SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 15)

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Sanskaar’s grin grew darker and former by the passing step. Swara messed with the wrong person, she had no clue what he was capable of doing. He lunged her forward into the messed up living room, the light from the afternoon sun just started to fade, dining the room from the glow. His eyes turned cold and ruthless when her arrogant eyes locked his. She was such a spoiled little princess, well it was the time for her to face the world!

“Clean the mess,” he sternly ordered her, giving her one more chance before executing his plan.

“Nope,” she replied in a challenging voice, with the corner of her lips pursed in. Her eyebrows started to raise while she settled her hands in front of her chest, glaring back into his smoky eyes.

“Fine, you will not get anything with that I mean ANYTHING to eat until you clean the mess up and beg for forgiveness ,” he ordered her in a disgruntled tone.

Her innocent and challenging face turned pale with his sudden bomb. The scowl on her lips changed into a plead, “You wouldn’t.”

“Try me, darling,” he mocked at her with pleasure, enjoying her discomfort and speechless position.

She gritted hard and muttered, “I can make my own then.”

“Good luck then, you need it,” he replied coldly, throwing a blistering gaze at her.

“Oh, don’t worry about me, I can handle it,” she taunted him with a fake smile plastered on her lips.

“Go ahead,” he blurted out with fake excitement and moved to give her the space to leave.

She stormed into the kitchen while Sanskaar followed with a mischievous glare. This was going to be fun.

Swara glanced at the kitchen with confusion , she had never cooked a single thing in her life. How was she supposed to make food for herself. Whatever it might be, she wouldn’t clean the mess or beg for forgiveness. But what should she make? Pizza…too hard. Rice? With what? Curry…impossible. Pasta? Sounds like a plan.

She searched through the cabinets for pasta packets while Sanskaar sat on the marble counter top, sliding his gaze all over her body. Swara tried to search the packets even with Sanskaar’s heated gaze turning her body warm. The more she tried to ignore him, the more his stare would turn intense.

“Found it,” she yelled out with extreme ardor. Positive vibes were radiating from every corner of her delicate body.

She threw a quick victory glance at Sanskaar while saying, “Just watch me make edible pasta.”

Sanskaar chuckled at her words and commented, “Edible, let’ s see.”

Swara childishly stuck her tongue out at him and poured the contents of the bag into the pan for boiling. She turned the flame on in the electronic stove to medium and let the pasta stay there for a few minutes with the lid on.

She placed another black non-stick pan on the stove and scanned the cabinets for the ingredients to make the sauce. She got out all the stuff she needs, tomatoes, garlic, herbs, spices, water, the only thing which was missing was some coriander leaves that her mom adds at the end.

“Where are the coriander leaves?” she blurted out, asking him for help.

“In the store room, upstairs,” he instructed, surprising her that he even bothered to help her.

“Are you sure?” she confirmed once again, how could he possibly tell her without any counter backs, comments or taunts. Something was not right.

“I don’t know, go check,” he answered back irritated as he lifted his head from his phone.

“Ughhh..” she replied frustrated and stormed out of the room yet again.

Sanskaar was amused at her determination to make food, she was not going to win at any cost in his watch. He slyly turned the flame of the stove from medium to high, immediately water from the pan started to drip onto the stove and then hastily made their way to the counter beside where Swara had kept all their ingredients.

“I told you Swara, you needed the luck,” he replied cunningly as a smirk endured his face.

Swara came out of the store room with the coriander leaves she needed, now she would see how Mr. Know It All could stop her. But, something didn’t seem right, something was wrong. How could he just tell her where everything is. Didn’t he want to win?

The smell of high flame and boiling water hit her nostrils hard, when she swiftly sprinted to the kitchen to see all of the ingredients she placed on the counter top submerged with water.

“Oh god!” she immediately yelped out, taking a few steps into the kitchen where there was boiling, hot water running through the tiled floor.

“Watch out,” a familiar voice called out from behind, grabbing her hand and slamming her against the wall near the entrance.

Swara dazed up from to hit the familiar pair of chocolate eyes staring at her with concern, while his hand briefly stroked the center of her cheeks.

“Breath,” he commanded softly, still stroking her cheeks involuntarily. While Swara released her breath and the chill of her cold hands across her waist, sent quick shivers through her body. What was happening to her?

“Are you okay?” he softly whispered in her ear, while his hands played with her belt along her waist.

Swara went numb and speechless for a minute, his cold hands from her belt, traveled and placed themselves on her waist, stiffening her body to the core.

“You did this, didn’t you?” she finally managed to blurt out.

