SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 17)

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Sanskaar slowly moved his body on top of Swara’s, who fainted as soon as they fell on the cold pavement. He looked at her angelic face with admiring features, growing strange desires in his body. He took a minute to compose his growing pulse rate, the heart that was almost in his throat, his throbbing head and the swirling pain due to the injuries while falling on the cement ground.
He lifted his chin in the direction of the smoke coming from the previously burning car.

“Find out who messed with my car and I need all the details of everybody who came into the mansion in the last 48 hours. Understand,” he brutally snapped at his bodyguards who were all giving him vigour nods.

He carefully picked Swara off the ground, his arms filling with the heat and warmth from her body. Who knew his beautiful angel could change into a devil with her sharp words, he thought sighing heavily as he sat in the Lucky’s car, morning over the death of his car. (How sad!)

Within 20 minutes, they had arrived at the mansion. Sanskaar rushed Swara to the room where the doctor had already arrived, he had called her in the car just to make sure she was okay.

“Put her down and let me check,” the doctor, Ria sternly said to him. She was in her mid thirties, formal attire and messy hair all over. She was their family doctor almost everywhere they go, she was extremely strict and annoying with her stupid rules and regulations.

Sanskaar blindly nodded and placed Swara on the bed, making sure not to press on her injuries on her arms.

“So, tell me what happened?” Ria curtly asked him, jotting down the information he narrated her about the whole incident.

“So, that’s about it,” he concluded after giving her all the details she needed to know.

“Well then, she is just unconscious because of the panic and stress she went through. Everything should be fine when she wakes up with a fresh mind,” she rattled on and left the place quietly after Sansaar muttered a thank you.

He covered with the blankets, hoping she would wake up by the end of the day. The dusk was just about to set, making way for the blackness of the night.

He silently left the room and walked to his garage, the mystery still swirling in his mind. Who did it and why? He never maintained such a bad enmity with someone that they would come for his life. Lucky was a people’s person is general, so it couldn’t be because of him either. Their father had a few business competitors, but not to such an extent they would kill the heir of the business.

He flung open the light in the garage, walking through the spacious place, to find any sort of clues to have the police check or something. He wanted to know who did this, his life was not the question here, it was Swara’s. He didn’t want to risk hers just because of him. Wait a min…what if they intended to do it to Swara? Who the hell came to know they were here? Did she have any bad connections?
As he was leaving the place to order his men to track down his details he saw a paper in the corner of the tools stand, barely popping out.

“What on earth is this?” he said pulling the paper and reading what it said.

Tick Tock Tick Tock, the time has already started for you.
You escaped, she escaped but what if my next target doesn’t?

No name, hell to the person. Sanskaar’s brain went wild, scanning through all the people he met in his life to find out who this person is. Next target….who is his next target?

Crap, who was this mysterious person, he thought as he noticed Lucky’s car in front of him.

“Lucky,” he whispered in shock to himself, freezing to the core
Ragini walked inside with the fear and the shock from what happened an hour ago still pressed hard into her. Her stomach was taut due to fear, her nerves were shivering and her body was jammed at one place, unable to get the incident from the morning out of her head.

What if.. her brain started to think which she immediately brushed off, no no no, she should not say things like that. She looked over at Laksh who was seated on the couch, staring at the enormous caste on his left hand. Both of their eyes locked, reviving her the memory of the morning.


“OMG! You are making breakfast for me!,” Ragini exclaimed as she bugged Laksh who was busy cooking in the kitchen.

He was making pancakes which endured her nostrils into a sweet aroma.
He locked her eyes into hers, showing hurt and pain, then continued to flip the pancake to the other side. So he still hadn’t forgiven her yet. No problem forgiveness mission was executed.

“How sweet, you probably figured I can’t cook so you are making me something too,” she cheered as she gently pulled his cheek to add the effect of her being nice.

Sometimes being too nice can suffocate people, that is exactly what Ragini wanted, to be sooo nice he either can’t ignore her or forgive her to stop her.

“Get your hand off me, and NO, I am not making breakfast for you. This is for me,” he replied arrogantly with a hint of frustration, probably at her change of moods.

“All of these,” Ragini asked back with her eyebrows raised, pointing to the plate which had 10 pancakes in it.

Laksh’s face turned a little piquet, while he frowned at her question. A smirk blew on Ragini’s face to see his speechless mouth.

“Yeah..I..I eat 10 pancakes everyday,” he covered it up, tossing the 11th one on the plate.

“Un huh. But you still made some for me right? How nice,” she chirped in a high pitched voice with dreamy eyes to show him she was flattered.

“No, I did NOT,” he shortly declared, pouring some syrup into a bowl and sat on the little dining table near in front of the kitchen.

Ragini was about to go and shove him off the chair for his rude behaviour, how dare he behave like that to Ragini Gadodia. But she calmed down a little bit when he observed her from the corner of his eyes.

She plastered a fake smile on her lips and said, “You said you’ll 10, you made 11. So I get one.”

Laksh grabbed the plate from her hands and protected it from her view by placing it on his lap, “Sorry! All taken, you said something about women can do everything, blah blah bla, so go make your own.”

“Past is past. Anyways, I bet I can’t make them as good as you did,” she politely said to him, trying to resist her cravings for the food before her.

“Are you okay?” he asked back in confusion with her watery mouth.

“Perfectly alright. Do you need me to get you some orange juice to go with that?” she gently consulted him in the sweetest voice ever. Why wouldn’t he just forgive her? She wouldn’t have to act this play.

“What?” he blurted out choking on his piece of pancake. The plan was working after all. He was understanding she was being awfully sweet to him.

“Oh it’s just orange juice goe-” Ragini started to narrate him, but she was immediately cut off.

“I KNOW THAT,” he roared at her.

“Then what what?” Ragini innocently asked like she understood nothing.

“Nothing,” he mumbled, going back his food.

“umm..I thought we could be friends. What say?” she bluntly asked him with her hand forward for friendship.

“No thanks. I am fine on my own,” he rudely shut her off.

Ragini’s eyes widened. Was he nuts? People die for her friendship and here he is ignoring her. She felt like he virtually slapped her with his words, “Jerk,”

“Sorry?” he asked back in confusion at her mutterings.

“Nothing. Do you need anything though?” she replied with a fake smile. Her cheekbones were hurting due to the wide grins on her face.

“No, I am FINE,” he told her, emphasizing the word ‘fine’ too much to make her understand. She knew that he was fine, which is what she didn’t want him to be.

“Cool! I was thinking we should go watch a movie or something,” Ragini insisted as he stood up and moved forward to the door after finishing his meal. Lucky dude for actually getting something to eat, look at her, she was starving to death and nobody bothered about her.

“And why would we do that?” he asked back with irritation at her constant weird thoughts.

“So that we could get to know each other and understand each other better and forgive me,” Ragini said back in delight.

“I am going out on my new bike ALONE,” Laksh said with extreme frustration at her attitude. This is exactly what she wanted.

“Okay!!” she mumbled happily, leaving his face a little shocked as she accepted a little quickly.

He didn’t show that much and left the door with a BANG. She smiled to herself as she walked over to the sofa and took out some screws from beneath, “Lucky, your luck will only work when Ragini is here. I am way smarter than you can ever imagine.”

She swirled around the living room with her long hair flying all around and excitedly screamed “You will have to wait for me, even if you don’t want to.”

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