SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 2) Breaking the Ice


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“You take that Laksh guy, I’ll take the Mr.Know it all,” Swara muttered to Ragini, who responded back saying, “I’ll go east, you go west.”

Swara and Ragini nodded to each other, and splitted the brothers apart so that they remain clueless about their entire prank.

Ragini and Laksh started with the Computer wing located in the east of the building, she needed to just put the sticky note on his back, which will do the trick. But how? Her eyes trickled as an idea popped up in her brain.

“That is the main computer room,” she said pointing to the room on the right diverting him from her actions.

She carefully peeled the sticky note from the back of her phone case, and pretended to trip, taking support from his shoulder. His eyes locked hers, while his hand on her arm tightened, stiffening her body from placing the note. She kept his eyes locked in his, as she made her mind up to stick the note to his hoodie. The note read, I’M SINGLE, LOOKING FOR A DATE.

She gently averted her eyes of his, making him realize their position and move away. To Ragini’s amusement he didn’t have any clue about the note, both of them kept on walking. But the tension and awkwardness between them continued to grow by the each passing minute, making her body shiver from time to time.

“Turn right, this are the more better labs,” she said as they took a sharp turn, walking into a hallway full of people who are bound to notice the note on his back.

The effect was rather quick, as a girl, medium in height, with blond hair and blue eyes, called Laksh from behind. Laksh turned around swiftly, followed by Ragini, while the girl made her way to them.

“Hey, I’m single too,” she said shyly, while Laksh looked on confused.

“Huh?’ he replied back puzzled.

She looked at him and giggled to herself, “Here, take my number.” She took out a pen from her wallet, grabbed Laksh’s hand and wrote her number all over his right arm with a bold large black marker. Laksh looked on extremely shocked as the girl mouthed call me as she left the place.

Ragini’s face filled with glowing with laughter, which she was trying to hide with many efforts.

Just as Ragini managed to control her laughter, another girl came up from the behind and said, “Do you rock music or soft music?”

“Rock,” Laksh responded with a complete blank expression on his face.

“Blue or white? she asked yet another question.

“Umhh…white,” Laksh said hesitantly, eyeing Ragini who had a wide grin of pleasure on her face.

“Long drive or candle light dinner?,”

“Long drive,” Laksh answered firmly, Ragini was surprised to hear his answer. Long drive huh?

“Okay, we match, here is my number, call me when you can,”She enthusiastically said, as she hastily snatched the phone from his hand and dialed her number in.

“But….”Laksh tried to stop her, but all his efforts flew vain, a shill went across his spine as he heard,
“Bye lover boy,”

“What was that?” Laksh asked suspicious gaze to Ragini, who shrugged unknowingly before she burst into laughter, as Laksh glared at her in extreme anger.
Even with Ragini sensing Laksh’s fierce anger, right on his nose, she didn’t stop laughing, as she took a moment to think how this is going with Swara.
Swara’s smile was growing mischievous by the each passing minute, the last note of I’m single, went really well when around 10 girls came to give him their respective phone number.

Fortunately, he was absolutely clueless about the note, even when she put on the next one which read,YOU ARE INVITED TO MY PARTY, AT 7, SEE YOU THERE!!!, on his cap of his red hoodie.

They walked past the chemistry hallway from the 2nd floor, to the bio hallway, which was crowded with freshers from the biomedical program. This was gonna be extremely fun to Swara, who sagged back her shoulders relieved. The cream coloured walls of the hallway comforted her tension, and bought a sense of familiarity in her, assuring her safety.

“This is the biomedical facility of the campus, it has many professional labs with the needed equipment. It has 6 classrooms, 6 labs, and 2 staff rooms in this building, the rest are located at that building,” she guided him, to face the big window located in the middle of the hallway.

She stood a bit backward than Sanskaar, to see whether everyone were looking at the Note or not. And everyone was, they were chattering with their friends about the note too.

“where is your house located?” an Asian girl arrived near them, long black heels, soft eyes, denim skirt and a white tank top.

She looked quite elegant compared to Swara who looked at herself and sighed at her casual clothing. She needed to go shopping tomorrow with Ragini or else the ‘style queen’ will be replaced!

“What?” Sanskaar asked confused, with a huge amount of shock in his voice aiming at Swara who was looking up and down her clothes.

“OMG! Your house address dude,” the girl more loudly asked him, the entire hallway started to stare at them. All of them giving him the jerk face, Sanskaar’s stomach started to knot together as he saw Swara standing, a smirk born on her face, while her gaze stayed clinged on his.

“It is first villa on the outskirt of the main city, near the east of WhineLand.” he replied firmly, still looking at Swara who was standing behind the girl, the girl nodded at him gently and said.

“Great! See you at 7 then,”

“okay,” Sanskaar mouthed out as he scanned deeply through Swara’s eyes, scrutinizing for the reason of the familiarity in her eyes.

She didn’t bother to take her gaze off, even though she understood he was scanning her eyes like a machine, taking all the info he could get out of her. Her boldness started to amaze him, his eyes turned cold as he realized what he said to the girl, 7? At his house, and yelled back at her as she left.

“Wait, what?” Sanskaar locked his lower jaw in, gritting hard at the new turn of the day.

Swara rolled her eyes by seeing his anger and ruthlessness, somebody had to teach him manners, especially how to talk to girls. His eyes kept looking at her suspiciously, while she carried on her innocent face of bewilderment as he was having. Her body started to heat up as his stare fell on her, this was the first time someone had the guts to look at her so intently, without any hidges. She finally lifted her eyes of his, moving her eyes to the light cream walls enclosing them, cooling her body down, when another came from across the room.

“Did you give your address to anyone?” another guy came asked him.

Sanskaar let out a suffering sigh and quietly responded, “Yes, to that girl over there,”

“denim skirt?” the boy questioned again. Sanskaar felt uneasy by the questions he was being thrown into, Swara noticing this, replied for him, ‘yes,”

“I’ll take it from her, see you at your party!” he briskly said as he made his way to the girl

“Party?” Sanskaar let out a faint word from his mouth, he recollected the party, dancing through the crowds, swaying his feet with the music, staring at a….a girl. The girl. His feet started to go numb and uneasiness of the situation started to creep into his body after remembering his LAST party.

“Which playlist do you want me to use, old or new?” a guy wearing headphones with loud music playing through his ears called out.

“Play what?” Sanskaar asked him, still his mind in dreadness of the situation.

“New it is,” the guy replied for him and left the place unknowingly.

“Bbbu…” Sanskaar attempted to explain him that he was not going to have a party, but it was way too late. The news spread like wildfire, with everyone in the campus coming to the ‘so called party.’

He glanced back at Swara who clapped her mouth with both her hands to prevent her from laughing her head off. Her eyes with dancing with immense pleasure, with his angered face staring at her, it go harder and harder for her to prevent her loud mouth to start laughing.

Next: Breaking of Ice (continuing the prank war!)


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    1. I love to play pranks!! So I came up with something that has almost been never done before…which is playing with notes! Common prank with Swaragini touch 😉

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    1. Oh ya….I realized that at after it got published. If you want I can post it here.

      I get you, don’t worry I will keep their attitude the same till the end, not change them back to selfless, sacrificing girls and stuff. I’ll make sure to keep their charm till the end!!!!

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