SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 20)

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Episode 19
“This room is actually pretty big and dark,” Ragini mumbled as she glanced at the spacious brown room which was the room where Ragini was supposed to stay for the time being.
Swara shrugged at her and jumped on the king size bed.

“Swara, are you okay? You look thin as a stick and tired as hell,” Ragini said with concern to Swara who was ready to doze of any second now.

“No, I am just tired due to lack of sleep, that’s it,” she lied to Ragini, which Ragini could tell when she bit the inside of her right cheek, her old habit when she lied.

Ragini let out a deep sigh and stated, “Swara, you know that I can tell when you are lying right?”

“Fine fine, you win AGAIN! Me and Sanskaar almost met with an accident, the brakes of the car failed and the car went out of control. Thank goodness Sanskaar was able to flung me out of the car otherwise I would crashed into a tree and died,” she told Ragini in a low dangerous voice.

“What? Are you okay?” Ragini screamed at her as she rushed over to make sure her sister was okay.

“Ragini, that’s mom’s line. Stop going all over protective over me, I am fine,” Swara sarcastically said with a wide grin on her face.

“I met you after so long, hak toh banta hai! (I have the right to!) ,” she teased as she scrunched down beside Swara.

“I owe Sansaar big time for that then,” she muttered to Swara who looked a little hesitant at the mention of his name.

“When you do, thank him from my side too,”

“Wait what? You didn’t thank him for this? Are you nuts?”

“Hey, hey chill. I didn’t get a chance to. I was busy with my beauty sleep that I forgot,”

“Sure,” Ragini muttered, “I need to talk to you about something.”

“I am bored for so many days, so be my guest sis,”

“Kay, I am not sure about all this and I don’t even believe in this but-,” Ragini started to express her views.

“Rags, let it out,”

“Laksh, why the hell are we here now? You said we are leaving to some mystery place, is this it?” Ragini asked Laksh with a deep frown.

“Of course not, we are going somewhere awesome, but before that I really wanted to see this bridge,” Laksh told her excitedly as he grabbed her arm and led the way.

“Why do you want to torture me with this boring sightseeing?” Ragini whined at him, jerking her arm away and leaving the place.

Laksh grabbed her wrist and tugged her towards him, slamming him to his chest. His breath fanned her neck while she stood their dumbfound.

“10 minutes please?” he huskily whispered in her ears, which made tingles rise in her body, she blindly nodded to him
“Great!” he said pulling away from her and lunging to the bridge. The bridge had the perfect view, with quiet noise of the water flowing below, the chitter chatter of the crowd and the rainbow on top.

“This is so cool. Look everyone is locking this lock as a memory. We should too,” Laksh said with enthusiasm pointing to small metal, silver locks which had just enough space to fit 2 names in.

“Umm..Laksh I think this has a proper meaning. Let’s see what it is for and then think about it,” she hesitantly said after noticing some bad vibes from this whole idea.

“Nonsense! I am going to go get one and we can carve our names,” he said sprinting to the person at the end of the bridge who was selling these locks.

“Laksh wait,” Ragini called out to him as she jogged quickly to him, but it was too late.

Laksh had already bought the lock with a smile enduring his face, “Look every single person is doing it,”

“Laksh, I seriously don’t think this is a good idea,” she warned him, clutching his hands to prevent him from locking the lock onto the railing.

“You are such a spoilsport. Chill Ragini, come lock it with me,” he said with a scowl, proceeding to do this even after his warnings.

“Er..Laksh listen to me,” she tried to stop him, but he held her tight with one hand to halt her from disturbing it.

“Locked, you were saying something?” he announced with a mischievous glare and a dark smirk.

“Laksh, give me the key,” Ragini demanded, trying to grab the key from him.

“Never,” he said, running across the bridge. Ragini rushed to grab the key from him while all the crowd started glaring at them in shock.

“Laksh, key,”

“Definitely not,”

“LAKSH,” Ragini yelled as Laksh tripped a little and accidentally threw the key into the river.

“oops, sorry,” he sheepishly said to Ragini as he ran his hand threw his hair with embarrassment.

“What the hell did you do?” she roared at him, what if it meant something.

“What was supposed to be done. Now, let’s leave, we need to go to the airport,” he brushed off her thoughts and dragged her to leave.

“Guys, this is the LoveLock bridge. The padlock is used to lock couple’s love for eternity. This is done and the key is thrown in the river so that their love is never broken by anyone. People who do will always remain together,” they heard a guide explaining a bunch of tourists. Ragini stood there numb and shocked as the words ‘remain together for eternity’ played in her head. Shit! What did they do?


“OMG!” Swara exclaimed, clutching onto her stomach as she laughed as hardly as possible. Her face went red and she was instantly out of breath due to the extreme laughter.

