SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 13 Part 2)

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“You are telling me that I was drunk, there were gunshots at the beach, so you took me to a ship which carried us to France,” Ragini questioned in an unbelieveable tone, Laksh who was nodding at her vigorously.

Okay, she got the drunk part due to the extreme swirling pain in her head, which must be the hangover. But the gunshots, ship, France sounded more like a movie to her.

“Do you think I am fool to believe you,” she raged at Laksh who let out a suffering sigh listening to her words. He shaked his head in disbelief and shoved a newspaper to her face.

“Look and learn,” he said with a bored expression.

Ragini glanced at the newspaper which read in huge headlines: Gunshots at London Beach, government shuts off all means of transportation in and off the country. Ragini let out a faint gasp as she gazed back to Laksh’s face who gave her the I told you look.

“Where is Swara?” she asked, more softly this time as she scanned the article in the newspaper.

“Umm…I don’t know,” he hesitantly replied, making Ragini gasp loudly.

“What? Didn’t they come with us?” she enquired again, all the 4 went to the beach together, it would make sense only if they came along.

“Well, they were on the other side of the beach, so…” he trailed out as he made a call to the reception to bring in some breakfast.

Ragini started to tense up, Swara alone….oh god! She was never ever alone, though she is not alone now either, Ragini knows how much Swara hates Laksh’s brother, both of them would probably kill each other before they find them.

“We need to find them,” she quickly said to Laksh as she threw away the paper and raced to and fro around the room.

“Yeah, do you think I don’t know that,” he replied in a heavy hoarse voice.

“Looking at your boring, dumb face, not really,” she honestly admitted indicating at his face.

Laksh felt offended for a minute, but came up with a good response, “That’s not what you were saying yesterday when you were drunk.”

“Huh?” Ragini asked confused, she knew completely nothing about the night before. She tried for a whole hour to remember what she did, but she couldn’t remember anything after coming out of the beach after surfing.

“Ohh, don’t you remember? You were asking me to call you baby,” Laksh started as he moved closer to Ragini.

Ragini moved back a few steps at his approaching movement, she couldn’t remember anything like that.

“I didn’t say anything like that,” she said defending her actions.

“Oh really, do you remember calling me hot and handsome?” he said as she grabbed her hand and dragged her closer. His mint breath mixed with hers, as she stared back in his eyes and shook her head.

“Do you remember this then,” Laksh huskily said as he planted a quick peck on her burning cheek. Her body started to heat up, while she started to take in hacked breaths. Something was going on in her stomach which made her even more nervous. All her senses started halted abruptly, traitors, all of them were traitors.

“Do you?” he huskily whispered in her right ear, making her flinch back from his grip. She looked back at Laksh’s face and shook her head, while all of the incidents of yesterday’s night revived in her head.

She did call him hot and handsome by the beach and was about to say that every girl could fall for him. She did ask him to call her baby when she opened her eyes as she was laying in his lap in the ship.
He did give her a peck on the cheek to assure her that nothing happened in the ship. Holy shit! He was right, a faint red shade appeared on Ragini’s face due to embarrassment of her words and drunk actions.

“I think you do, by the embarrassment which is pretty evident in your face,” he mocked at her, while she quickly shoved him out of the room. The hotel room that he booked was quite lavish, it had a small kitchen, a luxurious living room and 2 spacious bedrooms. She should admit that he did have a good choice.

“I was drunk, I didn’t know what I was saying,” she argued back as he silently stepped out of the room.

“But, don’t drunk people blurt out the truth,” he snickered back at Ragini who was busy pushing him out the door, angry by his words.

She glanced back at his face which had a huge smirk sticked on. She sighed and warned “Do you know that I have a black belt? One swift hit on your neck, you will be unconscious,”

“Okay, Okay, meet me in 10, ‘baby’,” he mocked at her, winking at her before she roared, “LEAVE” hitting the door with a cushion she found at the corner of the bed.

She heard a thundering laughter, making her mind wonder…..did she actually think he is hot and hand..? Before her mind could complete, Ragini brushed off her thoughts and walked to washroom.
Ragini came out of the washroom, dressed for the day ahead to find her dear sister and return to London, she couldn’t bear to stay with Laksh more than a few days, especially after the her drunken incident. She walked out of the room and made her way to the living room which was a perfect mess, there were frecking pizza boxes lying in the middle of the floor with tissue papers all over. Ragini was awestruck when she looked at the can of soda spilling all over the coach. What the hell was going on? They had been here only an overnight and look at the mess he made, this guy was truly crazy.

“Laksh, what is all this?” Ragini asked him with wide eyes and raised eyebrows at Laksh who was busy bringing more tissue paper to clean the heck of a mess.

“Umhh….well as I was carrying the boxes of pizza, I knocked over the jug of water, which then knocked over the can of pop,” he replied embarrassed as his hand went through his hair, turning the perfectly combed hair into a disheveled, shaggy look.

“What? Is that even possible,” Ragini asked, unable to believe something like that could even happen.

“I think it is,” he admitted looking around the mess he made. “This is so embarrassing, let me make you a deal,”

“Deal?” Ragini asked confused.

“Sorta, how about you forget about my clumsy incident and I will forget about your drunk incident, all fair then?” Laksh said in a professional voice.

“Deal it is,” Ragini accepted happily.

Laksh went on and threw more paper on the ground to clean it up, she could tell he was doing it for her. “Leave the mess, I am not the super clean freak, I don’t mind a little mess,”

“What are we going to do today?” Laksh asked as he sat down next to Ragini who was busy munching on to the pizza slice.

