SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 22)

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Ragini let out a loud gasp as the glass she aimed at Laksh went flying out of the window, smashing the kitchen glass window in the process and landing at the grass out of the window.

What did she do? Swara lightly giggled from the middle of the stairs, where as all the 3 of them looked flatly at each other.

“Lo did tis?” a loud screech in thick spanish accent, broke their staring competition.

“Who’s lo?” Swara enquired from behind as Ragini was suppressing her laugh seeing Laksh and Sanskaar slap their foreheads.

“Nobody is lo. That is our housekeeper who keeps updating our parents,” Laksh whispered to them, hushing Swara down.

“He is damn strict and will torture us with his terrible English letcures if we don’t leave from the living room in the next 2 minutes,” Sanskaar tensely said, climbing up the stairs.

“I call the terrace,” Swara yelled, making her way up the stairs.

“Bhai, go with her. Ragini and I will hide in the kitchen,” Laksh intrusted everyone.

“I am going ALONE, I don’t need him to babysit me,” Swara shouted, sticking her tongue out at Sanskaar.

“Im going to my room for a shower,” Sanskaar half yelled as he made his way upstairs too.

“Why can’t I go into my room too?” Ragini pouted as he pulled them both in the closet in the kitchen. It was pretty small with just enough room space for both of them.

“Because, he will see us. He doesn’t know we came,” Laksh whispered to her, while she continued to curse under her breath.

“Why is dere so much preblem here?” they heard the housekeeper shout near the living room, “Sanshaar, vere arre you?”

Ragini was holding her laugh while Laksh grabbed both her arms and pulled her closer with hardly any space between them. The touch of her hands sent electricity zaps into his body, exciting his muscles all over. He looked at the tender yet sharp pair of chocolate eyes staring back at him with amazement.

“Let me go,” she mumbled hastily as she tried to pull her hands away from his grip.

“Not until you stop fidgeting,” he warned in her ear, as he tightened his grip further.

“Fine,” she muttered and stopped her shaking.

“Vy you hiding?” the housekeeper said in his broken english voice.

“Shit” Laksh said as Ragini started to laugh harder with his accent.

His footsteps seemed to approach towards the door, Laksh placed his hand on her mouth and calmed her down. After a good long minute the footsteps turned fainter and fainter, finally vanishing.

“Get your hands off me, jerk,” Ragini whispered in a loud tone as she slapped his hands off her face.

“Hey, I was only trying to help, if you don’t like it, well bad luck,” Laksh mocked at her worried expression at their close proximity.

“Shut up,” she curtly said.

“Why can’t we just be friends?” Laksh initiated the first attempt for a better start

“Never, Ragini can never be friends with anyone like you,” she rudely whispered.

“Oh really? Wonder who was that girl who was extremely desperate to make me her friend,”

“I only did that because I was feeling guilty about throwing allegations at you. After that accident thing, we are even,”

“Exactly! So, why can’t we be friends and stop our tom and jerry fights? What say?”

“Umm…you need to prove that you are worthy of being my friend,”

“What?” he asked her astonished. Prove to him? “Did you know how many girls would die for this opportunity?”

She shrugged and flatly said, “Take it or leave it,”

“Okay, but you need to co-operate with me?”

“Hello, YOU need to do it, don’t expect anything from me okay?”

“That’s not fair,”

“Everything is fair in lov…life and war,”

“Sure it’s not love?”

“Shut up. My offer ends in 2 minutes so choose wisely,”

“So now you are advertising your friendship. Sounds nasty doesn’t it?”

“Lakshhh…leave,” she said as she opened the door and shoved him out of the closet.

“Sorry person who advertises her friendship,” Laksh snickered as he kept laughing at her priceless face.

“Leave,” she ordered as she closed and locked the closet on his face. How rude.

“Voice in kiten?” the housekeeper again yelped.

“blo*dy hell, where do I go now?” Laksh cursed himself as he ran towards the stairs.
“Hey, you okay?” Laksh asked as he locked the door of the terrace.

He noticed Swara sitting idly and blankly in the corner of the open space, her hair was flying all over, milk stains on her clothes and tired expression on her face.

“I guess so. What do you want?” she curtly asked him. Sister, too rude to be true.

“My terrace you know,” he arrogantly said in the same tone as he walked up to her. She was staring at the woods at the far corner of the place.

“Sorry, I am just a little tired with all the stuff going on since the past few days,” she tiredly said with her eyes drowned with sleep.

“I see, is it okay with me staying here for a while?” Laksh asked her innocently like a true gentlemen.

She let out a small light chuckle and teased, “Your legs, your wish,”

“You are not as bad as your sister you know,” Laksh told her honestly as he sat on the surface of the terrace.

One push and he would fall right onto the pavement outside which would lead to his death immediately. He gulped as he shook the fear of his chest and looked back at Swara.

“Same with you,” she happily replied with a big smile on her lips.

“Jeez! Thanks,” Laksh said shocked that she actually said that.

“Can I ask you a favour?” he hesitantly asked her.

“As long as it doesn’t involve your brother in it?” she instantly replied

“Absolutely not,”

“Shoot then,”

“Uhh..I really want to become friends with your sister and she asked me prove that I am worthy to become her friend, so I was wondering if you could help me,”

“Why do want to become her friend?”

