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Swara mentally noted that watching emotional bollywood movies only make you more homesick and sloppy. She sagged back on her bed and continued to watch Ragini shed tears for the death of the protagonist’s mother.

For a daring girl like her, she sure is too involved when it comes to Indian drama. She has got it from Dadi who would always get her saying Ladoo come and watch it with me. Ragini, being the little apple of her eyes readily agreed while Swara used to throw a tantrum.

“Good old days,” Swara mumbled with a sigh while Ragini wiped her tears from the back of her hands.

Laksh entered the room with Sanskaar who both were standing shocked with their mouths hung open after looking at the view of the room at the entrance of the room.

The entire room was filled with cotton feathers from the pillows, out of control both the girls ripped the pillows in excitement. It looked more a like a ghost house with the light turned off, an emotional horror movie playing with white feathers all over.

“Women, what the hell did you do to MY house,” Sanskaar yelped at her in rage.

“Stop activating hyper mode. We just were having a pillow fight and..” Swara flatly said to him.

“Decided to rip open the pillows from the room?” Sanskaar continued for her in a angry tone.

“Cut your crap or I will break more things than last time and you can’t even do anything,” she threatened him.

“You are challenging me?”

“Need any proof to believe?”

“Shut up both of you, Mina has finally discovered her mom is a ghost,” Ragini called out from the bed.
“Who’s Mina?” Laksh asked confused as Swara opened the door to let them in.

“Somebody from the emotional horror movie she is watching,” Swara said with irritation.

“That’s so cool! I love to watch emotional horror movies,” Laksh chirped as he walked over to join Ragini.

“They are stupid,” Swara profusely declared. “How can a movie be emotional yet horror?”

“Ask that to your sister who is shedding tears like a flow of river,” Sanskaar mocked at they both stared at their siblings enjoying themselves.

Swara scowls at him in anger as he turned on the lights and both RagLak started to shout at how he disturbed their movie.

“Oh shit! Do you have any clue what you did?” Sanskaar roared at her after looking at the room with the lights on.

“Care to share your random discovery?” Swara taunted back sarcastically.

“How could you do this to me?” Ragini said in an emotional tone.

“What?” Sanskaar asked in shock.

“Do you know how much I have been tortured for the past few days due to that idiot. Instead of sympathy, you make me even more mad?” Ragini continued to shout at him.

“You make so freakin sense,” Sanskaar asked back in frustration.

“How could you turn on the lights before the movie finished? Mina was just about to kill the ghost, Ragini whined like a 5 year old. Both the brothers looked shocked to see her like this.

“Isn’t that her mother?” Laksh questioned by pointing to the TV.

“Yes, but she is posed by an evil spirit too,” Ragini brushed him off.

“ Is Ragini are you okay?” Laksh whispered to Swara who was smiling at the events.

“Don’t worry, it’s her day of the month. Mood swings, give her some time,” Swara replied with assurance.

“Bhai….isn’t this Uttara’s room?” Laksh asked in a very heavy voice filled with shock.

“That is what I am talking to her about,” Sanskaar started to argue back.

“Woah woah woah….what is going on?” Swara came in between when she realized she had no clue what was going on.

“What did you give her Uttara’s room?” Laksh ignored Swara and kept on interrogating Sanskaar.

“Because all the other rooms were taken, I can’t give her the master bedrooms,” Sanskaar sheepishly said.

“What happened to the guest room then?”

“You mean the game room that you made,”

“Yeah, but you could have gotten it cleaned?”

“I am not an idiot unlike you who is going to waste my time doing unnecessary stuff,”

“Okay, then what are we going to tell Uttara?”


Swara watched as both the brothers kept on fighting and her head went back and forth to comprehend what they were talking about. On the other side, Ragini was screaming something at the TV and watching the movie like her life depended on it. The growing noise from both sides, made Swara loose her cool. One side there were 2 idiots fighting like 5 year olds and on the other a girl who felt that she was in a movie. What was Swara going to do?

“Shut the hell up, all of you. I am going to wring your necks if you don’t tell me what the hell you are talking about and Ragini, it is a movie, not your life,” she screamed on top of her lungs with frustration taking over her.

“Angry violent woman. You shut up,” Sanskaar yelled back at her, startling her to the core while Ragini payed no heed to her at all.

“Jerk, look at what I’ll do,” Swara mumbled as she stormed out of the room, “I already told you the other day at the party, don’t bother to mess with Swara. Now bear the consequences,”
“Ahhhh…” Sanskaar and Laksh heard a loud shriek in between their convo.

“Ragini, shut it,” they both exclaimed to Ragini who was still busy watching the movie.

“That was not my movie or me and don’t dare yell at me,” Ragini shoed them off.

“Swara do you know?’ Sanskaat turned his head to ask Swara when he noticed she was not there.
“Shit! Swara,” Laksh howled as both the boys sprinted to the stairs.