“I need to go buy a few clothes,” Ragini mumbled with her mouth full of pizza.

“Are you going to take ages to pick clothes? and make me carry tons of bags?” Laksh asked imagining himself walking around with bags in his hand, legs and head…..Nightmare!

“Hell no, I just need a few simple dresses which should take me an hour and I can carry my bags, thank you,” Ragini said back.

“Woahh…you are way different than anyone I have ever seen,” Laksh said in a flirty voice.

“Black belt,” Ragini reminded him.

“Never mind,” Laksh said officially giving up on Ragini.

As Ragini walked through the streets of Northern France, the divinely taste of baguettes (french bread) and cheese flared through her nostrils. Her stomach started to grumble, begging her for more food. The light chills of the wind, caused goosebumps all though her skin, wishing that she hadn’t worn tank top and shorts. Laksh was busy eyeing a few blondes that walked by them, whistling to gain their attention. They smiled at him and came up to him while Ragini rolled her eyes.

“Comment ca va?” (What’s up?) the girls sweetly said in French, paling the looks of Laksh. He was wide frozen and managed to give them a tight smile while Ragini laughed uncontrollably.

He waved at the girls and turned back depressed by his failed attempts to woo that girl, but he didn’t give up hope when he spotted another girl coming his way.

“Such a fool,” Ragini mumbled under her breath when Laksh started to make a conversation with her.

Her english was extremely broken but god knows how Laksh was able to understand her. This probably was little town which didn’t have much of an english influence.

“Mr. Roadside Romeo, we have a lot of other important things to do rather than teach her english,” Ragini said as she dragged Laksh away to a dresses shop.

“Hey, she almost gave me her number,” Laksh whinned like a 3 year old and pouted angrily. Ragini let out a light giggle and concentrated on buying a few tanks tops and skirts to last her for a good week.

As she payed the price of the dresses, thank god she bought her card with her or she would have to beg for money from Mr.Roadside Romeo. Yes, she did give him a new name…..he flirted with every single girl that walked by him at the dress store, finally settling at the girl behind the counter.

“Can I borrow your phone, please?” Laksh sweetly asked the girl.

“Je ne parle pas anglais,”( I don’t speak english) the girl responded with an apologetic smile.

“What? I need to talk in the phone,” Laksh intervened again.

“Moi, ne parle pas anglais, (I don’t speak english) the girl mumbled again.

“Huh? Do you know what she is saying?” Laksh asked Ragini who chuckling from time to time.

“Yes, she is saying she doesn’t know english,” Ragini replied confidently.

“Ohh, you know french?” Laksh asked in a realization.

“Nope, but what she is kinda obvious to smart people,” Ragini mocked at him.

“What is that supo..” Laksh started to bicker back, but was interrupted by an old woman who come from the back of the shop.

“Est-ce que c’est un problem?” (Is there any problem?) the lady asked. The lady looked like she was in the mid 50’s, with visible wrinkles on her forehead, her white hair tied in a bun and the creases in her hands.

“Oui, madam, vous parlez anglais avec moi et je ne comprend pas,” (Yes ma’am, they are speaking in english and I don’t understand them) the young girl said and left the place.

“Quelle est ton problem?” (What is you problem?) the old lady demanded.

“Problem big, very big,” Laksh tried to explain her, opening his hand wide to show her that the problem was big“I need to talk on phone with brother,”

“Tu dit que tu veux parler avec ton frere?” (Are you saying you want to talk to you brother?) the lady said nodding understandingly.

“Yes, that’ is..” Ragini happily said, but Laksh came in between.

“No I am not ditching you, why would I ditch?” he told her, Ragini looked on frowning at his dumb words. At first Ragini didn’t understand anything he was saying, but later realized that he mistook dit as ditch. This guy is not only crazy but also half deaf.

“Quio?’ (What?) the lady asked confused.

“Madame..actually we need to use phone” Ragini tried again to make her understand her words, by showing her fingers like a phone.

“Je comprend mais pourquoi?” (I understand that, but why?) the lady questioned again.

“We are not pouring anything, we need to talk,” Laksh answered dumbly. Such A JERK, Ragini thought as she slapped her head in disbelief. What was wrong with him?

“Laksh shut up for a minute will you,” Ragini shouted at Laksh. She didn’t understand what the lady was asking exactly but she knew she was not talking about pouring stuff.

“Why should I?” Laksh countered back.

“Madam, je leur donne ma telephone”, (Ma’am, I will lend them my phone,) they heard another voice from the back.

“Oh…c’est un bonne idea (That’s a great idea) the lady responded with relief and left the counter.

“Hey, here is my phone, talk as much as you want,” the girl gave her phone to Laksh and smiled. This friendly girl was as tall as Laksh, with light tan on her skin, brown long hair and green eyes. Green eyes? That was weird according to Ragini, she looked like an Indian though.

“Thanks beautiful,” Laksh said as he purposefully storked her hand as he took the phone. Same lines to everyone he sees….such a jerk.

There we go again! Laksh’s searching sessions have finally come to an end, now his flirting session has begun. Ragini thought as she noticed both of them smiling at each other.
How was that? I hope you guys liked the confusion with the language they had! PLEASE DO COMMENT AND SHARE YOUR VIEWS! The next will about Swara’s idea of escaping from the mansion of Sanskaar Keep reading!!

Also, I have started another ff called The Bond Of..? It is not on Swaragini, but it is another humble try to experiment with something different. Please do check it out….you might actually like it!

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