“Don’t go all hyper active I love my sister and don’t touch my sister mood,”

“Very funny,” she said rolling her eyes.

“Actually, after the accident we had-”

“You had an accident?” she said, sounding extremely astonished.

“Didn’t Ragini tell you?” he asked confused.


“Laksh took a minute to brief down all the details to Swara who turned paler by each passing minute. By the end of it all, she seemed like a numb, lifeless figure staring at him blankly.

“Swara, you okay?’ he reluctantly asked her black face with concern.

“Huh?” she nonchalantly answered in a stunned voice.

“You look like you are going to pass out any minute now,”

“I was er…shocked,”

“So help me,”

“Because of the guilt card eh?”

“You could say that. I just need to know how to make it up to her,”

“Lemme think. What do necessary want to do? Date? Gift?”

“Anything, just get me out of this guilt,” he begged her with desperation while she giggled.

“What’s that?” she said pointing to the roads on the far side of the properties, very irrelevant to their discussion but should work.

“That’s my racing track, why?”

“You have racing cars?” she asked excitedly jumping up and down like a kid.

“No Swara, we just decided to build a track to walk around it,” he sarcastically stated.

“OMG! Take her racing and then a candle light dinner and maybe a movie,” she gave him ideas, one after the other.

“Will she like it?” he asked confused. Ragini didn’t seem like the person who would like all that.

“Yes! I can’t believe I am asking a guy to take my sister on a candle light dinner,” she added with a sigh
“Huh?” what on earth was that supposed to mean?

“I threw a guy off the swing for talking to my sister in kindergarten and then kicked another for asking her out,” she flatly stated like it was no big of a deal.

Man, these sisters were tough as rocks, “I..I am safe right?” he hesitantly asked her as he gulped in fear. Would she push him off the platform just for asking her all this.

“Of course, you don’t seem that bad after all. And I owe you one for keeping my sister safe for a week, so anything for that,” she said with a wink.

“Woah…is there anything I really need to know other than all this?” he asked her surprised at her immediate trust.

Swara was far more fun than Ragini. Too bad she was not as easy to convince as Swara.

“Well, don’t mention anything about today’s movie or she will get emotional again, same thing will happen if you mention our parents. Candle light dinner might not be an option outside, so if you still want to stay outside, a plain horror movie or action flick might be better,” she whispered in a very low tone and shady eyes.

“You are awesome, you know that?” he said with a wide grin. Woah..he would make it her best date ever. Not to mention he was going to be her first date ever, sounded extremely special to him.

“I certainly do,” she flattered herself.
“Oh, and I shouldn’t really tell you this, but whatever. My sister likes people with cheesy pick up lines and you know flirty types,” she told him in a very low voice, like Ragini would come in and kill her for sharing her secrets.

“Really?” he asked astonished even more, that girl is not what she seems to be.

“Yes, she will actually play along if you start. But, pretend I didn’t tell you this,”

“Sure and by the way, I shouldn’t tell you this either but, bhai will take you to another party today. So you might want to clean up,”

“Thanks! I should get going then,”

“Have fun,”

“You’re not coming? Hanging with you seems a lot more cooler, your brother is boring as hell,”

“I am going to act like I never heard the second half and no apparently they forgot to invite me,”

“That makes my day even worse,” she sighed as she left the terrace, leaving Laksh who was eyeing the race tracks with extreme pleasure.
“You are coming on a date with me tomorrow,” Laksh ordered in a serious tone as he jumped on the couch beside Ragini to watch some adventure show that was going on.

Sanskaar had dragged the lazy Swara to a party of his friend while Swara kept cursing him for hours.

“A date? Are you nuts?” she scowled at him. Was he thinking?

“Nope, Swara is fine with it,” he told her as he got too involved in the TV.

She choked on the water she was drinking and within a few seconds, the whole couch and the floor was filled with water with her spilling. Swara agreed? She kicked a guy last year for asking her out, now what happened?

“Are you both going to ruin our house by the time we are done?” Laksh mocked at her as he asked the maids to clean the mess up.

“Look, get the damn fact that I am not going to co-operate with you engraved in your head okay?” she roared at him while he still kept his patience and poker face on.

“Well, then I guess this photo of yours will cake on your face will be the next social media buzz,” he smirked as he showed her a picture of him slamming the face on her.

“What?” she screamed as she tried to grab in off of him, but failed miserably. When did he get the time to do that?

“How could you? You wouldn’t post that would you?” she asked tensely with pleading eyes.

“Date with me,” he demanded as he walked up to her.

“Ughh…I hate you,” she retorted back in anger when he placed a warm peck on her cheek.

“You will change that tomorrow,” he said confidently into her eyes before strolling back into her room. Her cheeks went warm with a faint blush, his confidence was scaring her.

She couldn’t afford to fall for him, not at all, but he was making it harder and harder for her to resist. What was going to happen tomorrow? Ragini wondered as she goosebumps started to rise all over her body. He did have a magnetic pull that was drawing her towards him, this never happened before, then why now? What was happening to her?
How was that? So the bond between Swara and Laksh is shaping to become pretty well! Please don’t kill me for no Swasan scenes, but let RagLak have the spotlight for a while too! Next will be the date of RagLak and also the party scenes of SwaSan. So, keep reading and do tell me how it went!

I am not sure if I might be able to update tomorrow, so sorry in advance!

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