“What do you think?”

Her eyes turned smoky and cold, she stiffened even more in his grip while her face turned a little hurt.

“Get your hands off me,” she ordered bluntly and dashed to her room upstairs.

Sanskaar called out to his carestaff and ordered them to clean the place immediately. A wierd type of guilt started to prick on to him as he remembered Swara’s innocent face making it’s way in his mind. SHIT SHIT!! What was he supposed to do now? Why did this girl have such a drastic effect on him?



Ragini stumbled and made her way into the crowd of people in the party. It was a decent, ballroom themed anniversary party. Laksh had left immediately after the fight, while Ragini took a few minutes to gain composure.

She walked over to Laksh, who was in serious conversation with the bartender, who barely understood him.

An annoyed and cold shade took over Laksh’s face as soon as he peered at Ragini coming towards him.

“Hey Ragini, Hi Laksh,” Tina chirped as she gave them both a quick hug.

“Hey,” Ragini politely said, while Laksh turned her a blind eye, making sure not to make the mistake of acknowledging her.

“The dress looks gorgeous on you, and you look handsome too,” Tina continued on while Laksh completly faced towards her, leaving Ragini a little hurt.

But why should she care? Not like she is wrong, and she is Ragini Gadodia, she can do whatever she likes.

“Same could be said for you,” Ragini complemented Tina’s outstanding dress. It was a peach colored gown with extravagant embroidery filling each and every bit of the dress.

“Thanks! Laksh here is the SIM for your phone, you can chat with your brother as much as you want now,” Tina said with wink when she handed the chip to Laksh.

“Awesome!” Laksh replied in a persistent voice, not letting too much excitement take over him. He quickly grabbed his phone out of his pocket and took out the back to change the SIM.

“Did you try the app I told you about?” Tina asked, while Ragini felt bored about the whole party idea.

This was nothing like her style, no entertainment, music, dance, people to talk too. Boredom was filling every little molecule in the air, suffocating her to the core.

“Yes, I did. I used the 18th century speech one,” Laksh said back with the same coldness in his voice.

“How did the old Indian 18th century speech sound in your voice, talking about all the old culture and mentality?” Tina asked.

“Wait what?” Ragini blurted awestruck, as she started to piece everything together. Life made so much more sense now. She stared at Laksh who was not willing to make any eye contact with her. Not in a mood to give her any sort of explanations.

“The speech is of someone famous in the 18th century and the app turns that into your voice,” Tina explained like it was very obvious.

Laksh continued to play with his phone, bored at all these talks. He was leaning back against the wooden table near the bar.

“Shoot!” Ragini whispered out, still in complete awe. Regret and guilt started to creep into her body.

“Tina..” someone from the other side of the crowd yelled out.

“Give me a minute, I’ll be right back,” Tina said leaving with a quick apologetic smile.

Laksh still didn’t speak or even make any eye contact with her. The air between them was filled with awkwardness, silence and guilt. Ragini took in a few quick breaths, building up the courage to converse with Laksh.

“OMG! Laksh I am extremely sorry for my rant, I thought that..you…speech..app,” she finally blurted out, not able to bear the silence any longer.

Finally, after hours Laksh glanced back at her, with stir of emotions evident in his eyes. Although his face was calm and composed, his eyes said lot more than she ever expected she would see.

“Look Ragini, I see it is a misunderstanding but I never thought you could think of such poor about me. Do you even know how I am? When you know nothing, then please don’t dare judge me,” Laksh curtly said to her in a low voice, stinging her body sharp at various places.

“But Laksh, I am sorry. I didn’t know,” Ragini pleaded with the guilt taking over her voice. She didn’t know how to make him understand how much regret she had.

“See that is the problem with you sisters, first you rant, then you think and then you come say sorry. A sorry really doesn’t heal everything. After all I did for you, this is what you think of me?” Laksh fulminated with rage.

“Laksh, I am…” Ragini stuttered as she tried to explain her views to Laksh who just shook his head with frustration and left the place.

Okay, this was the first time somebody did that to Ragini, left her talking. For the first time somebody was upset or angry with her. For the first time, she WAS NOT angry at them, instead she was guilty. What was happening to her?

As she started to think things over, determination filled her spirit. A new energy of eagerness started to fill her veins. She was going to convince her, not in old typical pleading or begging style but in Ragini’s modern style!


How was that?

Both Sanskaar and Ragini realized their mistakes! Yippee!

Why do you think Sanskaar is getting effected by Swara so much? What do you think Ragini’s new way of persuading is? Keep guessing!!

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