SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 14)

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Sanskaar bulged open the metal door to his mansion, while a small smile crept through his lips remembering Swara’s innocent threats to escape. The mansion was filled with dark brown walls all over, this was his personalized property in Cuba, their family came here often for vacations. He took a step into the mansion when he noticed a few pieces of glass scattered on the floor. The light from the windows above were shining brightly over the pieces of glass.
“What the hell?” he muttered with annoyance as he banged the door shut and moved towards the pieces of glass.
He picked the glass in his hands, his eyes widened with shock while the anger settled way below in his blood started to rise.
“Why is this broken? You know that this is a very precious antique from China,” he barked with an extremely high pitched voice, waiting for the care staff to show up with a proper excuse for this accident. It better be a good reason or he won’t spare even one of them.
“Where is the blo*dy staff?” he yelled out once again, hoping that they show up at least this time.

Now this rage was on the highest level as he walked into the living room.
The minute he entered, he saw the lavish red curtains were half hung from the rod, his favourite small flower vase was broken with the glass scattered through the floor of the living room. He had no idea why it happened, the sight of the room looked like there were few protesters in here to break down the place.
His mouth hung open when he carefully, escaping the glass pieces, walked into the kitchen only to see another disaster placed for him.
“What on earth?” he muttered angrily.

Thank god! nothing was broken, but the kitchen itself was jumbled, there was flour spread all over the floor and even the exotic granite marble top. His face was flushing dark red with anger while he clenched his fists and stormed out to the first floor to find the proper owner of this mess.
As he was ascending the stairs, he noticed streamers swirled on either side of the railings. Where did she get streamers from? Did she go over his closet? And why did she do all this?
Sanskaar felt the need to go to his room first and make sure that nothing moved from his belongings. He gently let out a small force on the door and walked in with extreme caution. He noticed that nothing inside his room had moved, nothing like nothing, everything was perfect. What is wrong with her? he wondered, still huffing and puffing with anger when he scrolled through the entire mansion trying to find her?

After several minutes of hide and seek, Sanskaar was still not able to trace Swara. She was really good at hiding, no doubt but he was the best seeker too. His mind had cooled down from the anger but the place was immediately taken by annoyance and frustration when he could not find her. His exhausted legs prevented him from taking a step further but his mind refused to give up without giving her a punishment for her deeds. His hand leisurely went through his hair, while his face narrowed with extreme irritation.

He opened the door to the small library in the west wing of the mansion, it was Uttara, his sister, favourite place to hide. She would spend hours and hours figuring out the best spots in this tiny library, her little world of books was more larger than any other.
Sanskaar glanced through the library walls one more time before closing the door when he spotted a shadow of a slim figure, coming from behind the chest drawers. How could he forget to look there? He ran across the room in rapid speed with a smirk tugging the corner of his lips.
“Swara!!!! You are so dead now,” he happily said, while pushing the chest to the side of the room.
There sat a physique of a slim figure, wrapping her arms around her body and tucking her head protectively under her arms.

Sanskaar groaned deeply as he began to eye the figure from the top to the bottom, her body was curved right at the spots needed, her fragile skin was glowing right as the sunset began to spread its rays in the sky. Her medium, dark brown hair was curled into thick locks, resting on her arms, she was a package….a complete package.
Sanskaar, what is wrong with you? He yelled at himself were getting distracted by her beauty, he firmly grabbed the corner of her left hand and lunged her to her feet. Her twinkling hazel orbs caught his off guard, pleading for forgiveness while her tremblings lips managed to put on a tight smirk.

“What the hell did you do to my house,” he screamed at her, while she stood there with a bored expression on her face.
“Just what you said.” she replied curtly with arrogance evidently projecting in her voice. Sanskaar’s face angry pale face turned perplexed with extreme confusion. “Aww..don’t you remember saying, do whatever you want to do but stay in the house.”
“Crazy women, what happiness does it bring you by destroying my house?” Sanskaar snapped out again.
“Destroying? When did I destroy your house?” she shot back with same death glares he was giving her.

“Before that, tell me where the care staff is?” he demanded profusely.
“I gave them the day off, why do I need them here?” she said back naively.
“What? How could you do that without my permission? and what did you do with my house?”
“Chill, I only broke a shiny glass, a very small vase and spread flour on the kitchen floor. The glass is no
big of a deal. The vase is hardly the size of my palm and flour was to add more color to the kitchen.”

“Color to the kitchen?”
“Yes, the cabinets colors didn’t match with the floor color, so I decided to do you a favor,” she proudly added.
“You…did a…favour…on me?” he stuttered, still shocked at her guts. Help? She frecking ruined his house and then tells him that she helped him.
“Absolutely, say thanks,” she mocked at him.
“Actually I have a better way of doing that,” he replied when an amazing idea hit his brain.
“Really?” she asked back excitedly, surprised by his words.
“Yep, you are going to love it,” he said glaring back darkly into her eyes with a mischievous smirk playing on his lips.
Laksh grinned as he pecked a quick kiss on Tina’s hand, such a sweetheart and a sporty girl she was. He had always had the charm to attract and please girls with his talk, and Tina clicked on as an amazing friend the instant he saw her a few years ago. He was glad he met her, so he could contact bhai as soon as possible and get Ragini back to her sister.
It has been 2 days since they arrived here, and each minute she keeps drowning in the thoughts of Swara. She had been having sleepless nights, torturous day and been pretty worried ever since. Of course she didn’t know Laksh had kept keen observations on her, she was a very arrogant little spoiled princess though.