“Swara, shut up,” Ragini growled at her with embarrassment.

“Aww…you both are going to live on for eternity. I will call ma and papa to tell them not to find any groom for you,” Swara mocked at her while Ragini hid herself in the blankets.

“Swara not you too,” she whined while Swara continued to laugh on.

“I am so happy today. My sister finally found her would be groom,” she snickered at Ragini who was glaring at with anger. Ready to choke her any minute now.

“I am gonna kill you. Him and my groom? Never ever ever. He is such a roadside Romeo, flirting with every girl he sees and also is a complete idiot,” Ragini ranted to Swara.

“Okay okay, but anyways are you actually believing in all this? We never believed in superstitions like these, so why now?” Swara said with a wink, “Besides, we are the Gadodia sisters, we write our own destiny with whoever and whatever we like. All these don’t apply to us.”

“I guess you are right” Ragini said with relief, “You know exactly how to cheer me up. I missed you sooo much.”

“Of course you did,” Swara teased as she rolled her eyes and said, “I missed you more.”

“As if, I missed you more,” Ragini said hugging her sister with extreme warmth.

“No, I did,”

“No, me”Ragini replied as she shoved a pillow onto Swara.

“Definitely not,” Swara said throwing the pillow back.

“You can never beat me Swara,” Ragini yelled, as they both started their famous pillow attacks.

“I just did Ragini,” Swara said as she started to beat Ragini with the pillow. Thus started a huge massive pillow fight with both of them ripping apart all the pillows they could find, playing and cherishing the moments of their long meet.
“What do you mean you are compatible?” Laksh asked confused as both the brothers laid down on the couch playing FIFA on the Xbox.

Sanskaar had agreed to tell Laksh something interesting if he lost in the game, which he sadly did, so he decided to tell him about the night of the party, the day before the big accident. “Let me explain in detail..”


“Why are we here again?” Swara groaned as they entered the party.

“My friend invited me for his cocktail party and I had to bring you so that you don’t burn down my house,” he stated in a sharp voice with a tight smile.

“I live there too you know, why would I burn it down?” Swara

“You never know, and besides you suffer from Alzheimer’s too,”

“What? Who told you that?”

He chuckled at his expression and winked at her before leaving to get them some drinks.

“Red wine,” he gave her the drink while she hesitantly took it from him.

“Are you sure you didn’t add poison to this?” she asked him with a raised eyebrow.

“Of course, darling,”

“Stop calling me that,” she brutally snapped back

“What did you say, darling,” he mocked her again.

Sanskaar saw that she lost all her cool when she scowled at him and came ahead to slap him. Instead of ducking or shoving her off, he grabbed her hand and turned her around with her back to his chest.

Before she could start her tantrums and taunts again, he placed the wine in her hand into her mouth to make her gulp down while he smiled at an old couple watching them.

“Aww, look at you both. Such a wonderful couple,” they started to admire them, Swara choked while listening to that.

“Drink,” he ordered her as he gently brushed her back while she kept on coughing hearing to their random comment.

“Apologize,” she demanded him after she recovered.

“Huh?’ he asked with a puzzled look.

“For this,” she pointed to the scar than left on her skin from when he pulled her towards him before she was ready to slap him.

“Your bad, not my fault,”

“I will make you say sorry,” she challenged him.

“Never happening, darling,”

“You both look so wonderful together. You are lucky dear to get a caring partner like him?” the old women said making her way towards them.

“I make her look good, don’t I?” Sanskaar snickered while Swara let out a groan.

“Both of you made a brilliant couple,” the old man said to Swara who just stood their with widening eyes.

“We are not a couple,” he rashly told them.

“See, he doesn’t even consider me his wife when we are legally married,” Swara said, with fake tears running through her cheeks. God bless her drama!

“We are what?” Sanskaar yelped in shock with the words that Swara just said.

“On honeymoon then?” the old women questioned Swara, completely ignoring his comment.

“Yes, but look just because I didn’t make him breakfast this morning he is being so rude to me,” Swara quietly said, sobbing like a child with hurt eyes.

“What? You hardly know how to cook,” Sanskaar snapped at her for her drama. What was wrong with her?

“I agree I don’t cook well, but is it right to insult me like this?” she asked the old women with a tight voice.

“Absolutely not,” the old women said assuring her that all is right.

“Exactly, that is what I am saying, did you know how to cook well when you got married?” Swara started to say in a distraught voice.

“Not at all, but he is used to always appreciate my skills and encourage me,” the old women ranted to her, while blushing.

“You are so lucky, but not every girl is as fortunate as you,” Swara said in a displeasure voice making it sound like she has the worst destiny ever. May god bless her with the most arrogant husband, Sanskaar cursed her for her fake drama.

“Don’t cry dear, and you Mr. say sorry to your wife,” old women snapped at Sanskaar who was still loss of how to explain to the couple.

