny, taunting, stubborn, a little rude when he is angry, hot…ummm…simple not extravagant, shows care indirectly,” she said with a dreamy haze.

“Un huh..” Laksh nodded, still concentrating on her eyes.

“What?” she asked him.

“Nothing, nothing,” Laksh said brushing the thoughts of his mind,

“No, the look on your face tells me you are suppressing your words in you. Tell me, I am not going to leave you at all if you don’t, ” she insisted to which Laksh let out a chuckle.

“I will never tell you then,” he said in a genuine tone.

“Stop changing the topic, tell me,” she insisted stubbornly.

“You realize that all the qualities you mentioned are my personality right? You told me that I am funny, taunting, rude, simple, hot several times before,” he finally gave up and told her his thoughts.

Her face flushed pale, she blinked at him a few times with a blank face before she got up and raced away from him. “Where are you going?”

“I am sleepy and I think Swara and Sanskaar would be back too,” she screamed still with her back facing him as she reached the end of the beach and onto the road.

Now or Never Laksh as he made the courage up to tell her something. “Ragini, can you give me the thing which is mine,” he yelled back at her.

“What?” she finally looked back at him with confused eyes, searching for an answer.

Her thick long locks were flying all over her face while she kept trying to shoo them off.

“My heart, I think I lost it to you,” he said, biting his lower lip, unsure how she would take this.

Ragini turned back swiftly as her face flushed with emotions, her heart was beating rapidly, her whole body turned heated as she walked fast back to the mansion. Did he just indirectly confess something? Why isn’t she happy about it?
Many of you wanted more Swasan scenes, so was that good? How was Sanskaar looking all jealous?

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