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Sanskaar inserted a gentle push onto the door to open a slight creak to see if Swara was awake. And indeed she was, she was stirring up gently and pressing her temples with her hand. Sanskaar blew a sigh of relief, it had been quite a while since she was asleep and he wanted to let her know the good news as soon as possible. He inserted more force on the door, which made a screeching noise to which Swara laid down and pretended to sleep again.

Why was she acting….freaking drama queen. He snorted in his head, as he walked a placed a little peck on her forehead. The shiver and blush that surrounded her body was quite evident, he was expecting her to rise up and look at him but NO she kept on faking her sleep. Sanskaar went ahead with determination to teach her a lesson and pecked her soft cheek another kiss. She was turning into a darker shade of red, while her eyelids showed no sign of opening. Stupid girl! Sanskaar thought as he went closer to her face, fanning his breath on her lips. Her eyelids started to move with shiver, she clutched the duvet surrounding her harder. A smile played on his lips while he moved a little closer to her face, she immediately opened her eyes in fear and pushed his chest and rose up.

“Keep your body to yourself,” she told him in shock

Sanskaar let out a chuckle seeing her face with fear and horror written all over, “Then don’t pretend to do something when you are not.”

She mumbled something in a frustrated voice, letting her eyebrows furrow and the mouth twitch.

“How are you feeling?” he asked with concern looking at her pale face filled with tiredness.

“Better than before,” she answered with a weak smile.

“So my little trick did have effects on you,” he said huskily with a smirk on his lips.

“What? No, shut up,” she snorted back with anger.

Sanskaar kept on laughing seeing her reactions change from blushing, to frustration, to tiredness and now anger.

He walked up a little closer and moved his hand forward to check her temperature, just as he was about to do so, she bent backward with her eyebrows raised looking at his hand. This kept on going for 3 whole minutes, him trying to touch her forehead while he kept moving backwards.

“Oh come on Swara, I am not going to eat you up,” Sanskaar retorted with anger with the stupid game going on.

“You never know. A girl should always take caution,” she alerted him with a serious look on her face.

“And a girl should also know that if I wanted to do something I could have done it long back,” he told her, grabbing her waist and lunging her forward to check her temperature. The minute his cold hand went up her warm body, she winced like a little child full of innocence.

“Unfortunately you’re fine,” he mocked at her while she sat there with her hands crossed which made her look cuter than before.

“Why are you here?” she asked back, while he stood there taken aback. What kind of a stupid question was that?

“To see if you are alright,”

“Seriously? Sure there isn’t anything more?”

“Oh yeah, I talked to Laksh and he said that both him and Ragini will come to Cuba in the next 24 hours,” he muttered sheepishly, forgetting the actually reason he was here.
“OMG!! Are you serious?” she enquired with her eyes lit up like a LED bulb and face glowing with joy.

Sanskaar rolled his eyes and nodded slightly before she pounced on him for a bone crushing hug. She wrapped her long, fragile arms around his neck with intense force, knocking them both on the bed with Swara on top of Sanskaar. Sanskaar look on stunned before he slowly placed his arms around her. She let out a victory squeal and pulled apart, “When..how?”

“I don’t know much, Laksh just called me and told me that they are in Normandy. I told him we are in the penthouse in Cuba, so he asked me to send him tickets for the earliest flight to Cuba which is in the next 20 hours.” he narrated her the whole incident while she stood there listening like a little child.

“This is the best news ever!! I can’t wait to meet Rags, it has been so long since I have seen her,” she happily exclaimed, flailing her arms into the air.

“Where are you going?” Sanskaar questioned her as she rose and ran towards the door.

“Ragini loves chocolate cake, so I am going to..” she said, only to be interrupted by Sanskaar.

“NOOO. Don’t go into the kitchen.” he blurted out with desperation. He loved to cook and his kitchen was his life. Okay, now he sounded like a maid but who cares? He didn’t want her to go in there and that’s all.

“But I need to go and..” she tried to explain him again, but he cut her off again.

“I order you not to. I can’t let you burn my kitchen when I am alive,” he ordered her in an authoritative voice.

“Dude, relax. I can hardly boil water properly, remember. What makes you think I will go and make chocolate cake. No way, not my cup of tea at all. I am just going to go and tell the cook to make the chocolate cake,” she calmed him down, giving him the ‘wierdo’ look.

“Pheww..I can do that. You need some rest,” he told her, gently shoving her into the bed.

“Come on! I was just doing that. It seems like I have been sleeping for the past 24 hours,” she whined like a child again.

Sanskaar bit his lower lip and his face turned a little sympathetic.

“Don’t tell me….” Swara started to scream by the look on Sanskaar’s face, “I slept for straight 24 hours?”

“Err..yeah,” Sanskaar nodded with a little hesitation as her face changed again. Mood swings much.

“Oh God! So they will be here any minute now, right?” she asked with realization hitting her.

“Yeahhhh” he agreed instantly.

“I hate you so much,” she randomly blurted. You know how he said that she had Alzheimer’s, she does indeed along with mood swings too.

“Wait what?” Sanskaar asked her in confusion. “What did you say?”

“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, sooooo much,” she narrated, showing him with his arms how much she hated him. She sounded like a child who was sad without a chocolate.

“Are you okay? Maybe your stress has really gotten into you,” he mocked at her, grabbing her wrist to stop her from hitting him. She was not yet, but with her terrible mood swings out of control, you never know.

“Nah, I am fine. Just extremely mad at you. Why wouldn’t you wake me up?” she told with a grumpy face, pouting.

“Because you fainted with stress, shouted twice with nightmares, still in shock and now behaving like a discharged child,” he kept teasing her while her face burned with rage.