“Are we going to the party then ?” Ragini asked tiredly as she relaxed on the couch of the living room while Laksh played on his phone. He did get his phone but apparently Tina would get him a SIM in the evening so he can make calls.
“I guess so, I met her after a very long time, so she is expecting me to be there,” Laksh replied, still engrossed in reading about this app that can change famous speeches into your voice. Cool eh?
“Great!” she replied sarcastically, sulking down on the couch.
“You can stay here if you want, no force,” Laksh replied as sweetly as he could, it was hard to do that with Ragini but he made sure to try by seeing her tensed behaviour.
“Thanks but I need some cool distraction and a party is the perfect idea,” Ragini mumbled, closing her eyes to cool down.

“Cool, then let me go get a quick shower while you change and then we can leave,” he told her, putting his phone in his pocket.
“10 minutes,” Ragini ordered him, giving him the don’t take long look, he had taken an hour in the morning to get ready while she took exactly half of that time. How did girls get ready so quickly?
“I’ll try,” he mumbled, making her irked and left to his room.
“Why don’t I try this out?” he exclaimed as he put his phone on loud and recorded his voice.
Now all he had to do was to choose an interview, speech, quote of somebody famous and the app would change it to his voice. Which one should he choose? As he was scrolling down the list, he found one that said something about Indian Speech from 18th century….sounds funny and interesting to him.

He was eager to know how he would sound in pure Hindi from the 18th century. He selected the speech and went into the washroom, leaving the phone on loud so he could hear the music even while taking a quick shower.
The speech ranted out over gender inequality is needed in the world, how women are inferior and such stupid things. He sighed listening to their old and weird thoughts but Laksh only cared about how his VOICE sounded in pure Hindi….sounded great!!
He paused the speech and quickly changed into a decent tuxedo he found in the store where he met Tina. He quickly styled his hair, getting the shaggy yet handsome look he needed and walked out of the room with his phone.

Laksh entered the living room to find Ragini sitting with a first aid kit in her hand, bandaging a wound on her wrist. She was wearing a knee length black dress, with her hair left open in natural curls, flying all around which was clearly coming in the way.
Laksh sighed and walked over to help her with her wounds, “Let me do this,” he whispered in her ears, startling her a little bit making her shiver.
He sat right next to her, and took her wrist in his hands carefully, “Don’t touch me,” she snapped out arrogantly with hot tears rolling down her cheeks.
Laksh glanced at her confused, locking her eyes with looked extremely hurt, from the wound or something else, he didn’t know.

Laksh was in no mood to listen to her tantrums of saying I can do this and stuff, he grabbed her lower arm back to his hand to dress the wound.
“I said don’t touch me,” she howled at him, removing his arm from her wrist and standing up fiercely. Why was she acting like this?
“First I thought you were just an idiot who had a nature to flirt with every girl. But you clearly proved me wrong, all you want is to show how much we are inferior than you,” she spat the words as arrogantly as possible.
“What are you talking about?” Laksh asked, still no clue what Ragini is talking about.

“I should have already picked up on your cheap personality and character, I can’t believe I am staying with you. We women are way stronger than you, way smarter and way daring. Get that straight. We can do every single thing that you men could do, got it?” she ranted curtly, still with some hot tears rolling off her eyes.

“What?” Laksh let out a faint gasp, why was she giving him lectures on women and their skills?
“How the hell can you think so rude, brute? We are less fortunate than you? My foot, the only reason you are here today is because your mother gave birth to you, okay?” she continued her extra emotional speech while Laksh sat there extremely confused by his words.
The minute brute came out of her mouth, Laksh grabbed her arms and pushed her towards the wall. Pining her tightly with little space to move, she was boldly staring into his eyes while he tightened the grip more and more.

“That’s it, I have no freaking clue what you are talking about, but get one thing clear in your over exaggerating mind. I respect women and think that they are equal to men. I know my limits and don’t you utter one more word about my personality.” he screamed at her for the first time. Anger clearly evident in his glowing face and burning eyes.
“Why shouldn’t I? Scared to admit the truth?” she threw another curt response back at him.

“I am scared to admit nothing,” he literally yelled in the top of his lungs, “If I was that cheap, I would have never ever helped you come here and maintain such a safe distance with you. I would have never even got you into the ship in the first place, you would have probably been dead by now.”
“Right, so what do you want me to do? Work for you like a slave like you want me to?” she said in low yet sharp whisper.

“I don’t know where you got all these thoughts from, but you know what I don’t need to explain you anything. I know I didn’t do anything wrong and that’s all that matters.” he yelled out one more time at her before releasing and exiting the hotel room, banging the door as he left.
——————————————————————————— ——————————–
How was that? I hope you understood why Laksh and Ragini had a fight….due to the speech of Laksh put on with his voice from the app, Ragini thought that he was actually narrating all about women inferior and stufff!

So keep reading to know what Sanskaar’s new plan is and if the fights between Raglak get solved or not! PLEASE DO SHARE YOUR VIEWS!

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