SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 23)

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Episode 22
“I look hideous in this costume,” Ragini complained frustrated as she saw herself in black tight clothes, hugging her body like another pair of skin.

“No, you look beautiful like a black angel,” Laksh said huskily with a wink as he grabbed her hand to start walking.

“Yeah, sure,” she said in heavy sarcastic tone and rolling her eyes.

“Nooo, I mean it,” he argued back in a sweet, calm voice.

“Where are we going?” Ragini curiously asked as they walked towards the grass fields.

“You’ll see,” he teased her by wiggling his eyebrows. There was grass at every corner of the place they were strolling at, cool breeze hitting the air and silence triggering the atmosphere.

“What are you-” she scowled when he placed the a black blindfold on her eyes.

“Trust me for 5 minutes,” he whispered gently in her ear, sending heat vibes throughout her excited body.

“Are you sure you won’t push me off a cliff,” she nervously asked him as he took her hand and led the way. His hand was rough and warm, while her’s was extremely soft and cold, creating a perfect combo which started to scare her.

“I won’t push you off anywhere?” he assured her by squeezing her hand gently to prove his point.

“This is not any magic trick right?” she asked randomly.

“I am not a magician, but you are,” he said in a cocky voice.

“Huh?” she asked confused. Was her looks so bad?

“Everytime I look at you, everything else disappears,” he whispered in a low alpha male voice. Her body went cold for a minute, her mind repeated his words to search for any sarcasm.

Okay, she was not expecting something like this at all. Her cheeks flushed a little red, thank god she was blindfolded or else she would die with embarrassment.

Finally after a few seconds of understanding the situation, she let out a small giggle which changed into a roar of laughter within a few minutes, “Wow! You really do need glasses,”

“Not when you are my leading eye,” he said in a flirty voice.

“Then you totally need glasses because the only thing I see is black, ” she mocked back. Not able to understand where this was going. He let out a small chuckle too which lightened the atmosphere up.

“So you are concerned about me?” he asked her with his voice filled with heavy sarcasm and dreaminess.

“No, it’s just that I don’t want to be the ‘lead’ in hitting myself with a rock,” she checked his confusion.

“Here we are…” he said as he pulled up of the knot of the blindfold, sliding it off.

Ragini opened her petit eyes to see a gigantic race track in front of her, paved neatly, shining with the rays of the sun, several traffic lights at places and most importantly 2 cool sports cars in front of them. Her breath hitched in her throat, while her heart was on the edge to jump out of her ribs when she looked at her first love, the sports car!

Full Layout of the track: http://www.kissbarriers.com/images/track.jpg

“OMG!! this is awesome!!” she exclaimed as she walked over to the 2 dazzling cars in front of her. The new 2016 models, rare quality with high intensity gear up and extra support touches, she read all about them.

“Racing time, stage 1 of the date,” he declared as he swung a helmet at her.

“Oh my gawd, you gotta be kidding me,” she said catching the helmet and looking back at the shining car.

“The knight in shining armour will do anything for the princess,” he remarked with a smirk.

“How cliche!” she said laughing with joy and excitement. She was going to ride the new sports model car!! 3 cheers to Ragini!

“You know how to drive right?” he inquired with a serious expression.

Ragini was too energetic to start another argument with him, her day was going perfect she didn’t want to ruin it with her taunts, “Nope, I am planning to commit suicide by smashing into that tree,” she sarcastically stated as she awwwed when she saw the leather finishing on the black seat.

“Great! So, we will start when the light flashed green,” he told her as he went around to sit in his black car while she got the navy blue one. This was her best day of her entire freaking life

“Sounds good,” she said with eagerness to start the race.

“Try beat me if you can,” she challenged him as the light moved to the yellow.

“You already beat the others to my heart,” he said in a cheesy voice.

“See ya at the finish line Romeo,” she said as she started her accelerator and hit the tracks.

Ragini was racing through the tracks, with each turn smoothly driven. The gush of the wind blew right through her heated face, filling her lungs with enthusiasm. Her eyes were twinkling with joy, her hands were tightly clutched onto the steering wheel and a smirk playing on her lips as the competition went neck to neck. The track filled her with some kind of weird joy, she didn’t know how but she really started to like his pick up lines. She knew he didn’t do these for others, everything for her, made her special. The end of the track was right a few meters away which filled with some sadness. She made it into the finish line right with Laksh and came out of the car, stretching her flexed muscles.

“That was amazing!! You are so lucky you get to that whenever you want,” she admired the track as she relaxed her muscles.

“Geez! Thanks,” he said with confusion, to him this meant nothing. It was his pass time to come here and chill, but to her it was the matter of her dreams.

“Want to drive back to the start so we could head for stage 2?” he asked her.

“I would love to, but I think my muscles are still stiff from the sitting, how long have we been racing?”

“45 minutes?”


“Yep, the track is full of twists and turns, which is why it doesn’t seem huge but it is once we get driving,”

“We need to ride for another 45 minutes to get back?”

“Not really, I know a shortcut. Mind walking?”

“Not at all,”

“What’s next?”

“You will know very soon,”

“Hmm..do you know where Swara and Sanskaar went?”

“They went to another party,”

“I wonder what will happen this time?”

“Can I ask you question?”


“Did it hurt when you dropped from heaven?” he asked in the most sincerest voice possible.

Ragini choked on the air she was breathing in, she was an angel now? “Not at all, the other angels dropped me on a cushion of clouds,” she said in a low sarcastic voice.

“Did it hurt when you digged through hell?” she asked to his grinning face which slowly changed into a smirk.