“Are you okay Swara, where are you?” Sanskaar yelled so that Swara could hear him.

“Kitchen…leg…help,” they heard a faint voice from the kitchen.

“Swara, how many times have I told you not to-” Sanskaar snapped brutally when he walked over to the kitchen. As he stepped in, he was covered with whipping cream from the top, blurring his vision and freezing his limbs.

“What the f*** women?” he scowled at Swara who stood a few meters back with a smirk tugging the corner of her lips.

“Swearing is not good and besides you deserved it. Right Lucky?” she snickered at Lucky who went all red due to his immense laughter.

“Can not be any surer,” he replied in between his crazy laughs.

“Oh really?” Sanskaar asked back while throwing some of the white fluffy cream on top of his head onto to Lucky’s.

“What the f*** bhai?” Laksh squealed at Sanskaar while it was Swara’s turn to laugh hard.

“Swearing is not good, and besides you deserved it,” Sanskaar mimicked Swara’s words who was looking amused at him.

“Right Swara?” Sanskaar mocked at her as he came closer to her with dark eyes and a mischievous smirk.

“S..Sanska-aar, ddon’t come near me,” Swara stuttered as she stepped back when Sanskaar came closer.

“Come on Swara, don’t be such a douche bag,” Sanskaar snickered as he moved closer to her while she moved back in extreme tension.

“Take it back, I said take it back,” Swara shouted at him.

“What if I say make me?” Sanskaar snickered at her

“As you wish,” Swara said with a sly smirk and threw the packet of flour beside her on his face. Sanskaar stumbled back and rubbed the sticky substance of his face and raged at Swara who suppressing her laugh.

“That was sooo epic,” Laksh declared as he started to burst into more laughter.

“Swara…” Sanskaar screamed as she ran towards the door to escape from him.

“God, save me! I think my funeral will be in the next few hours,” Swara tensely roared as she ran as fast as he could after high fiving Laksh.

“Good estimate. And Lucky, if you don’t help me get her, I swear I will tell everyone about your past mistakes,” Sanskaar said to Laksh who was still laughing at his face.

Sanskaar had cream on top of his hair, with his face covered with the mixture of cream and flour and dress drenched with white flour.

“Don’t play the guilt card on me,” Laksh whined at him.

“I already did, now help me get her,” Sanskaar replied in a smirk as he ran upstairs behind Swara.
“Fine,” Laksh said, finding the perfect thing to throw at her.

Sanskaar chased Swara around the entire mansion. Both of them running at their hardest, Swara reached the end of corridor and her face turned frightened as Sanskaar moved closer to her.

“NOOO, Noooooo,”

“You are so dead Swara,”

“Please no, I am sss..orry. I won’t do it again,”

“You should have thought of that before throwing cream at me,” he whispered in her ears as he pinned her to the wall.

He blindly placed a kiss on her right cheek, while a faint shade of blush took over her cheek. She looked at him in awe as he pulled back from her and started to walk back. She was still staring at him with widened eyes and touched the cheek he kissed her at and looked down at the floor. For a girl like her, she sure does blush well!

Sanskaar seeing his chance, spiked a container of milk at her while she looked down. And that is how you take revenge.

“I hate you Sanskaar, I am going to get you back for it,” she screamed with anger as her mouth remained hung open.

“Lucky ready?” Sanskaar asked his brother as he went to the living room to hide.

“Totally,” Laksh flatly said with a thumbs up.

“Revenge,” he screamed as he shoved the cake onto Swara who had come to chase Sanskaar.

“That.Was.The.Best.Revenge.Ever,” Laksh yelped in happiness when he saw Ragini standing there instead of Swara. Her eyes were burning due and her mouth was hung open in shock. The chocolate cake was gripping onto her delicate face while she stared at Laksh for a loong minute.

“What the hell? You brute,” she howled at him as she started to throw all the utensils she could find at him.
“I thought I did it to Swara and wanted to apologize for it, but never mind. It was absolutely worth it for you,” Laksh mocked at her as he ducked down to prevent himself was slamming into a frying pan Ragini threw at him.

“I am gonna kill you,” she roared, throwing a bunch of steel spoons as him.

“Didn’t you already?” he teased her, which caused her to throw them at more speed.

“With your death looks? If glares could kill, I would definitely be killed by your angry face,” he snickered at her, still ducking from her anger.

“Did you just say I don’t have a pretty face?” she asked him with more anger burning down her throat.

“You never know,” Laksh played along, beating around the bush.

“Brute,moron,..” she started to throw everything she could find at him. Laksh ducked at her throwing a glass at him, but when it hit something else, he gasped in fear.
How was that? Long update if I don’t make it tomorrow!!! What do you think Ragini accidentally hit? Anything important?

Oh and Ragini was only behaving a little different as she was watching a movie, she gets too involved into a movie which makes her angry if people around her are not quite and letting her watch while Swara hates to watch those movies!

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