“Very funny,” she retorted with anger.

“Sir, they are here,” the guard came to update them on the arrival of the car. Sanskaar’s heart felt light again, finally his brother was home. He could now assure his parents that everything is safe.

“This is not over yet,” he warned Swara, letting her wrist free and walking towards the door.

“I can’t keep my hate till then,” she scowled back at him, crossing her arms over her chest and anticipating him to finish the argument.

“Don’t you want to go meet your sister?” Strange girl, 2 minutes ago she was throwing him guilty for not telling her about Ragini’s arrival and then now she completely forgot about it. Totally alzheimer’s.

“Right! Let’s go,” she said with a sigh and proceeded to walk out of the room.

“Swara..” Sanskaar asked her while both of them walked towards the main door.

She nodded at him and raised her eyebrow for her to continue on.

“Are you high?” he asked her with confusion. She behaved like a lost child when she was drunk, was she again?

She let out a faint chuckle and exclaimed with enthusiasm, “With excitement yes, with alcohol no. Let’s go.”

Sanskaar sighed at her weird behaviour and followed her downstairs to welcome Ragini and his brother.
A huge mansion with the letter M in bold letters appeared in front of Ragini who was awestruck by the amazing fountain before it. The teal coloured trees, the marble flooring and guards gave it the lavish touch. She was sitting in the car next to Laksh who was clearly as excited as her, but why were they here? Laksh had ordered her to pack her bags, more like get the dresses she bought and dump them. He wouldn’t utter a word about what his brother said or where they were going. She was too tired to ask when they were in the plane, so she decided to take a nap in the first class comfortable seats. What more could she ask for after a whole week of torture. In the airport, a red Porsche came to pick them up, but still Laksh wouldn’t tell her where they were going. She didn’t even know where they were, all she knew was she wasn’t in London, where Swara was.

As she was busy admiring the place surrounding her, the car jerked to a halt and Laksh got out.

“Where are we? Please tell me at least now,” she pleaded him with a cute puppy face.

“You will know,” he told her the same line, which almost felt like the millionth time he said that to her.

“You have been telling me that ever since you talked to Sanskaar. I promise I won’t yell at you or tell anyone where we are at,” she pleaded with desperation to know where the hell she was. “The law gives me the right to know where I am.”

“Again, I said NO,” he muttered walking up to the large metal door in the entrance of the mansion.

“What more could I expect from a Roadside Romeo,” she mumbled under breath annoyed.

“Huh?” he asked her from behind.

“Nothing, whose house is this?” she questioned quizzically turning back to face him

“Mine, like it?”

“Like it? This is am-” she started to tell him how awesome it was, but the smirk on his lips changed her mind “Cool” she finally concluded.

His face fell and said,“Liar,”

“Prove it,” she challenged him with her smirk coming to her face.

“Ragini..” a familiar voice called out to her. Her heart was fluttering with joy and she turned around to face her sister, Swara.

“Oh my gawd!” Ragini blurted out as she sprinted towards the weak Swara and engulfed her into a warm hug both of them were yearning for days.

“Yo bro! What’s up?” Laksh sang as both the brothers shared a massive bear hug.

“Torture,” he dreadly replied, eyeing Swara who was already to start another fight.

“Oh please. I should be the girl saying that,” Swara retorted back as all the 4 walked into the living room.

Ragini couldn’t express how much content and happy her eyes left after seeing Swara fine, other than the weakness in her voice and tiredness in her face with all the black circles underneath her eyes. Never happened before? What was she doing for a week that made her soo tired? Ragini started to wonder when her chain of thought were interrupted by Sanskaar’s taunts.

“You ARE the girl saying that,” Sanskaar mocked at her raging sister who might burn any minute now.

She gritted her teeth hard and snarled, “ Shut up,”

Both the boys high fived each other and laughed at Swara who was still having a irked expression on her face even with all the weariness. Ragini looked at Laksh who softened and was laughing heartily with relief.

“Ragini, don’t just stand there. Do something,” Swara urged her to fight back for her.

“Guys, it has been a long week. All of us are tired with each other’s company, so leave us alone and we will leave you too alone till dinner time,” she put some of her thoughts in their mind.

“Sounds good,” Swara supported her by placing her arm on her shoulder.

“That’s a sensible thought,” Sanskaar agreed too.

“I wonder whose company made her more sensible,” Laksh said with pride by lifting up his collar for the show.

“Certainly NOT yours., Mr.Roadside Romeo ” Ragini snickered back at him, emphasizing on the word not. She stuck out her tongue at him and left the room with Swara with content to talk to her sister after so long.

Everyone, including Sanskaar chuckled at her nickname for Laksh, but he gave her a I-will-get-you-back look to intimidate her, but Alas, didn’t work at all! She needed to tell her sister about many things, too many.
Yayy! They are together!! Gear up for some sweet and cute moments between them as they finally realized that they are safe and how not bad they are!! Please do comment so that I know how you are liking it!!!

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    1. Thanks!! So basically Swara and Ragini are these daring and arrogant girls who meet Laksh and Sanskaar in University and play pranks on them. They keep meeting on several instances and end up fighting with each other. One time both the girls get drunk and there happens to be a gunshot in the beach which leads to the pairs splitting apart. Swasan go to Cuba to escape the attack while Raglak go to France. During the period, Sanskaar and Ragini are unsure of their new developed feelings for Swara and Laksh. Especially after staying with them for a week, they find out that the boys are not so bad as they thought they were!! Now they pairs are finally with their siblings….all of them in Cuba. Let’s see whether they will give a name to those feelings or not

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