“Yes, a ton, but it was worth it when I met you,” he said with dreamy eyes shadowing his gaze.

“Cheesy much,”Ragini said in a flattered voice, “Do you have the intention of using all the lines on me?”

“Well, you see many people either slap me for it or blush like a tomato, but you are the only one who is laughing with me. So why not use all of them at once?” he said with a wink.

She let out another hearty laugh and said, “Wise choice, Mr Knight in shining armour,”

“I like the sound of that,” he said as they took another right at the corner of the grass fields.

“Pleasure is all mine,” she gracefully bowed. She knew that all this was a game they were playing, merely a GAME, nothing else right? She wasn’t sure of her feelings itself, how is she supposed to understand what he is trying to convey.

“Close you eyes and say hello to our stage 2,” he said as they walked up to a grassy hill.

“Woahhhh…” Ragini let out a faint words as her eyes twinkled with admiration of the place. Butterflies were flying like crazy through her stomach in excitement as the cool breeze shook her from her thoughts as she glanced at the beautiful spot.
“Sanskaar, this better be worth like the last time, or else I am going to leave,” Swara whined as Sanskaar dragged her.

“You can’t do anything against my wish,” he ordered in his usual authoritative voice.

“Didn’t I prove you wrong last time?” she taunted him in a drawling lazy voice. Hey, it was not her fault that the dress that he made her wear was weighing tons.

“Yes, which is why I brought you here,” he said as he pressed his hand around her waist, pulling her closer to him. The strong cologne of sweetness rushed into her nostrils as her lungs automatically started to take in more of it.

“That doesn’t sound right,” she whispered more to herself seeing the dark cold look at a smirk on his lips.

“Hey, you made it buddy,” a tall man called out to them, flinching Swara from her thoughts.

“I did,” Sanskaar said with a tight smile.

“And who is this?” he said gazing down at Swara.

“My wife,” he replied confidently.

“What?” Swara said back in surprise. Why is he continuing her small game? Was this even needed?

“You never told me you got married,” he asked back wit utter shock.

“It was in a hurry, right darling?” Sanskaar asked with his jaw clenched and eyes warning her to join in. With no response from her for more than 10 seconds, his grip tightened on his jaw.

“Yes, it was,” she said in a low voice with a fake smile.

“I am still glad you could come, enjoy the party,” he said as they headed inside the party. It was the same old cocktail themed party again with a more modern touch with the red and black look.

“We are playing the revenge game aren’t we?” Swara asked him with a rigid voice.

“You turned smart by staying with me. If you stay longer maybe you will understand you shouldn’t be messing with Sanskaar,” he snorted at her with pleasure.

“That wouldn’t stop me,” she challenged him with a raised eyebrow.

He simply grinned at her and left her in the middle of the room with hundreds of people she didn’t know. It took her a minute to compose herself after she saw his muscular figure vanishing into the crowd. How could he do that? Her jaw dropped open, he left her as in LEFT HER.

“Shona?” a familiar voice called out from behind, startling her angry mind.

“Aditi,” Swara screamed as she wrapped her arms around her best friend.

“What are you doing here? You never told me you are in Cuba,” she punched her lightly on the arm. Aditi was her best friend in India, they used to hang whenever she went there.

“Expect the most unexpected when it is me,” Swara said with a deep sigh.

“Is Ragini here too?” she asked with excitement. Her cute dimples were showing from either sides.

“Yep, she is a litt..le sick, so she couldn’t make it,” Swara lied to her in a hesitant tone. She can’t tell Aditi infront of hundred people that overprotective Swara sent Ragini on a date.

“That’s fine, we should go hit the club someday,”

“How about tomorrow?”

“Swara, the rockstar is back!”

“Who are you here with?”

“Sanskaar,” she replied with boring eyes and irked expression. Where did he go?

“You mean The Sanskaar?” she squealed making a few people stare at them.

“Unfortunately, I do,” she admitted sadly.

“Lucky girl, how did you manage to get him?”

“I didn’t and I wouldn’t even bother to. I have never met a more arrogant and self centered man like him before,” she answered in a disgruntled tone.

“Aw..he doesn’t look that bad,” she said to her like she has seen his true personality.

“Believe me, you wouldn’t want to know more of it,” Swara said in a negative tone.

“Come on, he looks like a gentleman, well mannered, dignified-,” Aditi started to rant on about his good qualities, burning Swara’s face.

“I love you and all but one more nice compliment about him and I will wring a wire in your neck,” she said in a low dangerous voice.

“When did Ragini start rubbing on you so much?” Aditi asked her in shock, these threats were usually Ragini’s lines.

“I am sorry, it’s just I am really tired of hearing praises of him. How could he be so perfect but yet so arrogant?” she flatly replied with patronising anger on Sanskaar.

“Just like you are gorgeous yet extremely curt. Perfect match babe,” she chirped with enthusiasm as she pictured both of them together.

“Please don’t say that,” Swara begged her with desperation, Aditi’s sayings always came true. Always means always. She didn’t want to be stuck with Mr Know It All with all her life while Ragini gets the fun Laksh.

“You know that hate is the first step to love,” Aditi said snapping her out of her misery.

“I am going to kill you,” she howled as Aditi quickly escaped from her view before Swara could get a hold of her. It was not true right? Please someone don’t make this come true, this cannot be true.
How was this? How were Laksh’s cheesy pick up lines? Funny, romantic, okay-okay? What did Ragini see that she was so excited about? And what more drama will occur in SwaSan party?? Will Ragini understand her feelings after the date at least? PLEASE DO COMMENT YOUR VIEWS IF POSSIBLE!!

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