“She is not my wife,” he curtly replied in a firm tone.

“Look I know you are upset with your wife, but se-” the old man started to narrate him the importance of marriage.

“Dude, you are married? Why didn’t you tell me?” Rohan, Sanskaar’s friend started to shout at him.

“Because I,” Sanskaar started to clear the confusion.

“You wanted to tell me in my party, how sweet of you,” Rohan interrupted him and gave him a quick hug.

“Is she your wife?” he asked Sanskaar who mentally slapped himself for this situation.

“I guess so,” he shortly declared, still confused as to what the hell was happening.

“Why are your eyes so red?” Rohan questioned Swara who had puffy, red eyes sticking out due to all the fake tears she was bleeding.

“Maybe because your friend here is hurting her,” the old women taunted Sanskaar, who wanted to kill Swara for all the attention she was bringing.

“Really? I didn’t expect this from you. Not at all,” Rohan said with disbelief.

“Me neither,” Sanskaar muttered blindly, throwing death glares at Swara who winked at him instead.

“See, I didn’t-” Sanskaar started to explain the 3 people ready to murder him for hurting Swara.

“Say sorry, he didn’t even say sorry to me. At least you’re his friend, explain him,” Swara cut him off and starting to gain her fake sympathy.

“Absolutely. Anything for you bhabhi, just watch how he says sorry to you,”Rohan promised Swara and winked at her.

“What?” Sanskaar asked him stunned. Kill me, just kill me now, Sanskaar gravelly thought.

“It’s okay, I know that you don’t do anything romantic. Leave this all to me,” Rohan assured Sanskaar and went to pull a mike.

“But,” Sanskaar started to reason, but it was off no use when Rohan had already started his rant.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Here is my friend, Sanskaar who wants to apologize to his wife for accidentally hurting her. Let’s give him a chance, shall we?”

“I am gonna get you back for this,” Sanskaar muttered to the smirking Swara when the spotlight fell on them and the entire crowd started to cheer him up.

“You want to kneel down and say this, no problem with me,” Swara announced excitedly.

“Wow! You are not that unromantic as you look like,” Rohan declared after patting his back.

“Swara, I am extremely sorry for everything I have ever done, which is not even my fault. But, can we please forget everything tonight and stay happy?” Sanskaar mumbled a quick apology by kneeling down in his knees.

“Wohooo!” the crowd cheered for him as Swara looked on innocently, trying to put on a fake blush.

“Sounds good,” she shyly stated. Stupid Dramaqueen.

“Thanks a lot for all your help and you too,” Swara said to the old couple who smiled and left and then to Rohan.

“As I said anything for you bhabhi. I will be right back okay?” Rohan said grinning.

“I told you, don’t dare mess with me,” she mouthed when the old couple came back to explain Sanskaar for 15 minutes how important marriage is. He stood their listening blindly while throwing death glares at Swara who was busy laughing at his helpless situation.
*Flashback ends*

Laksh had tears coming out of his eyes when he heard Sanskaar’s amusing story, “I never saw any girl with the guts enough to tease you. But hats off to this girl who made you do all this, he said in between his die hard laughter.

“Stop it Laksh,” Sanskaar angrily stated to Laksh who was still laughing hard.

“I hate her and I am definitely going to get her back for this,” Sanskaar angrily declared.

“Where are you going?” Sanskaar questioned Laksh who was about to walk out of the room.

“To her room to thank her for taking my revenge,” Laksh mocked at Sanskaar.

“Great brother I have here,” Sanskaar sarcastically stated.

“I know right! This is the best prank of the year,” Laksh teased back.

“Sure, but atleast I am not going to be stuck to the person I hate the most unlike you who smartly decided to lock a padlock on the LoveLock bridge,” Sanskaar snickered at Laksh who crossed his arms across his chest in anger.

“Don’t bring that up. I can do anything to get rid of that lock. I don’t want to die with torture by living with Ragini for the rest of the my life,” Laksh sighed as he remembered his stupid act, “Help me bhai!”

“Fine, how about you go and ask Swara. You wanted to go thank her right? I am not going to help you, otherwise I might end up in trouble,” he taunted him.

“That’s an amazing idea. I can get Swara to help me befriend Ragini. I love you bro,” Laksh said giving Sanskaar a sloppy hug.

“I didn’t mean to help you, don’t do that, she is er…dangerous,” Sanskaar tried to stop Laksh but failed miserably when Laksh already walked out of the games room.

If all 3 pranksters join together, what will happen to him? He needed to stop the communication between them or else his house would turn into a circus for sure.
How was that??? Will Sanskaar be able to stop Laksh from talking to Swara about befriending Ragini? Keep reading to know! and how did you like the flashbacks of the pairs? Please take a minute to comment your views to me!

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